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  1. The very first hour-long edition of Azul Noticias, aired on 24 May 1999. On that night, Azul TV brought back its early evening news (7pm) after cancelling it earlier that year. The program was a mixture of news and entertainment: some of the bizarre reports shown that evening were about personal trainers, voyeurism, astrology and an interview with the host of a XXX channel. Intro and partial segment of Nine's Today, aired on 25 February 2004 and hosted by Steve Liebmann and Tracy Grimshaw. The program was still using U2's song Beautiful Day as its opening theme.
  2. I've found the theme used by Telefe Noticias between 1990 and 1992. Surprisingly, it's production music and it was composed by John Tesh! It's called "Destination Paris". Hope you'll like it!
  3. A funny video from WXFL/WFLA in Tampa Bay (mid to late 1980s), where anchor Bob Hite mocks and dances to the theme music of Miami Vice. Includes appearances from Bill Ratliff and Gayle Sierens.
  4. Some regional news services from different parts of the world: Closer of Noticiero 8, from Canal 8 in San Juan, Argentina, around May 1995, followed by an ID that mentions its relays. At the time, this was the only OTA station in the province and cherry-picked programs from the major Buenos Aires TV channels to fill its schedule. Early morning news broadcast from XHOAH-TV (channel 9, Multimedios Television in Torreon, Coahuila), aired on 18 December 1998. A late news roundup from Television de Galicia's Telexornal, aired on 27 May 1995.
  5. A new cable news channel signed on in Argentina this past Saturday (17 October 2020): it's called Informacion Periodistica (IP) and it's not offering 24-hour news yet. The schedule will be filled with news/current affairs programs over the next few months. Here's a snippet with the first minutes of IP on the air. (this certainly looks like a magazine program and not like a serious, rolling news channel) Headline recap and closer of the Nine O'Clock News with Michael Buerk from 20 October 1998. The video also includes Newsroom South East's late update with Gwenan Edwa
  6. Headlines, intro and partial segment of Nuevediario from 9 August 1995, on the day the program became "serious", with new graphics and theme. I have to admit that I've been looking for this footage for a long time: 2 years. So, here it is! (the video also includes snippets from different editions as well) Headlines and "top of the hour" from Sky News Arabia on 13 October 2020. BBC1's Nine O'Clock News from 10 October 1989, with Michael Buerk.
  7. I'm trying to identify 2 themes: The first one (used by an Argentine cable channel to present the frontpages of the morning newspapers) sounds like being from Stephen Arnold. (here's the full clean cut, but without information about its composer) Also, this theme used by Brazil's Rede Bandeirantes evening news in the early 1990s. It's been used by Georgia Public TV for one of its idents.
  8. New studio (and building) for BBC's Wales Today, that premiered on 28 September 2020. The opener now includes a jib shot. Before being associated with Olympic sports broadcasting in Australia, Bruce McAvaney was a sportscaster at ADS7 (now ADS10) in Adelaide. From time to time, he also read the news, as seen on this update from 1981. The newsbreak is followed by Seven's promo of its news/current affairs programs. Intro, partial segment and closer of Remate, RTP's long-running sports news program. This edition (from 23 March 1999) was presented by Cecilia Car
  9. Most of an edition of News at Ten from 30 September 1992 with Alastair Stewart and Carol Barnes. The video also includes ITV's national weather forecast, some commercials, and Thames News' late bulletin, presented by Gytha Hutton. Intro, top-10 headlines and segment of America TV's Informe Central from 27 October 2003. This program, a 9 o'clock newscast (launched in 10 March that year) competed against the entertainment offerings (mostly soaps) of the other stations. It lasted a couple of years, but it was later moved to a near-midnight timeslot. The opening theme sounds like
  10. New studio, new music and new opener (that reminds me to this one from France 2 a couple of years ago) for TVI's newscasts beginning 13 September 2020. The Portuguese channel recently hired journalist Pedro Mourinho as news director and weeknight presenter. Mourinho used to anchor on weekends at rival network SIC. The changes at TVI's news department also reached its cable news channel TVI24, that was revamped as well:
  11. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Telemadrid has a new look for its newscasts! Here are excerpts from the channel's 3 main newscasts: morning, afternoon and evening. Also, a morning cut-in (or opt-out) from ITV Central that aired during Good Morning Britain on 1 September 2020, with Pablo Taylor. Finally, a montage of the evening edition of TG1 from 24 August 2020, with Francesco Giorgino.
  12. Highlights of Wendy Petrie's last newscast as anchor of TVNZ's 1 News at Six on 30 August 2020. She was the main presenter of the program (alongside Simon Dallow) since 2006. Wendy will remain with TVNZ but not on the early evening news, as the Kiwi public broadcaster cut several jobs recently due to millionaire losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A preview of how Telemadrid's newscasts will look from 31 August 2020, as the program is set to be revamped. The current look is on air since 18 September 2017, and it was a bit controversial because the theme music was a copy o
  13. A closer of TVE's Telediario from 24 July 2020 with a picture of Torrespaña, a tower that used to be owned by TVE in the past. Intro, new graphics and theme of América Noticias, that premiered on 27 July 2020. The set is the same they've been using for a couple of months, and despite this relaunch, they never placed the anchordesk in the center of the studio! Since 4 August 1997, the program aired on weekdays at 7pm, but on 19 March 2020 was moved to 6pm and expanded to 2 hours (6pm to 8pm), starting 1 hour earlier than its competitors.
  14. Headlines and intro of InfoTNU, the news service from Uruguay's public TV channel. The program was revamped on 20 July 2020, now with its 2 regular presenters (Gabriela Lavarello and Fernando Blanco) back in the studio. InfoTNU is transitioning slowly to HD broadcasts: that's why some of the footage seen here is on 4:3 and stretched to fill the screen. Bumpers, ID, clock, intro and segment of SIC Noticias's midnight newscast from 12 July 2020. Marisa Caetano Antunes anchors. A closer of the Saturday edition of Fala Brasil from 6 June 2020 with a bit of the n
  15. A news update from Panamericana Television (Peru) in 1968, presented by Humberto Martinez Morosini. He was Pantel's main anchor for almost 4 decades, retiring from the station in the early 1990s. A full edition of TVE's Telediario from 14 July 1989, which included reports from Paris (due to the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution). A brief snippet of the early evening edition of Nuevediario from 26 February 1996, with Claudio Rigoli and Mabel Marchesini. Staff announcer Cesar Benitez voiced the intro. This excerpt has been uploaded to Canal 9's websit

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