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  1. Argentina: former sportscaster Sergio Gendler died today at the age of 53, after losing his battle with cancer. Here is a tribute from his former colleagues at Canal 13/TN, where he worked for 21 years between 1993 and 2014. He moved to Fox Sports in 2015, where he presented weekday editions of Central Fox. Santo Biasatti, who worked with him for many years at Telenoche's anchordesk, cried while announcing his death on Crónica TV's morning show.
  2. Excerpts of the BBC's coverage of the 1996 American elections, presented by David Dimbleby from Lafayette Centre in Washington DC. He's also joined by Peter Snow.
  3. Excerpt of the very first edition of Yorkshire TV's Good Morning Calendar in March 1977, presented by legendary ATV/Central newsreader Bob Warman, who worked at YTV for a while in the late 1970s, before returning to the Midlands. RTP1's intro of Telejornal from May 2008, with José Alberto Carvalho: GTV9's National Nine News with Brian Naylor from October 1989:
  4. America 2 using the CBS Sports intro theme for the promo of a news/interview show in 1996.
  5. Headlines and intro of BBC's early evening news in 2007 with Natasha Kaplinsky and George Alagiah. The top story was the bizarre Blue Peter phone-in scandal.
  6. Highlights of the final day of LWT (London Weekend Television) on October 27, 2002. Includes old slides, music and a clock, plus appearances from announcers Trish Bertram and Glenn Thompsett.
  7. Intro and promo of Platea Vip, a weekly movie series that aired on Canal 9 in the late 1990s. The intro was recorded in November 1998, while the promo presents the lineup of the movies shown a couple of months earlier, between May 26 and June 30, 1998.
  8. For those of you who like to stay up late and watch TV, 8 minutes of Meridian's public access show Freescreen from January 1998:
  9. An old Central News morning cut-in during GMTV, presented by Yvonne Gaskill in May 2008. She's not Caroline Rhea! Full weather forecast and closer of the midday edition of Telefe Noticias in December 2005. If you wanna skip the report that airs before the closer, go to the 4:17 minute mark. CBC News' Sunday Report with Ian Hanomansing on Christmas Eve, 1989:
  10. Two idents of Scottish Television from the early 2000s (in high quality!), showing the beauty of Scotland's landscapes. The music was composed by Savalas Studio. A Tuesday night lineup promo and station ID from the Nine Network in 1994.
  11. Walter Cronkite says goodbye to NBC colleague Chet Huntley in July 1970. The video also includes Huntley's farewell message and the traditional sign-off from both Huntley and David Brinkley, followed by the credits with Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.
  12. We should add KCBS (another O&O) to the list: in 1994 the station canceled its hour-long 6 a.m. newscast and replaced it with a back-to-back airing of the CBS Morning News. The morning show was reinstated on August 12, 1996, beginning at 5:30am.
  13. A WCAU morning cut-in from 1991, anchored by John Blunt. Like then-sister station WBBM, WCAU didn't have a morning newscast at the time and aired the CBS Morning News back-to-back from 6 to 7am. When it switched affiliations in September 1995 and became an NBC O&O, launched a 90-minute morning show with a start time of 5:30am and expanded the noon news to a full hour.
  14. An Anglia News special in 1998 with a behind-the-scenes look at its news service. The newsrooms of the two regions (east and west) were combined and shared content. Sharon Grey (later with ITN) was reading news for Anglia at the time. Intro and headlines of the evening edition of 24 Horas in May 2010, presented by Monica Perez and Amaro Gomez-Pablos. Gomez-Pablos has been one of the most discriminated journalists in Chile because of his Spanish origins. He was criticized permanently for speaking in his native accent. Both Perez and Gomez-Pablos are no longer with TVN. A news update from Canal 13 on May 25, 2003, the day when President Néstor Kirchner was sworn in. A tired Luis Otero presents this update from the station's empty newsroom at around 11pm on a Sunday night. I assume most staffers showed up to work later in the morning!
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