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  1. Way to give Nexstar higher ratings in Indy (WISH, later WXIN/WTTV). I liked 13. Ready the slow death of WTHR.
  2. Taking a look for the notice of sale on WISH right now. On break during 10PM news right now.
  3. Ah, the WHDH Special. Let's just hope ol' Perry doesn't pull a full Ansin and make WISH tabloid format.
  4. I find it something they still haven't found a buyer for WISH/WNDY. They really must want someone to cough up a huge amount of dough, even considering WISH has horrible ratings since losing CBS.
  5. Cumulus' LMA of Entercom's Indy stations took effect today. Looks like WZPL and WNTR have gone to Cumulus' CMS: http://www.wzpl.com/ http://www.indysmix.com/ WXNT's still on the Radio.com portal: https://cbssports1430.radio.com/ EDIT: Aaaand, here come the cuts.....
  6. Cumulus getting WZPL, WNTR and WXNT? Damn dude, Cumulus is going to have a stranglehold in Indy now. Wonder if they'll get rid of Energy after that. Wouldn't make sense to have two top 40 stations.
  7. Ah yes, back when all Nexstar stations had the budget of a ham sandwich. Funny how far they've come.
  8. WISH isn't on it yet, but that's assuming Nexstar does indeed sell WISH/WNDY.
  9. Another re-trans dispute. Looks like Nexstar and Metronet. https://www.wishtv.com/keep-wish-and-wndy
  10. I believe the stretch of St Joseph Street in downtown Indianapolis in front of Radio One's studios is named after longtime WTLC personality Amos Brown, who passed away a year ago as well.
  11. I always though WRTV's graphics looked terribly cheap for a market Indy's size in the mid 90's:
  12. Anything TVbD designed for WTHR (and other stations).
  13. What other stations? I guess I'm not up to speed on this. I know WTHR, and now KNXT.
  14. WRTV's open looked weird around then.... It looks cheap. No effects, just a zoom in on the WRTV logo.
  15. Personally, I don't mind the direction Nexstar is taking with MG. They haven't messed with WISH too much (except for a few occasional staff changes).
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