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  1. A rare look at KOVR just a month into the switch to CBS, they were still using their last ABC era logo and Non-Stop Music's NewsWatch!
  2. Here's the end of KGW's broadcast day for February 12-13, 1982, which includes an audio only news update, followed by the sign-off itself, with the national anthem used at WOIO/WTGI/WGHP and other TVbD stations (could it possibly from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra?)
  3. A tiny bit of WMTV from November 1996, obviously inspired by WCMH from back then:
  4. Amen to that. I'm glad you're all for younger hipper and experimental newscasts like me. But the majority of this forum (along with longtime station viewers) will probably hate it from day one, cause they all think local newscasts are like the formula for Coca-Cola, in that changing it would be sacriligous and lead to tons of hatetred.
  5. The first bit of WLVI's The News at Ten from December 12, `1992, now using Jim Cutler for VO:
  6. More KTVX from 1991, this time a promo for their public affairs segements with the instrumental of Nowhere Else playing over it:
  7. That's the latest use I've ever seen of any station using And You! Then again, this is the same station who is still living in 2009 graphics-wise! Heres more of that newscast, including a bumper at the end using "Say Hello": The very beginning of Great News Package on WKYC:
  8. NBC just doesn't want to get rid of those valuable tex credits and college/millenial ad dollars!
  9. Charlie VanDyke narrates WRGB's 60th anniversary special from 1988. Sad to see that such an important station is now just another jewel in Sinclair's crown!
  10. A rare newsbrief from WSLS during their brief period as "TV 10 Eyewitness News":
  11. WKBN from May 1988, still using NewScore:
  12. And just as the season is about to begin, we have a first potential show for next season, a drew Barrymore show to be distributed by CBSTD. Could this be the eventual replacement for the zombie Doctors? https://deadline.com/2019/08/drew-barrymore-circling-daytime-talk-show-cbs-tv-distribution-1202669228/
  13. I know you were upset last year that none of the OKC stations were investing in newscasts or newer syndicated shows, so let me give you my 2 cents on it. Outside of the city, the rest of the market is mainly rural small towns, which probably don't need stations with KTLA or WJW style amounts of newscasts. Keep that in mind if you still don't get what you want this season.

    1. oknewsguy


      I mean was I suggesting that they go a la LA or New York or something like that? Probably not because Oklahoma City is way too small to do a newscast lineup in that format but at the same token it's a shame that it has to take Nexstar entering Oklahoma City for the status quo to change and even then it might not be enough so, it is what it is but imo OKC acts more like it's in the 60s in the DMA rankings than they are in the 40s

  14. A complete WMAZ 6pm newscast from Christmas Eve 1986, as well as the CBS Evening News from that night: Now lets move west to Columbus for WTVM's Action 9 News Late Report from March 20, 1987:
  15. If it does go, it would be historic, as KTRK has aired an hour-long 6pm newscast for well over 35 years. How long has it been exactly, @NewsStar2?
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