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  1. They have been very clear it is at Rutgers (I suspect the Piscataway side) since being activated Monday. I would expect Rutgers gets to use it too.
  2. I suspect that when she returned to WNBC last year, Anthony Lynn and she made an arrangement about her career, which continues with his LAC hire. In the bigger picture of things, her role is more stable than his the way the NFL churns through head coaches (win or else). No matter the private discussions she has had, glad she will be staying (though I suspect on a shortened work week during the season (probably off Monday's due to the time change).
  3. For most of us, if we were charged with sexual harassment and our companies had to pay a settlement, we would be fired. I guess 21st Century Fox is different. I also believe this was not the first time - he had left lewd phone messages years ago.
  4. According to the Altice USA's website, he is still the head of News12 Networks. Other than the presser about his buying most of Newsday, there is no longer any mention of Newsday on the website.
  5. They took a page from Disney - the cross promotion kings of all time
  6. Too bad no one uses a scene looking at the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. We need to be reminded what the statue represents.
  7. Speaks to the quality of Fox5 News. It is not what it was years ago. The Fox cross promotions (not just Empire) are worse than anywhere else.
  8. It is hard to tell but could they be going back to using two different desks like they did in 3B, one for TINY, 4 and 5 and the other for 6 and 11?
  9. Not that I have seen in the last couple of years. Reporters from the newsroom just have a backdrop from what I suspect was the old set. It looks like the doors to the 7th floor newsroom are shut, the backdrop over them.
  10. KCOP and KTTV are co-owned by Fox. We already have that with WCBS news at 9 pm on co-owned WLNY. Fox replaced news on co-owned WWOR with the Chasing News experiment that never dies. That way they don't have internal competition for the Ten O'Clock News.
  11. Fybush.com has had extensive coverage of what local TV stations had to do to get a signal back on the air. Most had abandoned ESB years earlier for the WTC, so there were no back ups for the OTA signal (remember that the signal going to Optimum, TWC, Comcast and the sattelite companies is separate and were never interrupted. Over the first couple of days there were many stop gap measures each station took including using the Armstrong tower in Alpine NJ, some UHF stations (which I believe were at ESB) and others. It took time to get power and coverage back after the initial temporary arrangements. I believe WCBS may have been first to get back on the air (again, over the air only) using a UHF station. If you have access to Fybush.com, it is worth a read. I also believe that local reporters and network reporters were doing double duty with each others' coverage despite locally limited the national coverage being a local story. Network programming resumed in the rest of the country long before it did in this DMA.
  12. All the O&Os stayed local for most of the coverage, 24/7 which also lasted longer than national network coverage which eventually went back to regular programming. It was covered, appropriately, as a local story. If you did not have cable or satellite, then you didn't get coverage since the transmitters came down with the towers. Eventually temporary solutions were set up, and some TV stations made deals with radio outlets to simulcast the audio.
  13. John Hambrick co-anchored News4NewYork with Chuck Scarborough on WNBC in the early 80s. I believe when he left he was replace by Pat Harper, which was a great pairing.
  14. In Ansin's announcement that he will not fight NBC leaving anymore, it was announced News will be on WHDH at 9 pm and 10 pm. Smart of CBS to move the broadcast to 8 where there is no competition (for now). CBS does this in NY where news is on TV55 at 9 so they do not compete with the awful Fox5 and PIX11 10 pm newscasts. It also seems to indicate CW will stay on channel 56 rather than move to 7? That surpises me, or will it move to WSBK but begin at 9 rather than 8. I think this was tried in St. Louis with mixes results (though an hour earlier due to central time).
  15. She moved to Buffalo to be with her husband (Bills coach Anthony Lynn - she also followed him from the Browns to the Jets). Someone posted in another thread she announced on twitter she is doing weekends in NY for a bit, not indicating it is permanent. Sunday late news was co-hosted with Gus.
  16. I noticed as well. It does not look like she picked up a job in Buffalo after moving there to be with her husband (Anthony Lynn is a coach under Rex Ryan). She got tired of being in NYC weekends while living in Buffalo which is why she originally left. I suspect she is freelancing for now unless there has been a personal change in her life, or NBC threw a lot of money at her.
  17. It looks like fake puke. How awful.
  18. I noticed last night and this morning the top thin white line seems to be gone. It looks much better without it and they still have the animation for the Gannett, oops, Tegna style coming up strip or title strips. Hopefully it not just a weekend thing.
  19. Even more if you go back in time, including Chuck Scarborough and Len Berman.
  20. Please, no sponsors - too small market. During TINY, I could see them replace the weather with key traffic info such as backup times at the GWB, the tunnels, NJT, GSP, etc. Viewers would find that much more useful.
  21. Which News 12 is this? LI, NJ, BKN, BX etc?
  22. When I first saw it last night, it did make me think of the Gannett/Tenga graphics without the stupid USA Today color schemes. Especially the hideous ways KSDK implemented it. My biggest complaint is the white bar a the top. I like the Decision 2016, NBC Investigates, Breaking News top bar feature, but just the white by itself feels like they compressed the verticalness of the 16:9 display. Just ditch that one element and it will look better. Also, no need to repeat what is at top on the L3s. The regionalized weather on the bug does seem out of place here. The issue in the NY area is temp variation, not actual conditions. Use the space for the social media interaction. Someone mentioned that the weather L3 is shorter - what I also noticed last night was the anchor's picture inserted during the story. I think the intent is the weather map, the story or picture is the focus, not the anchor which is visually interesting but will take some time to get used to it. Definitely different and improved vs. the basics WCBS and WABC recently adapted. I suppose there will be tweeks int he coming weeks as more of us viewers give feedback.
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