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  1. plzstandby

    Out & About

    video at 11?
  2. plzstandby


    The KX stations in ND have reverted back to their pre-Nexstar domain KXnet.com, myNDnow sounded more like it belonged to a my network tv station.
  3. plzstandby

    Out & About

    KVLY/KXJB General Manager and VP Jim Wareham has passed, he was 67
  4. plzstandby

    Out & About

    looks like PPTV was able to come to an agreement with Kilbourne and the Radisson Hotel http://www.wday.com/news/traffic-an...ic-move-antenna-avoid-being-blocked-high-rise
  5. plzstandby

    The Tribune Saga, Part 3: New Sale Talks

    Sorry meant to post in out and about
  6. On a personal note as a KC resident that watch’s WDAF all I can say is thank gawd
  7. Except now we might see SBG go after Cordillera or Cox stations
  8. plzstandby

    WHNS new graphics

    KCTV was High Velocity V.3
  9. plzstandby

    Ed Schultz dead

    Grew up watching him when he was sports director at WDAY, his first wife was Maureen Zimmerman who was his co-anchor at 6 and 10. They had a nasty divorce and she ended up leaving TV
  10. plzstandby

    Out & About

    Not the worst I’ve seen from Nexstar, I mean look at KXMB at least they didn’t superimpose the abc into the state of NY
  11. plzstandby

    KTBY updated graphics and music

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=rmJTnr3JK0s;m=3;s=31 KYUR
  12. plzstandby

    KTBY updated graphics and music

    dumped High Velocity for some random production music looks like something from INN woof! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=FHD3EaWzDxM;m=3;s=56
  13. plzstandby

    Spots and Pot

    When I lived in Denver I would see local dispensary shops advertise usually late at night
  14. plzstandby

    Gray Television - General Thread

    https://licensing.fcc.gov/cdbs/CDBS_Attachment/getattachment.jsp?appn=101778549&qnum=5120&copynum=1&exhcnum=1 $255,000 I would say gray will rebrand KX4 as CBS27, under catamount KXJB was known as CBS4 and CBS35 in the Grand Forks part of the market although CBS 35 was on the air only for a couple years till Hoak pulled that plug
  15. plzstandby

    WDBJ7 New Graphics

    Is KVLY still using Hoak graphics or they gray

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