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  1. I appreciate the positive comment on our graphics we designed! You should be seeing this hit air very soon.
  2. NewsNet…graphics as it shouldn’t be. The standard just keeps getting worse. But, I agree on the L3 size.
  3. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxnYUpgRLtDeOs06gCP_K7Su46ygXIQ2lK http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,1918 Is this theme used by KPRC in 86 part of the WCCO "Thinking News" campaign? Sounds awfully the same.
  4. Reggie Roundtree/Frank Robertson interview Former WOFL/WTSP/WSVN anchor Charles Billi sat down with former WTSP anchor Reginald Roundtree and former WTVT anchor Frank Robertson. Things get candid, especially with Reggie. Pretty cool interview!
  5. I agree, I thought I heard a WCCO version of that image, because I vaguely remember 'CCO, we're coming through....could be wrong..plus there is a slew of stations missing from the list who also used this package. I wonder too how this got ID'd as a Tuesday package.
  6. NMSA has ID'd the 80's/90's package "The Best News of All" as that of Tuesday Productions. http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,3,107
  7. For the folks in TV news that leave, or are forced to leave the industry...what are they doing after? Former WOFL/WSVN/WTSP anchor/reporter Charles Billi is now doing a podcast (premieres tonight) https://fb.me/e/1hw4WizG6. He is going to be talking about why he got out of TV. I've heard of several other anchors/reporters doing the same. Is podcasting/social media reporting becoming the go to platform for those who are/were in TV news? I guess it used to be paid spokesperson/infomercial gigs...
  8. Former WOFL anchor Charles Billi announced he is coming back to TV in Tampa. Along with Billi, Ricc Rollins formerly of WTVT and Kathy Times formerly of WVTM and WDBD on a new syndicated program called Goin’ Places. Billi said the show will air on WMOR starting in July.
  9. According to a latest post…he is. He’s going to be part of a new program called “Goin’ Places” that will air on WMOR-TV in July. Here’s the promo he shared on his Facebook page. Ricc Rollins whose hosting the program comes from WTVT. https://youtu.be/SDFF-vXvEMY
  10. Is Charles Billi coming back to Tampa TV?
  11. Ed Saxe started his own jingle company some years ago. He has done MANY iconic jingles in my area that have been running for many years. It’s very hard to find information on his company though.
  12. I wonder what other campaigns they’ve done for television stations. Aside from the NFL highlights and Menards jingle it’s hard to find anything on them.
  13. Check this out! Irish-Saxe (now just Irish Productions) produced some content including themes and images for local tv stations in the ‘80s. They were based out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Ed Saxe has his own business now doing jingle packages and has confirmed they have done many tv image and theme campaigns. Check out some of their work!
  14. Still like to know who wrote that package....I have my suspicions...
  15. I know this has been brought up before, but check out this newscast from WQAD in 1990. This is the era when they used the WCCO '85 Theme, This clip obviously includes bumpers to this package, that I am hearing for the first time. Was curious if this sounds familiar to anyone. I know this package was used by several stations and I have been really wanting to figure out who created it, its a great package. Below are other clips of this package. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdLh15dGZxs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNg2iHb8-ak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=0iLP7YebhSM;t=216 (The last clip from WMBD is a long shot, but you can hear very briefly at the end of that promo is the same as the end off the KSNW promo, point being is this package was widely used)
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