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  1. The current season is the last with new episodes, and is still in production. Like Judge Judy, though, CBSMV will continue to circulate reruns of it in syndication.
  2. WCSC is preparing for the GrayONE package. https://fb.watch/jghpyr_9ra/?fs=e&s=cl
  3. ESPN has pulled XFL games from FX due to low ratings.
  4. Local News Live has adopted the white-blue WANF aesthetic.
  5. Biden’s FCC nominee has withdrawn.
  6. Here are this year's broadcast teams.
  7. The CBS News New York bug.
  8. It hasn't been mentioned yet, but WBBM recently launched a streaming-exclusive 7-9am extension of their morning newscast. (h/t @24994J)
  9. KDKA replacing Dr. Phil with a new local talk show called Talk Pittsburgh on March 20th.
  10. Reggie Miller is out (again) on March Madness coverage.
  11. New from the Fox First Run Test Lab: Who The Bleep Is That?, from TMZ. Four-week run in twelve markets starting Monday.
  12. MLB has set up a local media group for teams that are/could be impacted by the Bally and AT&T RSNs.
  13. KCNC has been assimilated.
  14. New show: The Hill, based on the Nexstar-owned website of the same name. Debuts in April.
  15. Consider the fact that KPIX is branding by their calls outside of news hours. No reason why KDKA and WJZ couldn’t.
  16. The Website That Shall Not Be Named did an interview with KTVT’s GM.
  17. The FCC wants a hearing on the Standard-TEGNA-Cox deal. (h/t @Samantha).
  18. The NBC Sports regionals and ESPN will incorporate the new pitch clock into their scorebugs this season.
  19. In addition, the L3s on NOW’s national segments now animate smoother. They must be using the new equipment.
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