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  1. A jackpot of Springfield, MO stuff: And I have a feeling theres lots more to come! If only the user had a capture device.....
  2. Interesting. BTW, Al Ham's other masterpiece (Move Closer to Your World) was heard on WSOC at that time.
  3. Judging from this promo, it was in May of 1987 when KOVR debuted Earwitness News: Don't think theres much or any of KGTV from this era: This KOA-TV newscast was also among Pannoni's uploads today: As well as KDKA's coverage of the Challenger explosion:
  4. This was right after they moved to their current studios on Dorr Street, you can see many commercials on its progress on YT. KCEN's morning news from Chistmas Eve 1992, uploaded by the anchor himself, Richard Tolleson: He's also uploaded lots of promos and bloopers from his time there:
  5. How about a hug? https://deadline.com/2020/05/phyllis-george-dies-nfl-sportscaster-tv-host-miss-america-obituary-1202936639/
  6. Here for your viewing enjoyment is the last the last program this incarnation (ABS-CBN was also forced off-air from 1972-1986) of ABS-CBN aired, good old TV Patrol: So long Allegro!
  7. Bits and pieces of Medford news (not sure if there are any opens):
  8. Funny thing we many of us thought Scripps would go voiceover-less with the new opens, but so far the only one who's done that is the pilot station (WTXL)!
  9. This was actually a replay of the 9:30pm newscast that aired right before the sign-off, which can be found in this vid: Also among Mr. Pannoni's uploads today, a full WZZM newscast from 1989: Plus, take a look inside WTVC in 1983/4:
  10. Sorry but that was stolen from this vid:
  11. Two episodes of a rare and short lived NBC daytime magazine show REALlife from 1996. The reason I'm posting this onto here is because it was taped at the studios of WHDH. Joel Cheatwood was also executive producer. Could anymore enlighten me more on this show? I know it aired on only a few smaller stations and the O&Os.
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