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  1. I found it a bit surprising that Fox would run a special report of this magnitude as a selfie level 2.
  2. My thinking is NBC and ABC will stay on until 5pm Eastern
  3. It's the end of an era as Britan's longest-reigning monarch has dies at 96 years old. coverage on US networks is as follows: NBC: Lester Holt is anchoring a special report. It is not being simulcast on MSNBC or any other NBCU owned cable network. Fox: simulcast of FNC rolling coverage anchored by Sandra Smith and John Roberts. this is being picked up on most if not all Fox affiliates even though it's technically level 2. ABC: special report anchored by David Muir. CBS: special report anchored by Norah O'Donnell. the cable news channels are in rolling coverage. I don't know if it's being picked up by their co-owned entertainment channels.
  4. The difference is that UPN and The WB had name-brand shows like Star Trek : Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dawson's Creek
  5. what programming strategy will Nexstar pursue for the CW? news? unscripted shows? something else?
  6. With The next round of hearings scheduled for September, it's going to be interesting to see if the networks will preempt the new fall shows if any of these hearings are in primetime.
  7. Fox has not any decision on coverage on either broadcast or cable. Assume the broadcast side will stick with it's regular schedule (MasterChef, Welcome to Flatch, and Call Me Kat) with Brett and Martha being picked up by any affiliate that wants it. FNC didn't carry the first hearing and likely won't carry this one.
  8. the 8th (and likely final) hearing has been scheduled for next Thursday in primetime. looking ahead to the network schedules for that evening, everything on the 4 major networks is reruns with the exception of ABC's game shows, so they should be in the clear to broadcast this hearing.
  9. They need to understand that the local stations didn't have a say in this (NBC and Fox stations may have due to the way special reports are formatted on those networks).
  10. UPDATE: Hearing #7 is set for 1pm Eastern today (it was originally scheduled for 10am Eastern). all 3 networks will cover it live (NBC's coverage is optional for stations airing syndicated shows or Days of Our Lives). There had been a primetime hearing scheduled for Thursday but that has been rescheduled for a later date, it currently isn't known if that hearing will still be in primetime on the new date.
  11. Another hearing has been abruptly scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 1pm Eastern. Assume it will be aired on the 3 major broadcast networks.
  12. That is the last time I remember ABC using the Bulletin designation for breaking news. Is that still in active use?
  13. Technically, the networks don't have must-carry requirements for special reports when they occur during non-network time.
  14. I imagine many of the O&Os are running the hearings as are more news-heavy Fox affiliates.
  15. The next hearing is on Tuesday. CBS has already committed to airing it
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