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  1. What do the religion of the anchors or any on staff personnel have to do with anything? It is their personal business. It has nothing to do with their qualifications, experience and viewer acceptance.
  2. It's consistent with most of their campaigns. Your description is clearly what they have been after for years.
  3. I don't think anyone was inferring Stefan Holt's move back to Chicago was budget driven. He's been pretty open on social media that it was a return the family wanted. The comment on budget cuts at several NBC O&Os and local NBCSNs was in relation to WNBC not replacing Stacey Bell at 5, no announcement of a co-anchor when Adam takes over, nor any announcement if there will be one on weekends with Gilma. It probably comes down to if the viewers actually notice and care, not those that notice every detail of a broadcast. There are enough remote reports and investigative stories at 5 that it may not make a big deal to most viewers. Could that change? That's up to the execs at NBC.
  4. I suspect both Adam and Gilma will go solo with their respective broadcasts for a while. NBC was in no hurry to replace Stacey Bell. NBC budget cuts hurt other O&Os with both on air and off talent, which doesn't seem to have hit WNBC. Probably not filling the 5 pm co-anchor slot has helped manage the budget.
  5. I believe that is the same desk and studio area that they used for New York Live when they used the studio. It seems to only be used for TINY. Not at noon, 5, 6 or 11.
  6. On their live stream page, it says it is News 12 Now at 10. Set is a big improvement, graphics, better but eh. Not sure this would siphon viewers from Sinclair's WJAR. Content will do that.
  7. Stacey Bell left to end her bicoastal commute and be with her husband full time. He is the HC of the LA Chargers and she was actually on Hard Knocks season premiere last week. In the case of Stefan, he is going to another NBC O&O. Although NBCU has been cutting staff in the last couple of weeks, it does not appear this is the case if he is actually transferring within the company.. Unlike other markets, it does not seem that any local on air staff have been let go, yet.
  8. I'm shocked. I just read the story on TV Newscheck. I guess for whatever reason NBC determined he needed to be back in Chicago. I wonder how WNBC reshuffles, does David get 4 and 11, and Kuperstein gets noon and 5, or does David stay where he is and Kuperstein gets 4 and 11. I imagine it's up to what David wants. I imagine if WNBC has identified who will be the 5 pm coanchor, they'll need to determine who has the best chemistry.
  9. People are entitled to time off and staycations.
  10. I noticed that. It's also the desk and area used for NY Live. We'll see tonight at 4 or 6 if they use it.
  11. The promo began airing when Chuck returned to 30 Rock last week. He is also standing throughout the news cast as well. Darlene is on vacation this week. I'm assuming when she returns, she will be in the studio as all other anchor teams now are.
  12. Correct. Pat Battle was home this am while Gus was in the studio. It will be interesting to see if they allow two anchors during the week. They are standing more than 6 feet apart using different parts of the studio. It may be one reason they have been having most anchors stand in front of the desk the last couple of weeks as a trial run for camera angles.
  13. What a sad day here in NY. And using a sidecar to skirt FCC regulations yet be controlled by Nexstar is total BS. Hopefully if a change in control happens in November, this may get caught with new appointees to the FCC.
  14. Honestly, I have not noticed this at all, and most likely neither have most viewers. The sound quality that bothers me most is the CBSNY set which sounds like the anchor is in a tunnel.
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