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  1. Not sure if it was mentioned but I noticed KSHB has started a 3pm newscast. Anchored by Kevin Holmes and Cynthia Newsome. I’m guessing it’s either corona related or just a lack of syndicated programming
  2. former WDAZ anchor and current WDAY reporter Matt Henson was charged with Domestic Assault https://www.inforum.com/news/crime-and-courts/4990794-WDAY-reporter-charged-with-domestic-assault
  3. Maybe someone could clarify for me., As part of the agreement for acquisition of KCPM it can not become a top 4 station since KVLY is one, so with that logic would it be possible for it to take the CBS affiliation or could it if it was a sub channel of 27? or could it do CW on 27.1 and CBS on 27.2 since the CW is the lower rated network and not on a full power stick?
  4. Sounds like they’ll be using Icon V.2 for the new theme. Slightly ironic since Valley News Live up I-29 has been using Icon V.1
  5. Sorry for the phone recording, it was weird hearing this old package during the bumper instead of beyond, WDAF has never used the package in the past to my knowledge. Gave me a KVRR flashback IMG_1805.MOV
  6. Just saw a promo that show elements of the new set. Spoiler it’s the KPHO/WSMV set
  7. In-Sync is out. 9&10 news updated to new graphics and now using High Velocity V.3
  8. Now to find out if the KCPM deal is gonna happen
  9. Most likely replacing Steve at 3pm on KMBC Most likely replacing Steve at 3pm on KMBC
  10. New set will make it debut tomorrow at 4pm
  11. Well there is the money to buy WISH
  12. It’s legal for them to acquire KQ, since all the NPG stations are -LD’s, no different than the Yuma market which they control
  13. The KX stations in ND have reverted back to their pre-Nexstar domain KXnet.com, myNDnow sounded more like it belonged to a my network tv station.
  14. KVLY/KXJB General Manager and VP Jim Wareham has passed, he was 67
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