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  1. My bad... that happened after I posted. This has not been a good month for radio.
  2. I think it should be pointed out that this bankruptcy does not involve their Pittsburgh, PA stations WLTJ and WRRK.
  3. Usually, CBS alerts their affiliates a few minutes ahead of time that there is special report coming down the network feed. Either WJZ didn't time it very well, or it was so quick between the time they announced it and the special report began that they had no choice but to switch to it wherever they were in the newscast. As for the bug disappearing, it may be that studio control gave control back to master control or just dropped the bug off the screen in the studio control room. It's also very possible that the bug is inserted by master control and they just removed it after they switched to the special report. So there is quite a few possibilities, depending on where the bug is inserted.
  4. If they're watching the SD feed on their cable provider, then likely the sides were cut off due to the new graphics not being 4:3 safe. Likely, they're now forcing the SD feed to be letterboxed.
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