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  1. Him, Doug Johnson, John Johnson & Geraldo Rivera based on the Newsday article.
  2. All across news, broadcasters tend to take their vacations in summer (really in August in many cases), even if it's just a week at a time.
  3. I guess no one should be surprised, but Tim Fleischer is finally retiring after 35 years at Eyewitness News. He is being celebrated at 5 pm tomorrow. I have attached the news article from Pittsburgh when he was hired away. Going to miss Tim. This basically has been his reporting staff for a long time.
  4. Rob went home today after recovering.
  5. I've been so busy I didn't see it. I hope he gets well quick. That's awful. Robb is probably one of the few anchors I wish had never left WABC in the first place. He always is cheerful on Twitter working for WHP. I hope he recovers.
  6. It was a mistake and Bill owned it. With all the talk of people dying from COVID 19, it's an understandable slipup. People aren't perfect.
  7. Can add Derick Waller to the list of showing symptoms. He'll be reporting from home on Wednesday.
  8. Regardless, the discussion of COVID 19 and legal rights is not really what should be talking about, Hopefully Bill feels better and we'll see him back at the desk soon.
  9. Can't force someone to take a test without a court order, would be a violation of rights.
  10. I had suspicions of that. Mike & Joe had worked 5 and 11 for Bill with Sade the last 3 days.
  11. Listen, if they want to drive to Buffalo to shoot their news, damn it, I will bow in their presence. I have no problem with it being produced anywhere at any time, though I for one liked the sidewalk option.
  12. Liz is back working again. Glad she feels better
  13. If the WABC fire had damaged more than they expected, Kenny Plotnik said that morning broadcast would've been done on the sidewalk. Kudos to WCBS for doing it.

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