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  1. Seinfeld reruns already jumped ship to KCOP, which I assume will pick up more KDOC shows in the fall. You know things are bad for your channel when you've turned over 4 hours of your programming in the afternoon to simulcast Decades!
  2. Didn't want to give up the cushy 100,000+ extra viewers Blue Blood delivers!
  3. In case you didn't see it on the Discord server, here's the return of the legendary NewsTouch 25 from Brownwood TV Cable:
  4. IMO, the death clock for NewsNet has only accelerated with the Coastal news deal gone. It really serves no purpose anymore now that Newsy is around as an OTA alternative!
  5. I assume KTWO has done the same? That's gonna be a huge blow to them, as the Costal/Vision Alaska deal was probably what was keeping the network on air with Newsy availiable as a wider reaching and more professional alternative......
  6. Didn't they try this format for Face The Truth? It only lasted one year.....
  7. As I said before, the fact that the newscast has not switched over to the new standard CBS font while the CBS Weekend News has was a sign that Norah's days were numbered.....
  8. I don't believe we've seen this WEYI open before: On a side note, I can really imagine this cut of The NBC Collection being used for non-NBC stations if they removed the chimes from it!
  9. Another sign he's about to hang it up in original episodes? If thats the case, they'll pull a Judge Judy and keep the slots going with reruns!
  10. Some WLIO from 1990: Channel 63 from Alamogordo, NM:
  11. That's why I'm sure that even with Jeff Zucker gone, his influence at CNN will continue to make itself known because it draws viewers. Just look at Bill Shine forcing NewsNation to dip its toes into the Fox News pool.....
  12. They also dropped the 17, reverting back to just going by their call letters, something they did from the late 1980s till their switch to NBC in 2005. And the logo then was much more creative, with Illinois inside of the D!
  13. I would not be surprised that they'll still remain MSNBC Jr, as its more practical and brings in more numbers....
  14. If that happens, then I'm sure that NewsNet's death clock will only accelerate. The deals and Alaska and Wyoming are very likely the only thing keeping the lights on at the network with Newsy now available as further reaching and more professional alternative. Hell, Newsy is all ready on subchannels on their stations, they never even considered adding NewsNet full time on a subchannel!
  15. A station carried by few to no cable systems? Hardly a huge blow. As long as they've got their news producing deals for Coastal, NewsNet will somehow stay afloat, much to the delight of Amercian TV news fans in the Philippines.
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