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  1. Lauren filled in at 12 today. Sade back at 5, Sandra working on the Sarah Lawrence story.
  2. Shirleen did sound very sick. I am surprised she worked.
  3. Ira Joe was WABC from 1983- August 1985 because he got tired of being a 2nd man to Storm Field, wanting more to do, and they let him go from his mllion dollar contract early (due to end in 1986). He went back to WKRC (where he was before WABC) for three years until his show (The Ira Joe Fisher Show) was canned in December 1988. Ira Joe Fisher returned to the Big Apple at WNBC in May 1989 to do fill-in work for Linda Church, who was on maternity leave. That stretch ended up being through April 30, 1995, when he jumped shipped from WNBC to WCBS. At WCBS he ended up being in multiple roles, including being kicked to the mornings and afternoons for Mark Danon, which went well till he ended up being busted trying to buy a gram of cocaine. David Rogers from WKYC replaced Danon. Ira Joe's contract at WCBS was not renewed in August 2002 after being kicked back to mornings from noon in favour of Janine D'Adamo, and some idiot on the radio decided to duct tape himself to a utility pole in Carteret, NJ just off the Turnpike as a stunt to help get Ira Joe work after his contract was renewed.
  4. The fun is right now even WKBW, in Buffalo where I'm stuck, has 5 full-time meteorologists. They also had 8 at one point last year. I don't mind the 4 meteorologist system, but even someone from WPVI would be an improvement over Raleigh-Durham stations. Ultimately, a freelance is probably the best approach.
  5. Steve Stewart came in last week as well from WTVD. However, he is king of graphics. The issue is the only one they've brought in recently who has a general idea of the area, and that was Spencer Christian which was great in June. Admittedly, if WABC wanted to hire a freelance for this situation, John Bolaris is a free agent.
  6. Let me say this when I made the post I started with. I didn't mean to insinuate they only worked 8 1/2 hours on air and in between. I know that they commonly have long commutes in and also do lots of prep work. I just feel like Ken & Shirleen shouldn't have to spend 8 1/2 hours on broadcasts (and in between stuff) unless it's stipulated. I legitimately apologize.
  7. Working from 4:30-1 is 8 and a half hours in the building. (not to mention getting there, among other things) No one else in the Eyewitness News anchor department hosts in a stretch more than 6 1/2. The fact that Shirleen is working 4:30-1 means at some point she'll probably go from 4:30-7 unless it's stipulated in her contract. Bill only works 6 1/2 (5-11:32) David works 4 (12 to 4:58) Sade works 6 1/2 (5-11:32) Liz works 2 1/2 (4 to 6:30) Sandra works 7 (5 to 12) Joe works 7 (5 to 12) I don't see it being fair to force people to work for 8 and a half hours.
  8. David works noon and 4. Getting 4 was part of getting David back from CHI. Bill and Liz at 6 have been the norm for quite a while since Liz left the 11 for 4. As for why Bill at 5, he chose to take over for Diana is my guess. As for Ken, he and Lori were both taken off the 12-1 shift to relieve the load of work. Bill (and now Sam) still work both, but there was a place needed for Shirleen, and Ken and Lori at the time got a break working from 4:30-7. Lori's leaving put Shirleen at mornings as well. Of course, Ken has a ton of seniority.
  9. It aired at 4:56 for the record (Thorne's first piece)
  10. Kristin Thorne returned today from her maternity leave.
  11. That did remind me, what happened to Roseanne Colletti? Her Twitter stopped on 7/30 and her bio's gone, so I'm guessing there's a reason that was nonamicable.
  12. For one of the few times since Sam Ryan was hired, Anthony Johnson doing sports tonight. Every time I see him doing sports, my brain thinks Randall Pinkston having to fill in for Warner Wolf.
  13. It's not crazy. It sucks it's not Spencer Christian again, but hey, he lives in San Fran and has his own commitments. Steve did a fine job.
  14. Ok, so I wasn't going crazy. I gave up pretty quickly because it was commercials nonstop.
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