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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if CBS does with KBCW what they're doing with KCAL down south.
  2. No change from last year for the Cowboys.
  3. Lions: Bally, unchanged from last year.
  4. Preseason starts in earnest tonight, so time for the annual TVNT tradition of posting teams’ preseason graphics. Here are the Patriots. Same as last year. EDIT: Ravens:
  5. Shannon Bream has been named the new moderator of Fox News Sunday.
  6. So, the new newscast length (at least for WCBS) is one hour, the first half on TV and streaming, the second half on streaming only.
  7. As I predicted, KDFW is airing Jennifer Hudson at 1pm, replacing Nick Cannon.
  8. Well, here are the other two SNF logos unveiled tonight.
  9. GMA3 already does this, allowing ABC affiliates to do a quick news update before the second half of the show.
  10. With preseason starting tonight with the Hall of Fame Game, NBC has debuted a new logo for Football Night in America. Assuming a new SNF logo is coming a bit later, as well.
  11. According to Vulture, NBC is moving Days Of Our Lives to Peacock this fall, and replacing it with a new midday newscast, NBC News Daily.
  12. That's been there for awhile now.
  13. In every sense of the word. Nobody else will ever come close. May he Rest In Peace.
  14. From KWGN, to KDVR, and back to KWGN. A homecoming of sorts for Live in Denver.
  15. All the evidence is overwhelming at this point. Say goodbye to channel numbers on CBS O&Os this fall.
  16. Former WFAA’er David Schechter is now a climate reporter for the CBS innovation lab.
  17. Longtime WTVF sports anchor Mark Howard has passed away.
  18. WGN had been using weekends a few weeks ago for original content like Chicago’s Best and Living Healthy Chicago. Currently, they only have Backstory with Larry Potash, but they recently launched a new longform documentary division called WGN Films.
  19. The graphics package on the NOW newscasts are not the upcoming CBS O&O graphics. They’re still a work in progress.
  20. Seems like both of WBZ’s local cut-ins on WSBK are done live, except the standalone weather segments.
  21. Atlanta and Detroit’s cut-ins are produced out of KTVT, Seattle’s is produced from KPIX, and Tampa’s is from WBZ.
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