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  1. His timeline is 10 years according to the article. Short term his focus is on owning local stations. The reality is, unless someone is part of any negotiations, no one knows what will happen to the CW. Until then its speculation coming from cookie crumb tidbits like that Sook article.
  2. The thought crossed my mind early this morning when I saw it. Anyone remember the circumstances under which she left?
  3. Luckily as I scrolled down I saw from the map this is WLS in Chicago. Are only the weather graphics changed? Not knowing their current look, it is evolutionary or a major relaunch? I just switched to WABC and looks the same so far.
  4. So is WNBC. I assume all NBC owned stations are.
  5. Considering Nexstar's "success" with NewsNation, does anyone think if Nexstar does buy the CW, they could have any success? Call me skeptical. Regarding Nexstar buying CW stations, there is no increase in ownership caps. They are already close to being maxed out. Unless they sell a bunch of stations, how could this happen? At some point over use of sidecar sham ownership like Mission all be scrutinized, as it is long overdue.
  6. Agreed. As well as interactions outside the studios, including their families and who they interact with. Unless there is a known infection cluster inside their building, it may be an overreaction. Interestingly, WNBC is not doing what CBS, ABC and PIX are doing. The reality with these new more contagious variants, is they will result in sporadic infections. It does not mean everyone at their facility gets it.
  7. It was posted on this board on Feb. 17 that she joined WNBC. Here is the copy of the stations PR release from then that was part of the post. She is not a 100% on air meteorologist (like Steve Sosner in the past). https://www.nbcnewyork.com/weather/weather-stories/violeta-yas-joins-storm-team-4/3559262/
  8. She has been on the air for a couple of weeks now. Not sure why but she didn't post her job change to Instagram until a couple of days ago, which got picked up by the media press. A bit late, as it is stale news to anyone that actually watches.
  9. More in line with other NBC O&Os. WNBC has been doing this for quite awhile.
  10. He was the Gwinnett County reporter. I suspect that first story was a puff piece to get his feet wet and wasn't suited for him. Subsequent reports have been fine. He doesn't seem to get lost while reporting like another NBC4 reporter does.
  11. I just checked at 9:47 am. WNBC is still with special coverage of the shooting and arrest. WCBS is with Drew. WABC still with twiddle dee and twiddle dumb live. As I typed this WABC finally has jumped in with a report (no one on the scene, unlike WNBC). Just the headline breaking in and a zoom interview.
  12. The article I read is that some decided to resign rather than accept new positions. It is typical of most corporate mergers.
  13. Actually that was yesterday, 3/31. Today Joe Fryer was the host. Melvin announced rotating anchors until a permanent anchor is selected.
  14. To interpret: Amazon's Friday night MLB games including the Yankees are exclusive to Amazon. They will not be broadcast on YES or any over the air broadcaster. Same goes for all other teams. That was the deal Amazon made with MLB - its called exclusivity. I believe the same will be true of the NFL Thursday night suite of games. Exclusive to Amazon. By not having a local broadcaster simulcast these games, they are attempting to drive people to Amazon Prime. Smart move but it can alienate fans. Same is probably true to the Apple TV+ exclusive games. Evidently some games will also move to. Peacock in a yet to be announced contract.
  15. The same question goes for all of us who get HBOMax as part of our cable HBO subscription. Honestly, I have no desire to get Discovery+. HBOMax is the bigger service. There is a reason for that.
  16. Her bio has been added to the website as well.
  17. Would she be replacing Judge Judy at 4? I guess CBS doesn't feel a 4 pm news broadcast competing against the ABC and NBC O&O's is worth it?
  18. That set had two different desks. Live at Five used the desk behind Sue and Chuck in this view. The 6 and 11 were from the front desk. Lighting in Studio 6B actually faded over the rear desk during the opening of the 6 pm news. NBC used staff announcer Don Pardo (in studio) for the Live at Five broadcast, and staff announcer Fred Facey for the 6 and 11. Several years later they reefreshed the set with blue sides, Chuck actually made a comment they put up a lot of blue felt. It did brighten up the space. The studio was the home of the original Tonight Show, and is used for that today as well.
  19. The thing to remember is there are not a lot of actual details, no FCC filing yet, so it is speculation on what they know based on past experiences. We are only at the beginning of this story. The view from these guys can't be more opposite.
  20. I watched WLNE this past weekend while in Providence. I did not see that logo at all.
  21. It appears the anchor standing approach is moving across NBC O&Os. From the view it appears this desk can accommodate both standing or sitting anchors.
  22. Honestly, I hardly notice as when I watch I'm more focused on news content. That being said, the NBC O&O's always revert to non olympic ring logos as soon as the Olympics are over. This past year has been a unique situation. The pandemic delayed Summer Olympics were only 6 months ago, give or take, and were quickly followed by the Winter Olympics. It may be one of several reasons viewership was low - Olympic fatigue. Personally I watched the few events I was interested in rather than wall to wall coverage and often watched it live on Peacock.
  23. WLNE going to current versions of Cox or Tegna would be an upgrade. you need to go to the press release in CMG corporate website. All the current Standard Media stations will go to CMG. They are small stations so the former Texas Belo stations became more the focus. As for all the speculation, concerns etc, once the FCC filing is posted, I'm sure many questions will be answered. This includes how Apollo's investment is handled and not only do they have no voting rights, but no management role either and that the two groups are operated separately.
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