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  1. Two newly unearthed classic Abliene opens on YT (with hopefully more to come!) KTXS from 1988 using a Tron-esque graphic and the "Spirit of Oklahoma" theme: And KTAB using some kind of orchrestra piece of music:
  2. Obviously a lot of companies are wanting to flex their copyright muscles on YT accounts since they're still under a COVID-induced drought of box office money.... And as for VHSgoodiesWA, would you go to court to reinstate your accounts if you could?
  3. That's great news (get it?)! Someone better now start archiving all his videos before his next and likely permanent termination!
  4. An ultra rare KFMB newscast from April 25, 1967, back when they still branded their news as "This Day 196X". There's lots of switching back and forth between color and black & white, mainly during commercials and field reports:
  5. You just never know if you're video will be safe from copyright claims. You could be safe for awhile but then a big company like NBCU will want to flex their copyright muscles..... Here's a full WBNG newscast from 5/28/1987, as we've learned this week, you should enjoy it while you can.....
  6. It seems to me that Perry Sook is a rather slow or old fashioned kind of guy. Remember, up until the assimilation of Media General, they were against online streaming of local newscasts and subchannels on their stations. This whole having NewsNation as a cable channel you can only stream through your cable subscription instead of an OTT network you can watch for free on a service like Pluto TV is another example.
  7. KMBC in its later days as a Metromedia station: KTIV from July 19, 1989: And WITI from 1988: Some WLYH clips from its waning years, by this point, they were only airing a 6pm newscast (the 11pm one was replaced in 1992 with syndicated programming):
  8. KMBC in its later days as a Metromedia station: KTIV from July 19, 1989: And WITI from 1988:
  9. Here's future American Gladiators host Lisa Malosky at KDLH in 1986: There's a lot more rare stuff in this channel (mainly commercials and promos), so keep your eyes on it!
  10. Amen. Despite his toxic views, I'll remember Rush as a trailblazer in the world of talk radio.
  11. And heres the first broadcast itself!
  12. At about 6 min in is a full 10pm KXII newscast from August 25, 1993. Looks to be very recent into using KPNX's 12 logo, as the previous logo can be see on the set: https://archive.org/details/12_News_Late_Edition_CBS_WOC_1993-08-25 The same user also uploaded a full KTEN newscast from January 22, 1995, when they were an ABC/NBC/Fox station: https://archive.org/details/Newscenter_10_KTEN_NBC_WOC_1995-01-22
  13. KRON had the big boy Hambrick as anchor in 1977: KRDO in 1995, is this a Gari theme? And ewjxn now has footage from Green Bay:
  14. WTAP with what could be the last usage anywhere of News Image/News Image Plus:
  15. That could still change though. But MGM does own the Epix and Screenpix networks. Who knows if they'll be keeping them for long.

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