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  1. The 7 p.m. news hour was due to NBC Sports' coverage of the US Open. Golf coverage was from 4 to 7 p.m. So News 4 at 6 and NBC Nightly News slid back an hour. I believe Chuck does currently have a co-anchor at 6 p.m. Natalie Pasquarella had been paired with Chuck for a while now. Did something change?
  2. I'm not sure it is accurate to say WRAL did Brad Johansen wrong. Yes, Crabtree delayed his retirement but that is not why he is no longer at the station. According to the Fayetteville Observer, "there was an employee violation and a personnel matter that needed to be handled immediately." That doesn't sound like the station did him wrong nor does it sound like the station decided not to offer him a contract. This appears to be a termination of an employee for cause. Johansen had already assumed Crabtree's hosting duties of the station's public affairs show, "On the Record" and was the primary fill in. By all accounts he was going to be kept on until Crabtree's retirement. That is until this alleged violation.
  3. Hi @tvtime07, I totally agree that we should have dialog and critical analysis. I hope I didn't give you the impression that I was discouraging that kind of discussion. That was not my intent. But at the same time there seem to be numerous people making blanket declarations of failure after just a few days. I don't really consider that to be deep analysis or robust conversation. You seem to back up your opinions and thoughts with industry examples. I appreciate and respect that. And I totally agree with you that being a well-produced program doesn't ensure success. There are a lot of shows that had great production values that didn't last. Your Fusion example is a spot on example of a well-produced channel that ultimately hasn't panned out. Like I said, I offer no forecast on the ultimate success or failure of NewsNation because I believe it is way to early to know its future. I hear you on the streaming app. But look at it from a financial point of view. Which would you rather sell to advertisers at launch: a cable channel in 75 million homes or a streaming app having to build an audience from scratch. The cable channel allows them to create ad revenue out of the gate. I'm with you that a streaming app is a good idea and I bet they launch one, but right now they appear to be going after an initial cash grab on cable.
  4. I do not understand how, after just a few days on the air, someone can declare, "this will not survive" or that "Nexstar's plan is just all wrong." This is a well-produced program that just launched. It is way too early to rule it a failure or success. If success was measured solely by a program's first week, the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric would still be on the air. Also, comparisons to Al Jazeera and NewsNet aren't really applicable. The biggest cost in launching a news organization is not the set, it is the news gathering infrastructure, technology, and staff. Nexstar had that in place with newsrooms in over 100 markets, offering access to more reporters than any start-up could hope to achieve. I think they have established a promising news group for a modest investment of $20 million. I don't claim to be able to predict success or failure, but from a business perspective it seems to have good ROI potential.
  5. I agree with everyone that wishes NewsNation was available to stream. I'm a YouTube TV subscriber so I don't get the channel. But we have to remember NewsNation is currently a mere three hour show on a cable channel. So the carriage contract with cable operators rules the day. Since WGNA is a legacy channel, launched in 1978, I bet their contracts offer operators a iron clad "exclusive" access to distribute WGNA signal within their designated service area. Hence, why viewers wanting to stream will need to prove they are a cable customer. They can't stream NewsNation any more than they could stream their Blue Bloods reruns. Yes, times are changing and consumers don't access media the way they used to but that doesn't change the contract terms, antiquated as they may be. I suspect it is also why you see a 3 hour block without talk of reformatting the channel. The format of a cable channel is also stipulated in the contract. So, if Nexstar ultimately wants to turn WGNA from an entertainment channel into a national news channel, and I don't see that as a bad idea, they will have to amend a lot of agreements to do so. Totally possible but will take time.
  6. NY Post is reporting that Dr. Oz has returned to studio production. Season 12 has begun shooting, without an audience, at the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street in New York City. An interesting footnote, the Dr. Oz show has now shot at three network headquarters. First four years it was taped at NBC's Studio 6A in 30 Rock. Seasons 5 -1 1 were based in TV-23 at ABC's Upper West Side studios. Now the show has moved a few blocks south to set up shop in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. I'm not sure which studio Oz will use as it looks like all of their production studios are filled. The Post sites ABC's pending move downtown as the reason behind Oz's relocation.
