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  1. 9 hours ago, TVNewsLover said:

    Dave Carlin and Jennifer Bisram today, although Dave’s Instagram indicates he’s filling in for Doug.


    Dave Carlin specifically stated he was sitting in for Doug Williams at the beginning of the 7 am hour.  

  2. 22 hours ago, Geoffrey said:

    CBS 2 CBS News New York recently added traffic to their ticker/flipper, but, once again, the execution is sloppy.


    Each bus route is listed separately, even if they all say "planned - route change" or "expect delays". The result is a seemingly endless stream of one bus route at a time with generally the same status update. I'm outside of the city and not familiar with the buses, but it didn't seem like there was some bus armageddon the last few days that required so much dedicated screen time, so my guess is that these statuses are fairly routine. At one point on Saturday when I paid attention, the bus-by-bus information filled the flipper for about five minutes. 


    It just seems like they're looking for automated data feeds to stick on the flipper without any care to the utility of the information. (And while we're at it, I've never found the seven-day forecasts for different towns across the area particularly helpful. I'd rather that be replaced with something like a today/tonight/tomorrow with a short text description to go along with the simple icon. And I'm not in love with the lottery there, either -- but hey, it's a feed that probably requires zero maintenance!)


    My solution, if bus routes were really important to keep, would be to have "expect delays" and then all of the affected routes listed together. Then repeat for other statuses. Same information, but keeps it moving.


    Below is an example from this morning, beginning at around 0:30 and remaining on screen for the three minutes left in this clip.


    Sorry for the unhinged rant. 🙂




    That Chevy ad is tacky.  It smacks of smaller market TV.  Isn't there a better way to show sponsorship as all the stations do with sponsored sports reports?

  3. 1 hour ago, HSV cheesehead said:

    They have been using the "simulated window" look for years, and when the camera is positioned just right, it is barely noticeable. That is until someone walks by.

    I wonder if they can use the technology in the new Telemundo 47 studio and have it as an LED column, which can change from a live view to specific titles or looks (wishing WNBC had that in their half of the audio).


  4. 2 hours ago, Vlad said:

    Thats pretty cool! At least he'll still be with WABC but in a different capacity! :)


    It sounds like he is preparing for retirement by being sure to transfer his knowledge across the group. I don't think he will have any on air role going forward.  With his experience, it is well deserved.

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  5. I look at KDNL in St. Louis, which supposedly ABC has not been happy about yet they keep agreeing to affiliation agreements with Sinclair in the end.  


    The issue becomes how does a network drop an affiliate?  If there is a strong independent station, that can work or if they plan to start their own station as NBC did in Boston (which probably would not happen anymore, especially outside a top 10 market).  If there was a whole affiliation switch in a market, then some other network gets stuck on a Sinclair station, just maintaining the actual problem.

  6. 8 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

    So does this make "the" one of the forbidden words that employees are no longer allowed to say at a Nexstar station?🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The real question, does any of their viewers that are left even notice?  Changing the color of the CW logo is meh in reality.  Again, it probably does not matter to a viewer.

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  7. 2 hours ago, JoseRM303 said:

    TINY is on at 4 am this morning. 


    As mentioned above, the program guides indicate the 4:30 start tomorrow, Tuesday after the MLK holiday.  We will see tomorrow if in fact it begins later.

  8. Years ago CBS did a New Years across America broadcast that carried parts of several parades including the Tournament of Roses, Philadelphia's Mummers parade and some others.  That got dropped years ago.


    NBC has been the heritage broadcaster for a very long time (including the game).  When the Rose Bowl moved to ESPN/ABC broadcasts, ABC began broadcasting the parade too.  Recently, NBC coverage was a half hour less, due to a dog competition.  They no longer have that and went a full 2 hours.


    WPIX/NY used to simulcast KTLA''s broadcast.  I can remember Bob Eubanks doing the hosting (The Newlywed Show host).  Since Tribune's sale, that hasn't happened.  I guess WPIX's owners (Mission, oops, Nextstar) has decided against airing simulcasts anymore.

  9. 10 hours ago, Georgie56 said:

    News is being restored to KDNL. They are running The National Desk at 6am, 5pm and 10pm starting January 1st.


