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  1. I’m sure the new name and graphics will send ratings through the roof!
  2. Because the stock markets are located in Dallas?!? Oh, wait ... WFAA management is atrocious.
  3. I’ve seen local stations across the country run promos taking jabs at that “pre-recorded news from NYC” but it’s kinda cheap/petty to see the anchors do it live in a newscast.
  4. The note sent out by WFSB’s boss said everything was done yesterday and no more were coming. Hopefully that’s the case everywhere.
  5. The KXAN-produced lifestyle show on sister station KNVA (CW Austin) is getting this same treatment later this month. Nonstop weather and traffic. I see a trend, Nexstar.
  6. Schitt’s isn’t on the Fox O&O in Austin either. Airing instead on Nexstar CW affiliate KNVA at 11:30p weekdays. Speaking of KNVA, they are dumping the 2-hour lifestyle show “Studio 512” that runs 7a-9a and replacing it with 2 hours of weather and traffic from sister station KXAN. If this sounds familiar, it’s the same thing Nexstar did with KIAH in Houston.
  7. In Houston, “Extra” moves from KPRC (NBC) to KRIV (Fox O&O). It’ll air at 12:30p (same time it aired on KPRC). Overnight runs at midnight on KRIV and 3:30a on sister station KTXH (MyTV). At 12:30p, KPRC replaces “Extra” with a rerun of the previous day’s “ET.” (Not really sure why they don’t just expand the noon news ... they are already doing 90 minutes of news from 11a to 12:30p.) The overnight run is replaced by a “Dr. Phil” repeat.
  8. How sad is it that the temp set looks better than the bastardized set (essentially just a tight shot with 4 monitors) they’ve been using in recent years?!?
  9. She’s been dumped from the 4p slot on KEYE/CBS/Sinclair in Austin as of next week in favor of Drew Barrymore.
  10. Greggo

    Out & About

    Nexstar’s CW39 in Houston has a new chief met: Adam Krueger from Spectrum News in Austin and San Antonio. He’ll be on their newly reformatted in-house morning show, which is weather- and traffic-intensive. (Their evening newscast at 9p is outsourced to ABC O&O KTRK.)
  11. Greggo

    Out & About

    Hurricane Laura toppled the towers of two Lake Charles TV stations: NBC affiliate KPLC and CBS affiliate KSWL. The KPLC tower fell on the station’s offices, ripping a huge hole in the roof of the news studio. Thankfully, the staff had already evacuated to sister Gray stations in Alexandria and Baton Rouge. KPLC’s GM says the rebuilding process could take a year. The KSWL tower fell on a neighboring building. KSWL, which is based in the old KVHP building, doesn’t do news so no crews to relocate. In the video below, the first downed tower they show without identifying is the KSWL tower. https://www.kplctv.com/2020/08/27/lake-charles-tv-station-tower-toppled-laura/
  12. Why isn’t another Denver news outlet taking them down? This is such hypocrisy
  13. They are violating state law, according to FTV Live, by not reporting an “outbreak.” Hope they get nailed.
  14. Greggo

    Out & About

    KPRC is moving “Houston Life,” its lifestyle show, to 3p weekdays starting Aug. 17. It had been airing at 1p. “Dr. Phil,” which had been airing at 3p, moves to 1p. The station claims ratings for the show have spiked during the coronavirus pandemic, with it beating all other Houston stations in its current timeslot. At 3p, it’ll be up against “Ellen” on KHOU, “Kelly Clarkson” on KRIV and local news/“Inside Edition” on KTRK. https://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2020/06/KPRC-2-Houston-Life-3pm.html
  15. Greggo

    Out & About

    Agreed ... an odd choice of anchors. Chauncy and Mayra anchor at 3 and could’ve done this easily. So ... who anchors weekends now for KTRK? Also, who will Nexstar partner with in Dallas bc we know this arrangement is coming to KDAF soon ..,
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