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  1. I'm not a betting man, but I can see 25 Words or Less taking its slot. In fact, I see 25 Words taking over many of Millionaires time slots!
  2. Despite almost never giving away a miion dollars after 2003, it kept on chugging along because it A: got consistant ratings and B: it was cheaper to keep it going than paying for a new show that could potentially bomb. I can see most of the stations airing the show replacing it with 25 Words or Less. I would assume Right This Minute will be going away also, even though that show has a stronger stations slate (dating back to when it was exclusive to Scripps and Raycom stations), unless ABC can shop the show to other stations outside the O&Os (BTW, did the shows moving to those stations help the ratings at all?).
  3. If they were, they'd have more full power and Big 4 affiliates.
  4. Here's WRBL using the new package, is it me or does the Media General-era logo seem really out of place with Nexstar graphics?
  5. Well it's a start, I guess. FYI, NewsNet's closest competitor, CBN News Channel has 4 Big 4 affiliates, all owned by Nexstar, WAVY 10.4, KTAL 6.4, KOLR 10.4, and KAMC 28.4. Do I smell a group affiliation for that network on the horizon?
  6. Oh, so that's why it didn't automatically embed. But take my word for it, they've got it now!
  7. It is! The package debuted today! But the logo remains the same:
  8. Bumping this after nearly 3 months to tell you that NewsNet still exists, and, they're getting a New York affiliate! Starting May 1, they'll be on WNWT-LD 51, a channel that I assume isn't carried on ANY area cable system. PS, I still haven't watched NewsNet yet, but let me tell you, if they want to last more than 1 year, they'll need cable penetration and carriage on subchannels of at least 5 Big 4 stations. Heck, I think Buzzr wouldn't have survived had they not gotten prime carriage on the Fox O&Os.
  9. I agree with that. They do a good job with coverage of high school football, many of their Thursday Night Lights and Friday Night Rivals games air on Stadium.
  10. Why thank you Derrick. I've got a few rare goodies, sadly no more 80's PC news, but I've still got some surprises up my sleeve!
  11. For the second of my tape captures, I'm now pleased to share you this mega-rare newsbrief from WMBB from January 16, 1984. And before you ask, I don't have any more from this era, yet!
  12. Good news everyone!* I just got myself a capture card, and now I'll be able to share with you all some of the rare goodies from my growing tape collection, starting off with this recording of the ABC News Weekend Report from August 23, 1987, taped off KVUE in Austin and complete with sign-off! https://www.facebook.com/groups/tvidents/permalink/1242947899196159/ *With apologies to Futurama.
  13. I can see some vague bits of the yellow 4 on the edge there, should someone just call up the station and order the mug to be sure?
  14. I think KSNF still aired Jerry after Carson Daly at 1:07am until the "cancelation" and move to the CW. And there were a number of Fox affiliates that aired Jerry to the end.
  15. Someone please tell this guy to upload this KTWO 1982 newscast in whole, commercials and all!
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