    Considering the St. Louis market is so locally focused, I can't see how this succeeds ratings wise other than it fills some time for low cost.  When I lived in St. Louis, KDNL was an absolute joke with no local news presence, no HD til much later than the other channels, no local presence....

  10. 1 hour ago, MediaZone4K said:

    Caught some of WPTV/WFLX's newscasts. The quality is not the same as years past. The

    packages --based on online employee reviews and observation-- appear to be heavily MMJ and have a college-ish short documentary feel to them. 


    There are a lack of live shots, which is fine compared to sister market Miami where unnecessary live shots are rampant (there were about 5 or 6 in WPLG 's 11 pm A block).  


     I haven't been to WPB for several years.  Is this observation during this holiday period where many reporters take time off or during the past year?  It is a shame to hear about it.  

  11. 9 hours ago, MediaZone4K said:

    Im surprised I haven't seen some station anchors go the work from home route for the holidays

    it's family time.  I don't blame them not to.  Plus, did the stations take back all the equipment?

  12. Watching News 4 at 6.  The first 10 minutes were holiday interest stories (meal programs, volunteering, the service at the cathedral, Rev. Al's holiday get together including the mayor, Gov. Hochul's Christmas message and that no celebrations in Nazareth (again)).  After the break, a couple of quick real news stories - a son killing his father in Boonton and subway changes, plus the lottery update for tonight's drawing (note all available on their webpage or app). Then a story on the 5 most popular holiday beverages, leading into the weather update.


    Honestly, anyone not watching hardly missed anything.  I find it hard to believe Ch. 2 would be any different.  It's Christmas, and most stories are predictable.  No need to be concerned for not having a morning or midday news show, or that other stations skipped some broadcasts as well.  Just relax and enjoy this day.

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  13. I'm sure the bosses all looked at multiple factors from it being a historically slow news day for local stories (the wars are not local stories per se), low viewership, network programming and sports programming, they all made decisions on what to do today.  Both CBS2 and ABC7 morning shows lacked real news, mostly features, a weather update and for Ch. 7 reading emails. The 3 network morning shows were primarily taped with features with a short news and weather updates.  None of the big 3 offered a midday news.  NBC did air a NYLive at 11:30 which had stories you would find on other channels.  4 will do a live 6 and 11 pm news, plus network at 6:30.  CBS 2 did a half hour 5, 6 and 11.  ABC 7 will only have an 11:30ish pm news.  I'm sure all stations have crews available should a major local story develop that requires breaking into other programming.  This is just not a day people sit in front of the TV for news.  Even MSNBC and CNN did not have a full day's schedule using taped docs and shows.  Unless a major local story is not being covered, then it's really not a big deal.  There are lots of choices today to keep up with breaking news.  Tomorrow everyone will be.back to their normal schedules.

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  14. 2 hours ago, NYTV said:

    Possibly to give the AM crew Christmas Day off. 

    Probably a good decision. It's a historically slow news day, and they covered the puff pieces the other stations carried on their NY Live taped show.  I tuned into 2 and 7 for a bit and they too had limited news, the biggest covering the masses at St. Patricks.  Besides, probably a good portion of the viewers slept in or were busy opening presents, not paying attention to an early morning news show.  

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  15. 4 minutes ago, 24994J said:


    Thanks for mentioning it. I was gonna ask about that, too. I was in New York over the weekend, and watched maybe 5 minutes, but that was enough to see the talent rejoin for the weekend morning news. It was shot on the new set, so they're new, in that regard, but I don't know if they had them before.

    they have been doing it for TINY for a few months now. It recently expanded to other newscasts.  Seems to be at 11 and 40 min marker. 

  16. My one wish is that they would have used a curved screen for the corner set up like they have in both the Today and MSNBC 3A studios. 

    The desk is an improvement (no longer see through) and can accommodate standing (which is fine) and seating which happens during TINY. 

    it’s an effective use of space (yes smaller than 3K but larger than when they were in 3C).  Is it fancy - no.  Is it in the family of NBC sets -yes. And it is functional where the story is the focus , rather than the set or anchors. 

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