  7. I believe WGN America, like TBS and TNT, has a dedicated west coast feed. This would enable them to air the 3 hour NewsNation block in prime on the west coast without repeating it late night in the other time zones. This is unlike MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News Channel which all have single feed for all time zones. That's the primary reason you see prime programs played back over night on the east coast: to air in prime on the west coast. I believe both NBC and ABC also announce if their program is being updated for the west coast. NBC places a graphic over the opening that labels it "Western Edition" and Lester will adjust his greeting to acknowledge west coast viewers. Usually only the A block will be live in the west coast feed. And it might not even be the full block - only a breaking story that needs updating. Then they will transition back to the earlier taped version.
  8. Deadline provides an additional detail on The Doctor's reformatting. The show will be switching coasts, leaving its long-time L.A. home for "a new state-of-the-art East Coast studio."
  9. According to Broadcasting + Cable, The Drew Barrymore Show will go live from her New York based studio. Apparently that wasn't the original plan but producers have elected to go live in an effort to be as topical as possible. Based on Colortini reporting that the show will air in the 9 a.m. spot on WCBS, it is logical to assume she will go live at 9 a.m. https://www.nexttv.com/news/ctd-reminds-viewers-why-theyve-always-loved-drew I'm guessing she is going to be broadcasting from Studio 41 at CBS Broadcast Center, the former home of Mel Robbins. But the story does not confirm that detail.
  10. Those aren't static duratrans. The walls behind the main anchor desk, the weather center, and the flex area with three movable screens are LED walls. It looks like for their debut, they used live camera shots which could explain a bit of dullness. I'm sure the quality will improve as time goes on and the WFLA team can tweak the product. Personally, I think high quality pre-recorded footage would deliver a better picture than a live tower or beach cam feed. But the live camera does have the ability to reflect real time conditions. So if it is raining outside, it is raining in the studio.
  11. The tape and air date will be the same. Wendy Williams is live out of New York at 10 a.m. Eastern. If the show sticks to its past production schedule, it will be live M-Th with Friday's show being taped Thursday afternoon.
  12. Just a heads up, there is no legally required station ID at the bottom of the hour. The IDs only need to happen once per hour, as close to the top of the hour as possible.
  13. When I first saw this studio I wasn't a fan. To me it just looked like someone played a game of "how many LED elements can we cram into one space". (Maybe it was the ribbons crisscrossing the ceiling that pushed me over the edge.) The whole thing seemed designed specifically for election coverage but seemed like it would be too over the top for routine coverage. I must admit, based on how TV3 was used for this 20/20 special, that I was wrong. This studio definitely has a visual versatility that ABC lacked in its previous primary news studio. I'm still interested to see how it gets adapted for daily use but now my curiosity is based on intrigue instead of skepticism.
  14. I debated replying to this because I personally fail to see how NBC News Channel is related to Tegna/Gray/Apollo. But I want to correct any misinformation and confirm that NBC's affiliate news service is still based in Charlotte and has been for 30 years. NBCNC began in a warehouse in before moving into its current facility - next door to WCNC - off the Billy Graham Parkway. It provides network news content (b-roll, packages, live shots) to over 200 NBC stations. It is a key content service just like CBS Newspath, ABC NewsOne, Fox News Edge, and CNN Newsource are for their affiliates. As I said, I don't see the connection to this topic. Network operations aren't necessarily tied to owned stations. NBC doesn't own ia Charlotte station despite the city being home to two different network properties: NBC News has News Channel while the NBC Sports Group division has a studio production facility outside of Uptown for NBCSN. In Washington D.C. both CBS and ABC operate significant network facilities but neither network owns a station in that market. So I would suggest we not tie any network to this conversation until there is some concrete evidence that a network wants to explore buying a station in any of the Tegna/Gray/Apollo markets.
  15. The KELO set resembles the Nexstar studio layout we've seen. Their studio is fairly modest in size and I think this floor plan makes excellent use of the space. It seems more spacious than their previous set up.
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