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  1. I worked with VDO a lot on multiple station projects. Miss Diane. Do you remember her? What happened to her?
  2. They did these banners in house. Terrible job. I really hope their is a new weather template but doubt it.
  3. KLRT in Little Rock is preparing to launch the Nexstar Fox package. Their current package dates alllll the way back to old Newport/Providence Equity Partners. The package is over 10 years old.
  4. Wow. Nexstar does such a great job! Go Blake and his team.
  5. Yeah. Not to be rude but if you didn’t hear from a C level executive then they are just reporting the hearsay.
  6. Goodbye Meredith’s graphics hub they just put together.
  7. Ohhh. What was the company that had a rabbit in their logo?
  8. Debuted today. It is a Nexstar set. But for this market this is huge! They have had horrible HORRIBLE sets the last couple of decades. Big upgrade for them.
  9. Nexstar Media Inc. Promotes Andrew Alford to President of Broadcasting Division, Effective June 1 https://www.nexstar.tv/andy_alford_promoted_president_broadcasting_division_2021/
  10. Incorrect information. But yes, Blake is still there. He’s the creator of their look, sets and news operations. He’s done a great job making sure local is consistent in messaging and not looking like Tegna, Gray or Sinclair with their very copy/paste approach.
  11. Wow. That was quick.
  12. most likely heading to Nexstar to replace Tim.

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