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  1. Seems like they still need to do an internal investigation but not looking like that will happen.
  2. Surprised it won’t be on all the Weigel stations at launch, as opposed to adding later, as they’re planning to do. They just launched stations in Dallas and Houston for instance and this would be a good addition.
  3. If they were to build a new building in the parking lot, there’s still the question of what would happen to the original building. The story says developers interested in saving it have looked at it and walked away, saying it was either impossible or too expensive. So it would likely just sit empty which is rather pointless.
  4. Damn! 11 discrimination complaints at WKYC alone? And 9 at WTSP? What is up there and how is management still there? Also ... I definitely don’t think we should identify these folks ... but regulars on this board can probably figure out at least some of the people they talked to. There were 2 I figured out based upon circumstances that were previously published.
  5. NAHJ, in a recent message to members, claimed Tegna was digging in and supporting the management team at KUSA. This came after a recent meeting. Tegna can’t seriously continue to do that. The more that comes out, the more it appears the KUSA GM and ND, at a minimum, need to go. This is causing serious damage to the entire chain’s credibility and alleged commitment to diversity.
  6. Maybe Live PD can air the footage of Javier Ambler being killed by Williamson County deputies. Oh, wait. They deleted that footage, leading to the sheriff being indicted for felony evidence tampering ... How anyone can support that show knowing that is beyond my comprehension.
  7. Thanks! Interesting that 2 is acting like Start is new when they were already carrying it.
  8. In Houston, MeTV comes from KPRC. KPRC also carries 2 other Weigel diginets: Start and H&I. Curious to see if Weigel grabs them too. That would leave KPRC without any subchannels. (Although they could probably loot some, like Cozi, from indy station KUBE.)
  9. The initial studio building was built in 1961. I’m sure back then they never could have imagined such a massive expansion of I-10. (KBMT is also along I-10 although not at a major interchange.) But the two-story addition was built in 2015. Idiotic to build it on the existing site, so close to the existing right of way. They spent a couple million on a building that won’t even make it 10 years.
  10. This is just plain messy. If they hub KFDM/KBTV newscasts out of San Antonio, they’re going to have to dramatically alter their output unless Sinclair springs for a new studio and control room ... which we all know they won’t. Both KABB and WOAI are on the air 5-7a. So there’s no room to produce live morning news for KFDM before CBS This Morning. They could conceivably continue to produce the morning news for KBTV (Fox) since the WOAI studio would be free after 7a. KABB continues until 9a. KABB has a midday newscast at 11a and WOAI has one at noon. So the KABB studio could be used for the KFDM
  11. The Blake McCoy saga at Fox’s WTTG has gotten even more bizarre. His bio has been removed after a sex video was posted to his Instagram. McCoy initially said a friend was responsible for posting. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/3/6/now-the-bio-is-gone
  12. The Sinclair cuts claimed WOAI 5p anchor Delaine Mathieu. Her last time on the desk was Tuesday. Didn’t get to give a farewell. Interestingly enough, she did reappear briefly on Friday during a prerecorded montage for longtime anchor Randy Beamer, who retired. https://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2021/03/delaine-mathieu-exits-news-4-san-antonio-woai.html Elsewhere in Texas, KFDM/KBTV in Beaumont cut 10 buildingwide, which is way more than the stated 5% of their workforce.
  13. KAGS, the Tegna-owned NBC affiliate in Bryan/College Station, Texas, was unable to do the news yesterday because they lost power as a result of the unprecedented winter storm. It appears they aren’t going to be able to do the news again tonight ... and their chief meteorologist isn’t happy about it:
  14. They likely picked San Antonio because it’s a rare market where Sinclair has two news-producing stations with separate sets and control rooms. (They’re in the same building tho.) KABB has no late afternoon/early evening newscasts and their late evening news is from 9-10p CT so there’s no conflict with WXLV’s news times, another benefit. I will say I’m surprised they didn’t hire a separate anchor for WXLV (based in San Antonio, of course) although clearly this is being done on the cheap.

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