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  1. Looks like new graphics hit today. WFOL in Orlando has them too. WNYW not yet. Retuned music at noon too.
  2. WGN did the same thing with mostly b team anchors, however I was shocked to see Jerry. Ron Magers used to always work Christmas so the younger anchors could spend it with their families and young kids
  3. I can't stand irika, Kate was much better, hell even ann state was better than her, but MaryAnn would be awesome!
  4. I like the cold open, and love the music.
  5. Wgn just had to go to commercial. Video playback and prompted issues.
  6. It was when Jan Jeffcoat and Mike Barz were there, i'd say around 2008ish
  7. Isn't that just the Sweetwater bar that they were broadcasting from holiday week?
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