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  1. CBS Austin (KEYE) morning meteorologist Nicole Hartford announced today she’s going to WXIA in Atlanta, her hometown. She didn’t say which shift she will be working.
  2. It will run until the end of the season on the stations that want it and then disappear.
  3. Monica’s 2 shows will be on Peachtree TV. The article specifically says she will not appear on WGCL’s news programming because she is keeping her deals to appear in TV commercials for various local firms. So, to all the WGCL cheerleaders, just how exactly does this announcement help WGCL? Answer: It doesn’t.
  4. The space WFAA is vacating at Victory Park is just a small, small, small studio. No way another station like KDFW could relocate ALL their employees (sales, engineering, etc) there.
  5. If/when they move, I wonder if they would consider leaving downtown Dallas. That land their dumpy building sits on is worth major $$$.
  6. Re WCCO: It’s odd for a CBS station not to win the noon news. Which station is #1 middays?
  7. WOAI/San Antonio had this set as well until they were acquired by Sinclair and moved in with sister station KABB. After collecting dust for a bit, Sinclair shipped the aging set to KFDM/Beaumont where it lives on.
  8. L3s are back on KEYE/Austin as of late last week but something is screwy. Half the time they disappear almost as soon as they pop up. So fast you can’t even read them. Also … they STILL are not doing live shots. Pretty shocking.
  9. Those logos are soooooo smooshed!!!
  10. Greggo

    The "3" Thread

    Off to a great start
  11. That’s what happens when you offer zero percent pay raises or even pay cuts at contract renewal time, as many broadcast companies are doing. With all the belt-tightening, people at the Cox stations — which were always considered to be flush with staff and willing to spend major $$$ on pretty much anything — are doing way more with way less. I think someone here even mentioned not that long ago that KIRO had stopped staffing an overnight photog. And I believe the Jax duopoly grounded their chopper, as well. (Maybe I’m misremembering.) It’s a totally different company. Scott from FTVLive has been posting a lot about it.
  12. It’s been about 2 weeks now and the local Sinclair station (KEYE/Austin) still has no L3s. No bug with time and temperature. No live reports, either … only look-lives. They do have prompters. Is it the same at other Sinclair stations? Kinda surprised they’re still limping along.
  13. KEYE/Austin prerecorded the 10p news Sunday, presumably to avoid an on-air dumpster fire. They were open and told viewers it was prerecorded because of technical difficulties. The news segment was recorded at a different time than the weather segment so the news anchor and met were never on camera together. No L3s, no prompter, no opens. This morning, still no L3s, prompter or opens. They have weather graphics and commercials are running. No traffic maps. Assuming they’re affected too. Last newscast captured by NewsOn was Saturday at 10p. FTVLive is reporting Sinclair’s master control systems are now not able to ingest new content which, he predicts, could mean some stations go completely black if this isn’t resolved soon.
  14. Adding to the cheesiness … that shot behind the female KOSA anchor is a static one. She’s not in the control room. And not in front of a monitor showing a live look inside the control room. I wonder how many viewers have picked up on that
  15. Which GM/ND/CSD looks at the honeycomb package and says, “That’s the package I want for us!” ??? It immediately looks so dated. Straight from the 1970s or 1980s.
  16. More Houston TV news … 5p anchor Art Rascon is retiring from KTRK at the end of the year. His replacement will be … his son, Jacob Rascon. Jacob recently left KPRC, where he had been co-anchoring weekend mornings.
  17. Did we know MJ was leaving? I don’t recall seeing that here. The number of people who have left Q13 … or whatever they want to call it … is pretty staggering. Now to a different Fox O&O: All of us on here have bagged on KDFW for their apparent unwillingness to replace their ancient set. Even tho they’re the most-watched station in D/FW and clearly aren’t hurting for cash. Well, this morning anchor Lauren Przybyl was back in the studio for the first time in forever bc of COVID precautions. And she apparently was blasted by viewers commented on how her hair looked due to their crappy studio lighting. Yes, really.
  18. That leaves a lot of shows with no home, including Rachael Ray and The Doctors. Drew Barrymore still has her overnight run on KIAH, so at least there’s that. (KUBE was also running her at 4p.) The ShopHQ announcement was made in late May. By then, most stations have their fall programming locked in. Maybe we will see some of the KUBE shows reappear as the season progresses, most likely overnight. KTBU is another option. Even though they run most of the Quest lineup intact, they have been airing Daily Blast Live and a repeat of sister station KHOU’s Great Day Houston in early afternoons. This was the most recent schedule I could find for KUBE …
  19. WOAI replaces main anchor Randy Beamer with Jonathan Martinez, weekend anchor at KPRC. I could say more, but I’ll keep my mouth shut. #Sinclair https://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/meet-jonathan-martinez-news-4-san-antonios-new-co-anchor
  20. KEYE hasn’t aired Tamron at all this season … daytime or overnights. They replaced it in the 4p slot with Drew. I thought it might wind up on Nexstar’s KNVA (CW) or KBVO (MyTV), but nope. Sad the ratings weren’t better here … she’s from Luling in Caldwell County, which is in the Austin DMA.
  21. KPRC/Houston is repeating the 10p news, followed by a second run of Dr. Phil, then 3 infomercials. That means Impossible Jokers is JIP 12 minutes into the show so they can hit Early Today on time. Less than ideal.
  22. They redid the backdrop, adding images of local attractions, but yeah … it already looks dated. They were relocated from a building on the highway in the middle of nowhere (where a meteorologist got shot in the parking lot) to an old church. They clearly are doing everything on the cheap. KIII in Corpus Christi has a recycled Tegna set too.
  23. Greggo

    In Memoriam

    It’s kind of odd that his former station, ABC 15, spent far more time on his death than his current station, ABC 33/40. (He had been gone from KNXV for about 4 years.) A well-produced, 6-minute package vs. a VO. Either way though it’s a very sad story.
  24. It doesn’t mention 11a. I guess that means KPRC wins in that slot since they’re the only other station with local news at that hour. Neither KTRK nor KHOU says whether they are citing households or a certain demo. Also notice how both promos say “English language.” That means the Spanish stations actually beat them, which has been happening for years now.
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