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  1. Greggo

    Out & About

    It took them an entire year to find a replacement for Rachel McNeill. Unreal! She gave notice last summer and didn’t leave until the end of December. They had ample time (6 months) to seamlessly transition to someone new and blew it. Instead they’ve been using fill-ins for six months with another month left to go before Taniya starts.
  2. Maybe not the smartest name for WISH’s new show considering that’s already the name of Chris Hayes’ long-running MSNBC show.
  3. They claim no one was interested in buying the paper, which I find hard to believe. Plenty of other family-owned papers have been sold in recent years. Some to big chains, some to other locals. My hunch is they were sick of dealing with the paper — the industry is in major decline — and didn’t want to sell it to another company that would then be competing against their precious WFMJ for ad dollars.
  4. I guess we know now why Tegna didn’t go for the stations in Indy that Tribune/Nexstar had to divest. They must’ve already been in talks with Dispatch.
  5. They have handled this so poorly. They need to go on air and say something. It’s not going away. It’s actually getting worse and going wider. They are losing advertisers and likely viewers. CNN and FTV both say the company that used to sponsor the 7-day forecast is among the sponsors who have yanked their ads. One local business even offered the weatherman a new job if he has in fact been fired. Anyone know where WICS ranks in the market, ratings-wise?
  6. This just strikes me as pandering. If you want to do it, do it. But to post a story on each station’s website and presumably also run stories on air? “Look at us!!! The other stations in town are unpatriotic!!!” You’re starting to sound like Sinclair Junior. Hiring Greta certainly doesn’t help with that impression either.
  7. The point is WFAA and WWL used to own their respective markets. Dominant No. 1s. They’re now 2nd and 3rd in most time slots. WFAA didn’t win a single time slot in households or the 25-54 demo in November and their only May win was at 6p in households. They’re both shells of what they once were.
  8. Crisis averted ... for now. https://www.ohio.com/news/20190606/partial-settlement-saves-angleys-cathedral-buffet-from-friday-auction
  9. So how long till the Graham Media Stations get this?!?
  10. Do it the ‘Tegna way’? Does that mean dropping into the ratings basement like WWL and WFAA?
  11. Greggo

    Out & About

    CBS hasn’t exactly hidden the fact that they offered buyouts at the network level and at the O&Os. When a company does that, everyone leaves on the same day. Because ... budgets. (I’ve been through this before.) While KDKA wasn’t explicit in mentioning that, that’s what happened. Look at WBBM, where Robert Feder reported multiple buyout takers, as well. It is pretty shocking, I will say, for KDKA to lose that many people. It’s more than 10 percent of their staff. That’s several hundred years of experience leaving to save greedy bean counters a few bucks.
  12. Greggo

    Out & About

    We’re not talking about Demetria. We’re talking about the ND and GM. In November, the station didn’t win a single news time slot in households and/or 25-54. That’s pretty bad for a once-great station. Fast forward to May and their only win was in households at 6p. Fox 4 now owns the market.
  13. Greggo

    Out & About

    WFAA is a shell of what it once was. And the team that has overseen much of this decline gets promoted? Another genius move by Tegna.
  14. I wish we could see Austin ratings but the Statesman TV writer was promoted to a position with corporate and wasn’t replaced. So no one is writing about media in the Texas state capital anymore. Sad. If anyone happens to get numbers, please share.
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