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  1. Nexstar has had their eye on Meredith for a very long time. Now with Print spun out. This will be an easier sell.
  2. It might be dumb to us but it showcases brand recall and is a driving force for internal culture.
  3. How much did this cost Nexstar? I am not seeing a price tag in the press releases.
  4. I am not a fan of Jeff Zucker but everyone in this group is talking about CNN’s demise post trump. Between Nov. 4 and Sunday, CNN has averaged 1.73 million viewers, more than double a year ago, Nielsen said. Fox News Channel had 1.56 million and MSNBC had 1.53 million. It's the first time since December 2001, the newsy period after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, that CNN has beaten Fox News in this measurement for as long as a month, Nielsen added. Among the broadcast networks, NBC led last with a primetime average of 6 million viewers. to be fair to Jeff... this is under
  5. Super cut from newscast studio.
  6. Lester is back in studio for NBC Nightly News with a debut of a new/refreshed set.
  7. Yikes. That production was just bad and that shot of Aaron. I thought this was a national news source?
  8. Absolutely agree. Perry will play the long game even though he will make changes here and there the operating budget is not that big. They have facilities that are paid for, subscribers and advertisers. That’s why you see the anchors that are on there instead of someone for Shep.
  9. This is incredible. ‘Birth of a Conspiracy Theory’ by Trump Supporters at Arizona Vote-Counting Site Reporters trying to do their jobs yet becoming a part of the story by just loading their van.
  10. What were the ratings? They missed out on a couple key things w/ their graphics: - vote separation between the two candidates. - no ticker strategy like all the major news organizations have a producer for it to tie directly to the story with detailed info
  11. The NEWS division of FoxNews really did a good job last night. They called states early, accurate and their new probability tracker. All accurate. I was impressed.

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