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  1. Greggo

    The "3" Thread

    A .1 for the first 15 minutes and scratched the second 15 minutes. Way to go, Tegna. What a joke. (Also, running an infomercial after the noon ‘news’? Really?)
  2. Is this the first Graham station using talent opens with this particular pkg? I don’t recall seeing anyone else with them.
  3. Greggo

    The "3" Thread

    Hollie has been there a loooong time ... and yet they still managed to spell her last name wrong in the L3. Gotta love that attention to detail.
  4. National average for RTM is a .8. I don’t think that qualifies as ‘pretty popular.’ Stations sticking with it are mostly doing so bc they have an ownership stake and/or bc it’s cheap to acquire. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/syndication-ratings-rookies-retreat-in-week-two
  5. Greggo

    Out & About

    KPRC is now the third Houston TV station airing an hour of news at 4p, joining KHOU and KTRK. Started this week. They had been running 30 minutes of news, followed by Extra. Extra will continue to be seen at 12:30p and 3:30a. This is a return to an hour of news at 4p for KPRC. They cut it back to half an hour several years ago citing news overload. But I guess those ad dollars were too good to pass up ... https://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2019/09/kprc-2-expands-4pm-news-to-one-hour.html
  6. Greggo

    Out & About

    FTV is claiming several NBC Boston anchors were let go. Any idea who or why?
  7. Greggo

    Out & About

    Steve Raible is going into semi-retirement at KIRO/Seattle. He’s off the 7 and 11p newscasts starting Monday but will anchor from 5-6:30p. Interesting that they are going with a solo anchor at 11p. Wonder how long that will last? https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/a-message-from-steve-raible/981019070
  8. Stations get to keep ALL the revenue from local newscasts. Not really sure why some of you continue to rant against local news without realizing why stations pick it over paying for syndicated shows that in many cases wind up flopping ... i.e. Katie Couric's syndie show and countless others.
  9. Stupid move. Tamron is from Luling, which is about an hour from San Antonio. She is a former Watermelon Thump queen -- Google it ... it's a big local festival -- and regularly returns. A missed opportunity. Although, given WOAI's past track record, not surprising ...
  10. No VO during the open? Ick.
  11. I can’t believe they’re rolling this look out to more markets without fixing the L3 issues. The text on the top line needs to differ from the text on the bottom line and the current look doesn’t do that. Looks piss poor.
  12. KEYE/Austin had 2 hours to fill from 3-5p after losing an hour of Millionaire and Steve Harvey. The replacements: Kelly Clarkson at 3p and Tamron Hall at 4p.
  13. KPRC actually had Inside Edition at 4:30 before it moved to KTRK. Would be interesting to see it return. Honestly tho, KPRC should just go back to airing an hour of news at 4. That’s what KHOU and KTRK do.
  14. Greggo

    Out & About

    It took them an entire year to find a replacement for Rachel McNeill. Unreal! She gave notice last summer and didn’t leave until the end of December. They had ample time (6 months) to seamlessly transition to someone new and blew it. Instead they’ve been using fill-ins for six months with another month left to go before Taniya starts.
  15. Maybe not the smartest name for WISH’s new show considering that’s already the name of Chris Hayes’ long-running MSNBC show.
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