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  1. Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that lol.
  2. Well first it was WTAE, and now WPXI will launch a 4pm newscast coming up in September with Susan Koeppen anchoring. https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/channel-11-news-launch-4-pm-newscast-this-fall/
  3. Not surprising. It was going to happen eventually. I actually thought it would happen after Ellen ended her run next year, but this works too.
  4. Well they just recently moved Judge Judy to 5pm, and with that show going away, that does open the door for a 5pm newscast. But I highly doubt it'll happen though. And you are right about 4pm. I just don't see any of them starting a 4pm newscast.
  5. Well WTAE does air Ellen at 4pm, so to me, they have a few options: 1. Try to get Kelly Clarkson from WPXI (doubtful, but possible) 2. Start a 4pm newscast (likely as they already do that for breaking news and severe weather coverage) 3. Move The Real from 1:05am to Ellen's timeslot at 4pm (which again is possible, so I wouldn't rule it out)
  6. Stacy Smith is retiring from KDKA-TV after 50 years in broadcasting, and 38 years at the station. His last day is May 30th.
  7. It looks good! Yeah I liked the now old package, but CBS and Turner did a good job with this package! I really like it!
  8. Didn't see this brought up here, so I'll bring it up. WTOV chief meteorologist Kevin Carter announced his retirement yesterday, and his last newscast was last night. Morning meteorologist Jeff Oechslein will become the new chief meteorologist, and will stay on the morning show.
  9. Rescanned my TV yesterday, and KDKA does have 2.4 active, but it only has color bars as of right now.
  10. WISH and WNDY have already been taken off of both DISH and DIRECTV.
  11. I completely agree, and I'm a Steelers fan lol! Honestly they should just cancel it, IMO, because this has basically become a soap opera at this point.
  12. According to the Trib, the decision was entirely hers...
  13. Very sad indeed. An absolute legend. May he rest in peace...
  14. And they also used USA for one of the last IndyCar races of the season.

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