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  1. They are doing the Sat. 6 pm from the new studio. Modified graphics (evolutionary). Bug rotates between PIX 11 and a 75 years logo. Most shots are tight so far but just before a break it showed the studio. Music at that point had subtle reminders of the previous theme. Hopefully someone can get screen shots during the 10pm broadcast.
  2. Saturday 6 pm news is from the new studio, tight shots though. New graphics as well. I'd call it evolutionary, not revolutionary. Bug includes their anniversary logo.
  3. They shelved the idea several months ago. It does not mean they or another of the Big 3 networks look to do this again.
  4. The Jay Leno experiment years ago was a disaster. NBC, when considering this, which is now tabled and not going to happen, was clear about returning the hour to local stations, not providing programming. One consideration is that Dick Wolf successfully programs two full nights from 8-11 pm EST and are highly rated shows (granted that includes DVR viewing and streaming). They have also had 10 pm success on other days.
  5. Definitely outdated. Checking the schedule, most games are on YES, some again on Amazon Prime (which replaced over the air games in 2022). None mentioned for WPIX or any other over the air outlet. Evidently YES will introduce DTC streaming this year as well.
  6. I read they got an average of 300K viewers for the entire golf broadcast. I'm shocked that is measurable. I hope Nexstar got their money to carry the event up front.
  7. The real question is will anyone really care and watch?
  8. Don’t forget WNBC is moving to a new studio later this year.
  9. Based on this screen shot, nope. It is way too busy, my eyes go to different background elements that seem to conflict with each other. Hopefully the way it shows up on camera minimizes some of that.
  10. It's really not unique. Len Berman on NBC4 works Sunday-Thursday for quite a while now. I used to live in a different market, most stations had their "A" team of anchors, weather and sports on Sunday through Thursday.
  11. This isn't even accurate. I moved to NY area in 1981. Sue Simmons was anchoring Live at 5 and the 11 pm editions of News4NY at that time. She joined the station long before the stated date of 1991. Roz Abrams worked at WXIA 11 Alive in Atlanta. I stopped reading after the inaccuracies in the post.
  12. Although the NBC O&Os on Peacock are an hour delayed, they do offer live streaming for all newscasts from their website and apps. Nexstar does not do that anymore. In NY where Nexstar (oops Mission, wink, wink) competes with only O&O flagship stations all of which offer live streaming it is less an issue other than pure stupidity in a world where the cord was cut. In other markets where Nexstar controls multiple stations, it can actually be a safety issue when major events or weather issues arise and too many viewers do not have cable access. As brought up in other discussions of this very issue elsewhere on this site, it is irresponsible for Perry Sook to decide this approach. It makes Nexstar the not "must go to" station for live news.
  13. The most recent discussion is confirming that in many markets, there is already saturation of 10 pm newscasts. In some markets there are also 9 pm news broadcasts and not to mention regional "hyper local" cable news stations like Spectrum News, NY1, News 12, etc. It begs for alternative programming on NBC affiliates. How much news can a station put on? NBC stations already broadcast newscasts at 4, 5, 6 and 11. How many stories can be repurposed? If NBC and other networks decide to pull a Fox and give up 10 pm, it begs for program suppliers to come up with some creative alternatives. I'd be concerned about a talk show considering how Jay Leno flamed out very quickly at 10 years ago.
  14. It’s the youth group that performed at the tree lighting. They won a contest for youth choirs. I think it’s great they are getting this exposure. Congratulations to them for their hard work.
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