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  1. WNBC 6 pm news will be late tonight due to Notre Dame football overage. Big deal. It happens this time of year. What you should do if a show is so important, is change your DVR settings to go an extra 30 minutes. It's an easy fix. Or stream the show the next day on Hulu, Peacock, WB or whatever.
  2. Football often runs over. Sundays. Sunday nights. Thursdays. And even college games on Saturday. Nothing unusual about that.
  3. The local team contracts for pre-season now include any games exclusive to cable or streaming (NFLN, ESPN or Amazon). In the past those used to be bid locally separate which is why they ended up on PIX 11. That has changed. I believe this is the last year Fox will produce the TNF games and broadcast a limited number of them.
  4. The 6 pm tease on WNBC was in front of the curved wall. He has also been mostly standing for months, just like News4NY. The question is whether this is permanent or is 3C being renovated again.
  5. Thing is when NBC sold the station in 2006, the Telemundo stations were operated independent of any NBC O&Os, they merged many operations later on. The sale was more of NBC getting out of smaller markets, essentially reversing the merger with Outlet 10 years earlier. NBC does not operate any fully English speaking duopolies. Even here in the NY area, most of Telemundo' 47s operations are completely separate from WNBC. It is not the same as CBS owning WCBS and WLNY. At the time when Nexstar bought MG, it was mentioned a key driver in Providence was that both WNAC and WPRI carried Sun
  6. I find I can no longer watch them. It's the little comments and other stories pushing Sincrap's agenda. The mostly young untested talent. When I visit RI at least monthly, I have to watch another station for news or stream my local NBC flagship station. Too many watch WJAR out of habit, and its time they get a new habit.
  7. Another degradation of WJAR's news by Sinclair. Her Tik Tok video says it all. I think everyone on this board can guess what kind of contract Sincrap gave her that she refused to sign. It is clear she had no desire to leave.
  8. As are Darlene and Michael on New4NY (WNBC)
  9. Which News 12? Many of us associate Craig Allen with CBS2 and WCBS 880.
  10. I'm not an Eyewitness News junkie. I'm a very casual ABC7 news viewer. To me, it is not important. It identifies WABC being an ABC station,. Mission accomplished,. Most viewers probably do not notice the bug to begin with.
  11. It was interrupted by the network carrying President Biden's remarks and then went to Days. At 5, Natalie joined Adam, and they are both doing the 6.
  12. During bad weather they have done this before including a couple of weeks ago (including using Gilma). No way would Natalie working 4,5,6,7 and 11 become permanent.
  13. Can y'all just stop! This happens every year when staff take vacation. They are entitled to vacation. And for many with years of experience and high compensation, they get a lot of it. When an anchor is missing they may be sick, may be on vacation or took a personal day for whatever reason. We don't need 20 posts speculating they are gone or whatever. It is too often on WABC, and as was mentioned it spilled over to WNBC as well. If someone leaves a station, you all find out anyhow. No need to speculate. Back to the topics.
  14. It is a homecoming for Tom. Prior to ABC News, he was at WNBC. He is also NBC's national correspondent.
  15. Both actually reported on the 5 pm and 6 pm news since Monday. Are they full time or per diem?

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