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  1. The Eastern Shore of Virginia (Northampton County and Accomack County) are part of the Hampton Roads DMA. The Salisbury stations don't even touch Northampton County but they do consider Accomack County part of their turf. They typically cover Accomack way more than the Norfolk stations do.
  2. Nielsen considers WBAL as significantly viewed in Dorchester County and Wicomico County (Wicomico is the home to Salisbury). Not many people in Sussex County, DE watch WCAU unless they're vacationing from the Philly area. WRC puzzles me because I don't know anyone who watches it on the Shore yet it still remains on Xfinity lineups. One thing I've been waiting for for a very long time is Kent County, DE to be moved to the Salisbury DMA (and renaming it the Salisbury-Dover DMA). WBOC has had a bureau in Dover for years, WMDT has a low powered translator in Dover and the Philly stations rarely cover really any part of Delaware that isn't Wilmington. I guess I'll keep holding my breath. It wouldn't be unheard of though bc the aforementioned Dorchester County was part of the Baltimore DMA until the early 2000's but shed away to Salisbury. Tbh Accomack County, VA would also be a county I think should go to Salisbury. Salisbury stations have significant viewership and cable penetration down there and the Norfolk stations almost never cover it.
  3. First hour was taped but new. I guess they didn't feel like taping two hours. They did the same thing when they taped the show around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.
  4. http://www.wboc.com/story/39869572/chief-meteorologist-wrdecoast-tv Several job postings like this one on WBOC's website indicate that WRDE will be producing their own separate newscasts. A friend of mine with knowledge of the plans says they'll anchor from a studio in WBOC's Sussex County, DE bureau, rather than the main WBOC studios in Salisbury. Looks like the WRDE staff will also handle news on the Telemundo station as they're looking for bilingual staff. I said it when this deal was announced and I'll say it again, certainly the Draper's are looking to make as much money as possible, but they're also looking to service the community with quality news, information and entertainment in a way most stations are not trying to do these days. Exciting times ahead for "the little station that could"
  5. Plus there is precedent for taping the third hour of Today, seeing as Megyn Kelly Today was taped on most Fridays, and Kathie Lee and Hoda have been known to tape Friday editions. That's the most feasible option. But if they go the replacement route you're right, the bench is stretched thin. Unless they go with Kate Snow, Kristen Welker or Hallie Jackson (the latter two being incredibly valuable on the WH beat) or Dave Price/Janice Huff (they'd have to also work 6-7 day weeks unless they left WNBC which they wouldn't). I for one would like to see Sunday Today canceled and have Weekend Today revert to being on both Saturdays and Sundays. But I guess if it means Willie stays off the weekday show as much as possible, I'm fine with him getting Sunday as a consolation prize.
  6. Good move. I am concerned about what will happen to Richard Lui, Yasmin Vossoughian and Ayman Mohyeldin. It is my hope they will get hours later in the evening rather than getting moved. Especially Richard who previously held that 2-4pm slot. He's a longtime MSNBC anchor who has always worked the weekends, and has something of a following with loyal viewers.
  7. The network needs serious changes. I had thought CBS This Morning was on a roll until I realized ratings had stagnated. I too as @RealNews18 suggested would like to see the show renamed the CBS Morning News (with the current program by that name changed to the CBS Early News) and looking much more like a morning edition of the CBS Evening News. As for the Evening News, although I like Jeff, he is not working out. You can't stick it out for the long haul when you're shedding up to 6 percent viewership from the same time a year ago. Some may scoff at the idea, but I think Gayle King should be given a go at the Evening News. She's built up some serious hard news chops, and she has name recognition, and would break barriers. With that being said, Susan Zirinsky has a big task ahead of her. Can she get it done? I'm not holding my breath. It doesn't matter who you put in charge of CBS News, I think it's a legacy news division that is just destined for failure. For every positive move they make, there's two idiotic decisions that follow it. You can't fix an organization that doesn't want to be fixed.
  8. Graphics were slightly underwhelming. It was only the lower thirds and ticker that got an update. Nothing different about opens, weather graphics, etc. Not sure how I feel about basically every newscast in the country having lower thirds on a solid or gradient background with Gotham as the font. Would like to see some variety, but also like the simplicity. Reminds me of the basic nature of on screen chyrons in the 80's.
  9. No, it's live from 7-8am, 1-2pm and 7-8pm, as well as simulcasts of WCBS and WLNY's broadcasts. It will also be alive for special events and breaking news coverage. No word on weekend coverage plans, or if there are any. In CBSN's (original) beginning months there were no weekend broadcasts other than repeats of CBS Network broadcasts.
  10. CNNi does it's own thing from 5-8pm, then simulcast 360, Cuomo and the first hour of Lemon, then a replay of Amanpour at 11, then they're back live from 12am onward. However, they always have an anchor on hand to do News Now updates
  11. The seriousness of a bomb threat aside, as a television news fanatic it has been fascinating to watch the logistics of this play out. Just like the pipe bomb packages in October, they quickly got on the air via Skype on (Brian Stelter's) iPhone. However, this time was different because the control room running when this threat came in was based in New York, so they too had to evacuate. Back in October, the control room on air was based in Atlanta so no evacuation was necessary, meaning they could seamlessly have a correspondent in a Washington flash set take over, rather than the taped programming that was forced to briefly take over this evening.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/06/us/cnn-new-york-bomb-threat-evacuation/index.html CNN's New York City studios were evacuated around 10:15pm eastern this evening, during the live broadcast of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. Programming went to a taped edition of Anderson Cooper 360 around 10:40, and then around 11:10 CNN International took over, with John Vause in Atlanta, and Don Lemon live via Skype on the street in New York. Don is reporting the threat came in via a phone call from the southeastern U.S., and that law enforcement are currently sweeping the building. Just minutes before the phone call the President of the United States tweeted "FAKE NEWS -- THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!"
  13. [MEDIA=twitter]1054387307875328005[/MEDIA] CBS3 stealing NBC10's thunder, with the announcement that Jessica Kartalijia will join from WJZ as their new evening co-anchor. She fills the void left by Jessica Dean who joined CNN in Washington. As a long time viewer of Jessica, I understand she and her family live in either Baltimore or Harford County. I wonder if she'll end up commuting to Philly (about an hour and 45 minutes) initially before moving.
  14. I think they're best bet at this point is turning into a CNN2 (whether in name or by action). That would mean supplementary and complementary shows to CNN. Maybe an extra hour of Anderson, replays of news shows, some CNN International simulcasts, new programs anchored by existing CNN names. ESPN does it with success. FBN is more or less FOX News 2 (they're very heavily politically focused). Either that or shut down the network because soft news didn't work, and Forensic Files isn't working that well either. That's my two cents
  15. Politics aside, I've had communications with Ketterer every once in a wild and the guy's kinda batsh*t. And also a fringe conspiracy conservative (despite once running for Congress as a Dem), so I wouldn't put it past him to come forward like this with political motivations in mind.
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