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  1. As several posters here predicted, WGN is getting a sports show weeknights at 10:30p following the demise of CLTV. https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/01/16/wgn-launch-half-hour-sports-show-1030-weeknights/
  2. I thought Tegna was supposed to be giving up on this crap?!?
  3. KTBC/Austin has made the switch. This rollout is happening so much faster and smoother than the Scripps dumpster fire! And these graphics actually look good, too!
  4. Greggo

    The "3" Thread

    Hiring that news director from the Today Show is turning out really well for them. Not.
  5. The Nexstar release says the cost to start the channel is neutral. The cost for the syndicated shows that are going away will go toward hiring 100+ staffers. If they were to hire Shep, the math wouldn't seem to work out .... unless they got him for a fire sale price. And with MSNBC reportedly interested, I doubt that. Variety says Shep made $15 million/year at Fox News Channel.
  6. Greggo

    Out & About

    I think you mean “retired.” That post makes it pretty clear it wasn’t his choice. The whole “changes ... can happen at any time” part is pretty telling. FTV has a vague(ish) quote from the news director claiming they’ll still have a chopper. Perhaps they went from 2 to 1. Or they found someone who works for less $$$. Something’s definitely up.
  7. A brutal start to that newscast. Between the ringing iPhone, the delay pulling up the reporter’s camera shot, her mic problem and the weather forecast then black then the right video being played behind the reporter, pretty rough. Also ... what a snoozer of a lead story.
  8. Greggo

    Out & About

    Longtime WSB chopper pilot Jason Durden posted on Twitter that he’s no longer with the station. Pretty abrupt. Last time in the air was apparently last week. Sister stations WJAX and WFOX grounded their chopper. Surely the mighty WSB wouldn’t have gone that route, too. Or would they?
  9. Greggo

    Out & About

    So they essentially demoted Justin for someone who, while very accomplished, is a WSB newbie. That’s atypical for them. They usually groom folks for years and promote from within. I guess it’s possible Justin wanted it, but it seems like he would’ve announced he was stepping back to spend more time with family or whatever if that was the case.
  10. It was inevitable. Radio isn’t their business. How long till they unload the Dispatch radio stations in Columbus?
  11. The merger was finalized a month ago. Way too soon to see what might or might not happen, particularly with it being the busy holiday season.
  12. We had a station in our market that did something like this. They were in 3rd or 4th place in every time slot, but they ended every newscast by saying “Thanks for making us your #1 choice for news.” Loose enough phrasing to work, but incredibly deceptive.
  13. They’re not going to unspool the Ohio newspapers from the Dayton TV and radio stations. Too many shared resources to unwind, including the joint newsroom. It’d be too much money for Cox — or anyone else — to invest in the newspaper business, which has been slowly dying for more than a decade.
  14. Robert Feder says CLTV is gone at the end of the month. A dozen folks will be kept and shift to WGN, while "four or five" will be cut. The memo from the GM says they plan to expand WGN's weekend morning news in Q1 2020, in addition to adding sports and politics programming. https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/12/16/nexstar-media-pulling-plug-cltv-cable-news-channel/
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