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  1. New CBS Evening News graphics will debut on Monday, August 29. The look will be in line with the new CBS deconstructed eye look that has been rolling out.
  2. First hour was taped but new. I guess they didn't feel like taping two hours. They did the same thing when they taped the show around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.
  3. Plus there is precedent for taping the third hour of Today, seeing as Megyn Kelly Today was taped on most Fridays, and Kathie Lee and Hoda have been known to tape Friday editions. That's the most feasible option. But if they go the replacement route you're right, the bench is stretched thin. Unless they go with Kate Snow, Kristen Welker or Hallie Jackson (the latter two being incredibly valuable on the WH beat) or Dave Price/Janice Huff (they'd have to also work 6-7 day weeks unless they left WNBC which they wouldn't). I for one would like to see Sunday Today canceled and have Weekend Today revert to being on both Saturdays and Sundays. But I guess if it means Willie stays off the weekday show as much as possible, I'm fine with him getting Sunday as a consolation prize.
  4. Good move. I am concerned about what will happen to Richard Lui, Yasmin Vossoughian and Ayman Mohyeldin. It is my hope they will get hours later in the evening rather than getting moved. Especially Richard who previously held that 2-4pm slot. He's a longtime MSNBC anchor who has always worked the weekends, and has something of a following with loyal viewers.
  5. No, it's live from 7-8am, 1-2pm and 7-8pm, as well as simulcasts of WCBS and WLNY's broadcasts. It will also be alive for special events and breaking news coverage. No word on weekend coverage plans, or if there are any. In CBSN's (original) beginning months there were no weekend broadcasts other than repeats of CBS Network broadcasts.
  6. [MEDIA=twitter]1054387307875328005[/MEDIA] CBS3 stealing NBC10's thunder, with the announcement that Jessica Kartalijia will join from WJZ as their new evening co-anchor. She fills the void left by Jessica Dean who joined CNN in Washington. As a long time viewer of Jessica, I understand she and her family live in either Baltimore or Harford County. I wonder if she'll end up commuting to Philly (about an hour and 45 minutes) initially before moving.
  7. Politics aside, I've had communications with Ketterer every once in a wild and the guy's kinda batsh*t. And also a fringe conspiracy conservative (despite once running for Congress as a Dem), so I wouldn't put it past him to come forward like this with political motivations in mind.
  8. Do we think maybe they were experimenting? FOX's conservative audience certainly hasn't taken a liking to Shep as of late, and maybe he's tired of the nonstop political on cable. Perhaps they were taking the technical difficulties as an opportunity to test Shepard on FOX5. Probably not but just a thought
  9. It was nice to see the morning talk show format hosted by someone actually capable of making it enjoyable, watchable television. I've tried to like Megyn and I think I do like her as a person, but Megyn Kelly Today is unwatchable. If Savannah, or Hoda, or even Sheinelle Jones or Dylan Dreyer hosted a show with this format I could enjoy it. Based on the tweets it sounds like Hoda, Al, Carson and Kathie Lee will get a crack at it while Megyn's away. Can't wait. But I can wait for Megyn to get back...
  10. Alex Wagner is out at CBS This Morning: Saturday, is leaving to focus on Showtime's The Circus but will remain a CBS News Correspondent for the time being
  11. He mentioned it ever so briefly at the end of the 10 & 11pm Sunday night. Kai was off. A very low key sendoff for one of the most prominent faces in the market
  12. Cecilia seems like too valuable a player to be doing a diminished GMA news anchor role. She should stay in Washington and build her cred as a leading political correspondent, and then a few years down the road move on to anchoring full time. I think it's time GMA drop the news anchor role like Today did. Also, I'm sure Amy will still fill-in for Robin when she goes to 20/20. Elizabeth has all these years.
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