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  1. Boothe is proof that at Fox, you can go far based solely and exclusively based on looks alone because otherwise, she brings nothing to the table. She was a generic analyst until she jumped on the Trump train and now look at where she is. This is exactly right. Shep is a good fit at Fox even with the morons around him because they allow him to do a show that's built around his strengths unlike him just reading a prompter. Plus, he's also the lead breaking news anchor for the channel as well so he doesn't just have the one daily hour. I don't think he'd want to do a nightly news show where he's just reading headlines effectively.
  2. Permanently in Studio 57 http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/evening-news-moves-to-a-new-studio/
  3. Could be, the Happening Now ratings generally do sag somewhat from America's Newsroom. That said, I think the writing has been on the wall since they'd yet to replace Jenna Lee (who now has left over a year ago) and Jon Scott hasn't been in the new ad campaign that has highlighted all other weekday hosts.
  4. And was last used regularly by The Five until early 2017. Beyond Hannity, the other shows that regularly use Studio J remained in their temporary homes today so I'm not sure when those shows will move in.
  5. And in the process will cancel Happening Now. FOX NEWS EXPANDS AMERICA’S NEWSROOM WITH BILL HEMMER AND SANDRA SMITH TO THREE HOURS FNC’s Jon Scott Moves to Anchoring ‘FOX Report Weekend’ NEW YORK - May 31, 2018 — FOX News Channel (FNC) will expand its signature morning news program America’s Newsroomco-anchored by Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith to three hours (9AM-12PM/ET) starting June 11th, announced Jay Wallace, president of FOX News and Executive Editor. The expanded program will replace the current 11AM/ET hour Happening Now, and Jon Scott will begin his new role as anchor of FOX Report Weekend (Saturdays at 7PM/ET and Sundays at 6PM/ET) on June 16th. Scott will also contribute to the network’s weekend breaking news coverage. In making the announcement, Wallace said, “Bill and Sandra’s ability to cut through the headlines and provide hard-hitting interviews with the nation’s leaders have made it must-see television and we’re excited to add an extra hour of this informative program to the weekday lineup.” Wallace continued, “Adding Jon Scott’s extensive experience in breaking news will help ensure our weekend coverage remains unparalleled in the industry.” Geared towards providing hard news and interviews with key newsmakers, America’s Newsroom has averaged 1.6 million in total viewers, making it the number one news program in its timeslot. Hemmer has anchored the program since its inception in 2009 and for the majority of his 10-year tenure at the network, and Smith, who got her start at FBN in 2007, joined him as co-anchor last fall. Smith was also an original co-host of Outnumberedwhen the program launched in 2014. She will depart that program upon the expansion ofAmerica’s Newsroom. FNC’s signature weekend newscast, the FOX Report Weekend highlights the latest developments and breaking news in the U.S. and around the globe. As a FOX News original, Jon Scott joined the network prior to launch and has covered some of the biggest breaking news events of the past two decades, including the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, the war in Afghanistan, multiple presidential elections, the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush, the first official state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron as well as numerous natural disasters. Prior to FNC, Scott served as a correspondent for Dateline NBC where he received an Emmy award for his newswriting.
  6. I have to retract these remarks because while all Level 1 are called "Fox News Special Presentation," the special presentation branding is not exclusively for Level 1's because the Royal Wedding coverage this morning, as well as the Barbara Bush funeral, were both introduced as a "Fox News Special Presentation" even though both are Level 2's.
  7. Maybe it's just me but I'm still not sold that Fox will move the affiliation from WSVN to WSFL considering WSVN's ratings strength and given the fact that it hasn't been exactly easy for them with WJZY in Charlotte in building a news operation from scratch., Given her track record in New York, let's hope that doesn't happen.
