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  1. Ken has been off a lot lately. I feel like in the last few weeks, I've only seen him Wednesday-Friday, or even just Thursday and Friday. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. I watched yesterday. Amy, TJ, and Tom Llamas were appropriately distanced at the desk. We don't know what types of protocol they have behind the scenes. Let's give them a break. It's nice to see anchors behind the desk and together once again.
  3. Well Stefan Holt is leaving WNBC. Wonder if Phil would consider it. Although I think it's past time for David Ushery to get a promotion, maybe David could get 5:00 & 11:00 PM and Phil could do 11:00 AM & 4:00 PM
  4. Was it really necessary to list his failures? Can the man be in the dirt for 5 minutes jeez
  5. I know we all like to play "Guess What Station The Anchor is Going to" but from Phil's own words it sounds like he has another job already lined up, he just can't talk about it yet. This is from his May 28th Instagram post: "I am really excited about what comes next. When I can share that information with you, I will! In the meantime, let's stay connected here and on all social platforms."
  6. If GMA3 doesn't come back, which hopefully it doesn't because it's totally un-watchable at this point, I can see ABC sliding Sara back into The View. Michael obviously still has GMA. They could make Keke an entertainment correspondent until her contract runs out. They should have left it alone when it was GMA Day. At least then it was tolerable. Bring back Good Afternoon America but make it more news focused.
  7. Any word on who will permanently replace Stacey Bell on WNBC at 5:00?
  8. Does anyone have any idea why the Today in New York promos only advertise the 6:00 AM hour? Does management not realize the show is on 4-7?
  9. Rana Novini & Chuck Scarborough were anchoring. They made no mention of this being a "special edition" of News 4 New York as they do most of the time when they air a newscast in an unusual timeslot.
  10. I heard that too. It really was just a straightforward 30 minute newscast. Maybe All Access got canceled? If so, this could be an easy replacement for WNBC.
  11. Looking at this picture, I had the immediate thought that this should be the regular GMA team. Michael should be regulated to celebrity/cooking/health, etc and only during the 8:00 hour. I cringe every time I hear him read a serious story. I'd also love to see Cecilia Vega & TJ Holmes receive more expanded roles on the show, They both are amazing.
  12. WNBC is currently airing a 7:00 PM newscast this week. Does anyone know if this is permanent or just a test run?
  13. Hope they keep GMA weekend in Times Square. Never understood why they broadcast from the WNT studio. They did the weekend show from Times Square for years (Namely the Bill Weir/Kate Snow era)
  14. He could easily do Noon & 4:00 for WABC. Give Bill Evans a break in the morning (doing 4:30-7:00 AM and then coming back for Noon-1:00 is a bit much; I dont know how Shirleen does it!) and Lee will still have 5, 6, & 11
  15. Notice they've never asked Matt to fill in on Nightly News. Savannah, Ann Curry, and Natalie Morales have all filled i. Says alot!
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