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  1. The local CBSNs should also stay on during the weekend, instead of just simulcasting the national version.
  2. Because they're getting ready to switch over completely to the TEGNA graphics.
  3. If they choose not to replace GMA3 with another news/talk program, ABC would have much better luck moving Strahan Pyramid or Press Your Luck to that daily timeslot.
  4. Not every O&O uses "Good Day" for their morning show.
  5. Another one. Courtney Gousman to WEWS.
  6. Telemundo has a midday newscast.
  7. A better name would be ABC World News Midday.
  8. This is a big gamble Perry is taking here. Hopefully this works out and it thrives. I want to see this be successful.
  9. Employees at the O&Os are starting to speak out...
  10. The View is certainly outrating Price in a lot of markets. NYC is one of them. I'd be curious to know how Price does nationally against The View.
  11. They're not replacing Dick Johnson on the weekends. It's Michelle Relerford solo from now on.
  12. Turns out it's for good, as it's Major Garrett in the bureau newsroom again this weekend.
  13. WFAA uses production music for all of Daybreak and the openings for the 6pm and 10pm shows (except on Saturdays). C Clarity is intact for everything else, though.
  14. Gutted. I remember his morning tenure at WMAQ very well. This is a very sad day and my thoughts and prayers are with his family.
  15. Dick Goddard has coronavirus. h/t @news89
  16. The Weekend News is back, and it’s Major Garrett anchoring from the Washington bureau.
  17. WTVD is refusing to air an ad from an anti-Trump PAC.
  18. Joe Donlon will be one of News Nation's weeknight anchors.
  19. Joe Donlon is moving to News Nation to be its weeknight anchor.
  20. Next station: KMOV. https://www.nexttv.com/news/kmov-st-louis-anchors-to-helm-cbs-weekend-news
  21. I think CBS should bring back the Early Show hybrid format for CTM, with affiliates (and the O&Os) allowed to produce local news from 4/4:30-8am, with the 7am hour being CTM and local segments, and the 8am being full CTM.
  22. CBS This Morning is not going away. It makes money for the network and is an alternative to GMA and Today.
  23. This is shocking. Some of them were long runners, too. Here's hoping they all find work somewhere else.
  24. There’s officially a new undisputed #1 in New Orleans.
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