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  1. Sendir

    WTSP - New Logo?

    WTSP debuted the new website layout. While possibly debuting a new logo by accident?
  2. I love this look and music.
  3. So. When Coronavirus starts becoming the second story in the lineup of your rundown, when do you awkwardly go back to your old format? Or do they rebrand completely?
  4. Look what debuted today... not a “set in a box” as some of you like to say. Congrats, Shreveport.
  5. Make the live bug bigger
  6. Agreed. I think he’s broadcasting from his house.
  7. The transitions are the worst. Going from a supertease into in the open is just terrible. TERRIBLE
  8. Nexstar Media to Launch Prime-Time National Newscast on WGN America, Cable Network Reaching 75 Million U.S. Households Nexstar Media Group’s cable network, WGN America will launch a live daily national newscast. Beginning this summer, “News Nation,” will air in prime-time and will draw on the expertise of Nexstar’s 5,400 local journalists in 110 local newsrooms across the country. https://www.nexstar.tv/press-releases/
  9. “ABC World News Tonight” and “World News Now,” have continued to make small tweaks to the studio it shares as sources say the network is readying a revamped studio. courtesy of NewcastStudio
  10. I love how fast Nexstar moves. They are so good with change.
  11. Is RenderOn, VDO, etc all out of business now due to consolidation?
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