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  1. That look didn't last at all...but Dan Gray was there for a few years. They kept changing his co-anchor though; he went through three before they even got to Jennifer Whitney, each lasted about a year. Then they tossed him. He got a raw deal.
  2. KUSI is like a mom-and-pop local version of Fox News to a degree. It's more Fox News than Fox 5. Remember, this is the station that let John Coleman go off about global warming. They clearly have a slant. Then again, that is their audience.
  3. Is that actually a cut of Earwitness News or not? Doesn't sound like it. Only other place I've heard it was, believe it or not, an old Kids in the Hall sketch. I assume it was some kind of generic package from a library, which would fit with KOVR's general MO of the time.
  4. More KOVR with the short-lived 1987 graphics:
  5. Fairfield is in the Sacramento DMA, it's Vallejo that's in the San Francisco DMA.
  6. I don't know if it's related to Earwitness News but they seemed to use it interchangeably with Earwitness News. I also heard it once in an early Kids in the Hall sketch. Honestly, it sounds like the perfect theme for a Ron Burgundy newscast.
  7. I believe Dewey Hopper ended up at both KTSP and KTVK in the two years between leaving KPNX and arriving in Sacramento.
  8. The logo in my avatar was ditched in 87 for the logo you see in the screenshot I posted- white with the pink background. That logo was then ditched in early to mid 88 for the KCOP knockoff, which was then ditched in the fall of 89 for the logo that is still on the helipad. Wikipedia is wrong, KOVR didn't move to West Sac until 1989 or 90. They were still on Arden in 87 and 88.
  9. I don't have a lower third example, but I do have a promo tease with Don Strickland that has that text on the top, which is the same size as the lower thirds. This is from family VHS tapes, it's not on YouTube anywhere. I do have a recording of Good Morning America that includes news cut-ins that show both the huge lower thirds and the set with the same text branding. I need to digitize them; these tapes are all at my parents' house in Pahrump.
  10. It was definitely '87, that's when they did the rebrand, ditched the logo we both use for our avatars, and brought in Dan Gray (who is clearly amused by Santa up there). Cheap is right- that KCOP knock-off logo wasn't introduced until later, initially it was just "KOVR 13 NEWS" in a bold, italicized version of the font CBS News used for lower thirds, odd for an ABC affiliate but perhaps foreshadowing its future as a CBS O&O? And speaking of lower thirds, during the initial period of that set, while using the CBS-style font, the lower thirds were ginormous- almost like lower halves!
  11. KXTV just got hit. http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article73343367.html
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