  8. Fox News release: FOX NEWS CHANNEL TO PRESENT LIVE SPECIAL COVERAGE OF THE ROYAL WEDDING ON SATURDAY, MAY 19TH Shepard Smith and Sandra Smith to Co-Anchor Main Event NEW YORK – May 8, 2018 — FOX News Channel (FNC) will present live, extensive coverage surrounding the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19th. Main coverage of the historic nuptials will be co-anchored by FNC’s chief news anchor Shepard Smith and co-anchor of America’s Newsroom Sandra Smith from outside St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle beginning at 6AM/ET. FOX & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt will also take part, co-hosting FOX & Friends Weekend live from Windsor, England beginning at 5AM/ET and then joining coverage of the main event at 6AM/ET. Contributing to coverage will be London-based senior foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot, London-based foreign affairs correspondent Benjamin Hall, Washington-based news correspondent Gillian Turner and Milan-based correspondent Amy Kellogg. The correspondents will be providing updates starting on Thursday at Windsor locations including, Castle Hill, the church lodge, rugby grounds and the Buckingham Place/Canada Gate. Special contributions will also be made by royal correspondent Louisa James, who was the first to report on-air that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton had gone into labor with her first child; Harry Herbert, son of The Earl Carnarvon and close friend of Princess Diana; Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order and former Senior Communications officer for the Buckingham Palace, David Pogson. Additional FNC coverage plans for the week of the royal wedding include: On Thursday, May 17th and Friday, May 18th, Ainsley Earhardt will co-host Fox and Friends (6-9AM/ET) live from Windsor while Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade will provide coverage from New York. On Thursday, May 17th and Friday, May 18th, Sandra Smith will co-anchor America’s Newsroom (9-11 AM/ET) live from Windsor while Bill Hemmer will provide coverage from New York. Shepard Smith will also anchor Shepard Smith Reporting (3-4PM/ET) on Thursday, May 17th and Friday, May 18th from Windsor. In addition, FoxNews.com will launch three special royal wedding pages where users can find all content related to the event, British Royals along with behind-the-scenes interviews, social media posts and photo galleries featuring all of the best snapshots from the celebration. Foxnews.com will also provide live updates throughout the ceremony as well as a live stream of the wedding. FOX News Radio (FNR) will air a five-part series during the week leading up to the royal wedding, beginning on Monday, May 14, anchored by FNR’s London reporter Simon Owen. FNR will also provide complete wedding coverage on Saturday, May 19th hosted by Owen along with FNR reporter Tonya J. Powers which can be heard on www.FoxNewsRadio.com and Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM Channel 115. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for 16 years and according to a Gallup/Knight Foundation Survey, is the most objective information source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre.
  9. For what it's worth, CBS has debuted new special report graphics.
  10. Exactly and especially so since her defense is so convoluted and bizarre. It's really not that hard and this problem would have gone away. And we saw the defense of her from a number of MSNBC hosts saying "we've all evolved on things, etc." That's fine except it conveniently ignores the part where she made up this hacking defense for no reason.
  11. The "I think he's a good guy and therefore he would NEVER do this" defense is always a good one. I also remember women at Fox News coming out and defending Roger Ailes and got reamed for it, and who were they to say that he wouldn't have done like the things he was accused for, and just like with Brokaw. Brokaw's letter was ridiculous and looked pretty tone-deaf so soon after the story broke.
  12. Per a reliable source inside Fox News: Hosts: Shepard Smith, Sandra Smith, Ainsley Earhardt Reporters: Greg Palkot, Benjamin Hall, Gillian Turner Don't know coverage hours and the like.
  13. I don't hate it because I am all for cleaner lower third designs, and it brings it further in line with the graphics seen on Nightly News and on the special reports which both have no background behind the logo. That said when the background is lighter, it can be a little difficult to read but having said that, I think the idea behind it is sound.
  14. As others have said, I do wonder why they didn't bring in Shepard Smith like they did with last year's strike and he helmed coverage on both Fox and on Fox News Channel. The thing that struck me as disappointing is how the straight Fox people were underutilized during Hannity's and Ingraham's hours as opposed to clowns like your Gorkas, your Sara Carters, etc. for what was a big news event. The utilization of Smith and his team, designed specifically for breaking news situations, seems inconsistent which is unfortunate. That said, it does seem like for Level 2's, they have moved towards FNC simulcasts with some exceptions (Shepard Smith did one right at 4pm after that big stock market drop a few months ago, and he and his unit handled some of the Vegas shooting coverage in the early afternoon).
  15. Good on MSNBC and I hope CNN and Fox follow because this is addition by subtraction. I think that the tickers are a waste and the picture looks much better without it as opposed to with it. Now with the logo bug, I think the time would look better next to the LIVE bug as opposed to squeezing it underneath the logo but having said that, I like the thought process behind it. So many of these kind of graphics on cable news are too big when they don't need to be (a key reason why I like the naming chyron graphics that Fox uses).
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