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  1. The Chuckster said no, least according to a phone interview with the New York Post. Barkley's got three years left on his current Turner/TNT deal.
  2. Alright people, I'm back, let's talk sports. Attendance did look paltry for the most part.. if the USFL has teams play in home cities next season, I can only wonder if that'll still be the case. Orlando and San Antonio make sense... attendance numbers were strong when the AAF was in town (SA led the league, average of 27,721, Orlando nearing 20k).. Vegas sticks out though, with no stadium deal in place (would assume they'd try to stick a deal at Allegiant, I think Sam Boyd's out of the equation). Be interesting to see what happens next.
  3. They must be trying to keep the league happy at this point.. 2021 cannot come any faster.
  4. Man, that just looks like something straight from those fake medical news websites that randomly pop up trying to sell ya random medicines..
  5. Because it couldn't get any wilder in Vegas..
  6. Keep f'ng that chicken. And that's the quote of the year, y'all. In a business where the revenue streams are slowly drying up on the local level, any means to milk the cow that is the political advertising season. After all... "Money has no grey areas. You either make it or you lose it." -"Mr. Wonderful" Kevin O'Leary
  7. Bastardized is the tip of the iceberg. Still in the hole, but I've heard that they're catching up to 4/14 in the 5p hour.
  8. A month late, but who else pays attention to the El Paso market other than I? Anywho, KTSM broke ground on a new facility. No word on when the building will be finished, but it's safe to say that we'll be stuck with Look A and Extreme for another few years. http://www.ktsm.com/news/ktsm-is-moving-to-a-new-location/958960549
  9. Nats will be sticking around on WJFK as well, DCRTV reported earlier in the month that the now Entercom station and the Curly Dubs have agreed to a five-year extension. As for Weiner, she's absolutely a good call if she is indeed the heir apparent to Hamilton. Will be a sad day when Hamilton signs off, but it does indeed seem that the future at TV-11 is bright.
  10. Shocking news coming out of El Paso tonight as KVIA anchor Rick Cabrera announced on the radio he'll be leaving the station. The report from the Las Cruces Sun-News is here.
  11. Seems like everyone's getting drones.. WFOX/WJAX first station in Jacksonville to get a drone, according to their Facebook.
  12. DCRTV reports that WJZ reporter Christine Ileto will be leaving the station for Philadelphia's WPVI.
  13. Speaking of DC, LiveWell is finally dead here. The subchannel was replaced by a sci-fi channel called "Comet," owned 50/50 by Sinclair and MGM.
  14. It's waaaaay too early for the Olympics logo to be tagged on anything.. The fact that NBC's been promoting the hell out of it since the start of the football season bothers me.
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