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  1. What did they get rid of to put in the video wall? Update: it appears they got rid of a Today show mainstay, the couches.
  2. Just to clarify the timeline. On Friday's broadcast Lester said that he would be returning to the United States and that he would anchor the newscast on Sunday FROM THE NN Studio.
  3. This is quite sad indeed. When I went through the KYW Newstudies program (same place as CBS3) a few years ago I met those who were working in master control on a Saturday morning. They all were nice people who loved what they had been doing for many years. I asked them a bunch of question, which they all answered. In particular I learned from them how they get the signal from the network. I didn't know at the time that there were certain times of the day that they expected they would lose the satellite signal and that they were in face affected by weather. I assumed these issues went away years before. They also told me there were some commercials that really got on thier nerves becuase of their low quality. Something that I'm wondering about is the CWphilly master control. Are they also being centralized. This is more interesting especially as CWPhilly is technically the CW's flagship station, something that those in the master control said didn't effect them.
  4. Is this confirmation she'll be back for season 2? [MEDIA=twitter]891810604394188800[/MEDIA]
  5. It looks like Kasie is only anchoring 1 night a week. She can easily hold on to her reporting duties.
  6. What are you talking about, the mission has 4 parts. Your probably thinking about parts 1 (Nightly News) and 4 (Meet The Press and Special Reports) those parts I agree arent good for the morning, but part 3, which is litterarly called "Scherzo for Today" .. it's absolutely perfect for the morning..
  7. Uh oh... Dejavu (besides these technical errors which I saw live... I actually really liked their coverage of the fireworks and concert.) http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/philadelphia-station-gets-heats-for-fireworks-coverage/191933 [MEDIA=twitter]882431528856412160[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=twitter]882431252573323264[/MEDIA]
  8. It sounds like Glenn is just taking a step back so he can work less. If he suddenly retired (and it looked like he was pushed out) then they might run into problems.
  9. This is honestly the coolest thing/news open I have seen in my entire (17 year old) life
  10. Well... Glenn I guess isnt leaving anytime soon.
  11. I recall him doing this a few times like an NYC church Fire and the LAX Shooting false alarm. He streams on facebook live.
  12. Another graphic mistake, this time on the nbc10 eagles halftime newscast.
  13. I dislike ending live at 11 because i think it forgets about the west coast
  14. I gotta wonder if they are revamping studio 1A agian as Savannah has been reporting from MSNBC's studios during these olympics.
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