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  1. I figured James doing well enough on the Late Late Show would make a move to daytime meaningless. I'm sure all the NBC/ABC/CBS stations carrying her at 4pm are begging for Ellen to leave so they can add newscasts!
  2. Maybe it helps pay for a veteran staffers massive salary!
  3. An ultra rare KYCU newscast from 1985, using a very well produced open for a small market station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvsNYDsdjW4
  4. At last, we've now seen all of the Media General 1997 opens!
  5. Jesus. I thought this was a joke when I saw it. 2020, just leave us alone! You've done enough damage already!
  6. Our focus, the Mid-South! Here's some WPTY and WLMT newscasts from July of 2000, uploaded by the wife or daughter of then-anchor Mike Newton.
  7. Some bits of WDAY & KXJB newscasts (with opens) from 1982:
  8. What's left of HLN is done in CNN Center, and since that place is going up for sale, HLN may be completely going away or going to 24/7 automated murder porn.
  9. I'm surprised they haven't gone all the way and replaced their lone remaining newscast with syndicated programming.......
  10. WROC in its last months as an NBC affiliate, they had already began removing the peacock from its IDs:
  11. Witness the birth of the Sinclair news empire, it's the first WBFF newscast:
  12. It appears channel 2 in Buffalo was still using the NewsCenter Theme after the call letter change:
  13. A jackpot of Springfield, MO stuff: And I have a feeling theres lots more to come! If only the user had a capture device.....
  14. Interesting. BTW, Al Ham's other masterpiece (Move Closer to Your World) was heard on WSOC at that time.
  15. Judging from this promo, it was in May of 1987 when KOVR debuted Earwitness News: Don't think theres much or any of KGTV from this era: This KOA-TV newscast was also among Pannoni's uploads today: As well as KDKA's coverage of the Challenger explosion:
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