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  1. Is there a chance to find that scent commercial where Newswire was used as the soundtrack? That's strange!
  2. WABC's weekend Eyewitness News in 1987 with John Marler and Rolonda Watts.
  3. A promo from CBC Sports in November 2002 with the lineup of Saturday afternoon events: Some promos from the Nine Network in 2003, from the old days of the modern, colorful graphic package. Finally, a station sign-on: Canal 13 began its broadcast day quite early on December 31st, 1999 (at 6:20am); it used to sign on at noon on weekdays and at 1pm on weekends at the time, but on that day it was forced to kick off earlier than usual due to the 26-hour special El Dia del Milenio.
  4. IIRC, that program was also carried by some channels across South America. Canal 10 (in Montevideo, Uruguay) was one of them. Here's a closer of CBC's coverage of the Molson Indy Vancouver in September 1998 with Brian Williams. Includes sponsors and a long, clean cut of the music theme. Was this theme only used for auto racing and sponsors? A short promo of TF1's Saturday night lineup in November 1998. At the time, TF1 had a minimalistic identity: it relied on film footage of everyday people and places for its "jingles".
  5. KTLA morning news headlines from 1982, read by Dixie Whatley. I'm not sure if she was still anchoring Entertainment Tonight at the time. In the 1990s, she moved to Boston and became WCVB's entertainment reporter.
  6. A refreshed opener of BBC's Reporting Scotland, with a new theme and the BBC Reith typeface that was adopted a couple of months ago. Another news program who got a makeover is RTP's Telejornal, that celebrated its 60th anniversary less than 2 weeks ago. The theme was re-recorded by a Lisbon orchestra for this special occasion. One Network News from April 23, 1994, with Tom Bradley and April Ieremia (who anchored sports). The top story was the death of Richard Nixon. Finally, Gordon Sawyer presents Les Sports, Radio-Canada's national sportscast in March 1993. The program used the WNYW theme composed by Edd Kalehoff. I don't know why, but SRC's English counterpart CBC never had a sportscast after The National.
  7. A promo from WCBS in September 1988, where it announces the new timeslot for the CBS Evening News (6:30PM), to make way for Win, Lose or Draw at 7PM.
  8. The very first edition of TVS' Coast to Coast on New Year's Day 1982, with Khalid Aziz. Fred Dinenage was the program's sportscaster, and a couple of years later became the main anchor, a role that he holds to this day. First minutes of Staff (that's the name!), Telefe's late night news show aimed at young adults, launched in 2017 to replace a traditional newscast. This recording is from October 8, 2019, when the program's graphics were slightly changed. Juanita Phillips presents an ABC News evening update in 2007.
  9. A compilation of news openers from all the ITV franchises in the south east of England (Southern, TVS and Meridian), beginning in the late 1970s and concluding in 2004, when all regions across the UK (except for Northern Ireland and Scotland) got an unified branding for their news programs. You can listen to a clean cut of the relaxing 1993/1996 theme here. It was composed by David Dundas. Before Antena 3 and Telecinco, there was another private channel in Spain (but didn't last long!) It was called Canal 10, and you had to pay a lot of money to watch it! It signed on in January 1988 and was shut down in September that year. Here's a recent story from TVE's Telediario that explains it clearly. Antena 3 and Telecinco were both launched in 1990. Finally, the theme used by Canal 9 Libertad between 1995 and 1997 for its late-night news update El Reporter Esso, when it was revived for the last time. I bet this was one of the last news programs around the world to be sponsored by Esso.
  10. Former BBC News presenter Peter Sissons has died at the age of 77. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-49908660
  11. Intro and closer of France 2's main evening newscast, anchored by Anne-Sophie Lapix. The program got a slight graphic relaunch in late August. Intro and top story of Reporter Africa, RTP Africa's daily news service, presented by João do Rosario from RTP's main studios in Lisbon. Intro and headlines of STV's Scotland Today in December 1994, with Viv Lumsden and Shereen Nanjiani.
  12. A closer of Telenoche from December 30th, 1999, with the husband-and-wife team of Monica Cahen D'Anvers and Cesar Mascetti. The jib shot at the end is really interesting: it shows that the studio is quite small, but there's enough room for two anchordesks, an interview set and even a Christmas tree! I also like the idea of placing a screen counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds left until the new millennium.
  13. A small montage of Subrayado in 1985 with Omar Defeo as main anchor. Defeo, a well-respected journalist, created the program in 1971 and presented it from its inception until 1989, when he handed his anchoring duties to Blanca Rodriguez and Jorge Traverso. The nightly edition of Subrayado (weeknights at 7:30pm) was the only chance for viewers to catch up with the latest news from Uruguay and the world. Canal 10 was reluctant to add more newscasts: because of that, it offered 7-minute summaries at 12.30pm and at 11.30pm on weekdays (and short updates on weekends) to compensate the lack of full editions. Here's one summary from November 1994. Finally, a full edition of the main evening program (7pm) in early July 2019, days after the premiere of a new look.
  14. Headlines and intro of the revamped Jornal da Record, with a new set, graphics and theme. Anchors Adriana Araujo and Celso Freitas now present the program from a quite small set, leaving the newsroom studio behind after being there for more than a decade. The color scheme is the same as its main competitor (Rede Globo's Jornal Nacional) And talking about Jornal Nacional... here's how they celebrate its 50th anniversary: introducing some segments from digitally-recreated old sets. (BONUS) A 1-minute promo, where the people can't take their eyes off the TV set when they're watching the news. Finally, a full edition of ARD's Tagesschau on April 30, 1994, read by Werner Veigel.
  15. Intro of ABC's 7am newscast First Edition from May 1995, with Tony Eastley. Coverage of the Gulf War in 1991, as seen on a bulletin from SODRE TV (channel 5) in Montevideo, Uruguay. Anchors Maria de los Angeles Fernandez and Edgar Soto read copy after copy to illustrate viewers about the war. Includes excerpts from ECO and CNN. Final segment of RTP1's Telejornal in March 2008 with José Alberto Carvalho, who also reads the forecast for the next day. The weather segment was removed from the program many years ago. Sister cable channel RTP3 airs weather bulletins during news programs, but not as a separate program, like in Spain or other European countries. The "techno" theme of the credits was composed by Elvis Veiguinha. Mark White and John Duncanson present Grampian TV's North Tonight program in 1997. At the beginning of the video it's the station's ident (used from 1989 until 1998, inherited from the launch of the generic ITV logo)
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