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  1. The same type of situation happened in other New World markets, with the daytime shows moving to their new station 3 months before the full switch occurred. For example in Atlanta, Price is Right had moved to WVEU 69 in September of '94, which CBS was planning on buying before they struck an 11th hour deal with WGNX to affiliate with them.
  2. Here's a news pieces from Independent Network News and WNEW's PM Magazine from 1981 focused on early home satellite owner John Flynn, and it was even uploaded by John himself!
  3. Now at last, a full newscast from the NECN era of WFXT's news has been found:
  4. Frankly, I think they're afraid to cut ties with the loyal viewers of Blue Bloods and Last Man Standing, as they get higher ratings and ad revenue than the news!
  5. A compliation of 1990s news opens from all over the world.....made as a Yakko's World meme!
  6. Any word on stations replacing the now ended Judge Judy? Or are they all staying put and airing the reruns?
  7. That's because he wants much of the viewership to be from the always dwindling ammount of cable subscribers. Basically, he's acting like Randy Marsh in that South Park episode when he bought the town's Blockbuster store....
  8. And in case anyone asks, the chances of NBCU pulling a WBTS on KASA and swiping their affiliation from KOB to start an NBC New Mexico are very small to zero. So get it out of your heads now!
  9. This makes me wonder if Coastal actually owns a stake in NewsNet. Maybe they'll turn the old Independent News Network studio they have into a bureau for NewsNet?
  10. If it doesn't get renewed even with this, I'll be surprised. It's the only first run syndie show not made by Entertainment Studios that gets a rating of less than 1!
  11. A rare full newscast from KGO using an even rarer theme:
  12. I'll just be the remaining "entertainment" shows outpace the news shows by a longshot....
  13. @Samanthawill like this unique kid-centric version of the Arizona's News People promo: Some rare graphics, commercials, and a closedown from the first station of Australia's Prime TV, RVN-AMV:
  14. Have we had video of the 1 minute version of "Memphis & Channel 3" yet? If not, here it is! This channel also has other neat Memphis stuff, including a dual sign-on for WLMT & WMTU from 1990: And a post-TVX influence id for WMKW, WCAY in Nashville had a similar ID: And some WMC newsbreaks from 1992/93 for good measure:
  15. Some rare WBBJ recordings from the collection of former anchor John Scofield, first up is this 1985 one with NewScore as the theme: There's also this 6pm newscast from 1986 which John anchored, using Cascom effects along with what I assume is production music: And theres this piece from his last newscast in 1992, which features part of an open from 1988 with the ABC Something's Happening news theme, and closes with the music from the first VidAmerica logo:
  16. ArchiveAnnex just unearthed what might be the earliest footage of Ed Hopkins ever:
  17. Before Chicago, Larry Moore did anchoring duties at KPIX:
  18. Here's KSFY in 1991 with the WPTV theme:
  19. A bit of WDAY from 1987: The same graphics were used up north at WDAZ:
  20. I think he does that through the use of multiple email addresses....
  21. WDBO in 1981 covering the opening of Florida's first Showbiz Pizza, includes the open of that newscast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLuivRedaDU
  22. Two newly unearthed classic Abliene opens on YT (with hopefully more to come!) KTXS from 1988 using a Tron-esque graphic and the "Spirit of Oklahoma" theme: And KTAB using some kind of orchrestra piece of music:
  23. Obviously a lot of companies are wanting to flex their copyright muscles on YT accounts since they're still under a COVID-induced drought of box office money.... And as for VHSgoodiesWA, would you go to court to reinstate your accounts if you could?
  24. That's great news (get it?)! Someone better now start archiving all his videos before his next and likely permanent termination!
  25. An ultra rare KFMB newscast from April 25, 1967, back when they still branded their news as "This Day 196X". There's lots of switching back and forth between color and black & white, mainly during commercials and field reports:

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