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  1. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    A station ID used by Canal 9 during the last half of 1998. It kept the music from another ID, used between late 1996 and mid-1998. The station changed its name to Azul Televisión on January 1st, 1999.
  2. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    Peter Williams' final bulletin as TVNZ anchor, after 40 years working at New Zealand's public broadcaster. He began as a sportscaster and moved to the news department in the early 2000s.
  3. onthesea

    A day in TV license court

    Thank goodness we don't have to pay TV licences. We're so lucky!
  4. onthesea

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    A full broadcast of CBWT's 6pm newscast in March 2005, during the time of the hybrid format of local news (with Krista Erickson) and Canada Now (with Ian Hanomansing) from Vancouver.
  5. onthesea

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    A full broadcast of the CBS Evening News (March 9, 2005), when Dan Rather retired from the anchordesk. Includes the final segment of WBZ's 6pm newscast. Anyone knows the name of the anchor filling in for Jack and Lisa?
  6. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    A somber commercial of the defunct Argentinian cable company Multicanal in 1997. I hope you don't get scared by this! Multicanal merged with Cablevisión in 2008.
  7. onthesea

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    Two hours of news from WJZ in June 1989 (includes the noon, 6pm and 11pm newscasts) https://archive.org/details/WJZ-EYE-084-047
  8. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    If you're an NBA fan, you're going to like this: a full broadcast of Canal 13's show La Magia de la NBA, that every week summarized the best of the NBA, including interviews and special reports. It aired on Sundays at midnight between 1994 and 2000, right after Fútbol de Primera. In this November 1997 episode, the program pays tribute to Charles Barkley and Isiah Thomas.
  9. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    A compilation of intros of Arte Journal between 1992 and 2018:
  10. onthesea

    Australian TV News

    Headlines and intro of ABC News' Breakfast (December 4th, 2018):
  11. onthesea

    BBC Two's new look: September 27, 2018

    Some of BBC Two's new Christmas idents:
  12. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    Some of the BBC One idents for Christmas 2018:
  13. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    I usually don't post these things, but the other day I was watching this episode of the four-part TV series Video Fantasies, produced by Channel 4 in the UK in 1992. This one introduces a pretty young Kate Beckinsale as a teenager living in a complicated world, dominated by chaos, technology, pollution and consumerism. Some of the interesting things about the show are the computer-generated effects and the sound bumpers heard throughout the program, reminding me of those used by Channel 4 itself and some ITV franchises (the first one appears at 0:51) I was surprised to see a huge VTR machine, while the girl is destroying some nonsense tapes!
  14. onthesea

    Out and About

    WBZ airs Wheel and Jeopardy! since 2009.
  15. onthesea

    Non-News Classic Video

    Canal 13's two-minute promo about its schedule in March 1994: The station happily announced the premiere of several movies, Melrose Place, the telecast of the Academy Awards and the return of Fútbol de Primera, El Show del Clio and the Sunday morning auto racing broadcasts. This was one month before the station adopted its current logo, designed by C&G Partners.

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