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  1. Telemundo 47 New York also switched with WNBC, which is no surprise. It is only blue when the lower thirds are present, otherwise it stays "transparent."
  2. WNBC has switched to the blue background on the bug as of today.
  3. I'm guessing she was working for NBCSN. If that is the case, the channel shuts down next week. Although some sports programming is moving to USA, others to Peacock, I would guess some are being redeployed elsewhere within NBCU. The question becomes, will this be a third person in sports, or, is John Chandler moving to full time news reporting?
  4. They often operate as one station. Top brass are the same. Weather, investigative reporting and consumer complaint reporting has been promoted as both stations.
  5. I believe someone months ago addressed this in an earlier post if you feel like scrolling. If memory serves me right, the affiliates ceded retransmission to the networks which when you step back makes sense. Steamers would have to renegotiate with every affiliate group, large and small which would be chaotic. In the end, everyone wants their payday, and no one wants to give in. Only the customers suffer, either with blackouts or increased fees. So far no one has come up with a better system. Maybe one day....
  6. Who is she? Did she work elsewhere doing traffic?
  7. I would think it is up to Emily West to decide if she wants the full time job considering she is the often used sub today. Back several years, all the traffic reporters used to work for the former Shadow Traffic as well, which made substitutes and replacements easy. I'm not sure if that is still the case other than stations subscribing to the current vendors for traffic information in the entire tri-state region.
  8. I always found them helpful. I used to commute on major highways so it gave me what to avoid as I left for work. I actually find the SXM traffic channel not very useful. I’m not sure how many times an hour they update it.
  9. Do you know if the anchors are complaining when they are solo? I'm sure if they were (and it would not be public), something would happen. Note that one of the usual substitute anchors is out on family leave, and I'm sure upon return is not going to want to do early mornings. From a viewer perspective, a short intro is fine, who the anchor is is fine as long as the news is provided in a clear and detailed manner free from mispronunciations and ongoing mistakes. There is no law of having to have two anchors, nor is there a law that one has to male, one has to be female and any other permutation. At the end of the day, it is about how the newscasts are received by most viewers and making them as impactful as possible. If solo anchors dragged down the ratings, you would see a change.
  10. It only seems a couple of days a week. Today (Friday) Adam is alone as Gilma cohosted the 4.
  11. Fox News PR embellishment. Question is, does this streaming service have any chance of succeeding, considering the size and history of TWC.
  12. Just curious, with the network moving form Nebraska Ave, could WRC be building a new studio in the old MTP space, for instance, and will roll out the new graphics at the sea time as launching a new studio? Just wondering out loud....
  13. In this case, yes. When RKO lost the Channel 9 license, Congress passed a bill that resulted in Channel 9 moving to NJ and covering NJ news (it was written as any state without a VHF station, which limits it basically to NJ). Once Fox purchased the station they moved most operations into NY and then reduced NJ coverage in the news, and, eventually cancelled the news. It was replaced as that awful Chasing NJ that became Chasing News before being cancelled. With license renewals up, that Congressional bill is being brought up again. Under Fox, Ch. 9 is a shadow of its former self. Not sure what the strategy is other than keeping out a competitor.
  14. News4NY also covered the basketball courts story. I'm sure the NYPD public affairs office is working overtime to help improve their image. The PC actually admitted this is one reason for these efforts while being interviewed.
  15. In 1941, What was WJZ moved from 760 to 770, per FCC frequency realignment. It was then owned by RCA/NBC and was the flagship of NBC Blue Radio Network. Later the FCC ruled a company could not own m re than one AM, one FM and one TV station in a market. NBC spun off the Blue Network as a separate company in 1941. A year later the Blue Network including WJZ was purchased by Edward Noble, who created ABC from what was the Blue Network. After merging with United Paramount Theaters in 1953, ABC changed the call letters to WABC. In effect, the radio operation was on 770 before the TV operation or even before ABC was born. (source, Wikipedia and a book on NY radio). I believe I read somewhere ABC did try to get the same channel number for their initial owned stations in NY, Chi, SF and LA.
  16. WNBC 6 pm news will be late tonight due to Notre Dame football overage. Big deal. It happens this time of year. What you should do if a show is so important, is change your DVR settings to go an extra 30 minutes. It's an easy fix. Or stream the show the next day on Hulu, Peacock, WB or whatever.
  17. Football often runs over. Sundays. Sunday nights. Thursdays. And even college games on Saturday. Nothing unusual about that.
  18. The local team contracts for pre-season now include any games exclusive to cable or streaming (NFLN, ESPN or Amazon). In the past those used to be bid locally separate which is why they ended up on PIX 11. That has changed. I believe this is the last year Fox will produce the TNF games and broadcast a limited number of them.
  19. The 6 pm tease on WNBC was in front of the curved wall. He has also been mostly standing for months, just like News4NY. The question is whether this is permanent or is 3C being renovated again.
  20. Thing is when NBC sold the station in 2006, the Telemundo stations were operated independent of any NBC O&Os, they merged many operations later on. The sale was more of NBC getting out of smaller markets, essentially reversing the merger with Outlet 10 years earlier. NBC does not operate any fully English speaking duopolies. Even here in the NY area, most of Telemundo' 47s operations are completely separate from WNBC. It is not the same as CBS owning WCBS and WLNY. At the time when Nexstar bought MG, it was mentioned a key driver in Providence was that both WNAC and WPRI carried Sunday football, which was a major money maker. It outweighed WJAR's then significant dominance in news. Sadly, Nexstar sold WJAR to one of the worst options out there.
  21. I find I can no longer watch them. It's the little comments and other stories pushing Sincrap's agenda. The mostly young untested talent. When I visit RI at least monthly, I have to watch another station for news or stream my local NBC flagship station. Too many watch WJAR out of habit, and its time they get a new habit.
  22. Another degradation of WJAR's news by Sinclair. Her Tik Tok video says it all. I think everyone on this board can guess what kind of contract Sincrap gave her that she refused to sign. It is clear she had no desire to leave.
  23. As are Darlene and Michael on New4NY (WNBC)
  24. Which News 12? Many of us associate Craig Allen with CBS2 and WCBS 880.
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