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  1. Doesn’t really look like anything that special. Considering all the hype.
  2. Shocking! Looks like it may not be a Nexstar corner set.
  3. Well, maybe not. Looking like a runoff.
  4. Pretty big anchor shuffle announced this afternoon at KPRC/Houston: 11a, noon and 4p anchor Christine Noel is leaving. Weekday morning anchor Lisa Hernandez is her replacement. Former weekend morning anchor Sophia Ojeda is returning just a few months after she left to take over the weekday morning shift. Switch happens later this month. Lots of changes there since the new GM arrived. https://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2022/10/big-kprc-2-2022-anchor-changes.html
  5. The dreaded corner set is spreading
  6. I wouldn’t allow a bunch of curious people from the Chamber who are eating and (presumably) drinking booze to wander around the brand new studio. (I say this based upon similar events I’ve attended.) But maybe that’s just me …
  7. Wondering if we are seeing parts of the future KXAN set in tonight’s gubernatorial debate? This is quite an elaborate setup to only use on an occasional basis. For those not in Texas, it’s being held at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley campus. I guess we shall see …
  8. The huge ad for an AC company on the weather desk? Awful!
  9. He’s a young, very good-looking guy with some news chops in Hollywood. I can totally see him getting picked up by ET, Extra, Access Hollywood, etc.
  10. They’ve moved to the temp set, located in the station’s main conference room. Looks a bit dated, but not awful. One of the main anchors said in a Facebook Live that it will be 3 months until the new set is ready. And that’s even with them dismantling the old weather center (that hadn’t been seen on air in ages) and other areas of the studio ahead of time to speed things up. Apparently in the new set there will be “screens everywhere” with “lots of walking around.” Interested to see what Sinclair has cooked up. These folks deserve a nice set after hanging on to the old one for almost 2 decades.
  11. It’s bizarre that he felt the need near the end of his post to say it was his choice to leave. Pure ego. Um, you’re going from Detroit to Chicago. It’s a clear promotion. No need to explain yourself other than you being afraid someone might think you were demoted … to a bigger market.
  12. Um, no. Look at her social media and tell us it’s appropriate for someone in her position in a Top 10 market. It’s “ME. ME. ME.” She even blocked FTV because he’s called her out before for posts she’s made. (And yes … I know others have blocked him too.)
  13. After the dumpster fires at KTLA and KTVI in recent days, I’m sure Nexstar (and Mester and Faust) are thankful the spotlight is now on NY1’s Erick Adame https://nypost.com/2022/09/19/nyc-weatherman-fired-after-webcam-nudes-sent-to-boss/
  14. The latest Nexstar dumpster fire. With that audio leaked and the language he used, it would be hard to imagine him back at the anchor desk. He (allegedly) swore 40 times in 4 minutes, saying some really awful things to her.
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