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  1. rdtv

    KTNV Getting New Set

    Yeah, can't say I'm blown away. Overall, the whole set doesn't really look that big. I'm assuming some sort of physical "weather center" will be built somewhere, and the virtual chroma area will be off in its own corner. Anyone else catch the ~yellow~ columns? I hope those are just protective covers, because... Yikes.
  2. rdtv

    KTNV Getting New Set

    KTNV, the Scripps-owned ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, is readying a new set. Construction just started after Thanksgiving. Their outgoing set was built in 2014, which leaves KVVU as the only Vegas station without an updated studio — KLAS and KSNV both updated in 2016. KVVU last updated their main set in 2011. Some examples... Looks like even their chroma wall is out of action. Weather is done from a monitor.
  3. rdtv

    Out and About

    Announced today by Meredith: Todd Brown, GM of KVVU in Las Vegas, has been promoted into the newly created corporate role of Senior VP and Chief Revenue Officer for the entire local media group, "effective immediately." And Kevin James (no, not that Kevin James) also earns a promotion to GM of KPHO/KTVK, Meredith's duopoly in Phoenix.

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