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  1. Wow, it's been since 2015 since they got that new set? Tbh, it seems less than that. Maybe it's cause I like it so much that I don't want them to change it.
  2. Yestersay, after watching the 10:00 News on Pittsburgh's CW, I caught this on the Nightly Sports Call. They are using the main news set, could they be using the temp set for CBSN Pittsburgh?
  3. Ryan

    CBSN Going Local

    First, I'm not sure where to put this... I read that WCBS New York has a new platform of CBSN New York, will all or the O&O Stations going to have this other than New York?
  4. They had to do wjz.com instead of cbsbaltimore.com due to the radio decision is no more CBS radio if I'm not mistaken?
  5. Guys the anticipation is killing me!!! 39 minutes until show time... What are we all thinking the set graphics music will look and be like? None of this uncopywritten stuff? We're going for CBS O&O music maybe with the 3 notes of chroma cues? I can deal with that like KYW has in their morning theme. But I'm trying to think how it would sound with the o&o theme?
  6. I'm not honestly sure, but I swear KDKA better keep their set for quite awhile. I was talking to a good friend of mine who I work with and is a subscriber here, and he says he doesn't see KDKA changing anytime soon. Tbh, I woulda thought they would get the desk that most if not CBS O&Os have
  7. We are OFFICIALLY 24 hours until the anticipated long awaited over due in 20 years, a new set and opens. The new WJZ!
  8. I'm wondering what the new open will sound and look like and what they will say? Maybe... "LIVE from WJZ Studios on TV Hill, this is WJZ TV News This morning". Live from the WJZ Studios on TV Hill, this is WJZ TV News at noon". So on and so on... I hope I don't hear in your neighborhood, in your community.
  9. I think they are afraid to change but thanks for the new News Director, or GM (Forgive me) I can't remember. But she's doing a great job slow but surely getting a CBS o&o standard graphics. I'm just wondering if they will get enforcer?
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