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  1. Honestly, I have not noticed this at all, and most likely neither have most viewers. The sound quality that bothers me most is the CBSNY set which sounds like the anchor is in a tunnel.
  2. Clearly Fox feels they make money having a low cost operation with no news, lots of Family Feud, and the rerun package from MNT. This station is a shell of itself from before the purchase by Fox. Not sure how much any of their programs register in terms of ratings. It's a waste of a channel IMO.
  3. Anyone know if it even registered on the ratings scale? Let's see if things change in January with the FCC and enforcement of the agreements between WWOR which Fox pledged to keep. Pai(d off) probably won't be the head anymore.
  4. Living up to the Eyewitless News nick name. I hope the station reached out and apologized to the family that has gone through hell and back the last six weeks.
  5. Yup, messed that up. It was early this morning.... You do wonder if at some point they will transition to both at home as well.
  6. Both Chuck and Natalie are co-anchoring the news from their respective homes tonight. Darlene switched off with Michael this am, with Michael in the studio, Darlene at home.
  7. But does he really? Call me skeptical but anytime a big wig at a cable news network is “part of the story,” that is usually the network trying to milk it for ratings. That would be an absolutely sick thing to do, but let’s be real, do we put it past CNN and Jeff Zucker? “I have COVID-19, but I feel fine and I’m going to continue working from home.” You are one sick person. To think someone would fake this is absurd. I have no clue where you live, but in Metro NY, it is hitting the area hard. And the stories what it is like for the severe cases are heart breaking. Our hospitals here are overrun. There is not enough equipment, or PPE to protect health workers. Testing sites are overrun since so many have symptoms. Each O&O has been impacted with someone infected, and several anchors, weather, and sports anchors broadcasting from home. And any sense of feeling you are immune because you don't live here, is false. It is spreading and not all states are taking steps to contain it. This was not a hoax. Next time, show humanity even if you don't like the guy by just saying hope he gets well soon.
  8. As of today, it looks like they are not being used by WNBC for now.
  9. I was reading just before it how twitter deleted a Crazy Rudy false info tweet. Good catch. Thanks.
  10. This morning, Darlene Rodriquez began co-anchoring TINY from home, along with weather reports from Mara LaRosa. Both Michael Gargiulo and in a separate area, Lauren Scala (traffic) were in studio.
  11. Last night at 11 Stefan Holt was broadcasting either from his home or his dad's. John Chandler did sports from an empty newsroom , whereas earlier in the week Bruce Beck had switched to at home. This morning Rafael Miranda also was broadcasting from home. On Saturday Today, Dave Price has been filling in for Dylan Dreyer who is on family leave. Like yesterday on News 4, he broadcast from home. It seems NBC is being much more aggressive at getting on air folks out of 30 Rock and setting them up at home. Both Holts seem to have been set up with green screens, the rest including Chuck Scarborough, Janet Huff and Maria LaRosa from home offices or dens. I assume space, ability to be separate from spouses, kids, and pets (except fish as in Price's case) and capabilities (space for lighting, cameras, teleprompter, high speed connection, etc) for each on air person is taken into consideration as to who can broadcast remotely or not. After all this is done with, it would be interesting to see how they were able to pull all this off.
  12. Dave Price and Bruce Beck switched to "from home" the last few days too. Part of reducing the density of people at 30 Rock.
  13. An article in today's Times confirmed NBC put a home studio in for him. He is broadcasting from home this week in order to reduce the number of folks at 30 Rock each week. Stephanie Ruhle and Nicole Wallace are doing the same on MSNBC. On Ch. 4, Only Janice Huff our of the weather dept. Chuck Scarborough co-anchored the 6 pm without Stefan Holt today (yesterday may have been a trial, thus three anchors). I'm not sure if it is part of the reduction of staff at 30 Rock or his age. It will be interesting to see if different folks broadcast from home next week.
  14. WNBC New York meteorologist Janice Huff broadcast the weather from her home in NJ this evening.
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