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  1. They likely picked San Antonio because it’s a rare market where Sinclair has two news-producing stations with separate sets and control rooms. (They’re in the same building tho.) KABB has no late afternoon/early evening newscasts and their late evening news is from 9-10p CT so there’s no conflict with WXLV’s news times, another benefit. I will say I’m surprised they didn’t hire a separate anchor for WXLV (based in San Antonio, of course) although clearly this is being done on the cheap.
  2. Another station that has been neglected by Sinclair is KEYE in Austin. Their set dates back to 2005, when the station was still owned by CBS. It was then sold to Four Points before being acquired by Sinclair. They have made a few minor changes but it’s essentially the same. For example, the skyline has changed dramatically so they covered up the skyline behind the anchors with dark blue panels. The TV behind the anchors is now bigger as well. The desk is the same though. They no longer use the weather center for some reason. Considering they just recently repainted the portion of the set used
  3. It claimed that reporters were being told they’d have to become MMJs when it came time to renew their contracts. Says that some photogs will likely be cut as a result.
  4. Pretty bad when the station refuses to speak on the record with its own reporters.
  5. This quote from the Denver City Attorney — taken directly from the KUSA website — indicates that the station could indeed be criminally charged. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a corporation has been criminally charged, but it is hard to prove. Look at the Arkema case in Houston. “Licensed security guard employers that hire unlicensed security guards could face disciplinary actions against their licenses ranging from a fine, to suspension, to revocation. Businesses could also face criminal charges for permitting or directing an unlicensed person to perform security services.
  6. This actually soft debuted today and it was atrocious. I’ve never seen a newscast with so many technical errors. During the 6a hour, they repeatedly dumped out in the middle of stories to start playing commercials, they went to black several times, their bug and ticker were up over some of the commercials and worst of all one of the weather segments they played was from a rehearsal from last week when they were waiting for Delta to still make landfall. The anchors stood the whole time. The desk was visible pushed into a corner when they did a bump shot at the end of the show, which w
  7. A private security guard working for Tegna’s KUSA shot and killed a man at a protest over the weekend and has been arrested for murder. https://www.9news.com/article/news/crime/shooting-near-dueling-rallies-denver-2-in-custody/73-6890f727-e44a-4a60-a777-a6fbe0730e0e
  8. This isn’t going to go over well in Austin and San Antonio, where viewers have been used to getting city-specific feeds. Now they’re going to see their local news mixed with stories from Corpus, Dallas, El Paso, etc. in a single broadcast. Also, multiple well-known anchors have been demoted under this new schedule.
  9. Update: KBVO will now be airing the first hour of NN every night, pushing MyTV programming from 7-9p to 8-10p. Not sure whether this is a move of desperation by Nexstar, hoping to get more eyes on NN or if this is a cheap way to add news to stations that don’t currently have any, allowing them to grab election ad dollars they otherwise wouldn’t get.
  10. In Austin, KNVA (CW) AND KBVO (MyTV) both ran the preview tonight.
  11. I’m sure the new name and graphics will send ratings through the roof!
  12. Because the stock markets are located in Dallas?!? Oh, wait ... WFAA management is atrocious.
  13. I’ve seen local stations across the country run promos taking jabs at that “pre-recorded news from NYC” but it’s kinda cheap/petty to see the anchors do it live in a newscast.
  14. The note sent out by WFSB’s boss said everything was done yesterday and no more were coming. Hopefully that’s the case everywhere.
  15. The KXAN-produced lifestyle show on sister station KNVA (CW Austin) is getting this same treatment later this month. Nonstop weather and traffic. I see a trend, Nexstar.

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