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  1. So with the Rams game pushed to Tuesday, Green Bay @ Baltimore goes to 99% of the country? When was the last time that happened?
  2. Interesting, given that my ABC station WLOS will have double doses of Jeopardy on some nights the only difference will be the host....Kind of like when Price is Right had Bob Barker hosting the morning version, but Tom Kennedy hosted the evening version, but both were on the same station WSPA in Spartanburg which was a CBS station.
  3. I wodner which stations will YBYL in Asheville/Greenville SC?
  4. Shocked that USA will have swimming and track, i tohught that nBC would hold those for primetime.
  5. However, the MTL/WPG game is a NHLN game, so i cant see them doing it from Stamford, i'd say it will be the CBC feed with Chris Cuthbert instead.
  6. Looks like we are getting a CBC feed Monday Night. Since the Islanders-Bruins game starts at 6:30 and the Habs-Jets game starts at 8:00, they are starting the latter on NHLN and then JIP on NBCSN once the Islanders-Bruins game ends.
  7. Yeah, i doubt they'd do that. Days has aired at 1pm since 1979, why change now?
  8. I wonder where WYFF will place her now. Swap her and Days of Our Lives?
  9. NBC's got a stacked soccer pbp lineup for Tokyo...Arlo White, Andres Cantor, Lisa Byington, Mark Followill, Jenn Hildreth and Derek Rae. Is NBC bringing back the soccer channel?
  10. I think i know now why: Kenny Albert was not available, since his daughter was gradutiting. So they brought in Ken Daniels for the Hurricanes-Predators game, and used CBC for the Jets game.
  11. I was watching the Jets-Oilers game and they were using the CBC feed. I assume that NBC didn't have enough announcers?
  12. I could see Rogers producing some games on turner not done by Albert/Edzo.
  13. USA is going to have issues trying to fit in WWE and NHL. Raw is iron clad, i'd say that CNBC/NHLN get games on Mondays during playoffs.
  14. On the other end of the spectrum, here is Downs in his most famous role, besides being host of Today in the 60s, he was the host of a game show that was later on brought back, but with Alex Trebek of Jeopardy as host in the 80s. Notice the cheesy sounding organ music too. As far as i know, he was the only Today host or panelist to have game show hosting duties.
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