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  1. I agree that Access Hollywood was never the best fit for her. I feel like she's more of a hard news journalist, but NBC was trying to make her do more entertaintment and celebrity news instead of hard news like she was doing on TODAY as the newsreader.
  2. I get what you're saying. I do. And I'm all for trying something new and hoping it sticks. But I'll echo what @Adam MadMansaid. If this is something like what The Daily Show is, then it's just going to be a cheap gimmick. The only difference is that this show is airing on a local television station, not a show on a comedy network, where it would belong.
  3. Wow. Just when we thought WKYC couldn't get any worse. Ridiculous.
  4. Honestly, with the way her luck's going here, it wouldn't completely shock me lol. But as @Kenneth Kisselsaid, she's likely to go to WTAE when Ellen wraps things up.
  5. I agree with that. It probably wouldn't hurt to re-air the news at 12:30pm after Tomlin's press conference. But it isn't necessary beyond that.
  6. Yeah there's no need for that honestly. They already do that on CBSN Pittsburgh, and it should just stay there. No need for it to air on WPCW at the same time. I actually thought it was a live newscast.
  7. It was hers to lose. And that was the smart thing to do. But I'm wondering who's going to do traffic now. Will it be Matt Pellman or someone else?
  8. tjt24

    The "3" Thread

    Yeah I noticed this the last time I went to Cleveland a little over a month ago, and besides the logo, the opens for the 6, 7 and 11pm newscasts look pretty good. The stingers also use this, and they look good too.
  9. None of that would work. This is really the only way they can make this work right now. Another far fetched idea that would make this work is to cancel The Talk and give the 2pm hour to the affiliates, which won't be happening anytime soon. I personally don't think them adding a 12:30pm newscast is entirely necessary, but that's just me. Yes this would've been a smart move. But Judy has always been a strong lead-in to WPXI's newscasts, so they really don't want to mess with something that's working. And I commend them for that. But the other solution I had in m
  10. Updating this thread to say that it seems like KDKA has started a 12:30pm newscast on sister station WPCW and streaming platform CBSN Pittsburgh. It must have started today. Now all three Pittsburgh stations have a full hour of news at Noon and at 4pm starting this afternoon. Courtesy of their social media pages.
  11. A look at the changes here in Pittsburgh. Once again, Kelly Clarkson gets bumped to 3am on WPXI because of the 4pm news with Susan Koeppen, debuting later today. https://triblive.com/aande/movies-tv/tv-talk-daytime-changes-for-fall-include-jay-leno-hosted-game-show-nick-cannon-talk-show/
  12. It needs to be bigger. You can barely see it. I literally had to zoom in to this picture to actually see it.
  13. KDKA renamed their newscast to "Your Day Pittsburgh", but I'm not sure exactly when that happened.
  14. Bumping this thread to say that CBSN Baltimore has launched. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com
  15. Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that lol.

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