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  1. I can’t help but wonder if All Access was quickly developed when the NBC O&Os realized they had no replacement for Extra.
  2. Extra is NOT being replaced by news. Access Hollywood is moving to 7 and will be live. At 7:30 will be All Access. Access Live is changing its title to Access Daily. Click the article for full details. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/238181/new-season-changes-to-nbcs-access-franchise/?utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=New+Season%2c+Changes+To+NBC’s+‘Access’+Franchise&utm_campaign=Stations+Expand+Social+Media+News+Tools
  3. Not everywhere. It was only added in NJ a year ago (not impressed). It moved to Ch 64 a few months ago. NJTV is on Ch 8.
  4. News12 has been available to Charter and Comcast for many years. NY1 has been on Optimum for over a year now. The only competition the Dolans did not allow to carry News12 was Verizon (and of course satellite providers). Altice clearly has a different objective if our speculation is correct. Makes sense.
  5. The Dolans no longer own or are involved with News12. It is a different day. As I mentioned, I suspect this is tied into getting distribution of i24News which Altice also owns and Cheddar Business which they just bought. In fact the founder/head of Cheddar is now the CEO of the News networks division so gaining more distribution is probably a priority. It all is beginning to make sense.
  6. Thinking the same thing. I can't see someone starting up, staffing up something new in this day and age when there already is one available. It would represent a long standing change in policy that the Dolans had against Verizon. I suspect it also will include Verizon adding i24News and perhaps Cheddar Business.
  7. The only change to Access is that it has added Mario Lopez as Natalie Morales' replacement on both the Live version at 1 and the evening show, as had been rumored long before her status changed. Access is produced by NBC stations so it is not going anywhere. Extra then filled the open spot with Billy Bush as well as the move to Fox Stations Group.
  8. In the 80s News4 at 6 was an hour followed by Nightly. Then several years ago they tried NY Nightly News at 7, first with Chuck, which then moved to Cozi with rotating anchors and killed off in 2014. So who knows. With long commute times in the area, a 7 pm local newscast makes sense, but just never seems to stick.
  9. If true that leaves two big holes to fill - 2 pm and 7 pm. Previously they said it was replacing Steve Harvey. If the rumors of a 7 pm newscast are true would they do local at 7 or be like WRC and do a full hour of local at 6 and Nightly at 7. They were doing this in the 80s.
  10. Anyone know what the deal is with Drew Wilder? I’m visiting DC and he is a reporter on WRC as their Northern VA reporter. Is he doing double duty in DC and N.Y.?
  11. Not sure I agree. News12 NJ still seems to be very NJ centric, granted they are live maybe 4 hours a day and just repeat in between. Major national stories should be covered, nothing wrong with that, and the issue of mass shootings and domestic terrorism fits that bill. Considering the lack of NJ focused stories on the network stations, the elimination of news on Ch. 9 in violation of the licensing agreement years ago and soon the virtual disappearance of the Gannett papers being bought by GateHouse, there is definitely a need for News 12 NJ.
  12. Okay. He is a meteorologist. First post did not identify that. I assume he will replace Erica on weekend evenings and nights. Clearly this was in motion before she was let go and explains why Maria LaRosa got the TINY job.
  13. How? They are now down 1 meteorologist. With Rafael Miranda doing TINY Weekends, and Janice and Dave Price doing weeknights, there is no one who is permanent on weekend nights. That makes no sense. Clearly they have an opening. The only move they could make is to move Dave Price to weekends. He would see that as a demotion, as would viewers so that is very doubtful.
  14. Raphael Miranda is doing the weather tonight on News4NY. That means he is doing triple duty.
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