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  1. This is WNBC's announcement stating both David and Natalie would be anchoring. I'm sure he will be on once he returns. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/news-4-to-launch-7-p-m-newscast-on-monday/3090366/
  2. yes, the station announced it last week. See previous posts.
  3. The schedule opening was caused by the cancellation of All Access. It was only carried on some 0&Os, like NY, LA, SF, but not all. San Diego was not carrying the show. Clearly it was the cheapest option for now.
  4. Honestly, it will probably not be noticed by most viewers being so subtle. It makes you wonder why go through the expense if there is no real return.
  5. KNBC also announced their move to a 7 pm newscast. They are promoting it (It showed up in TV Newscheck) and it named who will anchor it. Yet other than mentions during each newscast, WNBC has not identified who will anchor the newscast. It makes me wonder....
  6. Wow, the fact he does not know the difference between excepted and accepted should concern any journalist.
  7. Last night Chuck and Natalie were standing next to each other behind the lucite desk. This morning Michael and Darlene were sitting on stools behind the desk. Both Maria and Lauren were standing next to them. They mentioned it was the first time they were all close to each other in a long time. WNBC ended the social distancing yesterday pm. Adam and Janice were standing next to each other to introduce weather segments. They "promoted" the 7 pm newscast last night, but did not say anything about anchors. The basically showed a graphic and said a new way to watch News4 begins
  8. They just announced the News4NY at 7 on tonight's 6 pm news. No mention of who will be anchoring. Also tonight, Chuck and Natalie are standing near each other behind the lucite desk, and Janice walked over to next to Chuck. Adam was over by her during the 5 pm hour. They mentioned everyone is vaccinated and rates are significantly lower. Sports was from MSG so no telling if the sports anchor will return to the studio yet.
  9. It does not appear NBC plans on moving Gilma off weekends IF they plan on doing a 7 pm. It would have happened already. It would also leave a big gap. It seems Rana (on leave) or Jen are more happy with fill in roles than a permanent anchor position. There is no word if there is a 7 pm newscast planned, so it's all speculation. I would assume Adam gets 7 pm as he has the least number of broadcasts other than Chuck who is in pre-retirement mode.
  10. IF, WNBC goes that way, and no word from them or a promo that I have seen, I would highly doubt that. Scarborough stopped hosting the 7 pm show as it moved to COZI, and began using a rotating roster of anchors and reporters. He is winding down his career, having given up the 11 pm show several years ago, works only 4 days a week - off on Fridays. With David doing the 4, 6 and 11, I would suspect Adam does 7 if they decide to do a newscast. It's also odd that with All Access ending in a couple of weeks they have not announced any replacement.
  11. Is there a source for this or is it speculation based on NBC San Francisco.'s move. I have seen no promos or announcements.
  12. Ellen is ending her show a year from now. NBCU has not said yet what they plan to use as a back fill - I suspect they will move Kelly Clarkson up from an earlier time on most NBCU stations. Isn't this shuffling a result of the cancellation of All Access? Many of us in larger NBCU O&O markets are waiting to see what NBC plans on doing with the 7 pm hour. It has long been rumored that WNBC may return a 7 pm news program and shift Access Hollywood to 7:30. With a little over a month to go before All Access ends its run (it is only shown on NBCU O&Os), no announcements have
  13. Warner Media provides HBO Max for free to most subscribers to HBO across the country. It is not unique to AT&T Uverse or DirecTV customers. It's the model Paramount+, Peacock, Disntey+ etc should also follow. Cable/Sat customers aren't going away and are alway paying for content. If someone cuts the cord then yes, it is appropriate for them to pay.
  14. CeFan Kim, will be reporting for ABC News, while still doing some reporting for WABC.
  15. There was once a time, long long ago, when the networks did program Saturday night. CBS Saturday night's included shows like All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Newhart and Carol Burnett. Classics all.

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