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  1. Michelle Tuzee stepping away from the anchor desk due to health issues
  2. There is a new newscast at 6pm on FOX 11 with Elex Michaelson & Christine Devine and a daily coronavirus special at 7pm called Coronavirus Crisis with Elex Michaelson & Dr Drew
  3. FOX 8 taking the win in New Orleans https://www.fox8live.com/2020/03/02/fox-maintains-top-spot-new-orleans-ratings/
  4. When is The Kelly Clarkson Show airing in New Orleans?
  5. Hopefully he can pull there ratings out the basement
  6. What are the numbers for New York City and Los Angeles?
  7. What’s stations are the duopoly
  8. https://pge.sx/2ExMoZv If Gayle King leave this will be a big blow to CBS This Morning
  9. Is Whit Johnson the new weekend GMA anchor?
  10. The new anchor is boring on the morning news
  11. WWL now is losing in the morning ratings since that change. More CTM is number behind local news on FOX 8 and The Today Show
  12. https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/savannah-guthrie-replacing-megyn-kelly-164331 Savanna maybe replacing Megyn Kelly on the 9am hour of Today
  13. Before Jeanine left the stage she called the host of The View cocksucks in front of the studio audiences... She was way out of line for doing that in front of the guest
  14. The fourth hour of the Today show has been broadcasting from Megyn Kelly studio with a live audience... I hope the continue that

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