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  1. All across news, broadcasters tend to take their vacations in summer (really in August in many cases), even if it's just a week at a time.
  2. I guess no one should be surprised, but Tim Fleischer is finally retiring after 35 years at Eyewitness News. He is being celebrated at 5 pm tomorrow. I have attached the news article from Pittsburgh when he was hired away. Going to miss Tim. This basically has been his reporting staff for a long time.
  3. Rob went home today after recovering.
  4. I've been so busy I didn't see it. I hope he gets well quick. That's awful. Robb is probably one of the few anchors I wish had never left WABC in the first place. He always is cheerful on Twitter working for WHP. I hope he recovers.
  5. It was a mistake and Bill owned it. With all the talk of people dying from COVID 19, it's an understandable slipup. People aren't perfect.
  6. Can add Derick Waller to the list of showing symptoms. He'll be reporting from home on Wednesday.
  7. Regardless, the discussion of COVID 19 and legal rights is not really what should be talking about, Hopefully Bill feels better and we'll see him back at the desk soon.
  8. Can't force someone to take a test without a court order, would be a violation of rights.
  9. I had suspicions of that. Mike & Joe had worked 5 and 11 for Bill with Sade the last 3 days.
  10. Listen, if they want to drive to Buffalo to shoot their news, damn it, I will bow in their presence. I have no problem with it being produced anywhere at any time, though I for one liked the sidewalk option.
  11. Liz is back working again. Glad she feels better
  12. If the WABC fire had damaged more than they expected, Kenny Plotnik said that morning broadcast would've been done on the sidewalk. Kudos to WCBS for doing it.
  13. CBSN was showing CBSN Boston. Now it's showing WBZ 4 News at 5.
  14. Stokes' definitely was, but that was more on the Camille Edwards department, same with Sarah Wallace. Camille Edwards was a mistake we never needed to repeat. Chad Matthews has been an improvement.
  15. The last clear non-amicable departure was Bill Evans. You can see how badly that went given he went missing for a bit and never returned to get a true goodbye despite 30 years of employment. This is clearly the opposite. Rob Nelson's a good reporter and good anchor. The fact they're giving him 22 days to enjoy his last days, then the departure is amicable. He's not being forced out.
  16. They aren't breaking up Joe & Sandra. Works perfectly for me.
  17. Hell WABC has 3 reporters with 30+ years at the station (Burkett, Dolan, Fleischer), 12 at 20+ (Ritter, Del Giorno, Goldberg, Evans, Bookman, Charlesworth, Torres, Solis, Sager, Yang, Glassberg and Pineda), 13 at 10+ (Einiger, Kenyon, Cho, Baderinwa, Johnson, Novarro (two pieces separated by a stint in CHI, Champion (two stints separated by GMA & TWC), Rosato, Sohn, Yates, Richardson, Smith, Miles). The rest are at 9 or less. WABC doesn't have this attitude or turnover.
  18. If it was non-amicable, it would've been immediately, not April 10. Also, Michelle has already acknowledged it, so I doubt it. While I have problems with Disney as a company, I don't think your conspiracy theory holds water. The only mistake lately was Camille Edwards and the damage she did.
  19. It's also an incredible overreaction. I think Rob is happy to do something else in his life. Yes, Mike Marza definitely has gotten a lot of promotion and work in his time here, but i don't think Ken and Shirleen will be broken up. Better chance David & Shirleen are broken up at noon over Ken & Shirleen.
  20. I had some suspicion of this, cause he's been out for months after the child's birth. Mike Marza's been working with Michelle Charlesworth and I'm guessing it will become permanent.
  21. Lauren filled in at 12 today. Sade back at 5, Sandra working on the Sarah Lawrence story.
  22. Shirleen did sound very sick. I am surprised she worked.
  23. Ira Joe was WABC from 1983- August 1985 because he got tired of being a 2nd man to Storm Field, wanting more to do, and they let him go from his mllion dollar contract early (due to end in 1986). He went back to WKRC (where he was before WABC) for three years until his show (The Ira Joe Fisher Show) was canned in December 1988. Ira Joe Fisher returned to the Big Apple at WNBC in May 1989 to do fill-in work for Linda Church, who was on maternity leave. That stretch ended up being through April 30, 1995, when he jumped shipped from WNBC to WCBS. At WCBS he ended up being in multiple roles, including being kicked to the mornings and afternoons for Mark Danon, which went well till he ended up being busted trying to buy a gram of cocaine. David Rogers from WKYC replaced Danon. Ira Joe's contract at WCBS was not renewed in August 2002 after being kicked back to mornings from noon in favour of Janine D'Adamo, and some idiot on the radio decided to duct tape himself to a utility pole in Carteret, NJ just off the Turnpike as a stunt to help get Ira Joe work after his contract was renewed.
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