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  1. WABC was nice enough today to post the 9/11/2002 roundtable featuring Michelle Charlesworth, Jeff Rossen, Anthony Johnson, Joe Torres, Nina Pineda, Glenn Mayrose and two other photographers. http://abc7ny.com/video-eyewitness-news-roundtable-on-09-11-02/291417/
  2. I assume it was due diligence posting
  3. To quote the Nostalgia critic, "the first human representation of blandness, Steve Guttenberg." That should be an interesting honeymoon.
  4. Maybe in another parallel dimension.
  5. Weird stuff like that happens. Liz Cho and Ken Rosato had their first time during Shirleen's maternity leave. They made light of that.
  6. We have had a bunch of days off lately. David and Diana are both off this week. Sade has been in and out this week. So things have been a bit wacko.
  7. Greg Hurst, former WABC anchor who left KHOU in March, has reappeared at WREG, the Tribune station in Memphis. https://twitter.com/GregHurstWREG
  8. It's not unheard of that he does non-political stories. Doesn't do many, but there wasn't much political news this morning until Spicer resigned.
  9. WABC has had the job listing up for a while. I wonder if they just want a 3rd person.
  10. Marcus Solis' piece on the heat today talking about the 1977 blackout on July 13-14. Larry Kane was shown broadcasting that day (one of the 70s pieces on YouTube.) For those who want the 1977 version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=zvcHtJK3Dhg;t=1
  11. Girl. [MEDIA=twitter]844286649550942208[/MEDIA]
  12. Shirleen Allicot returned from maternity leave today since the birth of her baby in March.
  13. CeFaan Kim's bio is finally up. http://abc7ny.com/about/newsteam/cefaan-kim/
  14. "Some call it retirement but it is just a pause." His words. Regardless, the party was today.
  15. This is a big loss to WCBS. Lou Young has been a staple of New York news for over 30 years now from WABC to WNBC to WCBS. I really wish he'd come back to WABC, but I don't see that as likely.
  16. Interesting. I figured with Dave Evans following the president, they'd do what WNBC did.
  17. Diana Rocco was one of the per diem freelance reporters with WABC that they have several of. No guarantees because I don't have insider knowledge, but I bet her contract ended.
  18. Talk about the strangest station to join right now. The fans are really loving WTSP's new format. [/sarcasm] Regardless, congrats to Carolina.
  19. Apparently today was Dr. Richard Besser's last day. He is moving to a job at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. They gave a farewell at EWN First at 4. [MEDIA=twitter]847212171239002112[/MEDIA]
  20. Much congrats to Shirleen! There was an office bet on what to name the child when she was born. Second, kind of off topic, but ex-WABC anchor Greg Hurst is departing KHOU.
  21. They changed the format, feeling like that there is no need for a sports anchor because of stuff like ESPN, etc as well as all the online media.
  22. http://www.nytimes.com/1998/11/03/nyregion/abc-workers-stage-24-hour-strike-lockout-is-response.html (NY Times, November 1998) http://articles.latimes.com/1999/jan/16/business/fi-63971 (LA Times, January 1999) I distinctively remember this when it happened originally.
  23. The fact that the Post found him makes me baffled to why the NYPD hasn't grabbed him already.
  24. I was watching the news when that broke, it was cut and miss before Bill Ritter mentioning he's ok. That said, as I noted to Lucy Yang on Twitter earlier, we were gifted that he was dumb enough to pull his mask.
  25. For a while, they've had to deal with wiring issues related to that manhole fire on the Upper East Side. At the same time, their online feed, which I rely on while I'm out of state, has been a bit up and down the last weekend.
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