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  1. A 1990 news update from Multimedios TV in Monterrey, Mexico, presented by Maria Julia Lafuente, back in the day where she was just a serious newsreader. Today, she's the main anchor of the station's lunchtime news, Telediario Mediodia, that runs for 3 hours every weekday (12pm-3pm), where Lafuente gives her views on the day's stories (some of them are quite controversial) and constantly mocks her co-presenter Luis Carlos Ortiz due to a Tigres-Rayados soccer teams' rivalry. Here's an excerpt of Telediario from 25 March 2022: includes headlines, a preview of the entertainment block, a weather check, plus the intro and top story. In this "news program", the banter shows up all the time: it's not restricted to the final segment. The show kicks off with Lafuente's co-anchor dancing with the entertainment presenters. That's not very serious for a newscast, and despite that, Telediario is extremely popular with Monterrey viewers and maybe that's one of the reasons.
  2. Intro and segment of America en el Mundo, an old newscast from Peru in 1981, which used the score of the movie The Magnificent Seven as its theme. Today, Canal 13 in Buenos Aires launched its new lunchtime newscast called Mediodia Noticias: this revamp includes a new studio, personnel and graphics. The format is almost the same from the previous one (Noticiero Trece), that aired for the last time on Friday 4 March: crime news, entertainment, sport and weather and little attention is paid to politics or national news. It's a "newsmagazine" labeled as a news program, with a very tabloid content. There are some slight changes: the new anchors will go out to do some stories and interview people, a model does the weather from the field, a new entertainment presenter and a segment devoted to social media, where a presenter reads viewers' comments about some stories.
  3. After 58 years as the face of television in the South of England, Fred Dinenage retired yesterday as anchor of ITV News Meridian. He's been with the channel since 1963 (when it was called Southern TV, later renamed TVS and Meridian) and for most of the time, he served as presenter of the main evening program. Here's his farewell show:
  4. CNN has arrived in Portugal with its own locally-produced channel: CNN Portugal. Here are the first 15 minutes of the launch, that took place on 22 November 2021, followed by the opening of the main evening news/interview program Jornal da CNN, presented by Judite Sousa, who returns to television after retiring from TVI in November 2019. CNN Portugal is led by journalist Nuno Santos, who had worked at all of the 3 major Portuguese channels: RTP, SIC and TVI. A short excerpt of the graphics and identity of Argentine cable news channel La Nacion+, used since 22 February 2021. The channel has enjoyed a big increase in the ratings after hiring top journalists from rival channels. Its calm, elegant branding and theme music became more flashier to emulate its competitors: even brief advertorials were included on the news programs, read by the presenters. Here's a recording, taken from the 6pm news on 1 December 2021.
  5. A rarity from February 1989: a full edition of Jornal da Cultura (anchored by Carlos Nascimento, before his Globo, Bandeirantes and SBT days). The São Paulo station's news service was using the score of the legendary movie Back to the Future as its theme! The closing credits (with the full version of the Alan Silvestri theme) begin around the 34-minute mark. After 5 years with no changes in their identities, RTP1 and news channel RTP3 have launched new graphics for their newscasts on 25 October 2021. The flagship program Telejornal was the first to show its revamped look, that included a new theme, based on the one used between 2000 and 2002.
  6. Intro and segment of the premiere edition of the French program Exclusif, aired by TF1 on 18 May 1998. The show was the local version of Entertainment Tonight, using the same graphics and music as ET: they also had a similar set as well. Exclusif aired for the last time on 30 May 2002.
  7. Excerpts of the first night of the "new" Antena 3 Noticias on 14 September 1998. Ernesto Saenz de Buruaga debuted as anchor of the main 9pm newscast, along with the introduction of new graphics, music and a huge studio. A full episode of Canal 13 Buenos Aires' popular news and current affairs program Monica Presenta from 1979. In this edition, Monica Cahen D'Anvers interviews Buzz Aldrin during his visit to Argentina. The show used an instrumental version of the Kayak song "Starlight Dancer" as its theme. The episode was taken from a special program that aired in 2004, where Monica herself introduces moments from her old show.
