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  1. I love the transitions for the stories, why can't they just keep it like it was? I know for the breaking news open they use these opens... I thought ok... They messed up... Or the director was on vacation and the guy filling in forgot to put the transition. Sloppy,..
  2. Here it is... 20210309_180921.mp4
  3. I've noticed for the past week or so when the KDKA News Opens play they no longer do the transition effect they just do a dissolve... Could this be something new they're doing or in the works? I haven't paid attention to any of the other CBS O&O's. If I can, I'll post an example.
  4. Wow, it's been since 2015 since they got that new set? Tbh, it seems less than that. Maybe it's cause I like it so much that I don't want them to change it.
  5. Yestersay, after watching the 10:00 News on Pittsburgh's CW, I caught this on the Nightly Sports Call. They are using the main news set, could they be using the temp set for CBSN Pittsburgh?

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