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  1. If Staten Island is not an Altice (Cablevision/Optimum) territory, there is no News12 Staten Island. The News12 stations were placed where the old Cablevision had their systems: Long Island, a good portion of NJ, Bronx, Rockland/Westchester and Connecticut. Altice has extensive coverage in NJ, and made deals for Comcast areas in Essex and Middlesex County and TimeWarner/Spectrum in eastern Bergen to carry News12NJ. No deals with Verizon or satellite. Optimum only just added NY1 to their lineup in NJ, and it is no where the quality of News12 plus only reports NYC news, which is not as important as having a NJ based broadcast.
  2. Actually, the News 12 networks are hyper local. I can speak only for News 12 New Jersey and most of the news in NJ centric. Very little from LI, Bronx, Rockland/Westchester, or CT. They are regional, but not tri state, hyper regional in reality.
  3. It does not mean they were struggling. Altice's history, like most acquiring companies, is to cut costs. Beef up the bottom line. With their IPO successful, and rumors of their shopping for another big buy (including Charter), I would not say that company is struggling in any shape or form.
  4. It is more like belt tightening by Altice. Remember, they combined all the micro regional operations to the LI or Edison NJ studios.
  5. New12 New Jersey operates statewide, broadcast not just on Optimum, but also is carried by Comcast and the area that is CharterSpectrum. They still operate their own studio and newsroom in Edison.
  6. And NJ but who cares, we have News12NJ. I watched for a few minutes midday today, and sorry folks, it seemed quite amateurish.
  7. Altice (Optimum) and Disney have a tentative deal just before the deadline yesterday. No blackouts for WABC-TV, Disney, ESPNs, Freeform, etc.
  8. Altice USA (formerly Cablevision) may lose WABC and other Disney stations including Disney, Freeform, ESPN etc. on Oct. 1. The Optimum coverage area is most of metro NY (DMA 1) except Manhattan and some areas of NJ.
  9. His start was delayed a week. He was reporting live from Miami for News4NY since he was still there. He did do other reports during the week prior to his anchoring over the weekend..
  10. NBC has been using Dave Price (during the week he was on MSNBC as well, often shuttling between the two studios). MSNBC has had Rafael Miranda. Basically, with the magnitude of this storm, and covering from different parts of Florida and NY, it has been all hands on deck. Remember, at the end of the day, WABC staff are ABC/Disney employees, WNBC are NBC employees etc.
  11. Is this becoming a gossip column?
  12. Despite Fox doing everything it can to kill WWOR and KCOP, they are both VHF long time stations and can't see them caryring the Fox 5 or Fox 11 branding. They may just drop the My part those markets. Fox has already made the decision to no longer broadcast news on WWOR (sorry, Chasing Sh!t doesn't count). So the strategy used elsewhere is already irrelevant.
  13. Yes. It didn't last on all stations though.
  14. I'm concerned that Fox/Fox5 has made WWOR so irrlevent that it may never be able to recover unless it is sold. They have even moved that horrendous Chasing News out of the 10 pm hour and replaced it with some bad game show. Not a good sign. I would even guess that since CBS bought LI"s TV 55, it has more relevancy today than the old channel 9.
  15. It currently airs at 8:30. Basically it is swtiching the 8 am hour with 9 am but reversing the time of LXTV starts.
  16. I'm sure they will get at least a few more viewers than the reruns Fox provides MyTV to run. They have made WWOR such a non factor in DMA 1.
  17. I don't think family leave is gender specific. Also, many companies offer enhanced time up to 12 weeks. I worked with someone, probably about 20 years ago now who stayed home with the baby as his wife went back to work. Either parent can take advantage of it. Good for Raphael being able to take advantage of Comcast/NBCUs policy and bond with his new child. I know many folks that wish they had that opportunity.
  18. But isn't Stefan supposed to have already replace Chuck at 11 during the same timeframe? Not sure he would take so much time off when he is trying to establish himself with viewers at that time considering he is replacing a legend... (and before you mention Sue Simmons, remember Natalie is the third replacement since Sue was kicked out).
  19. One of Sinclair's newest commentators, Trump associate Boris Epshteyn is the recipient of subpoenas and investigations over the relationship with Russians. hmmmmm.
  20. Isn't WCVB one of ABC's highest rated affiliates? This would have made more sense for NBC. Nothing is confirmed here, so who knows how accuracy there is to this, at this point in time.
  21. David Ushery sent to Manchester (from Jerusalem covering potus) to cover the aftermath.
  22. Can we re-focus this to discussions of News4NewYork and WNBC please? Please take your discussion elsewhere. Thank you - signed everybody else on this board.
  23. More on what happens with Sinclair stations: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/a-tv-company-warned-its-viewers-about-the-medias-fake-news-problem-now-its-about-to-take-over-some-of-the-nations-biggest-stations/2017/05/08/dcfc70f0-3416-11e7-b4ee-434b6d506b37_story.html?utm_term=.48d92ad94456
  24. Here is how Washington's WJLA changed after Sinclair purchased it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/heres-what-happened-the-last-time-sinclair-bought-a-big-city-station/2017/05/08/92433126-33f7-11e7-b4ee-434b6d506b37_story.html?utm_term=.6dcf674a157e
  25. Based on what has happened in other markets where Sinclair has taken over, you will see attrition of long term staff (read expensive) and the hiring of very green young talent. They may keep some key anchors for continuity. The biggest concern is the content and tone of coverage as they will insert conservative angles, commentaries, editorials and off the cuff comments. One former NBC/Media General station now owned by Sinclair the last two years (in a very diverse and liberal market) had a morning anchor suggest that the mess up with the Best Picture Oscar was a liberal consipiracy. If I had not heard it myself, I would never believe it but evidently is typical. What they do in NY (LA and Chicago) should be more of a challenge due to the market demographics and complexities. Overall, this is not a good day.
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