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  1. So, on ESPN+ there could be up to 3 streams of a game if it's a CBC/Sportsnet game.
  2. The Clemson-ND game gave me a taste of that XFL game in 01 (cant remember the teams, just remember how it delayed SNL). Lorne is going have to get used to it with CFB.
  3. i think that KTVU and KMSP should had been able to override the network and put the game back on. Or why not put it on FS1 (with the FS1 game going to FS2.)
  4. WYFF in Greeneville used to have Sally Jesse too but WLOS outbid them in 1987 or 88. Phil Donahue was on 4 before Sale Of The Century until WLOS outbid WYFF for Phil in 88, they ended up airing St. Elsewhere reruns before SOTC. 4 also aired Tic Tac Dough with Patrick Wayne in that timeslot in 1990 too.
  5. I think Days is the last relic of the era when NBC had Sale of the Century, Another World, Santa Barbara, Scrabble and Daytime Wheel of Fortune.
  6. So with the Rams game pushed to Tuesday, Green Bay @ Baltimore goes to 99% of the country? When was the last time that happened?
  7. Interesting, given that my ABC station WLOS will have double doses of Jeopardy on some nights the only difference will be the host....Kind of like when Price is Right had Bob Barker hosting the morning version, but Tom Kennedy hosted the evening version, but both were on the same station WSPA in Spartanburg which was a CBS station.
  8. On the other end of the spectrum, here is Downs in his most famous role, besides being host of Today in the 60s, he was the host of a game show that was later on brought back, but with Alex Trebek of Jeopardy as host in the 80s. Notice the cheesy sounding organ music too. As far as i know, he was the only Today host or panelist to have game show hosting duties.
  9. the eagles game is on Fox not NBC.
  10. I remember that too. Not because they tossed to NBC News, but because Brokaw was on-camera. It seem fitting that Brokaw would be the anchor, rather than Brian Williams, to announce Russert's death.
  11. Is it a rare thing when prime-time programming is interrupted for a bulletin? The impeachment votes, the Syria situation and Bin Laden being killed are a few examples.
  12. I'll admit-WYFF has done pretty well with Ellen DeGeneres- she's the longest running show on 4 to air at 3pm since Santa Barbara ended in 93. WSPA has had Wendy Williams for a while at 3- and she does better than Guiding Light.
  13. When Today had their 30th anniversary show in 82, they had to make changes because of a plane crash. Sometimes the show has to be "thrown out". They didn't throw that show out, but they had Garroway there, so i wonder if they would have done that if it was something like the President being assassinated or something like that.
  14. I meant to say 3B. 8G was where Bob Costas or Marv Albert did the NFL or MLB pregame in the 80s. That was Letterman's studio too back then correct?
  15. Today was at 3G until 1994. That's where Palmer would have been usually if the main crew was overseas back then. I don't remember but when the newsreader start going on the road with the main cast?
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