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  1. A news update from Panamericana Television (Peru) in 1968, presented by Humberto Martinez Morosini. He was Pantel's main anchor for almost 4 decades, retiring from the station in the early 1990s. A full edition of TVE's Telediario from 14 July 1989, which included reports from Paris (due to the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution). A brief snippet of the early evening edition of Nuevediario from 26 February 1996, with Claudio Rigoli and Mabel Marchesini. Staff announcer Cesar Benitez voiced the intro. This excerpt has been uploaded to Canal 9's website as part of the station's 60th anniversary celebrations.
  2. An ITV News Anglia afternoon cut-in (from today) with Karen Dallas. A full edition (from last night) of En Punto, Televisa's national late news with Denise Maerker. She's been the program's main presenter since 2016. A full edition of Canal 13's Telenoche from 31 October 1995, which includes a live report from the Falkland Islands (part 2 is here). The program was repeated by Volver (Canal 13's corporate sibling) in October 2001, as part of Argentine TV's 50th anniversary celebrations.
  3. A compilation of intros of Televisa's defunct newscast 24 Horas, that aired on XEW-TV between September 1970 and January 1998. The program's main anchor was journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky: his son Abraham presented the lunchtime editions. This video also features appearances from the telephone operators! Canal 13 made some changes to its "glass studio" yesterday, adding lots of screens, wood and lights across the set. There's also a new design for the anchordesk, that reminded me to those used in France by TF1 and the other networks for many years. This set is used for the morning, midday and late news. Here's the whole broadcast of Monday's lunchtime news:
  4. Some sign-on videos from different parts of the globe. First, a rare and interesting start-up sequence: FR3 (now France 3) in the early 1990s. Thames (the ITV franchise that served London on weekdays) beginning its broadcast day in September 1982. Finally, a sign-on from 2003: before its regular programs, Canal 13 Buenos Aires aired a loop with the station's personalities welcoming the viewers and inviting them to watch their shows. This is followed by a public message, some bumpers, and ID and the start of its first program.
  5. Two bulletins from the same night: BBC One and ITV's late news from May 31, 1998. Intro and partial segment of TF1's main evening news from March 25, 1997 (the night after the Academy Awards). Patrick Poivre D'Arvor anchors. Argentine news channel Todo Noticias is celebrating its 27th anniversary today, and as part of the festivities, it relaunched its afternoon news segment (14.00-17.00) with a new name, a new anchor team and a new set, installed within the newsroom. The program was scheduled to start in early April but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the first 5 minutes:
  6. Clock and first minutes of RTP1's Telejornal from December 8th, 1999, with José Rodrigues dos Santos. Longtime Canal 12 (Cordoba) news anchor Gustavo Tobi retired today after 50 years with the station. He's one of the longest serving news presenters in Argentine TV history. This video contains the full broadcast of Noticiero Doce (the program he presented since 1974), where he's been celebrated by colleagues and friends.
  7. 22 years ago tonight: News at Ten with Trevor McDonald (intro and top story only) Amazing graphics and intro of Gaur Egun, the news service for ETB, Basque Country's local channel. ETB also produces Teleberri, a newscast for Spanish-speaking viewers.
  8. OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) signing off in 1988. The station was using footage from Godfrey Reggio's 1982 movie Koyaanisqatsi for this closedown clip. Artery (a Scottish TV locally-produced program) takes a behind-the-scenes look at how the STV/Grampian's 2000 idents were produced.
  9. A montage of Rod Young's final ABQ2 news bulletin in October 2002. On November 4 (just 2 weeks after this show) he began working at BTQ7, where he anchored the 6pm news with Kay McGrath until moving to the Gold Coast news service in 2016. The video includes a network ID with a modern version of the classic 1985-2005 theme.
  10. Partial segment of KTLA's News at Ten from November 1986 with Larry McCormick and Giselle Fernandez.
  11. Carlton wrapping up its broadcast week, handing over to LWT in 1994. The message is followed by the intro of the long-running Australian soapie Home & Away.
  12. A 5-minute update from BBC South Today from April 4th, 2020, presented by Allen Sinclair. The program provided useful telephone numbers for viewers during this worldwide pandemic. There's a small weather check at the end of the video. Intro and headlines of Ten News from August 2006 with Steve Liebmann, who came out of retirement to anchor Ten's weekend news throughout that year. He previously served as TEN10's Eyewitness News weeknight presenter between 1987 and 1990. Complete intro and partial segment of Telefe Noticias from late 1995: includes that strange "virtual set" camera shot that tries to make a small studio bigger.
  13. From France: an interlude and news intros of the defunct La Cinq network in 1992. The theme music was too futuristic! Finally, the first 2 editions of Globo Noticia in April 2005. It was a brief 3-minute newscast that aired in the mornings and afternoons.
  14. Before becoming Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz was a television journalist, and for a short time, anchored TVE's main evening news. Here's the intro and partial headlines of Telediario in September 2003. Some months later, she resigned and left the TV business forever. Partial weather forecast and closer of Telefe Noticias' midday edition in 1995 (includes some anchor banter). The zoom-out effect at the 0:48 mark is not courtesy of Viacom! Another news closer, but from Brazil: Jornal da Gazeta has a new theme and graphics!
  15. CNN Brasil went on the air tonight: here are the first minutes of the new channel. A montage of RTP1's Telejornal with Cristina Esteves covering the latest COVID-19 developments from Portugal and abroad.
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