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  1. This would be my dream job to bring consistency with Gray
  2. Of course Rick would get these first. Lol
  3. Any word on the Meredith graphics hub? This is not their flagship. I promise you that. Opportunity, yes. But not flagship. Those labels are truly only meant for the most profitable assets.
  4. They were probably still working on the set.
  5. They pulled Glor too soon. They did him dirty. Now with him and his co-anchors being number one on Saturdays has to make management rethink the decision they made that screwed him.
  6. Sorry. Via app notification. I didn’t turn on the tv. I was watching football. Lol
  7. They were also the first to break the news on the possible body.
  8. Monday soft launch. You won’t be disappointed unless you just completely hate Nexstar with no objectivity. Lol
  9. Isn’t it amazing how Nexstar was the latest group to the game for live streaming because the C-Suite could never understand why people would watch on their phones. And then… [NN] not being an OTT product. Just amazes me.
  10. And that’s what we are going with for a network called NewsNation?
  11. I am so mad. I don’t understand why you have a network named NewsNation which brags about the newsrooms you have across the country and be showing syndicated programming during one of the worst storms to hit LA. They literally have more reporters on the ground versus any network. Use them. Do affiliate coverage. Jesus. It’s not hard.This doesn’t help your cause.

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