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  1. A WRGB open we haven't seen yet, using the second version of the Freedom theme:
  2. So we really will be getting Lubbock News Now? Or maybe not, considering KJTV doesn't have news at 5 or 6pm. I guess the only change would be changing KJTV 5am and 6am hours of Good Day Lubbock with simulcasts of KCBD's Daybreak. But I'm sure that when the merger happens, that will be when KCBD gets a Gray graphics package.
  3. So we'll soon see KJTV's news merge with KCBD's? Would that result in Lubbock News Now? Or will KJTV stay with seperate news and KCBD will start a 9pm news for KLCW? Lots of questions raised here, IMO.
  4. Surprised they haven't done it for their other stations, as Nexstar did get Antenna TV with the Tribune purchase.
  5. That was the last weeknight newscast before moving to their current studios on East Britton (the color problems on the studio cameras are likely a by-product of the move).
  6. WBOC using All We Are We Are For You: WGBH's old 10pm newscast from December 11, 1990, during this period it used TVbD graphics:
  7. Huh. In between Scott Chapin and Nick Michaels, WBBM had Vic Caroli do the opens:
  8. The last few minutes of a weekend WBKO newscast from December 1986, watch to the end for a close using a good cut of the WEVU/KWWL 80s theme:
  9. The user probably misses the WGNAmerica of olds.
  10. Here's a real rarity from ewjxn, the first 5 minutes of KCBD's Eyewitness 11ews (misspelling intended) from June 4, 1979. The station ID also mentions their then satellite station KSWS-TV 8 in Roswell (now KOB satellite KOBR), which aired their own newscast in place of KCBD's called the New Mexico Report.
  11. For all those naysayers saying this won't survive, I'd like to remind you all that NewsNet still exists after almost 2 years, and they have even less viewership than WGN America does! Speaking of which, Nexstar did get the OTA network Antenna TV from the Tribune deal. With it's wide reach, one wonders why they didn't just blow that network up and replace it with NewsNation.....
  12. An unusal new WISH open, NewsCenter II and On The Scene News together! And the VO is Chuck "Wrath of the Buzzard" Riley!
  13. WGBX was also known at one point as GBH Select. Any word if 44 will become GBX on Tuesday? And would WGBY in Springfield also change to GBY?
  14. No open here, but still glad its here, a KOLR newscast from December 23, 1977.
  15. Just part of "keeping it local!" Having newscasts be online is not part of being "local"!
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