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  1. Greggo

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Interesting that Tegna didn't grab WISH in Indy, particularly when you look at some of the crappy stations they did buy. Huntsville, Alabama?!? Maybe this means Terrier will wind up with WISH. Not many other options out there with Sinclair essentially on unofficial probation.
  2. Greggo


    No way. KXAN is important to Nexstar for several reasons. It's home to Nexstar's Texas capitol bureau team. Nexstar also airs KXAN's weekly political show on all its Texas stations. And corporate leans on the management at KXAN pretty heavily for assistance in a variety of matters (including production assistance for statewide debates, their regional New Year's Eve special broadcast live from Dallas, etc.) since it's their biggest station in the state ... for now, at least. More important than all that, though, Nexstar has revived plans -- shelved long ago by previous owner, LIN -- to construct a new building for KXAN (NBC) and sister stations KNVA (CW) and KBVO (MyNetworkTV). It's still in the early stages at this point. Right now they are crammed into buildings on opposite sides of a busy street. It's not unusual to see employees sprint across MLK Blvd. in between the cars. Super safe. Anyway, if Nexstar was looking to unload KXAN, why would they waste millions on a new building? Leave that for the new owner.
  3. Greggo

    Out & About

    Chris Parente, an anchor at Tribune's Denver duopoly, slid his stool back a little too far and shattered one of the monitors on their nine-screen video wall ON LIVE TV. Hopefully the tightwads at Tribune don't make him pay for the repairs ...
  4. Greggo

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    Magazines? Which magazines does Cox own? Answer: none. Maybe you’re thinking of Meredith? Yes, though ... clearly Cox is slowly exiting the media business and anything not sold yet will likely be sold in the coming months.
  5. Greggo

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    Not true. Apollo gets the Dayton Daily News and Dayton radio. Cox is keeping the AJC and Atlanta radio, as well as the rest of the Cox radio stations in other markets across the country such as Houston. For now.
  6. Greggo

    Out & About

    Very sad story. A behind-the-scenes employee for KTBC, the Fox O&O in Austin, was hit and killed by a city bus while riding his bike home from work. http://www.fox7austin.com/news/local-news/fox-7-austin-mourns-loss-of-employee?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=fox7austin
  7. Greggo

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    CBS Austin (KEYE) debuted the new graphics tonight.
  8. Greggo

    WBRE/WYOU's new Nexstar graphics

    Ha! Love the breaking news ‘test’ that made it into the crawl at 4:59. Oopsy.
  9. Greggo

    KPRC Houston Life New Set

    This was a cost-saving move, pure and simple. No more paying rent to Simon Properties, owner of The Galleria. While the new set looks very nice, one thing they lost as a result of the move was a live audience. I will say, however, that I busted out laughing when co-host Courtney Zavala said her favorite part about the move was no longer having to hear the loss prevention alarm at the Nordstrom next to the mall studio go off repeatedly during the show.
  10. Greggo

    KHOU's new building

    The opening shot in the promo they’ve been running is of a freeway interchange ... in DFW! No one caught that before it made air?!? Way to go, Tegna.
  11. Greggo

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    That set — from planning to construction — had to have been in the works for at least a year. Back then Nexstar had no idea they’d be getting Tribune and possibly dropping WISH as a result.
  12. Greggo

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    WWL has ratings “momentum” from 7 to 9? Ha! Have you actually looked at the numbers lately? They’re a solid third at 7 and at 8. The two-hour newscast they slid over to WUPL was first (or occasionally a close second) when it was on WWL and is now fourth. https://www.nola.com/entertainment/2018/11/wvue-fox-8-overtakes-wwl-in-new-orleans-local-news-ratings-race.html Also ... why are all your posts boldfaced?!?
  13. Greggo

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    Considering KIII/Corpus got a used set from WUSA and KCEN/Waco got one from KUSA, I’d be shocked if KWES got something new. Both Waco and Corpus are larger markets than Midland. (Waco is actually more than 50 markets bigger.) WFAA essentially refreshed its old set. KVUE and KENS got the set in a box. Neither KVUE nor KENS had a “fancy” set worth saving like the two recycled ones mentioned above, but who knows. Maybe KWES will get the KHOU temporary set when they move to their new digs. Or not.
  14. Greggo

    MI News 26 Founder Starting National News Network

    One of their anchors is only 20 years old, according to FTV. There also supposedly is a pic on his FB page of him wearing a MAGA hat, Scott says. Not a good look for a journalist. (And yes ... I’d say the same thing if he was photographed wearing a Hillary cap.) https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/1/2/another-national-news-service-has-launched
  15. Greggo


    There is already a Nexstar capital bureau for Texas, based out of KXAN/Austin. It has been in operation for about 2 years and was pitched as one of the “benefits” of the Media General/LIN merger.

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