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  1. You have to admit this looks pretty good for small town LPTV news in 1983:
  2. LWN was well past its prime, a bygone network from the "health TV" craze of the late 2000s. I think being home to Pickler & Ben was the last time ABC breathed some kind of life into it.
  3. So basically all of hating on Tegna should just calm the F___ down and enjoy it wall it lasts? That's what I'm doing.
  4. Trying to stave off the inevitable bankruptcy and liquidation for another year. The question is, how much longer will it last?
  5. From the same site, going even older with this newscast, the Jax World at Large: https://texasarchive.org/2014_00092
  6. Now theres a WKYC open I haven't seen before: KAIT from 1996 with News Series 2001: KEZI from 1980 with The African Suite:
  7. But those Filipinos don't care. As long as they have access to streaming American TV news for free, they'll be happy, regardless of quality.
  8. An episode of ABC's Eye on Hollywood during it's original trial run as a summer prime-time show: KMTV from 1984 with some unknown theme during the bumpers:
  9. A slice of World News Now from June 14, 1994:
  10. More of TVbD in it's prime, as used on KSBW in 1988:
  11. Which again, would mean bad news to our streaming Pinoys!
  12. Like I said, only Filipinos are streaming it and enjoying it, because they rarely ever get to taste free american TV news!
  13. It will be replacing ionTV on WCTV 6.3. Which makes me wonder if adding ion to a number of its stations was just a placeholder until Circle could launch?
  14. You forgot to mention Columbus, GA and the biggie, Tampa! They both still have their Media General logos (thought they long dropped their cresents) even though they've upgraded their graphics since they went to Nexstar.
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