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  1. NBC now gets a Sunday afternoon game in addition to SNF this week.
  2. Ravens-Steelers postponed to Sunday. No Thanksgiving night game for the first time since 2006.
  3. Fox NFL Sunday crew in quarantine.
  4. They updated it back in September. They also brought back the Peter Jennings theme.
  5. If Trump is convicted and imprisoned from his tax scandals from SDNY or the New York AG, his trial will garner nationwide (and possibly worldwide) attention. Cable news' ratings will rise from that.
  6. Would this be a Tribune-like situation, where broadcast and print became two different divisions?
  7. Tim Brando just announced that Fox is carrying the speech. Likely Level 1 SR. Assume PBC moves to FS2.
  8. Clem-ND to USA Network until Biden is finished.
  9. I imagine NewsNation will expand to mornings in the future, maybe as soon next year.
  10. Maddow in quarantine.
  11. Al Roker has prostate cancer.
  12. Probably should've provided a source. Let's fix that.
  13. Decision Desk HQ has projected that Joe Biden has 273 electoral votes and has won the Presidency. NBC and CBS are running special reports.
  14. As I said, it's happened before with Howard Cosell announcing John Lennon's death during Monday Night Football.
  15. Fox can redirect viewers to NFL Network until any SR they do ends. Unless Joe Buck wants to pull a Cosell and announce the winner in-game.
  16. He was talking about the network. Savannah confirmed it before they went off air.
  17. I heard Chuck Todd hint on Today not long ago that NBC will do more primetime election coverage tonight.

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