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  1. That could still change though. But MGM does own the Epix and Screenpix networks. Who knows if they'll be keeping them for long.
  2. What I want to know is, what will MGM plan to do with its stakes in Sinclair's Comet and Charge? I'd assume that they will soon sell their shares to Sinclair?
  3. Agreed. It may also be when other stations outside the CBS ones get the network. Perhaps it'll comprise mostly of Fox and CW stations judging by its youth skewing programming? And speaking of PlutoTV, they do carry Dabl on channel 614. This could mean that when or if it has an official launch, Pluto will add FaveTV.
  4. In that case, when do you expect MGM to sell thier part of Sinclair's Comet and Charge to them?
  5. I talked with Scott and he said these Retrospectives are in commeration of NewsActive3 hitting 2000 uploads. He's got two more retrospective vids to come before resuming newscast uploads. A full WHDH newscast from 1990 with the John Tesh theme:
  6. I'll let this clip speak for itself. Your welcome @Info Junkie!
  7. Some Hampton Roads news clips from September 1995 (as well as January 1997), worth noting is that it features the last days of TV 3 News and the first of NewsChannel 3 over at WTKR:
  8. SchfiftythreeRetroTV does it again with this WHO open from 1986, based off of their short lived "It's WHO We Are" logo and campaign from Peters: By the fall of that year, they went back to the previous logo (only for it to be replaced the following year) and switched to News Image:
  9. You've seen this KAMR open before, but have you seen it with John Wells VO?
  10. If that's the case, I bet that KTTC and WPTA become Allen stations, while KIMT and WFFT go to someone else (Scripps maybe?)
  11. Some Billings news from 1985, starting with a rare open of KULR's Straight 8 NewsService, seems like many small town ABC affiliates used Cascom Select Effects in the 80s:
  12. Some WTMJ imaging from the last weeks of NewsChannel 4, the following month, Today's TMJ 4 would be born: KSAT 12 News tonight before they introduced the famous tabloid open for that newscast: An almost complete edition of CBS This Morning from December 23, 1996, taped off WJMN with WFRV newsbreaks:
  13. Does that mean Gray will move Dakota News Now at 9 to the Fox channel? KTTW was one of the very last affiliates to not have a post-primetime newscast.
  14. A WRGB open we haven't seen yet, using the second version of the Freedom theme:

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