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  1. She was also the daughter in law of the LSU offensive coordinator.
  2. He joined WFXT, the Cox owned Boston Fox affiliate in August.
  3. RNN is a useless slot on the Altice cable line up. All they show are informercials. And although the signal is in HD, most of what they "broadcast" is not. I guess the mark ups from what people buy and the share the French family gets in addition to the paid time justifies the cost of broadcasting.
  4. Exactly, especially this time of year when anchors and reporters are trying to use up vacation time, just like everyone else that works. NBC just explained his absence. Ushery was inducted in the Silver Circle of NY Broadcasters today, why he was off at noon, as was many of the regular staff. Congratulations David.
  5. David Ushery is anchoring with Stacey Bell at 5. Janice Huff is doing weather.
  6. News12 New Jersey switched to the new logo and modified graphics online today.
  7. No change to News12NJ on air look
  8. Yes, the NJ website has a new look. However the older News12 logo is used, as it is on air. Only the graphic on Altice One menu's is the new one. I checked out the Cheddar website but it appears different. No change to on air graphics or look.
  9. Yes that is one of the Altice One menu pages.
  10. Their, not there. It reminds me of the Cheddar logo as well which makes sense. I noticed it on my Altice One guide on Monday. I have not noticed it on air on News12NJ as of yet.
  11. Another new reporter, Anjali Hemphill. From what I could see she came from WTTG (Fox) in DC.
  12. WNBC has named a new weekend anchor, coming from the CBS O&O in Dallas. She begins Nov. 4. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/more-news/240112/gilma-avalos-named-wnbc-weekend-evening-news-anchor/?utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Gilma+Avalos+Named+WNBC+Weekend+Evening+News+Anchor&utm_campaign=Nexstar+%26+Sook%3a+TVN's+Station+Group+Of+The+Year
  13. That is not true. Department stores like Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Best Buy, PC Richard and Son, and others continue to advertise in my local paper. Not as much as they used to.
  14. As I said it is a vicious circle they have created. Cut reporters and columnists, many long time favorites, cut content, lose subscribers, then lose advertising. It's not a good model. Once GateHouse takes over, I'll probably drop my subscription too.
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