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  1. Natalie has been as well. they have probably needed to reduce the number of folks in the studio because of the rise in infections.
  2. I'm not surprised he stands throughout the broadcast. WNBC down the hall in 3K adopted that approach several months ago.
  3. Adam is reporting from DC tonight. David and Natalie are covering the local stories at 5 from the studio. Probably will be like this for a few days.
  4. Perhaps that is why he is not gong to anchor and someone else on this board believes he is actually freelancing as a per diem reporter.
  5. It was in his tweet. No other info has been released .
  6. They were at the smaller side desk this morning as has been in the past month or so. Perhaps they were doing some work there and couldn't use that corner.
  7. Having worked with native Chicagoans previously, their love for their city is amazing and prefer it to NY. With a wife and now 2 kids, they may have felt it is a better quality of life, plus it may be the clearer path to being the head honcho on WMAQ whereas David had always been considered the heir apparent. Although Stefan's father and mother are here in NY, his in-laws are in Chicago.
  8. He delivered his marks before late sports last night in the delayed 11 pm edition. He said he was looking forward returning to Chicago where he was born and lived, and the return to sister station WMAQ. He mentioned how exciting it was to first come to 30 Rock to work. He also mentioned that he would be back in the building on occasion as his kids grandddude works in the building. He also thanked Natalie in particular for the personal friendships and support as they have kids the same age - a toddler and infant and they will continue that over face time. Much more satisfying to the view
  9. Basically he just said thanks for the memories as he signed off the 4 pm news. Very low key and underwhelming. You have to wonder why?
  10. What do the religion of the anchors or any on staff personnel have to do with anything? It is their personal business. It has nothing to do with their qualifications, experience and viewer acceptance.
  11. It's consistent with most of their campaigns. Your description is clearly what they have been after for years.
  12. I don't think anyone was inferring Stefan Holt's move back to Chicago was budget driven. He's been pretty open on social media that it was a return the family wanted. The comment on budget cuts at several NBC O&Os and local NBCSNs was in relation to WNBC not replacing Stacey Bell at 5, no announcement of a co-anchor when Adam takes over, nor any announcement if there will be one on weekends with Gilma. It probably comes down to if the viewers actually notice and care, not those that notice every detail of a broadcast. There are enough remote reports and investigative stor
  13. I suspect both Adam and Gilma will go solo with their respective broadcasts for a while. NBC was in no hurry to replace Stacey Bell. NBC budget cuts hurt other O&Os with both on air and off talent, which doesn't seem to have hit WNBC. Probably not filling the 5 pm co-anchor slot has helped manage the budget.
  14. I believe that is the same desk and studio area that they used for New York Live when they used the studio. It seems to only be used for TINY. Not at noon, 5, 6 or 11.
  15. On their live stream page, it says it is News 12 Now at 10. Set is a big improvement, graphics, better but eh. Not sure this would siphon viewers from Sinclair's WJAR. Content will do that.

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