  8. From the early 1980s (and until the early 2000s), Ten was the only Australian network that frequently aired live reports during its newscasts: they were one step ahead of the competition. Seven, Nine, ABC and SBS rarely aired live "crosses" at that time due to budget and technological limitations.
  9. A full broadcast of ITV's Evening News from 8 March 2021, with Mary Nightingale. Most of the program is devoted to report on Oprah Winfrey's interview with the Royals. On the same date, but 22 years ago, ITV was making big changes to its news programming: the evening news was moved from 5.40pm to 6.30pm and the late news was controversially pushed to 11pm. Here's the report from News at Ten on 4 March 1999. Back in 2021, also on 8 March, an excerpt of Television Nacional de Chile's late newscast Medianoche, and its new graphics:
  10. I found this beautiful theme today but I don't know who composed it: Canal 13 in Buenos Aires used it on its lunchtime newscast (13.00) between 1984 and 1988. The sound quality of the excerpt is quite good: the user who uploaded this video to YouTube says he recorded the music from the TV speakers on a TDK audio cassette back in 1984.
  11. Another program that got a new look this week is Canal 13's Telenoche. The revamp has been promoted on-air for several weeks as one of "the biggest in its history", but ended up being a complete dissapointment. The rendition of the classic theme is horrible and doesn't sound good: the L3s are too big. The set is quite decent, but the couch is unnecessary. Anyway, here's tonight's broadcast:
  12. Television Española's long-running news program Telediario premiered its new look today. The changes were scheduled to take place in January, but due to a big snowstorm that affected Madrid and its surrounding regions, it was delayed until 15 February. Here's a montage: A full weekend edition of SIC's Jornal da Noite with Alberta Marques Fernandes from 21 January 1996. The music used for the bumper that follows the open (when the camera slowly approaches to the presenter) sounds like the one used by the defunct British satellite TV company BSB in 1990.
  13. Montage of Canal 7's lunchtime newscast from September 2006. On that year, the news service was revamped with new graphics, set and music (composed by Indigo), trying to rebuild its credibility and establishing a modern, elegant visual identity. By 2008, some changes were noticeable: the animation's blue background became reddish (like the lower thirds) and the station had more money to spend, as they finally replaced the studio cameras they've been using since 1978 and 1995 with new ones, that offered a decent picture quality. Like the rest of the competing channels, they added nice jib shots to the broadcasts!
  14. Also from L.A.: a partial segment of News at Ten from July 1991. Includes a promo and a report on the launch of KTLA Morning News, that aired for the first time the following day. Plus, some excerpts of WRDW's weekend newscasts from 1997-98 (includes opens, close and Image News as the theme! ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNkll2H34bo
  15. 28 years ago: the premiere edition of London Tonight, anchored by Fiona Foster and Alastair Stewart. The program was an hour-long show at the time and it was a combination of news and current affairs. Later, it was cut back to 30 minutes and reformatted as a traditional news program. SIC Noticias is celebrating 20 years on the air this week and they made slight changes to its identity (logo and graphics). Here's an excerpt of the new look for the midnight news, presented by Rodrigo Pratas.
  16. A promo of the (then) upcoming launch of TVI's Jornal Nacional in late August/early September 2000. The newscast went to the air on 4 September 2000 and was presented by controversial journalist Manuela Moura Guedes, who turned this average news program into a sensational, tabloid one, trying to differentiate from its well-established competitors (RTP's Telejornal and SIC's Jornal da Noite). The format worked well, but Moura Guedes was fired twice from the anchordesk: first, in 2005, where she was reassigned as a producer; surprisingly, she returned on 9 May 2008 to anchor the Friday editions of the program, until being sacked once again in August 2009. Intro and first minutes of Nine's Today on Saturday from 24 March 2001, with Helen Dalley. Mark Burrows reads the morning headlines: one of them is the deorbit of Russian space station Mir. Most of a BBC News evening bulletin from 24 December 1993, presented by Philip Hayton.
