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  1. In Kansas City KCTV5 has added Comet on 5.2 its first full time sub channel
  2. According to TVspy WNWO will end it's in house newscasts leaving a crew of 11 reporters and will outsource to co-owned WSBT in south bend
  3. my guess would be the FOX channel will go on KTVF 11.2
  4. Fairbanks stations KXD (CBS) KTVF (NBC) and KFXF (FOX) were sold to Gray for $8million cash. http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/gray-tv-affiliate-buys-3-alaska-stations/181583
  5. KVLY has begun running promos that they will add a 9pm news on its newly acquired CW sub channel. looks like the market is getting little crowded for KVRR, with WDAY also adding a 9pm newscast.
  6. I never understood why WDAY never had a 9pm on the CW sub channel or even back when it was WB, I would have assumed it would have had more viewership than with Justice or its Xtra channel.
  7. KVRR in Fargo updated it look this month, gone is the KDVR look taking on the KVRR Local News branding. http://www.kvrr.com/news/local-news/eagle-scoutstobe-help-cancer-patients-by-creating-lily-pads/40084092
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