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  1. I am a democrat and I have always told my other friends who hate on Fox about their journalism and how they can turn it on when they really need to. Example, they called the Election before anyone else did. Yes, the political director was kicked out of the building for telling the truth. But anyway, yes, they do have the chops for a big news story but now with every story having some intertwined political side, they lost their way. So no. It’s not news.
  2. Sears. The other Blockbuster
  3. This February, NBC2 (WBBH) dominated viewership among all the stations serving Southwest Florida. The station won every head-to-head weekday newscast in every time period throughout the entire day. NBC2 is #1 not only in total households watching but also the coveted 25-54-year-old demo according to Nielsen Media Research. NBC2 News triumphed during the all-important 6 PM time period with more viewers than all other local newscasts combined with a 10.6 household rating. WINK News had a 5.1, ABC7 News a 3.5 and FOX4 News a 1.2. With People 25-54, NBC2 wins with a 3.1, followed by ABC7 with
  4. This has to be for an OTT program. NBC is stacked with really good talent right now. The increase is puzzling but could be to align to the new reality with OTT programming.
  5. Nexstar’s NBC affiliate in Wichita Falls, TX is on a temporary set.
  6. Most Insightful post of the week. Thanks.
  7. Agreed. They found a star. I remember when I used to watch her on msnbc when she did a bus tour around the nation. Loved the show.
  8. Nexstar Inc. President of Broadcasting Timothy C. Busch to Retire in Mid-2021 February 26, 2021 36 Year Broadcasting Veteran Served in Multiple Leadership Roles Over 20 Years as Nexstar Grew to Become the Nation’s Largest Broadcaster IRVING, TX – Nexstar Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexstar Media Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXST), announced today that President, Broadcasting, Timothy C. Busch, will retire June 1, 2021, following a 36-year career in the broadcast industry. Mr. Busch joined Nexstar in 2000 as General Manager at WROC (CBS) in Rochester, New York and over h
  9. That’s a very old rear projector on its last leg.

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