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  1. Specifically at Jeff Rossen's new place. He'll be back tomorrow.
  2. So, we were asking if anyone left WABC, with the Candice McCowan sighting. I mentioned a few weeks ago that Mallory Hoff is no longer with the station, but I noticed today, Carolina Leid's bio is gone from the website. Her contract must have expired at the end of the year, because the Twitter account has none post 2016.
  3. Looks like since Mallory Hoff is no longer with WABC, which is unfortunate. I really liked her. Also, Ryan Field's bio is finally up on the website.
  4. At least he's staying around the market.
  5. Monica is the one who came to mind if they wanted a new weekend person. Of course, she's dropped off the face of the Earth since 2003 too.
  6. Laura Behnke says 6 PM was his last broadcast. I missed it and wish I knew it was going to be 6, not 11 that his farewell was.
  7. He did, from WKYC, where Lisa Colagrossi also worked. Tappy Phillips left the station Powers is going to, WEWS. WEWS also had John Hambrick back in the day.
  8. Their 3rd string has been Anthony Johnson. I mean, explore all options, but I think AJ would be a great candidate for the job. Especially if it means one of the new people (CeFaan or Mallory) get a chance to maybe see the jobs in the future.
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