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  1. IndyNewsOpens

    Chris Bradley ends cancer treatment, moves into hospice care

    I believe the stretch of St Joseph Street in downtown Indianapolis in front of Radio One's studios is named after longtime WTLC personality Amos Brown, who passed away a year ago as well.
  2. IndyNewsOpens

    The worst news opens of all time

    I always though WRTV's graphics looked terribly cheap for a market Indy's size in the mid 90's:
  3. IndyNewsOpens

    Old Graphics That Still Look Great

    Anything TVbD designed for WTHR (and other stations).
  4. IndyNewsOpens

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    What other stations? I guess I'm not up to speed on this. I know WTHR, and now KNXT.
  5. IndyNewsOpens

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    WRTV's open looked weird around then.... It looks cheap. No effects, just a zoom in on the WRTV logo.
  6. IndyNewsOpens

    Sinclair, Tribune Close to Merger Deal

    Personally, I don't mind the direction Nexstar is taking with MG. They haven't messed with WISH too much (except for a few occasional staff changes).
  7. IndyNewsOpens

    WXIN on temp set?

    Today when I was watching their morning news, it looked like they had moved the desk in the studio out to the newsroom, as well as the weather set looking like just a flatscreen with a computer - no green screen. I'll see if I can get pictures later. Anyone think WXIN is building a new set ahead of the Tribune-Sinclair merger (or if WXIN is one of the rumored stations Fox is buying)?
  8. IndyNewsOpens

    Annoying Station IDs during network programming

    WTTV's station ID is gigantic as well, with the callsigns virtually unreadable, as they look like pixels. I'll see if I can get a screencap sometime.
  9. IndyNewsOpens

    Oldest sets still in use?

    How long has WISH-TV been at their set? I remember various renovations done over the years, but has kept the basic shape and stature of the original set for years.
  10. IndyNewsOpens

    Sinclair, Tribune Close to Merger Deal

    Amen, brother.
  11. IndyNewsOpens

    Holy Graphics Knockoff Batman!!

    From what I can remember last time I was in Denison, Texas (my dad has an office down there), they pretty much just use "ABC Texoma" for everything else but the newscasts. They don't even put the station logo in the corner of the end of network promos.
  12. IndyNewsOpens

    Sinclair, Tribune Close to Merger Deal

  13. IndyNewsOpens

    Retransmission Consent squabbles

    Didn't Dispatch have a thing with Dish a few years back? I can clearly remember WTHR talking about being pulled from Dish Network.... I guess I'm just not as far in on TV news operations, but how does this work? Does American Spirit have different contracts from Raycom? So if Mission has a dispute with DirecTV, for example, Nexstar stations would continue to stay?
  14. IndyNewsOpens

    CBS buying Network Ten (AU)

    Whoa. That's all.
  15. IndyNewsOpens

    Out and About

    More retrans disputes. This time, it's WTHR and DirecTV/AT&T U-verse. http://www.wthr.com/attention-directv-and-att-u-verse-subscribers

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