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  1. I don't generally watch David Muir on a daily basis but I can easily tell you that NBC's coverage has been atrocious. They seem too gung ho in their reporting, NBC needs to do an overhaul in their reporters or hire some tv consultants.
  2. I am so happy to see Kristen Welker promoted to Weekend Today, it may not seem like much but hopefully this promotion will have a ripple effect in changing the Today show to focus more on promoting hard news journalists to these spots then getting these fluff no experience people to these jobs. The Today show lost their momentum for a long time cause they kept on promoting fluff no hard news experienced people to these jobs and it watered down the product and lowered the morale. They are losing their viewership year by year as cable news like Fox and MSNBC continue to grow in viewership. It s
  3. I respect your opinion but Brian Williams more narrative style was one of the reasons why he got in trouble. He suits the cable news format very well but for being a more down the line news anchor Lester is the best one. You tune into evening news to get the headlines in a fast pinpointed format and he is excellent in doing that. I can't watch too much MSNBC cause a lot of them can't always get to the point. I am not trying to be political but Fox News is better in their approach to the cable news then MSNBC. I agree that morning shows have gotten silly but I think we are that po
  4. I think they need to enhance Lester's platform. He needs to make more of a presence on the digital landscape. I love Lester in any program he is in, he has good chemistry with everybody and they all seem relaxed when he is around. I think he would be great on the Today show in a more occassional occurence due to the elections coming up. Craig Melvin is a nice guy but you can't take him seriously when it comes to hard news oriented aspect of the Today show programming. Lester can fill that void and I am sure he be MVPing on the network with the elections and interviews.
  5. I think Craig Melvin should leave MSNBC and devote his duties to the Today show. Craig Melvin is not a political reporter and since there is an election coming they need to devote their energy to filling in as many political reporters on these daytime hours. They should give the 11 AM slot to Morgan Radford or Kristen Welker to build up more of their younger correspondents. Stephanie Ruhle may likely keep 9 AM or she will be moved to two hours in the afternoon. Velshi lives in Philadelphia cause his wife has a business there but he commutes between NY
  6. Megyn needs to rebrand herself and spilling right wing talking points and saying Jesus is white, is not going to win her any viewers or crossing over. The way she talks is bad if she wants to cross over cause you are trying to appeal to more then just white right leaning men, you want viewership from white liberals, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asians etc. The thing about Megyn Kelly is that she has put herself in a corner cause most of her success came from being female eye candy to right wing leaning viewers. I know she is more than that, she was a former litigator at a
  7. Weekend Today has been non existent since Lester's promotion. The magic is gone, there was a time were weekend Today was a superior product to weekday version. I miss the team of Lester and Campbell. I think it should be cancelled and maybe let the weekend crew do the 4th hour of the Today show.
  8. I think he is in the bubble but since they are in the middle of hot political news right now I guess NBC does not think it would be wise to change management right now,
  9. I guess so but in my opinion she is much better being a correspondent or contributor. She really does not need that gig like other on air hosts do. I think Sheinelle should get it and let her do a test run with Hoda.
  10. I heard that they have Kelly Clarkson's show in the running, maybe her show should take over. I don't dig Jenna Bush Hager nor should she get it cause she robs the space of others cause who she is related to. She will be a turn off to a lot of viewers especially in the hyperpolitcal environment. They should get Sheinelle Jones, she was a big deal in Philly, did very real doing the same format. Sheinelle deserves it, she has been there for a while and she is professional. Sheinelle can help bring in more diverse viewership and make up for it in NBC letting Tamron Hall go. I thin
  11. Congrats to Lester Holt for being the most trusted news anchor in America. I think most viewers already knew he was trustworthy but in the age of ideological hyperpolitics, cat fighting, verbal fights and disillusionment. Lester Holt showed who he is, he is the only anchor who kept his dignity in tact and never resorted to losing who he is as a journalist. I have been saying on this forum for the last year, that Lester is by far NBC's greatest stability force and gem. He is more valuable then most of the hosts on the network. Majority of viewers know this. https://www.hollywo
  12. I think Megyn has no country cause Fox News viewers stopped liking her and that was she decided to do the big jump. Fox News is doing well without her I am glad Harris Faulker got the biggest boost in her career after Megyn Kelly. I think Harris Faulker should move to primetime. around 7 PM.
  13. I think Al Roker should retire and possibly focus on getting a cooking show on Food Network or something. I agree that Al Roker is part of the culture problem at NBC News, he worked with Matt Lauer for many years. He probably knew his personal life better then anyone and he let him get away with his nonsense. Now Al Roker should not be responsible for his actions but as "leader" of the Today show, when a anchor preys or harms backstage staffers, the job of the leader is the report it. To me Megyn had no chance with her show cause she had enemies the very minute she walked through the door
  14. Lester is the most stable force at NBC right now. Lester is respected not just for his work ethic but because he is not fool of himself and he is very professional. A majority of viewers in this country don't like a lot of news talent but Lester is still respected by a lot of people which is saying a lot. To me I think Lester would benefit on a versatile platform. I think evening news is very limiting and in my opinion what is killing evening news is commericals and watered down content. PBS Evening News is way superior news product and with no commericals they can inform the audience mo
  15. Network news in general has been on the decline for the last seven years.Cable news has been on decline the last five years, they are enjoying a slight high right now but it is a fraction of viewers in a mass population of millions of people. It is no pinpointed on talent anymore, it is a trend and it will continue cause not many people don't watch television as watch. As a Nightly News viewer I don't often watch it live but I will watch it on demand or on my mobile device. Also mainstream news is on the decline in general people are scattering to get their news they don't rely on just

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