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  1. WTTG's 10pm news is far too established at this point for WDCW to seriously compete with it
  2. WGN is content with news and reruns during primetime. They don't want or need the CW back
  3. The WB had an option to do Saturday primetime but never did. I don't remember what year they removed it
  4. it's about time The CW did Saturday primetime.their predeseccors UPN and WB should have done it a long time ago (and the WB had an option in affiliation agreements to expand to Saturday night until the final years of that network)
  5. I wouldn't be shocked if the NBC O&O's start 3pm newscasts as a replacement for Ellen
  6. Biden is expected to speak regarding the coronavirus task-force at some point today. Expect more cut-ins on the big 4 networks
  7. Apparently, FOX coverage is level 2 which would allow stations an option to stay with boxing if they wish. My assumption is most will push one or the other to the .2 subchannel
  8. Biden's speech will likely take out a good chunk of the Clemson-Norte Dame and Oregon-Stanford games on ABC and a boxing card on FOX
  9. what are FOX's plans for tonight's edition of smackdown? I am assuming a cut-in calling the race for Biden airs as level 1 which would result in either total preemption or punting it to an alternate outlet?
  10. even if there is, it likely only covers national emergencies like war or terrorism. A disputed presidential election would not likely be covered under such a clause
  11. i would not be surprised if the NFL told FOX "you have a contract with us, air the game, you can do a news update at halftime if there are new developments"
  12. Fox has Thursday Night Football and ABC has the Bachelorette. I doubt either network will be willing to preempt those not to mention the pushback they would get on social media if they did
  13. Scott anchors the weekend editions of FOX Report (the weekday version was discontinued several years ago). It baffles me why they wouldn't use him or Brett Bair or Chris Wallace on the broadcast net's election night coverage.

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