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  1. Such a crappy way to handle things. Why, CBS?
  2. Why is their schedule not on their website, at least as far as I can tell? Seems rather basic. Also ... why are most of the Tribune stations waiting until November to go live with Court TV rather than carrying it from day one?
  3. The least they could’ve done with the WISH talent open is made sure the talent is wearing the same clothes in both shots. At least 2 of the 4 aren’t. It’s really not that hard. Clearly they just grabbed file art instead of expending the effort to put forth a quality product.
  4. They are focusing, at least for now, on the stations that have been cellar dwellers in the morning. They haven’t tinkered really with the newscasts on stations that are competitive in the a.m., such as KVUE/Austin (solid #1) and KENS/San Antonio (typically a close #2 behind KSAT). Makes sense, I guess, even if the new formats they are toying with seem to be targeting a younger demo that doesn’t usually watch local TV news. Also ... that KHOU cold open is insanely long. Seriously, people?!?
  5. Lemme guess. “Engaging alternate programming” = infomercials. *eyeroll*
  6. That KEYE/CBS Austin ticker is brand new. I'm betting it gets rolled out at other Sinclair stations soon.
  7. That KWES set is hideous. Hopefully a replacement follows now that the new graphics have launched. Although based on what Tegna has done recently at some of its smaller stations, it will likely be a hand-me-down from a bigger market.
  8. WSB/Atlanta morning anchor Linda Stouffer tweeted today that her station will be airing Tamron Hall’s talk show this fall.
  9. While you’re talking about interesting Louisiana newscast titles, don’t forget 2une In, the morning newscast on WBRZ Channel 2 in Baton Rouge.
  10. Greggo

    Out & About

    Word is he wasn’t renewed. They didn’t announce he was leaving until Friday, the same day he left. People on their Facebook page are mad. His farewell, if you can call it that, lasted about 5 seconds at the end of the newscast. No through-the-years montage. No long speech. Both the main anchors were off, too. Awkward.
  11. It wouldn’t look so bad if they hadn’t zoomed in so tight on the random high rise at the end of the NewsChopper 2 portion. So tight it’s almost grainy looking.
  12. Interesting that Tegna didn't grab WISH in Indy, particularly when you look at some of the crappy stations they did buy. Huntsville, Alabama?!? Maybe this means Terrier will wind up with WISH. Not many other options out there with Sinclair essentially on unofficial probation.
  13. No way. KXAN is important to Nexstar for several reasons. It's home to Nexstar's Texas capitol bureau team. Nexstar also airs KXAN's weekly political show on all its Texas stations. And corporate leans on the management at KXAN pretty heavily for assistance in a variety of matters (including production assistance for statewide debates, their regional New Year's Eve special broadcast live from Dallas, etc.) since it's their biggest station in the state ... for now, at least. More important than all that, though, Nexstar has revived plans -- shelved long ago by previous owner, LIN -- to construct a new building for KXAN (NBC) and sister stations KNVA (CW) and KBVO (MyNetworkTV). It's still in the early stages at this point. Right now they are crammed into buildings on opposite sides of a busy street. It's not unusual to see employees sprint across MLK Blvd. in between the cars. Super safe. Anyway, if Nexstar was looking to unload KXAN, why would they waste millions on a new building? Leave that for the new owner.
  14. Greggo

    Out & About

    Chris Parente, an anchor at Tribune's Denver duopoly, slid his stool back a little too far and shattered one of the monitors on their nine-screen video wall ON LIVE TV. Hopefully the tightwads at Tribune don't make him pay for the repairs ...
  15. Magazines? Which magazines does Cox own? Answer: none. Maybe you’re thinking of Meredith? Yes, though ... clearly Cox is slowly exiting the media business and anything not sold yet will likely be sold in the coming months.
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