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  1. They had a small fire in their Studio A over the past weekend. Not sure of the extent of the damage, but I would assume that’s what is making the desk/3x3/horizontal monitor area unusable right now.
  2. I think we all figured this was coming... KVVU added a 2 PM newscast now that Ellen is officially done with reruns. They're on the air nonstop from 1pm-7:30pm.
  3. KVVU in Las Vegas is adding a 7pm half-hour newscast beginning today. Their afternoon news block now consists of 1-2pm, and then 3pm to 7:30pm. The new 7pm newscast bumps Extra back to midnight.
  4. The Meredith graphics hub is a “local media group” division and is included in the sale to Gray. I’m interested to see how they integrate the Meredith graphics team, if at all. Also included is in the sale is Meredith’s Dynamic Captioning.
  5. At KVVU: Christine Maddela (weeknight news), Rachel Smith (MORE), and Maria Silva (news/MORE) are all gone on the on-air front. At least three to four staffers behind the scenes as well.
  6. Announced today by Meredith: Todd Brown, GM of KVVU in Las Vegas, has been promoted into the newly created corporate role of Senior VP and Chief Revenue Officer for the entire local media group, "effective immediately." And Kevin James (no, not that Kevin James) also earns a promotion to GM of KPHO/KTVK, Meredith's duopoly in Phoenix.
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