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  1. danderson500

    2018 NFL Season

    any reason why cbs didn't switch to the redskins jaagurs game?
  2. danderson500

    2018 NFL Season

    Any reason why Fox didn't use Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis for the Browns-Broncos game or Chris Myers and Daryl Johnston for the Texans-Jets game?
  3. danderson500

    2018 NFL Season

    With Buck and Aikman doing the Chargers-Chiefs game, and it being a CBS doubleheader, Joe Davis moves form college football to call the Detroit @ Buffalo game.
  4. danderson500

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    Is there a reason why some SR's are optional?
  5. danderson500

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    NBC's coverage after 9:30 is sustaining.
  6. danderson500

    2018 NFL Season

    Yeah right why would they do that? it wouldn't make sense. Oklahoma City was/is a Cowboys market. Speaking of the Cowboys, i'm assuming Buck/ Aikman will do the Eagles game next week. The other games at 4:25, PIT @ OAK and DET @ AZ aren't really must see TV. They've got Tim Brando and Brady Quinn on the Lions/Cardinals game.
  7. danderson500

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    It happens where the morning people would start a report, then the main anchor comes in. I saw it on ABC a lot where Charles Gibson or Diane Sawyer would start a report, and then Peter Jennings would come in. Not sure about NBC or CBS.
  8. danderson500

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    ABC says they are covering everything beginning Monday. If i heard right David is leading coverage, shouldn't George be doing that?
  9. I've found the earliest example here...(note: it's form the soap opera Another World). Was CBS doing this too?
  10. danderson500

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    Do you think NBC gives stations the option to air Days of Our Lives instead of the funeral, or would that not happen?
  11. danderson500

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    I'd say the broadcast networks will preempt everything for the funeral.
  12. danderson500

    2018-19 Syndication News

    I hope they don't displace Days of Our Lives for Kelly Clarkson.
  13. danderson500

    2018 NFL Season

    So... why was CBS allowed to switch to Chiefs-Steelers, but Fox wasn't allowed to air the Vikings-Packers game once it went to overtime?
  14. danderson500

    World Cup Broadcasting Thread

    i thought fox said no preemptions.
  15. danderson500

    2018 Winter Olympics

    A bit of overkill though? Sportsnet should have been showing the Flames game, and One should have been showing the skiing

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