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  1. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    A small part of Tom Bergeron's résumé: hosting WBZ's teenage discussion show Rap Around in 1988. The program continued to be on the air for another decade. Anyone knows who succeeded him as the host of the show?
  2. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    A promo of Canal 7's Desayuno in 2001. It was pretty succesful at the time because it was the only TV program during the breakfast hours: the other stations (America, Azul Television, Telefe and Canal 13) didn't sign-on until or after 10am, when the program ended. It was canceled in 2006.
  3. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    Some old idents from Tyc Sports, Argentina's leading cable sports channel, launched in 1994.
  4. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    Excerpts of Ten's national late-morning bulletin, presented by David Johnston from the ATV-10 newsroom in Melbourne (October 24, 1994)
  5. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    Some promos and IDs from CTC7 (Canberra, ACT) in 1978:
  6. onthesea

    The worst news opens of all time

    TVI, Portugal, 2005: the lower thirds and graphic elements are great, but not the open!
  7. onthesea

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    WCVB also used that campaign "The One to Turn To" with the same animation for the logo! I remember seeing it on a demo reel, but I can't find it on YouTube. Anyone knows who composed that jingle?
  8. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    An ident from ESPN (South American feed) in April 2000. At the very end includes a small excerpt of a bumper from MTV. Continuing with ESPN, some promos from May 2001, including one from SportsCenter, which was launched a couple of months before, on November 15, 2000. All of the sportscasters there are still working at ESPN! Let's go back on time to November 1996! Canal 13 offers a pretty interesting primetime lineup on November 11: a documentary about otters, followed by the television premiere of the movie "Sleepless in Seattle". Unfortunately the station removed primetime documentaries and movie offerings many years ago to make way for Marcelo Tinelli's Showmatch. And finally, a nicely done stop-motion ID from Telefe, used during the spring season in 1996:
  9. onthesea

    International Out and About

    Some tragic news from Brazil: veteran journalist Ricardo Boechat dies in a chopper crash in São Paulo. He was 66 years old, and for the last 12, he anchored Rede Bandeirantes' flagship evening newscast. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-47196268 Here's a farewell video from his colleagues at Bandeirantes:
  10. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    A promo of Canal 13 airing a repeat of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" weekdays at 4pm in May 2000. Kenny Rogers was the guest star in that episode. The video also contains the station ID.
  11. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    Opening minutes of ABC's World at Noon from March 1996, anchored by Cathy Bell:
  12. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    Opener and closing segment of Telenoche from June 9, 1998, anchored by Mónica and César from Paris, with the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River behind them. Includes the national weather forecast and a portion of the theme music.
  13. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    A local news update from Canal 5 (Rosario) in 2000, presented by Erica Fontana. She moved to Buenos Aires in 2006 and became one of Telefe's main anchors. The station aired two-minute updates during the afternoon and had an early evening newscast (7pm weeknights), opposing to Telefe, that removed the broadcast from its schedule in 1999.
  14. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    A promo of Radio 10 (AM 710) from 1999. I hope you don't get scared by the lip-sync!
  15. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    An excerpt of Seven's coverage of the 1994 AFL Grand Final between the West Coast Eagles and Geelong. Includes a short appearance of Home Improvement's Richard Karn, doing a minor repair. Seven aired the program for many years in Australia, and aired one episode that night (October 1st, 1994) at 6:30pm, right after the news.

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