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  1. The KELO set resembles the Nexstar studio layout we've seen. Their studio is fairly modest in size and I think this floor plan makes excellent use of the space. It seems more spacious than their previous set up.
  2. WCNC has shared a timelapse of the building of their new set. Looks like they stayed in the studio during construction. Also, during Wake Up Charlotte they used their "big board" which is a large touchscreen. Previously this was on a pedestal that was moved around the studio. Now it is in a fixed position on the wall whose back you see in the video above.
  3. WCNC's new set debuted tonight at 6 p.m. The newscast was shot relatively tight and they did not do any wide shots showing off the studio. They did make a brief mention of the new set that included a very quick time-lapse of set construction. Overall it is a clean look. Their lighting is much improved. It will be interesting to see more of it in the coming days. The animation on the new logo does emphasize the first C in WCNC. That letter animates first and is bold while the others animate. I believe - as someone previously mentioned - that it stands out for Charlotte.
  4. Well @atlnewsfan03 you are getting your wish...sort of. NBC is investing in D.C. but the Nebraska Ave. building is not closing. It will, however, undergo major renovations. First step is to move network operations out of the building. NBC is building a brand new bureau on North Capitol Street NW, much closer to the Capitol. NewscastStudio reported that the new facility can accommodate six simultaneous broadcast feeds at one time. NBC will occupy five floors of the building and will have a a street-level studio facing the Capitol building. The facility will house 350 employees from NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC. It is expected to open in early March. That will leave WRC and WZDC alone in the Nebraska Avenue building. Extensive renovations are expected once the network is fully moved. The network currently has two studios and a fairly decent sized newsroom that local operations can utilize once the network bureau is moved. Studio A is the largest studio in the building that, since 1961, has housed "Meet the Press" in one half and local high school quiz show “It’s Academic” in the other half. The Washington Post reported that WRC had asked the producers of “It’s Academic” to begin looking for a new production home. The reason? The 1950s-era NBC studio would be undergoing a huge renovation. That was before a fire at the North Capitol Street studios delayed the network's plans. (Original game plan was for MTP and MSNBC to be produced out of Studio N5 on the upper level of the North Cap building until new facilities were completed.) Now all Washington-based MSNBC shows are produced in Studio A until the move this spring. Ultimately I believe we will see new digs for both WRC and WZDC once the network is in their new home downtown.
  5. A new logo is indeed expected to launch with the new set. However, it does not appear they will be using Channel 36 in their brand. The new identity is a refreshed look of their current mark which emphasizes their call letters. The new version has the peacock moved to the front and letters are stacked on top of each other. I've seen two uses of this new logo and both were executed in a flat one-color manner.
  6. Tegna's NBC affiliate in Charlotte, NC is on a temporary set. It appears WCNC is using the monitor wall that was previously used as a stand-up area. The anchor desk has been placed in front of that wall but without the uplighting that was previously used. Overall, it is not a bad look. The weather center did not appear on camera and the lighting is extremely poor on the chroma key weather presentation. I believe they might have moved into a conference room adjacent to the newsroom. They did this during their last set upgrade back in 2012. It will be interesting to see what type of set they get considering they can't do a 360 set. Their late morning pay-to-play show, Charlotte TODAY, has their set along one entire wall of the studio. So cross shooting would be a problem, unless they were to build out a separate space in the building for that show. (Their building only has one studio) I'm not sure when they started using this set up but morning news anchor Ben Thompson confirmed on Twitter that the new studio should debut in a couple of weeks.
  7. It appears that Telepictures might have ditched the idea to re-brand Extra as ExtraExtra. On August 26, they posted a "two week" promo to the show's Instagram account. In the video you can see "ExtraExtra" on the monitors that surround their new newsroom based set at the Burbank Studios. In the spot, Billy Bush says, "we are two weeks away from ExtraExtra" and the spot closes with their new logo. Yesterday they posted a "one week" promo and things have changed. Gone are all references to ExtraExtra. In the new promo Bush says, "we are one week away from the all new Extra." The set monitors display an Extra logo and the spot closes with that same logo. The "Extra Extra" music stinger remains in tact. Screenshots included.
  8. Here are a few screen shots of the set. They made a couple of comments about this being their new home in Center City. Jim mentioned that on the late news they would show viewers around the place.
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