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  1. Nexstar has been so successful with NewsNation you would think they would keep people who really know what they are doing in place.
  2. I find it interesting that Nexstar/Mission want to have their cake and eat it too. PIX 11 was blacked out on FiOS due to a retransmission consent disagreement between Nexstar and Verizon. Meanwhile PIX 11 is blacked out on DrecTV due to Mission having a conflict with DirecTV. DirecTV has accused Mission of just being Nexstar. They deny this, yet with PIX 11 blacked out on FiOS, which was only a Nexstar conflict blows Mission's excuse out the window. It is time to end the sham of the sidecar approach to skirt FDA regulations. Mission can't choose who controls it based on circumstance. It makes them less than credible.
  3. Yes, Adam is solo most of the time. So is Gilma on weekend evenings. Didn't she move to follow her husband who got a new job in SC?
  4. They have an occasional night Notre Dame game. How do they handle that? For all 3 networks and Fox, it seems they can only do any original Sat. night programming from January to late August.
  5. Sadly all the networks gave up on Saturday nights years ago. I would not expect to ever see again a high rated night like when CBS had All in the Family, Bob Newhard Show (the original), Carol Burnett among other top rates Saturday night shows. All the networks treat Sat nights as an afterthought for too long.
  6. When was the last time a network bought a station (not counting Telemundo)? ABC, CBS and NBC haven't for many years.
  7. Interesting, when Tribune was in a retransmission fight with Optimum years ago, they actually blocked access from Optimum IP addresses. You can watch CW shows on Hulu.
  8. This has been covered in the retransmission consent squabbles board. In some areas CBS, Fox and the CW are blacked out.
  9. The Providence Journal has an article on how to watch the Patriots game (Nexstar owns the CBS, FOX and CW affiliates). It is of course behind a pay wall for subscribers only. And Gatehouse Media d/b/a Gannett wonders why folks no longer subscribe to a paper that is 90% the same in every Gannett paper.
  10. Since NFL+ as well as Sunday Ticket are not available on Optimum I suspect there is no impact.
  11. As an Optimum customer, I can watch Fox entertainment shows on Hulu. No biggie. The only issue is Sunday NFL - typically the Giants, this week the Jets and the WS should the Yankees make it.
  12. You do realize New Amsterdam is on its final season? Dick Wolf would never agree to airing either Chicago PD or L&O:OC on Tuesdays opposite his own shows on CBS.
  13. Fox5 has not carried any hearings which is no surprise despite other Fox O&Os doing so. Just a confirmatory statement. If Nexstar is serious about being in the news and network business, then I would expect them to allow their owned or operated stations to carry it.
  14. And once again, both WNYW Fox 5 and WWOR My9 in DMA 1 are NOT carrying the hearing. Nor is Nexstar, oops I mean Mission's PIX11.
  15. In Rhode Island that would include CBS, FOX and the CW. No college football on Saturday, no NFL including he home team Patriots on Sundays during the afternoon.
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