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  1. NHLN and MLBN typically use the team's RSN. Same with NBATV.
  2. KDNL can't do anything because they don't have a news department.
  3. BTW, Demetria is not on Good Morning Texas.
  4. ...and Redskins games are moving to the new station as well.
  5. Keeping it at a half hour seems wrong. Should be a full hour.
  6. Scott Jones reports that all stations must allocate 20% of staff to "Digital First" positions by the end of August. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/6/13/exclusive-nexstar-stations-to-reallocate-staff-to-digital
  7. Hopefully they make a stop in Chicago.
  8. I was watching with my dad this morning. Did you get to see Patti LaBelle?
  9. Second GSN series since Baggage to air in syndication.
  10. Michelle Beadle, Paul Pierce, and Chauncey Billups are out at NBA Countdown. https://sportsbybrooks.com/sources-beadle-pierce-billups-out-at-espns-countdown/
  11. Well, there's currently an opening for a meteorologist position at WICS, which means Crain probably got fired. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/6/12/sinclair-posts-meteorologist-job-ad
  12. So CLTV isn't being treated as an afterthought after all. Looks like the background builds off the diamond motif WGN uses outside of news.
  13. Question. Are the Price Is Right weather updates done live or prerecorded?
  14. The consolidation won't stop until TEGNA, Nexstar, and Sinclair are the only broadcast groups left standing. Something tells me @ColDayNews won't be happy about this.
  15. That article mentioned that they air Fox News Sunday at 6am. How is that possible when the show is live at 9am ET?
  16. Now, Giangreco doing Sunday sports. Miller was in last night.
  17. 2001: A portion of a WTVJ-produced WSFL (nee WBZL) newscast that used the late 90s - early '00s WB look as its graphics.
  18. She's back again for the Sunday morning news.
  19. Wow. Cheryl Scott doing weather on the Saturday morning show.
  20. Does Champion own a house/condo in Miami?
  21. KTVT is carrying Tamron Hall. First CBS O&O to carry the show.
  22. I assume WPLG would be her affiliate down there.
  23. Inexcusable. Derrick Young was off sometime this week and Ed Curran handled traffic.
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