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  1. I would guess they're losing a lot of ad revenue because of the hearings. This is why you will likely see some affiliates opt out of network coverage if this goes on for a prolonged period. Network affiliate news and program directors aren't going to keep blowing out scheduled programming for these hearings if they continue to lose ad money. Additionally, i wouldn't be surprised if in a future affiliation agreement, one of the networks makes all special reports optional unless it's a national emergency (Fox already does this)
  2. The second round of hearings has been scheduled for next week
  3. Could Days move to another network? I remember reading that Fox tried to go after it in the late 90s?
  4. I could see the networks going to rotating coverage if this goes on for an extended period of time
  5. There is nothing scheduled on Thursday that I know of, so that episode should not be impacted. Wednesday and Friday are definitely preempted
  6. Update: NBC's coverage will start at 10am Wednesday PBS will air the hearings live. I assume coverage is optional to stations FOX broadcast coverage is level 2 and will be hosted by Harris Faulkner CBS coverage will be anchored by Norah O'Donnel Trump will hold a 3:10pm news conference on Wednesday
  7. coverage plans of the impeachment hearings on broadcast and cable are as follows (will be updated as necessary) Cable: CNN, MSNBC and Fox News channel will have live gavel to gavel coverage Broadcast: CBS, ABC, and NBC have confirmed they will carry the hearings live. FOX has not confirmed if they will air the hearings
  8. who replaces shep on SOTU/primetime presidential speech/election night coverage on Fox broadcast? My guess is it will either be Jon Scott or Trace Gallagher
  9. I don't see this re-incarnation of court tv lasting long unless there is another trial of the century
  10. Appareatly, the ABC affiliate in New Orleans is foregoing the testimony in favor of regular programming
  11. Once again, the 4 major networks will preempt daytime shows for a congressional hearing, this time it's Micheal Cohen's turn. ABC: live coverage hosted by George Stephanopolous starts at 10am eastern CBS: coverage will be anchored by Norah O'donnell FOX: Coverage will air as a level 2 (optional to stations), not sure who is anchoring NBC: Coverage will be co-hosted by Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd The cable news channels will offer rolling coverage as they always do
  12. Awhile backColDayNews posted a screenshot of a FOX network test pattern where the early 90s era logo was seen at the top left corner, so apparently FOX still uses their old logos on things like production slates. I have also seen WTTG's old logo (which resembles that of 20th century fox) pop up during technical difficulties as late as 2004
  13. Is there any chance the tegna-verizon dispute is settled by this weekend?
  14. there simply aren't enough high-profile trials going on to make a 24/7 court channel viable, this is why the original court tv was rebranded
  15. network affiliates lose a lot of ad revenue when they carry long-form news coverage and most program directors likely don't feel like dealing with phone calls from irate viewers about missing their shows. If you are talking about FOX specifically, a good number of their affiliates don't have full news operations so there isn't anyone who can go to the GM to get permission to put an SR on the air. Additionally, FOX doesn't view turning on the splicer and overriding affiliates outside of network time as something worth doing unless it's a major national disaster, plus, a majority of their stations would prefer to cover major breaking news locally whenever possible.
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