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  1. Well, this quote from a July writeup from RBR is giving us a little more clarity on the KCAL brand being used for KCBS' newscasts. And, in a major move, local newscasts will no longer originate from KCBS-2. Instead, that station will simulcast KCAL-9 newscasts as part of a bigger plan to make KCAL, once the home of the legendary Jerry Dunphy and Pat Harvey, a player in the L.A. news race for the first time in more than two decades.
  2. I’m betting it should. The CBS Innovation Lab’s guidelines is for duopoly stations with a news-producing CBS O&O to have the “CBS News (City) NOW” name, with the standalone CW affiliates having the “(City) NOW” name.
  3. CBS is going the way of CTV when it comes to O&O branding. Someone was going to try this sooner or later. It is looking very likely at this point that KCBS/KCAL is going to be the first to debut the new graphics and rebrand when they launch the new morning show on Monday.
  4. That's been there for months on the newscast bug.
  5. When you think about it, KCAL is the stronger brand between both stations. It kinda makes sense, in a way.
  6. And the last of the holdouts, KCBS/KCAL, getting ready to debut Next Weather.
  7. That’s a shame. It was a nice alternative to the other offerings cable news had in the mornings. Hopefully Robin sees this as an opportunity to go back into local TV. She’d be much better there.
  8. KPIX is using part of the new graphics on their stream for their “The Minute” segment. IMG_0827.MOV
  9. Considering one hour of the KCAL morning show will be simulcast on KCBS at 6am every day, I think that’s the likely route they’re going.
  10. They have been using the 2016 look for Eye on Detroit, even when they still went by CBS 62.
  11. Well, with the name and launch date for the KCAL morning show finally out of the bag, it’s looking like KCBS/KCAL could be the first to launch the new O&O graphics and rebrand December 5th. (h/t @CaptainNews)
  12. Checked their schedule, it’s not airing until Thanksgiving Sunday at 3pm.
  13. BBC being the oddball once again.
  14. Here’s what FIFA whipped up this year in the scorebug department.
  15. CBS correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reported on today’s edition of the Evening News that CBS News is pausing all activity on Twitter as Elon Musk’s handling of the website is under scrutiny. I assume this also applies to the O&Os as well, as (of this posting) most have not tweeted in 2-3 hours.
  16. Looked at WGN’s Thanksgiving schedule, and it appears they’re not running Bozo, Gar & Ray this year, instead replacing it with the two Bozo’s Circus 1960s and 1970s specials. Meanwhile, the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade finally has a new, proper home after last year’s VPOD embarrassment: WCIU.
  17. As for Telemundo, no IRL pictures of their set yet, but they'll have four set locations around Qatar. Here's a rendering of one of those sets in the meantime.
  18. Best set in the market running away.
  19. Here’s a look at Fox’s territory in Doha. Looks to be another Filmwerks project. And set renderings.
  20. Word from informalsky on the Discord is that CBS News Detroit and the new graphics launch have been delayed until January.
  21. With the KCAL morning show launching next month, I now predict KCBS/KCAL will be first out the gate with the new branding/graphics. Either them or CBS News Detroit.
  22. And Eagles-Texans is going to WPHL in Philly.
  23. The Sun-Times’ Jeff Agrest is reporting that when WFLD’s deal with the Bears ends, WGN is a possible landing spot. Marquee is also in the running as well.
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