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  1. All about that cable penetration! Man that sounds dirty...
  2. I get that a lot of it is spin, but I don't necessarily think it was a mistake on NBC's part (yet). I think they're right in that they're stepping into a competitive marketplace where local news is very very VERY tribal. I think they can gain a foothold down the line but they need to figure out they're identity first.
  3. I'm still upset after all these years that they changed the theme music.
  4. Per anchor David Wade, former WHDH investigative reporter Cheryl Fiandaca is joining WBZ in the same capacity.
  5. I grew up in Central MA and Charter for years carried at least WJAR (if not others) in addition to WBZ/WCVB/WFXT/WHDH
  6. Kate Merrill named morning and noon anchor at WBZ.
  7. The closest I've seen to this is during Sunday Night Football on 1/1 they displayed "WBTS-LD Boston" and "WMFP Boston/Lawrence" at the bottom in small letters for like 15ish minutes.
  8. Flip them around so that WHDH becomes a CW affiliate and make WLVI the equivalent of WSBK again.
  9. Luckily the NBC Boston bug is off the screen now.
  10. They just have to hash out the details.
  11. How to spin the same numbers, by every local news station ever.
  12. Considering I can't remember anything from after about 10:30 PM I'd say it worked out just the same.
  13. I believe it's the other way around; WBTS is considered the affiliate and WNEU (at least at 60.2) is considered its translator. This is my question too. I don't think NBC wants to go through another rebrand and another campaign to show people where the channel the chimes are on.
  14. Although it doesn't matter as much these days, it'd be a nice feather in Fox's cap to get another (virtual) VHF affiliate in top-ten market.

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