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  1. It has been a little over three months. I really don't see how the timetable of a new set could possibly portend the sale of a station. I also think it is unfair to say that this is a product of poor planning because it doesn't fit someone's personal timetable. Plus what are these supposed "weird issues" WJZY is having with this rebuild? Just because people on this board think the studio should have launched by now, doesn't mean that it was ever the station's timetable. I think it is fine to wonder when it will be debuting but to travel down the path that this set timetable means the station i
  2. I'm not sure that is an accurate statement. Perhaps in some areas, but certainly not all. The Charlotte market has long lacked its own NWS radar. The area has traditionally been "covered" by the NWS radar located in Greer, S.C. Due to Charlotte's distance from the radar tower and the curvature of the Earth, radar coverage was impossible at ground level. In fact, Charlotte was the largest metro without its own next gen radar. The Greer radar provided only "fair" coverage of the city and had huge gaps in the northern suburbs. There is FAA operated radar at Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  3. Maybe someone can help me here but I fail to understand these broad doomsday statements. Saying that "NewsNation has lost a majority of its staff" is simply not true. There are about 150 people on staff at NewsNation. Have over 75 people quit? Sure they have lost a few key leaders, and I'm not downplaying that, but to say a majority of their staff is a gross exaggeration. And I still don't understand the "cut losses" concept. People on this board have been clamoring for it to be shut down since the day it launched. This product is a little over 6 months old! FOX News took 6 years
  4. NBC News Channel and WCNC are in completely separate buildings. They are neighbors, but the buildings are not connected except for a wiring conduit.
  5. I heard that same rumor. I talked with a buddy who worked at Speed, now FS1, and he said it was nothing more than a rumor. Internally there were never any discussions about it. He said Fox had a preference to keep local and national under separate roofs for redundancy purposes. He pointed to how WNWY has stayed on the Upper East Side while cable cousin FNC is in Midtown. Plus they had, at the time, maxed out their studio space on Harris Blvd. So there wouldn't have been floor space for a local round-the-clock news operation. That all made sense to me. What didn't make sense is why on earth th
  6. Jason Harper posted a behind the scenes walk through on Twitter. Their space is beyond small as that building was not constructed with a news producing station in mind but they are making the best of it. Personally, I think their newsroom set up is the best their on-air look has been since the station became a FOX affiliate.
  7. I agree. For CBS News, I think this is an upgrade for their on-air look and feel. In my opinion, NBC News normally has an edge in graphics presentation. Their look tends to be more cohesive and refined than the others. However, I think that this CBS open has better production values than the odd piece-by-piece overhaul of NBC Nightly News.
  8. I know on the surface it might seem odd to use CNBC as a sports backup, but it comes down to distribution and ratings. CNBC and USA are two of the most widely available cable channels. In the cable universe, they are the closest comparison to the reach of broadcast. CNBC was a logical choice because sporting events rarely occur during trading hours - CNBC's peak viewership hours. So moving sports programming to CNBC meant blowing out infomercials or taped programming like Suze Orman. Meanwhile USA was the most watched cable entertainment network for 13 years - the longest streak in TV history.
  9. Interesting to note this change appears to be the result of an ownership change at KTTW. The station said they have been acquired and that change necessitated the moving of Fox and Cozi programming. So it doesn't appear, at least not at the moment, that Gray was looking to obtain Fox programming. Rather, it looks as if they were the home Fox found after the new owners removed Fox from KTTW.
  10. The 7 p.m. news hour was due to NBC Sports' coverage of the US Open. Golf coverage was from 4 to 7 p.m. So News 4 at 6 and NBC Nightly News slid back an hour. I believe Chuck does currently have a co-anchor at 6 p.m. Natalie Pasquarella had been paired with Chuck for a while now. Did something change?
  11. I'm not sure it is accurate to say WRAL did Brad Johansen wrong. Yes, Crabtree delayed his retirement but that is not why he is no longer at the station. According to the Fayetteville Observer, "there was an employee violation and a personnel matter that needed to be handled immediately." That doesn't sound like the station did him wrong nor does it sound like the station decided not to offer him a contract. This appears to be a termination of an employee for cause. Johansen had already assumed Crabtree's hosting duties of the station's public affairs show, "On the Record" and was the primary
  12. Hi @tvtime07, I totally agree that we should have dialog and critical analysis. I hope I didn't give you the impression that I was discouraging that kind of discussion. That was not my intent. But at the same time there seem to be numerous people making blanket declarations of failure after just a few days. I don't really consider that to be deep analysis or robust conversation. You seem to back up your opinions and thoughts with industry examples. I appreciate and respect that. And I totally agree with you that being a well-produced program doesn't ensure success. There are a lot
  13. I do not understand how, after just a few days on the air, someone can declare, "this will not survive" or that "Nexstar's plan is just all wrong." This is a well-produced program that just launched. It is way too early to rule it a failure or success. If success was measured solely by a program's first week, the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric would still be on the air. Also, comparisons to Al Jazeera and NewsNet aren't really applicable. The biggest cost in launching a news organization is not the set, it is the news gathering infrastructure, technology, and staff. Nexstar had that in pla
  14. I agree with everyone that wishes NewsNation was available to stream. I'm a YouTube TV subscriber so I don't get the channel. But we have to remember NewsNation is currently a mere three hour show on a cable channel. So the carriage contract with cable operators rules the day. Since WGNA is a legacy channel, launched in 1978, I bet their contracts offer operators a iron clad "exclusive" access to distribute WGNA signal within their designated service area. Hence, why viewers wanting to stream will need to prove they are a cable customer. They can't stream NewsNation any more than they could st
  15. NY Post is reporting that Dr. Oz has returned to studio production. Season 12 has begun shooting, without an audience, at the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street in New York City. An interesting footnote, the Dr. Oz show has now shot at three network headquarters. First four years it was taped at NBC's Studio 6A in 30 Rock. Seasons 5 -1 1 were based in TV-23 at ABC's Upper West Side studios. Now the show has moved a few blocks south to set up shop in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. I'm not sure which studio Oz will use as it looks like all of their production studios are filled. The Post

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