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  1. Clearly the law firm is finding enough to not even wait for their investigation to be completed. What took ViacomCBS so long?
  2. No I can see Nexstar branding local newscasts with the NewsNation name and city if they think it can draw viewers. I hope not, but I would not put it past them considering the investment for all 67,000 viewers.
  3. I noticed the promo this past weekend. I suspect Nexstar is going to be pushing the Nation and News Nation branding on their stations going forward hoping (wrongly) it will get a few people to even notice NewsNation. Is NewsNation NY in the future?
  4. You are talking about the Miami and WPB markets which are not only adjacent, but have overlap in Broward County. A lot would need to be unloaded in both markets.
  5. Not necessarily.. His background hasn't changed from before the pandemic. Previously, Lester and Kate would walk down the hall and give a Nigthly tease on News4. He never did. Seems it was too far for him to walk.
  6. He does not. He uses a virtual background from Miami. I think she lives in the Hudson valley region. They got more snow today.
  7. There are markets where the main anchor team is Sunday though Thursday. When I lived in St. Louis, that is how KSDK operated. Felt odd.
  8. Who knows? It also happened from 11-3 yesterday, plus at 5, as well as today at 5. Rana Novini has been substituting for over a year on various newscasts, so if it was permanent I would think it would have happened already.
  9. They have been on the air continuously since 11 am. Beginning with TINY they have had 2 meteorologists on continuously. Matt is the only one not used today so far, but I suspect he will be on later.
  10. Where do you live? I'm in NJ and News 12 NJ still is very NJ centric though more regional/national stories are mixed in. But its focus remains on NJ which is severely underserved by the O&Os, not to mention Fox being in violation with Channel 9. I do find News 12+ to be useless in in its current form. It is NY, especially LI, focused and that is a turn off. It's probably a single feed across the Altice territory so that is why it carried Cuomo even in NJ. Gov. Murphy's briefings are on the regular News 12 NJ channel.
  11. Yes, they did. One of the two hotels I stay at when in Providence still carries whatever useless stuff is on 28. No CW. Begs the question, does DirecTV or Dish carry the CW for the Providence market?
  12. Optimum too. Says The 6 O'Clock News. Still can't watch.
  13. What I find interesting/concerning with WPIX is technically it is owned by Mission Broadcasting. However the not so well done website modification and the end of news bumper all say Nexstar. Talk about blatantly thumbing their nose at ownership regs. These sidecars are a scam and Pai's FCC just lets it happen.
  14. yes, NBC O&Os include the Olympic Rings from January through the Olympics in Olympic years. They were part of the lower thirds last year until the Olympics were postponed. It does mean they will be included two years in a row assuming this year's proceed as planned.
  15. Natalie has been as well. they have probably needed to reduce the number of folks in the studio because of the rise in infections.

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