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  1. tjt24

    Out & About

    Absolutely hideous. This makes the Lottery Ball 5 and the old Cleveland 19 logo look good...
  2. tjt24

    Out & About

    Which also looks absolutely hideous...
  3. tjt24

    Out & About

    Yeah I think if Nexstar were to keep WJW, it wouldn't be all that bad.
  4. tjt24

    WJZ 7PM News?

    Yeah they don't adapt to change real well, so if corporate does decide to make KDKA get rid of the 6:30 news, it won't go over well. Heck what happened to Jeff Verszyla didn't go over well here.
  5. tjt24

    WJZ 7PM News?

    WTAE airs a 7pm newscast on their Cozi TV subchannel.
  6. tjt24

    WJZ 7PM News?

    I certainly hope they don't change that. No one else in the Pittsburgh market has a 6:30 newscast.
  7. All of it looks and sounds really good! A nice, fresh and new look for Cleveland's Own!
  8. Could be worse. Could've been Sinclair.
  9. Well we finally know where The Kelly Clarkson Show will air in Pittsburgh. It will air on WPXI...at 3am according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  10. I really wished Stan would've stayed at WYTV and they would have actually got two anchors to do the news so Stan could have just done the weather.
  11. Thanks for the credit, @news89! The set looks really great! Can't wait to see it debut on Monday!
  12. That's Len Rome. He's been at WYTV for decades.
  13. Also on the Tamron Hall Show website, it says the show will air on WXIN Indianapolis at 9am, which I'm assuming is an error as they have news on at that time...
  14. That would be my guess. I like CBS Local, so I wouldn't mind hearing it on WKBN. Now one has to wonder if WYTV will get the Nexstar ABC package.
  15. Nothing has changed with the Steelers broadcasts on KDKA. They are still using the 2013-2015 CBS Sports graphics.
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