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  1. I'm currently good with the same theme. The CHL one is really out of date and doesn't really fit a modern broadcast in my opinion. Considering less WABC broadcasts have them, at some point I wonder if they just throw up their hands and eliminate the talent opens for good.
  2. This was missed over all the lineup discussion, but that's the first sighting of Rose Ann in years. She wasn't on the 50th anniversary of EWN stuff in 2018.
  3. Problem with David is the same as it would be for Jim. David is 63. He's at the point he can retire whenever he wants too. Mike is still young enough to have the long-term ability.
  4. Rosenfield joining WABC, if it occurs, would also make him a rare three-peat, working for all 3 major stations of NYC (WABC, WNBC and WCBS). Ira Joe Fisher has done it. John Johnson has done it. I feel like there's probably someone I'm forgetting.
  5. Jim Rosenfield wanted to be closer to home and honestly, it's a fantastic pickup if it occurs. Rosenfield is 64, I don't think he's Bill's successor long term.
  6. I will say that wasn't the case until really late. Even by 1995 they still were just "Finally tonight" on a shot of Bill Beutel.
  7. Bill Beutel finished every 6pm and numerous broadcasts with his own comments. He certainly earned his right to do so. Bill has his biases. That happens. If the ratings aren't showing problems with it, then why would staff do anything about it?
  8. He's almost 81. I feel like 50th anniversary (next year), will be the determination time how much longer. He's only doing the 6pm broadcast as is.
  9. Wonder if he is on the buyouts from NBC. Wouldn't surprise me.
  10. Yeah that'll certainly answer the unceremonious breakup with WABC. Going to a rival in city station will do that.
  11. Anthony Carlo, formerly of News 12, is working the shift Naveen was working.
  12. Fred Roggin used to do Sundays as well. It's not a terrible concept. Sports on Sundays are common and Friday and Saturday being Sam's days seems a little simple.
  13. Usually if she's on at 5 pm it's as a reporter. Her filling in as an anchor is incredibly rare.
  14. I am not a fan of KABC's chiron package. This WABC one isn't that great, but I've learned to live with it. That said, as noted, there is change coming, but it's believed to be a universal ABC O&O one.
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