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  1. "Nexstar: We got you cornered!"
  2. Or perhaps KELOland Network
  3. https://www.fox5vegas.com/news/new-set/video_1f4f7dc9-9503-535a-b293-bb901b69780a.html
  4. The new set debuted today with the 4pm newscast, along with new HD cameras, new music and new graphics. It is similar to the KPHO and WSMV sets, but refreshingly styled for the Las Vegas market.
  5. It looks like KVVU in Las Vegas is getting a new set. Newscasts are being presented from their lifestyle set/video wall with a temp desk.
  6. In Vegas, Nexstar *is* cheap. KLAS used to have hard news stories and sound production values before Uncle Perry took the wheel. KVVU excels at its take on localism in the news, and they deserve a new set to go with it.
  7. Today was Dayna Roselli's last day as morning anchor at KTNV: https://www.reviewjournal.com/entertainment/entertainment-columns/kats/dayna-roselli-leaving-channel-13-in-las-vegas-1868494/
  8. Beth Fisher signed off from the morning shift at KTNV Las Vegas yesterday. https://www.ktnv.com/positivelylv/beth-fishers-sendoff-at-13-action-news
  9. According to NMSA, not all Tegna stations prior to the Nexstar/Tribune spinoffs are currently using C Clarity, so there's a possibility of hope for WNEP to keep MCTYW.
  10. For clarification, it's the 1991-98 WPXI news theme with synth riffs of MCTYW,
  11. It appears it's just the former MG stations that are affected for now.
  12. They still use them for most of their duopoly markets, with some exceptions.
  13. "Start Local. Stay Local" sounds a lot better then "Loving Living Local" IMHO.
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