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  1. Compare that to this news promo from WNBC from July of 1992, one of the first days with him. It sounds almost like a completely different person:
  2. Some WNBC commercials from the very first days of the current "4" logo and We're 4 New York:
  3. A sign that the network will soon fold? That would mean bad news to the thousands of NewsNets streaming viewers........ in the Philippines!
  4. A clean version of WMAQ's 1981 theme, posted by the man who composed it, Paul David Wilson: Some WPTZ IDs from 1979 & 1980:
  5. I helped jacky9br get the tape this was on, it's WVLA's morning show from April 30, 2001:
  6. But think about it, outside of the financial shows and infomercials, what do you have? Fox News-style opinion shows. Going all in on them will give Fox News double the audience and reach!
  7. Perhaps its the start of an eventual rebranding to Fox News 2?
  8. Here's some of K-TAB's cleverly named NEWS-TAB from 1993:
  9. Like Nexstar expanding Antenna TV to it's other stations?
  10. Great find! Over 9 hours worth of clips from the Los Angeles TV stations from 1970, most of which concerns the goevernor election. I don't know if there any opens, considering theres over 9 hours worth, but you'll see tons of big names in their early years, like Bill Bonds, Tom Brokaw, Jim Mitchell, Tom Snyder, Bob Abernathy, Clayton Vaughn, along with other mainstays like Hal Fishman, George Putnam and Baxter Ward. Enjoy! https://archive.org/details/car_000096/
  11. Finally we get to see WSJV's Hello News open, using the "squares" graphics package:
  12. A rare look at KOVR just a month into the switch to CBS, they were still using their last ABC era logo and Non-Stop Music's NewsWatch!
  13. Here's the end of KGW's broadcast day for February 12-13, 1982, which includes an audio only news update, followed by the sign-off itself, with the national anthem used at WOIO/WTGI/WGHP and other TVbD stations (could it possibly from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra?)
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