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  1. And the new slogan is "First. Fair. Everywhere."
  2. Looking at the DIRECTV guide, it looks like the new graphics may debut on Monday as the guide says "19 News at [insert time here]".
  3. I remember hearing his great voice on WTOV9 in the early to mid 2000s. May he rest in peace...
  4. CBS is using their current graphics and the 2011 March Madness theme for their coverage of the Big Ten semifinals today, like they have done for the past couple of years on Selection Weekend.
  5. Well their sister station in Boston uses that tagline. WCVB uses "Boston's News Leader".
  6. KDKA just started doing this within the past couple of weeks.
  7. Yeah very true. There is no way that they would.
  8. Yeah I'm definitely taking that with a grain of salt. I have a hard time believing that. Nexstar has invested a lot into WISH, so why would they sell them?
  9. Jason Ball is the station's news director. And you're right. There was no one like Chris Burrous...
  10. This is unbelievably sad. I'm in shock to hear this news. I really liked him. Sending my condolences to his wife and young daughter and his KTLA family. May he rest in peace...
  11. tjt24

    Out & About

    Both WPXI and WTAE recently made new meteorologist hires this year. But regardless, I don't see Jeff being gone for too long. KDKA just recently hired Ray Petelin from WTAE, and it wouldn't surprise me if they name him the new chief meteorologist because he has been a favorite with viewers.
  12. tjt24

    Out & About

    Yeah me too, and I agree. He said in a Facebook post this morning that he was told that the station is going in a "new direction".
  13. tjt24

    Out & About

    KDKA-TV chief meteorologist Jeff Verszyla just tweeted that he was let go from the station after 23 years.
  14. I actually like the CBS package, so I'd love if they can get rid of the graphics and/or set they have now for something better. Anything can be better than what they have now, IMO...
  15. Yeah WKBN is a hot mess right now with using the Nexstar bug and ticker with their current graphics package.
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