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  1. I do recall Jamie Stelter's instagram story last week showing a promo shoot.
  2. Just went on their YouTube and yes she did anchor this morning. I swear I was in the area once and she had did it before, and she wasn't bad.
  3. They could have taken a page from their Australian and British counterparts. However, I like the motion.
  4. Anybody think that Greg and Rosanna get out of their contracts and possibly end up on WPIX, or maybe WLNY takes a big chance and relaunches their failed morning show?
  5. WJZ isn't the only one. I know KYW doesn't letterbox their signal, and last time I checked WCBS doesn't do it as well.
  6. According to this tweet, the set has been taken down. Maybe they moved parts of it into an empty studio for the time being? [MEDIA=twitter]878920730146164736[/MEDIA]
  7. Anybody think this WCBS will go 16:9 with the new set and spread it to other O&Os? The ball usually starts rolling with them.
  8. Maybe KYW will be soon? Like a year to year and a half?
  9. When I've seen her fill in on holidays, there really is no traffic reporter on those days for them.
  10. Steve doesn't anchor that much, but Alex has filled in quite a few times on the morning newscast.
  11. From this news release from 2000, it was a 12.6-12.0 victory for WCAU.
  12. Finally! Someone beat WPVI!!!
  13. Some of the studio cameras and pretty much all of their field cameras are still 480p...in 2017.
  14. Maybe because CSN Philly was the first CSN. That doesn't really affect the treatment, but maybe that's where he's coming from.
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