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  1. My one wish is that they would have used a curved screen for the corner set up like they have in both the Today and MSNBC 3A studios. The desk is an improvement (no longer see through) and can accommodate standing (which is fine) and seating which happens during TINY. it’s an effective use of space (yes smaller than 3K but larger than when they were in 3C). Is it fancy - no. Is it in the family of NBC sets -yes. And it is functional where the story is the focus , rather than the set or anchors.
  2. Not today. 11, 4, 5 and 6 from the old set (3K).
  3. That I get. Especially with another new studio launched yesterday in 6A for Kelly Clarkson.
  4. I mean nynewsguy's source. Someone at the station? Clearly it hasn't happened tonight.
  5. What was the original source? Switching to new studio in the middle of the 4-7:30 pm block doesn’t make much sense.
  6. Could it be NewsNation. They seem to go big for rehab projects.
  7. Sounds like Discovery channels stuff. Why bother?
  8. WNBC's set is going away shortly as they move from Studio 3K to 3B, shared with Telemundo 47, in a similar set up to DC. Hopefully there will be some unique elements but most of the NBCU sets are based on lots of video screens and stand up delivery. In the end, does a viewer really care?
  9. They continually say she is off and show promos with her in it. None of us know her personal situation, other than she is off the air for now. She may be sick, someone in the family sick, a death in the family, or who knows what. There is no law that says she has to share every aspect of her personal life with viewers. She (and all anchors) may be on TV but they are entitled to privacy.
  10. I don't think he worked for WWOR before it was bought and marginalized by Fox.
  11. It would at least allow writers to write scripts for shows, and hopefully a framework for a deal with SAG-AFTRA. Assuming a deal is reached tonight. They won't negotiate tomorrow due to the holiday.
  12. Just because he is "retiring" does not allow him to avoid being held accountable. He is probably still the top shareholder still.
  13. I've already seen that mentioned. Heaven help us.
  14. Does anyone know if WPIX is back on DirecTV? I don't think it went off when the so called Mission stations did, but when the entire Nexstar group did. It seemed Nexstar was playing games here. Hopefully now that the FCC is at full strength, they will take a look at these "sidecars" whose only purpose is to skirt ownership caps, and at the expense of viewers. I was in RI where Nexstar controls three stations. Only one was restored - the CBS affiliate. The Fox and CW were still off the air (owned my Mission on paper).
  15. My understanding is that the Mission “owned” stations are not included. Nexstar has more work to do before claiming “mission accomplished.”
  16. Will this include the Mission "owned" stations? Some have been off the air longer than the Nexstar directly owned stations.
  17. The bigger question is does anyone watch them at all? Evidently viewership of Freeform is pretty low, one reason Disney agreed to letting Charter drop it. Look for Comcast, Optimum and others, especially in the NY area, seek something similar.
  18. Anyone have a before and after comparison?
  19. For most of us in NY/NJ, the events of 9/11 and the aftermath are as clear today as they were on Sept. 12 2001. Everyone here was impacted one way or another. If we do not know someone who died in the attack, we know someone who does. I do not see any of the Big 3 network O&O's backing off the annual reading of the names anytime soon. Cutting in and out as you suggest, would cause a large number of complaints from survivors on why their loved one's name was not mentioned. That would be very difficult for a PR person from each station to explain, including the family of each station's engineer that died when the towers came down.
  20. Now will be gone, discontinued. The question is do they go to a unique show with their own anchors, or resort as they did before now with a repeat (twice) of the 6 pm show? Time will tell. I suspect what it starts as will not be what it eventually becomes, including being a live newscast, length, and which hours, if indeed it signals an expansion.
  21. And what is at 9 pm? That is when they traditionally did a newscast that took on forms from being unique to a repeat of the 6 pm news...
  22. Wouldn't it just be easier just to say reporting from Miami, Jose Diaz Balart? Why the make believe he flies from Miami to NY to Miami every Saturday? Then they don't have to do a virtual copy of 1A, or 3C in the past and any future 3X studio.
  23. Using a virtual set for the Saturday night show, which is typically broadcast from Miami where Jose Diaz Balart is located is not new. He does not seem to come to NY often to broadcast from 30 Rock. Makes sense with his other duties.
  24. Adding more fuel to the question if the Murdoch family and Fox Corp are fit to have public television licenses, are two events from yesterday. One is the defamation suit by Ray Epps, a private citizen who took part in the 1/6 insurrection at the US Capitol, who Fox News & Tucker Carlson have continuously brandished as a FBI plant. He is not, nor ever an employee or associate of the FBI. He points out Fox's disinformation and impact on 1/6. The second is this opinion by those who were with Rupert Murdoch from the beginning of establishing Fox as a fourth TV network, and their current feelings. It makes for interesting reading. The issue is not how the local stations operate, it is whether ownership is a fit license holder. https://boulderpreston.com/2023/07/12/how-our-efforts-to-bring-competition-to-television-unknowingly-helped-create-the-fox-disinformation-machine/
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