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  1. Forum Communications to purchase KWSD in Sioux Falls from JF Broadcasting and intend to launch local news casts. KNBN (Rapid City) does not seem to be included in the agreement. https://www.dglobe.com/news/local/globe-parent-company-forum-communications-expands-in-sioux-falls I feel like they missed out on getting KTTW when they had the Fox affiliation and building out a news operation.
  2. KULR 8 in Billings and the ABC Montana cluster is now using the new branding/music as well.
  3. Chris Cuomo just announced on Dan's show (as we suspected) is Joining NewsNation this fall with a primetime show
  4. KMBC schedule change for September 10am The View 11am GMA3 12pm KMBC News at noon also Kelly is moving to Ellen’s old spot at 3pm
  5. https://www.kvrr.com/2022/02/08/fargo-tv-pioneer-entertainment-tonight-co-creator-dies/?fbclid=IwAR2D2ll-bu1iGa-Di7nZ-uMww_95ImvFM7wIQIO-vx2XAp7YxVmhl_4JQBs
  6. Today is the last day for KCTV meteorologist Brett Anthony who is leaving to become Chief Meteorologist at KYTX. Brett previously worked at KSHB and at KJRH in Tulsa before returning to Kansas City.
  7. Overall I give the look a D-. lower thirds and wx are the least offensive part of the package
  8. KMBC will launch a hour long Noon newscast that will air on KCWE on Sept. 21st competing against FOX4 and KCTV5. Steve Wilkos moves to the 10am slot, Judge Jerry is the lead in.
  9. In Kansas City Jeopardy is moving from KSHB to WDAF and will air at 2pm partially replacing Mel. Could be a double run with daytime Jeopardy running at 2:30.
  10. KCTV5 has pulled the plug on BetterKC (KC no longer has a Pay-for-play Lifestyle show) and debuted a 9am hour of KCTV5 News today. I’ve been watching this and it is a nice alternative to not having to listen to Mark Alford on Fox4.
  11. Gray's last ditch attempt for the KCPM license. http://www.northpine.com/blog/2020/05/04/gray-tv-pledges-pandemic-programming-if-fcc-grants-rare-exception-to-restore-sell-grand-forks-license/
  12. The KYUR cluster in Alaska is now "NewsNet Alaska" more news more often but only at 9 and 10 oy vey, nice graphics tho
  13. Not sure if it was mentioned but I noticed KSHB has started a 3pm newscast. Anchored by Kevin Holmes and Cynthia Newsome. I’m guessing it’s either corona related or just a lack of syndicated programming
  14. former WDAZ anchor and current WDAY reporter Matt Henson was charged with Domestic Assault https://www.inforum.com/news/crime-and-courts/4990794-WDAY-reporter-charged-with-domestic-assault
  15. Maybe someone could clarify for me., As part of the agreement for acquisition of KCPM it can not become a top 4 station since KVLY is one, so with that logic would it be possible for it to take the CBS affiliation or could it if it was a sub channel of 27? or could it do CW on 27.1 and CBS on 27.2 since the CW is the lower rated network and not on a full power stick?
  16. Well there is the money to buy WISH
  17. The KX stations in ND have reverted back to their pre-Nexstar domain KXnet.com, myNDnow sounded more like it belonged to a my network tv station.
  18. KVLY/KXJB General Manager and VP Jim Wareham has passed, he was 67
  19. looks like PPTV was able to come to an agreement with Kilbourne and the Radisson Hotel http://www.wday.com/news/traffic-an...ic-move-antenna-avoid-being-blocked-high-rise
  20. Not the worst I’ve seen from Nexstar, I mean look at KXMB at least they didn’t superimpose the abc into the state of NY
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