  17. Excerpts of ITV News Channel in 2003, presented by Angela Rippon during the Irak War. It's strange to see Angela working here, as her face was associated with the BBC for years. The same happened when I discovered that Andrew Harvey and Chris Rogers (another two BBC veterans) were also with ITV's rolling news channel at the time. A very young Aldo Silva anchors a weekend news summary of Telemundo (Teledoce's news service) on 5 December 1993. He's been the program's main anchor since 2004. A full edition of Rai Uno's Telegiornale (TG1) from 6 October 1988, anchored by Tiziana Ferrario.
  18. The very first hour-long edition of Azul Noticias, aired on 24 May 1999. On that night, Azul TV brought back its early evening news (7pm) after cancelling it earlier that year. The program was a mixture of news and entertainment: some of the bizarre reports shown that evening were about personal trainers, voyeurism, astrology and an interview with the host of a XXX channel. Intro and partial segment of Nine's Today, aired on 25 February 2004 and hosted by Steve Liebmann and Tracy Grimshaw. The program was still using U2's song Beautiful Day as its opening theme.
  19. I've found the theme used by Telefe Noticias between 1990 and 1992. Surprisingly, it's production music and it was composed by John Tesh! It's called "Destination Paris". Hope you'll like it!
  20. A funny video from WXFL/WFLA in Tampa Bay (mid to late 1980s), where anchor Bob Hite mocks and dances to the theme music of Miami Vice. Includes appearances from Bill Ratliff and Gayle Sierens.
  21. Some regional news services from different parts of the world: Closer of Noticiero 8, from Canal 8 in San Juan, Argentina, around May 1995, followed by an ID that mentions its relays. At the time, this was the only OTA station in the province and cherry-picked programs from the major Buenos Aires TV channels to fill its schedule. Early morning news broadcast from XHOAH-TV (channel 9, Multimedios Television in Torreon, Coahuila), aired on 18 December 1998. A late news roundup from Television de Galicia's Telexornal, aired on 27 May 1995. A montage of GWN News (in regional Western Australia) with Noel Brunning, from 10 October 2008.
  22. A new cable news channel signed on in Argentina this past Saturday (17 October 2020): it's called Informacion Periodistica (IP) and it's not offering 24-hour news yet. The schedule will be filled with news/current affairs programs over the next few months. Here's a snippet with the first minutes of IP on the air. (this certainly looks like a magazine program and not like a serious, rolling news channel) Headline recap and closer of the Nine O'Clock News with Michael Buerk from 20 October 1998. The video also includes Newsroom South East's late update with Gwenan Edwards and the weather forecast. Montage of TVNZ's election coverage (and graphics too!), also from 17 October 2020. The program was presented by Hilary Barry and John Campbell (who used to work together at TV3), and some appearances from weeknight newsreader Simon Dallow.
  23. Headlines, intro and partial segment of Nuevediario from 9 August 1995, on the day the program became "serious", with new graphics and theme. I have to admit that I've been looking for this footage for a long time: 2 years. So, here it is! (the video also includes snippets from different editions as well) Headlines and "top of the hour" from Sky News Arabia on 13 October 2020. BBC1's Nine O'Clock News from 10 October 1989, with Michael Buerk.
  24. I'm trying to identify 2 themes: The first one (used by an Argentine cable channel to present the frontpages of the morning newspapers) sounds like being from Stephen Arnold. (here's the full clean cut, but without information about its composer) Also, this theme used by Brazil's Rede Bandeirantes evening news in the early 1990s. It's been used by Georgia Public TV for one of its idents.
  25. New studio (and building) for BBC's Wales Today, that premiered on 28 September 2020. The opener now includes a jib shot. Before being associated with Olympic sports broadcasting in Australia, Bruce McAvaney was a sportscaster at ADS7 (now ADS10) in Adelaide. From time to time, he also read the news, as seen on this update from 1981. The newsbreak is followed by Seven's promo of its news/current affairs programs. Intro, partial segment and closer of Remate, RTP's long-running sports news program. This edition (from 23 March 1999) was presented by Cecilia Carmo, who did double duty as Telejornal's weeknight sportscaster. She stopped doing sports in the 2000s and became anchor of regular newscasts on RTP's cable channel RTP3.
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