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  1. All 3 stations are really close at 10pm. It goes back and forth depending on the night. WJZY has benefited from Fox’s primetime lead in, which is what led to them being #1 in the November sweeps. Nothing has changed in the other newscasts. WSOC and WBTV are still fighting it out for #1, WCNC is still a distant 3rd and WJZY is dead last in evenings and fighting it out with WCCB for dead last in mornings.
  2. WSOC also hired a new VP/GM, Cedric Thomas, late last year. He was previously Director of Sales at CMG Pittsburgh. Joe Pomilla, WSOC's long-time VP/GM was promoted to VP/GM of CMG Boston. https://www.coxmediagroup.com/cmg-announces-new-broadcast-leadership-in-boston-charlotte-memphis-orlando-pittsburgh-jacksonville-and-miami/ I've heard that WSOC/WAXN's ratings haven't been as strong recently as they once were.
  3. True. Cox (WSOC/WAXN) does own a "National Weather Service quality radar" in Charlotte. It has been a promo point in the past. Everyone else has to rely on the NWS radar system exclusively.
  4. Why is Charlotte the biggest US city without Doppler radar? http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/article69059387.html
  5. I don't understand this one either.
  6. Another dumb move by Fox.
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