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  1. Permanently in Studio 57 http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/evening-news-moves-to-a-new-studio/
  2. For what it's worth, CBS has debuted new special report graphics.
  3. Wait how would the LA bureau be much better? Of course they wouldn't be on site but they would clearly say that they are broadcasting from LA due to the Oscars that evening. Does actually being on site really destroy the show's credibility? And say what you want about the Oscars, they are newsy and if people have negative feelings about it, more so than usual, wouldn't that make it more newsy? It's just self-promotion, like any of the morning shows, evening news shows or Sunday shows broadcasting from the Super Bowl. Not to mention that it's only the weekend show we're talking about.
  4. Antwan is a solid anchor, arguably one of the better folks they have. Could've been an interesting pairing with him and Suki on the Wake Up show. He's also reportedly a great guy and easy to work with, unlike Priolo. Lahmers is a mess but she's reportedly connected way up at 1211 so we'll see what happens there.
  5. Looks like it per her bio:
  6. Meanwhile, seems like corporate higher-ups hope to move Brian Williams to a better timeslot than 11pm. http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/12/brian-williams-quietly-conquering-late-night?mbid=social_twitter
  7. As far as I know she is, and the piece seems to indicate as such, but I can't imagine that lasting for long now.
  8. If these CBS rumors are legitimate (consider the source), CBS has to have something up their sleeve in terms of luring somebody to the Broadcast Center because there isn't a de facto replacement in the mix. And frankly, I think Pelley has done a solid job and doesn't really need to be replaced.
  9. They'd probably be relatively late to the game but I'd think she'd be a better fit on 60 Minutes than on the Evening News.
  10. I don't know if such a clause exists but I could see why it would exist. After all even after his credibility went down the toilet, he was still pretty popular and the ratings were still strong. I think that'd be more of an issue early on as he went to MSNBC but a year later as Lester Holt is fully settled in, I don't see why that would be a problem. All of that said, I think MSNBC will continue to go forward with Williams hosting at 11 while also anchoring rolling news coverage as warranted during the day.
  11. I did read the book and Stelter's reporting that preceded it. Bell was the driving force behind firing Curry and getting her off the show. That's not to say that Lauer is innocent because he isn't, he could've stepped in to defend her but he didn't. Everybody knows he didn't like working with her, didn't want her in the first place and that he had complained about her to management. But the reporting indicates that Bell was the first one to deem Curry the problem and decided that she had to go. From Stelter: "By comparison, “Today” had stuck to the same camera angles and scripted intr
  12. I agree with this. 57 is a great studio and the Evening News does do a nice job utilizing the various video elements there but I still get that temporary solution feel.
  13. But hey, lets let personal animosity get in the way of reporting facts! Lauer will work on Today for as long as he wants but I don't think he has the desire to do it for that much longer, even as he just signed that contract. The fear inside 30 Rock is that once he goes, the ratings would slide especially as there still isn't the de facto next person in line. And since the show is doing well in the demo, there isn't this desire to replace Lauer. I also enjoy the revisionist history about Ann Curry. She never was a good fit in the anchor chair on Today and that was obvious to anyone
  14. They also happened to do that right after Sen. Frank Lautenberg died after he had been the thorn in Fox's side regarding license renewal. Who knows what happens next, especially as there has been a leadership change at the top of the O&O's with Jack Abernethy moving to FNC.
  15. It would be nice if she could read a prompter.

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