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  1. Back to a small studio for WNBC. What a shame.
  2. Someone mentioned a couple of months ago in the WNBC thread that new studios for both stations would be built on the 2nd Floor at 30 Rock. Dividing 3B in half would probably result in two small studios. Currently 3C is listed at just over 4000 sq ft. 3K where News4NY broadcasts from is 2668 sq ft, so it would be smaller if that is the case. I would hope the days of a cramped studio for WNBC are long gone thinking back to 7K conference room disaster as well as when they were in 3C (1310 sq ft). I still miss the days of 6A. Lots of room, multiple sets.... But until they make some announcements, who knows.
  3. Or for those of us that have DOOL at noon like in NYC, it sends a message to Andrea Mitchell.
  4. I guess this might bump NewsNation's average viewership from 50K to maybe 60K? Is Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer far behind in joining NewsNation too? NewsNation should give ParamountGlobal and WBD pause in selling the WB to Nexstar.
  5. The NOW aka NewsCentral 2 REPLACED the 9 pm WCBS newscast on WLNY in DMA 1. There is no other newscast on WLNY.
  6. Hopefully this will result in N12 New Jersey becoming Jersey centric again with LI stories, paid for stories and other fluff kept to a minimum. In its current state, it is no longer a go to for NJ news.
  7. What’s bad is in NY it replaced an actual newscast even if it was a repurposed version of WCBS 6 pm. In markets with actual newscast competition or a co-owned newscast I can’t see this lasting.
  8. I think Fox made that decision years ago. I would not hold my breath. They seem to be weathering the NJ Congressional criticism since they removed any news product on the station which violated the original Ch. 9 license conditions once RKO General had to give it up.
  9. If in fact the ND wrote this, that station is a heap of trouble considering his lack of knowing the right terms, what they mean, as well as being able to make a coherent sentence. it seems appropriate a high school student wrote it.
  10. That's an approach for the court of public opinion. What they are providing the FCC in response to questions is probably far more detailed. if not, they have real bad lawyers and advisors.
  11. I'd also like to see the viewership of Ch. 9 - aka the family feud station. I would suspect the news gives WLNY a slight edge on less least watched station.
  12. From what I read this morning: CBS "innovation lab" directive is CBS News (insert city name) NOW where there is a sister CBS affiliate that produces the news, and CBS News Now (city name) where there is no duopoly with a CBS station. It also seems most of those newscasts will originate from Dallas or New York. Thing is, will this get confusing with NBC News NOW which like CBS News (city name) is a streaming service? IMO, it seems the Innovation lab didn't really think this through. These are mouthfuls. And most viewers (not news junkies) will say turn to the news on Channel whatever.
  13. If my memory is right, a few weeks back both Soo Kim and Deborah McDermott have made statements in response to the some of the criticism. Including investing in news product, not cutting as well as clarifying Apollo's limited role as a funder and not involved in any part of the operation. I'm sure they have had to file and answer directly to the FCC much of this in more detail that may not yet be public. As I read earlier, the FCC giving this more scrutiny vs. the previous FCC regime that except in the Sinclair/Tribune fiasco, rubber stamped most mergers quickly is not a bad thing, but may not indicate a deal is dead. There can also be negotiations of how to build the wall to prevent Apollo input and if there are any station swapping or selling needed. It's still playing out, so making conclusions yet is premature.
  14. Oxygen is on Altice's line-up. I just checked.
  15. I would think with a new ABC Broadcast Center being built, they would not invest in a new studio until the move in a year or two.
  16. The deal that was made many years ago was that WWOR ch 9 would move to NJ, and be NJ centric with news. That lasted a few years when they started to be more a tri-state newscast then dropped NJ coverage after being bought by Fox. Eventually Fox closed their news department. Several politicians want to challenge the license in saying Fox is in violation with the old agreement. Thing is, Fox has closed and destroyed the former studios. The channel today is of little value with judge shows, many hours of Family Feud and the My Network repeats. NJPBS has an evening show, but its produced by Thirteen, and is only a half hour, so it scapes the surface of a few news stories. When News 12 NJ started, it was co-produced with the state's largest newspaper. That deal ended, and since then Optimum has diluted the effort, getting a lot worse the last few months. It is a shame since there is a need despite the coverage of big stories by the NY flagships or Philly stations.
  17. As a NJ resident, without real local news - not filler crap that belongs on news 12 plus, the station is useless. It seemed to stay more local than it’s siblings but that trend has changed the last few months.
  18. It would be helpful to know which specific O&Os outside DC are NOT airing the hearings like WNYW. It clearly is a statement. Unlike the other networks their affiliates don’t seem to have a must carry mandate for news special reports.
  19. Are any Fox O&Os outside the beltway broadcasting the hearings? Fox5 New York is not. Judge shows ruled the afternoon. Nor was it put on their useless co-owned station.
  20. Fox5 in NY still will not carry the hearings. I guess its a Fox Mandate. NBC4NY swtiched to golf at 2 pm, rather than carrying the full hearing and sending viewers back to USA.
  21. She is promoting her new book, which focuses much on her father (mother) and mother. There was an article in yesterday NYTimes as well and she plugged the book at the end of her MSNBC show.
  22. Fox New York flagship WNYW is on regular programming. Useless sister station my9 WWOR is on regular programming. Nexstar scam owned PIX11 is on regular programming.
  23. Tony Awards. Hoping for more “eyes.”
  24. Fox 5 WNYW in DMA 1 was on regular programming. No surprise.
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