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  1. When you posted this, I went on WJZ.com and looked at the videos and TO ME things seem to be “normal” shots for me, unless I’m not looking in the right videos
  2. I know this is alittle off topic but, do u think they’ve lost viewership through the years and do you think it will bring viewers back or not?
  3. So now that the cat is pretty much out of the bag (because they’re using the new logo on their Facebook page), do you all think they will start using it on air? I sure hope that they are fixing up the CBS eye. I’m sure this new GM is doing what she can to make things work... I’m sure eventually we will see the talent on some kind of temp set in the near future. I just hope they tear the remains of the old set and start fresh. Btw, how long has that set been up for? I’m sure they could use the newsroom if they had to? Idk.
  4. Has anyone saw anything new while the New Year’s Eve specials been on? Maybe the graphics and everything will debut tonight at 11 or if not Tuesday?
  5. I’ll definately be watching, I just hope they stream it live on cbsbaltimore.com
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