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  1. The merger stated they had to save $3B out of their operating budget. They also believe in bundling. Which, I do as well. CNN will be available soon enough on those streaming devices but another CNN+ added to the bundle isn’t going to happen. The cheapest place to make cuts is News.
  2. Yikes for May Ratings.
  3. Oh. And this one at 4:17 in such a small market. But wow great open sequence. Everything else was trash. Lol
  4. I loved David Hershey’s creative direction of KTVT before corporate powers told him to fall inline. The only problem. KTVT had the best ratings of all time during this time period of these graphics. https://youtu.be/lfIzF180YfU Time stamp 16:36. I knew I wanted to be a creative services director when I saw this open. Seriously.
  5. Good job on the set modifications but those supers…
  6. I honestly do not understand his strategy. These stations have to be losing money.
  7. This would be my dream job to bring consistency with Gray
  8. Of course Rick would get these first. Lol
  9. Any word on the Meredith graphics hub? This is not their flagship. I promise you that. Opportunity, yes. But not flagship. Those labels are truly only meant for the most profitable assets.
  10. They were probably still working on the set.
  11. They pulled Glor too soon. They did him dirty. Now with him and his co-anchors being number one on Saturdays has to make management rethink the decision they made that screwed him.
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