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  1. A closer of ABC's coverage of the 1990 Kentucky Derby, using a slight variation of the beautiful 1990-1992 theme composed by Edd Kalehoff. It's awesome!
  2. Two of these videos are about Brexit: first, a special opener from BBC's North West Tonight, which contains the EU and British flags. Also from the Brexit issue, TN (Todo Noticias) using the BBC election theme (probably without permission) for its coverage. A closer of Jornal da Globo in 2003 with Ana Paula Padrão. I liked this period a lot: the music theme and the newsroom jib shot were great, as well as the anchor's presenting skills and presence. And finally, some bizarre stuff from Twitter: Telefe Noticias welcoming back its evening anchors after a long holiday with Maluma's popular song Felices los 4 and some pictures where the presenters are seen with their partners. By the way, here's how both anchors joked about the promo at the end of tonight's program. I'm really sure this idea is not from Viacom (the network's owners). That's not Periodismo! (journalism in Spanish, the news division's slogan).
  3. After concluding the celebrations of its 60th anniversary, RTP's Telejornal has kept the theme but made some slight changes to the opener (the identity has been in use since March 2016). A personal note: it's outdated (including the theme) and should be replaced. Network 10's extremely bizarre promo to congratulate Sydney newsreader Sandra Sully for her 30 years of service. Includes appearances from presenters Tim Bailey and Chris Bath. A long closer of TVE's Telediario from this afternoon. It shows footage of the wild weather that has been affecting Spain recently. Also from this afternoon, a personal recording: a small montage of Todo Noticias' late afternoon/early evening segment (5 to 7pm). It's mostly focused on bumpers and throws to commercial breaks. I've also included the opener of the following segment, that airs from 7 until 10pm.
  4. Earlier today, Newshub (Three's news service) premiered its new graphics and theme music. Excerpts of Jornal da Band from February 2008. High-definition telecasts began 2 months before, in December 2007, with Band being the first in Brazil to adopt the new technology for news programs. The newsroom looks great, but not the anchordesk. A full edition of the Australian Today show in August 2003. Before watching this video, I'd never imagine that they still used the late 1990s theme for the intro. A time later, they replaced it with commercial songs, such as U2's Beautiful Day and Coldplay's Clocks.
  5. The first post of 2020 on this topic! Longtime Perth anchorwoman Monika Kos is changing channels: after 22 years as a presenter of TVW7's Today Tonight, she'll anchor 10 News First beginning January 13th. Here's a short promo: ITV's Good Morning Britain has been reformatted today. The 6:00-6:30am segment is now anchored by Charlotte Hawkins and is fully devoted to recap the day's major headlines; Susannah Reid and Piers Morgan will take over from 6:30-9:00am. Here's some stuff that I left out in 2019: Rede Record's new look for its national morning newscast. The anchordesk and the newsroom's green lighting are quite rare, but I love the music theme!
  6. To wrap up 2019, some videos from Europe and South America. Let's begin in Iceland with RUV's newscast Fréttir. A lunchtime edition of the BBC regional news service for Wales from last July, when the public broadcaster got a small facelift. Greenish and beautiful graphics for Rai Tre's newscast TG3, used since September. Finally, the full theme that Telefe uses to close its midday newscast (1pm) everyday. The pictures used here to illustrate the music are from a bizarre promo of the "national" version (the anchors are simply called by their first names or nicknames; they don't look quite comfortable on camera) and a smaller portion comes from the regional version of the program in Rosario, Santa Fe. Happy New Year to you and yours! We'll see you again in 2020.
  7. After almost 16 years at the anchor desk, Guillermo Andino stepped down from presenting America TV's 7pm newscast. He'll move to a mid-morning magazine in February; at the same time, the station will drop the long-running early evening newscast (launched in August 1997) to make way for a newsmagazine, a format that proved successful for the channel. https://www.lanacion.com.ar/espectaculos/television/la-emotiva-despedida-guillermo-andino-del-noticiero-nid2317767 Over the last couple of years, America TV has canceled many of its newscasts (midday, late night and Sunday evenings) and replaced them with newsmagazines. The station won't shut down its news department because it has a cable news channel called A24: anchors and reporters will continue to appear at both channels.
  8. An old, ironic promo of Informativos Telecinco in September 2005: Mediaset's Spanish channel was relaunching its news service at the time. Journalist (and news director) Juan Pedro Valentin was in charge of anchoring the main evening program. Valentin's stint was short-lived: he was replaced by Pedro Piqueras in February 2006. I hope you don't get scared of that dastardly robot! Moving on to 2019, Portugal em Direto, a daily RTP1 program which focuses on regional news, was revamped almost a month ago. The music theme is softer than the previous one and the graphics are minimalistic. And here's one from Argentina: Canal 13's weekday 1pm news gets a daily handover from a gossip show that precedes it since November 4, 2019. The opener of the newscast has been removed and the program kicks off with a banter between the anchors as they go straight to the headlines and top stories. This has been made to keep the viewers of the gossip show and to prevent them from changing channels. What do you think?
  9. Is there a chance to find that scent commercial where Newswire was used as the soundtrack? That's strange!
  10. WABC's weekend Eyewitness News in 1987 with John Marler and Rolonda Watts.
  11. A promo from CBC Sports in November 2002 with the lineup of Saturday afternoon events: Some promos from the Nine Network in 2003, from the old days of the modern, colorful graphic package. Finally, a station sign-on: Canal 13 began its broadcast day quite early on December 31st, 1999 (at 6:20am); it used to sign on at noon on weekdays and at 1pm on weekends at the time, but on that day it was forced to kick off earlier than usual due to the 26-hour special El Dia del Milenio.
  12. IIRC, that program was also carried by some channels across South America. Canal 10 (in Montevideo, Uruguay) was one of them. Here's a closer of CBC's coverage of the Molson Indy Vancouver in September 1998 with Brian Williams. Includes sponsors and a long, clean cut of the music theme. Was this theme only used for auto racing and sponsors? A short promo of TF1's Saturday night lineup in November 1998. At the time, TF1 had a minimalistic identity: it relied on film footage of everyday people and places for its "jingles".
  13. KTLA morning news headlines from 1982, read by Dixie Whatley. I'm not sure if she was still anchoring Entertainment Tonight at the time. In the 1990s, she moved to Boston and became WCVB's entertainment reporter.
  14. A refreshed opener of BBC's Reporting Scotland, with a new theme and the BBC Reith typeface that was adopted a couple of months ago. Another news program who got a makeover is RTP's Telejornal, that celebrated its 60th anniversary less than 2 weeks ago. The theme was re-recorded by a Lisbon orchestra for this special occasion. One Network News from April 23, 1994, with Tom Bradley and April Ieremia (who anchored sports). The top story was the death of Richard Nixon. Finally, Gordon Sawyer presents Les Sports, Radio-Canada's national sportscast in March 1993. The program used the WNYW theme composed by Edd Kalehoff. I don't know why, but SRC's English counterpart CBC never had a sportscast after The National.
  15. A promo from WCBS in September 1988, where it announces the new timeslot for the CBS Evening News (6:30PM), to make way for Win, Lose or Draw at 7PM.
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