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  1. Most themes from the 70’s-80’s where built around a “song” or image campaign, not necessarily a “hidden message” I recall in a Frank Gari interview he talked about how this became, after his successful production of the WEWS “Catch 5” image, Ch. 5 management approached him wanting an instrumental package of recordings for news and for it to sound like Catch 5. He also talked about how he pioneered not only an image campaign with corresponding theme package but also syndication. If I can find that interview, I will post it, it is very informative and interesting!
  2. And finally the ‘78 promo with vocals (you’ll have to scrub to 12:35)
  3. I know we are getting off topic...but just to add to your timeline as promised This is the theme I believe goes along with the “One Quad City” promo Then to help fill in gaps, here is a promo from ‘78...working on uploading the full vocal promo soon
  4. Ni Nice timeline! I have a recording somewhere of the promo WQAD rolled out in ‘78 when Des Moines Register purchased WQAD and re-branded WQAD as “Active 8” I will try to dig it up today. I must say, through the ‘80s WQAD rolled out very nice, unique promos and brand campaigns.
  5. My guess is that is a mistake. That should all be one package with WQAD using it from 88-91.
  6. We should contact them! Most likely Carmichael Lynch was the agency the stations called on for re-imaging/re-hauling there station. They where probably a full service consultant to the station, and who would see to it the music/graphics/set etc ..all went through a “branding lens” and all fit. Similar to what Al Primo did after he left WABC (for reference of his consulting work ) It probably just so happens CL has there go to composer or jingle house they used.
  7. Most likely... If we knew who created this Image campaign we’d have our answer, same vocalists and similar instrumentation used in “The Best News of All”
  8. Great promo with “The Best News of All” from WQAD
  9. Digging into this more with some WQAD content, this has an open and some bumpers At 10:44 in this clip you can hear the ending from the image song that’s been heard in other promos from other stations
  10. Bringing up an old topic...found a really nice clip from WCCO using a extended cut of this theme for there credits...would love to find out who composed this theme!
  11. Still like to know who wrote that package....I have my suspicions...
  12. With this being a "1,000 year flood" as quoted...I don't see how viable it is for KHOU to rebuild. If there MC and equipment racks are on the first floor it'll all have to be replaced. All that cabling will need to be pulled out and re-ran, every computer will need replaced just to name a few things...plus walls carpeting and outlets. What a mess.
  13. I know this has been brought up before, but check out this newscast from WQAD in 1990. This is the era when they used the WCCO '85 Theme, This clip obviously includes bumpers to this package, that I am hearing for the first time. Was curious if this sounds familiar to anyone. I know this package was used by several stations and I have been really wanting to figure out who created it, its a great package. Below are other clips of this package. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdLh15dGZxs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNg2iHb8-ak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=0iLP7YebhSM;t=216 (The last clip from WMBD is a long shot, but you can hear very briefly at the end of that promo is the same as the end off the KSNW promo, point being is this package was widely used)
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