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  1. Looks they also changed from WSI/IBM to Baron.
  2. Sendir


    New graphics for KTAB in Abilene. They are using the CBS Nexstar package. Instead of orange, replace with red to go with logo. No new set. Sure KRBC is to follow with NBC Nexstar graphics package. https://youtu.be/GJlx3m6bHis
  3. KAMC and KLBK have changed to the new graphic packages.
  4. Sendir

    WTTV New Look

    Nexstar will fix this.
  5. Nexstar’s FOX 16 in Little Rock set to debut new set soon. Sister station, NBC KARK 4, in the same studio, had a massive overhaul about 18 months ago.
  6. Can we talk about how they are using elements of the new graphics package in the background of anchors but have not fully debuted the package? I bet once they do, all of it will come together.
  7. KLRT-TV, FOX 16, on temp set as they remodel the FOX 16 set in Little Rock, AR. KARK-TV, house in same studio, debuted their set about 18 months ago. New graphics package set to debut, too, for Fox. Early February.
  8. Sendir


    My bet would be on Adam Kuperstein. https://instagram.com/akuperstein?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=muky8laa8k1c
  9. KTSM in El Paso has moved into their new facilities. They have adopted the look of KRQE. Same logo, set and the NBC Nexstar graphics pkg. (instead of the CBA one, duh).
  10. Does anyone have Abilene, TX ratings?
  11. I don’t think they have the funds (profit) to put back in these stations. Clock is ticking on operations. Prep resumes.
  12. [GALLERY=media, 1071]7676CFF5-264D-4892-AA11-9092B9600ED4 by Sendir posted May 20, 2018 at 1:36 PM[/GALLERY][GALLERY=media, 1070]1683FE2A-BC37-4F6D-BC96-0813523B2C40 by Sendir posted May 20, 2018 at 1:36 PM[/GALLERY] Preview from their livestream.
  13. Sorry to double post and to steal from the Tegna graphic section, but this clip shows more of the set.
  14. Here is the 5pm open... doesn’t show much of the set. Would love to see an entire newscast.
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