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  1. Greggo

    Out & About

    Agreed ... an odd choice of anchors. Chauncy and Mayra anchor at 3 and could’ve done this easily. So ... who anchors weekends now for KTRK? Also, who will Nexstar partner with in Dallas bc we know this arrangement is coming to KDAF soon ..,
  2. Greggo

    Out & About

    I’m thinking this is temporary. They closed the deal in the middle of coronavirus mania so it’s not really a good time to rebuild a station from scratch. Between news from KHOU, Tegna shows such as DBL and Sister Circle and syndie stuff not airing in Houston, there’s plenty available out there and I’m guessing they’ll roll things out when it calms down. Spending $15 million to buy a station that airs a straight simulcast of Quest makes zero sense.
  3. Greggo

    Out & About

    Tegna has completed its acquisition of KTBU in Houston, giving KHOU 11 a sister station. KTBU has dropped Mega TV and is now carrying Tegna’s Quest on 55.1. Quest previously was carried on 11.4.
  4. The Sinclair stations in San Antonio (WOAI/KABB) share a chopper. It was inherited when Sinclair acquired WOAI, where it’s known as World Car Sky 4. The tail is N61CL. Also ... the helicopter shared by the Houston stations (other than KTRK) still has KPRC’s branding.
  5. This news-heavy layout doesn’t really work for stations that don’t have their own news department, like KDAF. Looking at their site just now, it was a bunch of random Texas news mostly from KXAN in Austin and some generic fluff from the Nexstar national team. Nothing specific to DFW. It’s essentially an afterthought. “Oh, I guess we need a website ...”
  6. Spectrum News Austin is live weekdays from 5-8a and 4-7p. There’s also a nightly politics show at 7p. Most of the rest of the day is taped, including weather. Same for Spectrum News San Antonio, which originates from Austin. Not much crime content. Focus a lot of resources on politics, health and transportation. Lots of fluffy feature stories, too. They had a pretty large sports department and a nightly sports show that aired at 10p up until a couple years ago, when the department was disbanded. Now, sports stories are rolled into the news block, as needed.
  7. Greggo

    Out & About

    Big retirement in Houston. Bill Balleza left KPRC Friday night after 4 decades. He joined the station in 1980 as an anchor/reporter and had been the primary evening anchor since 1990. Here’s his farewell ... https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2020/02/01/final-farewell-bill-balleza-thanks-all-those-who-helped-throughout-his-40-year-career-at-kprc-2/
  8. Greggo

    Out & About

    Can’t believe they’re still doing that. They’ve got around 200 stations now. (Yes, I know not all of them air news.) It’s so small market and amateur. Do custom lives for the big markets and the others can use generic look lives.
  9. I doubt they will leave it Spanish. Get ready for KHOU news reruns aplenty, maybe even fresh primetime news like what WXIA is doing in Atlanta for WATL, plus upgraded timeslots for DBL and Sister Circle, both of which 11 currently airs in the middle of the night. They could also maybe steal some syndie content from KUBE, an indy station airing some decent stuff dropped by other stations in town, including a number of sitcoms, plus Rachael Ray, The Doctors and RTM.
  10. Greggo

    Out & About

    WFLD maybe? They've got a fresh opening after booting the previously suspended Rafer Weigel earlier this week.
  11. I'm not buying the part where the GM says they're not going to cut anyone. Already, if FTVLive is to be believed, the KGBT general manager was told she's gone. Nexstar is keeping KVEO's GM. Also, there's no need for 2 sales teams, 2 engineering staffs and other redundancies. Most (if not all) of the news folks will likely be safe because KVEO didn't have much of a news operation.
  12. The different fonts being used in the weather graphics at the various O&Os are ... annoying. KDFW’s might just be the ugliest yet.
  13. KTVT left the building at 10111 North Central Expressway and relocated in 2013. In 2015, it was sold to a developer and today it is home to a SpringHill Suites hotel. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/2015/11/30/old-tv-station-building-bought-for-hotel-project/ https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/dalsx-springhill-suites-dallas-central-expressway/
  14. Just to be clear, since I’ve received 3 “dislikes” on my post above, I despise these graphics. I was just pointing out the idiocy of Scripps creating a standardized graphics package and then granting exceptions bc they know how crappy they are.
  15. What’s the point of having standardized graphics if you’re not going to require each and every station to use them? Scripps is a complete dumpster fire.
  16. Greggo

    Out & About

    Even with a .5 or a 1 rating, which is probably about all they could realistically expect, if even, they can still rake in plenty of political ad dollars in 2020. After that, maybe they cancel. Maybe not. Candidates like to buy into news, primarily. Someone above asked why they aren't doing news on KTXA and WBFS? In both those markets, CBS already has newscasts it can sell into: KTVT and WFOR.
  17. Greggo

    Out & About

    The whole point is to do this as cheaply as possible. Why have locally based anchors when you can use folks from KTVT, WCBS and WFOR? Mix reports from a couple local MMJs on the ground in Detroit/Atlanta/Tampa with stuff pulled from the feeds and -- voila! -- you've filled an hour for next to nothing largely using existing staff.
  18. As several posters here predicted, WGN is getting a sports show weeknights at 10:30p following the demise of CLTV. https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/01/16/wgn-launch-half-hour-sports-show-1030-weeknights/
  19. I thought Tegna was supposed to be giving up on this crap?!?
  20. KTBC/Austin has made the switch. This rollout is happening so much faster and smoother than the Scripps dumpster fire! And these graphics actually look good, too!
  21. Greggo

    The "3" Thread

    Hiring that news director from the Today Show is turning out really well for them. Not.
  22. The Nexstar release says the cost to start the channel is neutral. The cost for the syndicated shows that are going away will go toward hiring 100+ staffers. If they were to hire Shep, the math wouldn't seem to work out .... unless they got him for a fire sale price. And with MSNBC reportedly interested, I doubt that. Variety says Shep made $15 million/year at Fox News Channel.
  23. Greggo

    Out & About

    I think you mean “retired.” That post makes it pretty clear it wasn’t his choice. The whole “changes ... can happen at any time” part is pretty telling. FTV has a vague(ish) quote from the news director claiming they’ll still have a chopper. Perhaps they went from 2 to 1. Or they found someone who works for less $$$. Something’s definitely up.
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