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  1. The L3s sort of remind me of WPIX/KCPQ/WPHL's look, to an extent. Here's what it looks like with a ticker:
  2. They've got the GMA-style logo for their morning show, too.
  3. Just copy-and-paste the URL to the tweet to the reply box. The website should embed it.
  4. This article confirms that CBS ordered WFMY to start CTM at 7am. Andy Griffith is now on weekends.
  5. No big surprises in Orlando; WFTV leads all, but WKMG leads at 11pm among 18-49 year-olds. Not a good book for WOFL. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/tv-guy/os-et-november-ratings-wftv-dominates-before-two-anchors-depart-20191202-wwyke2rajnhrdcqnypv6mx47hq-story.html
  6. The Scripps closing logo has been updated to include the 4-note signature of the new theme.
  7. I'm talking about the white bar below Denis showing the lottery numbers.
  8. Going to take a wild guess and say that this is the ticker.
  9. Here's a standard WFTS open. Male voiceover this time. The breaking news intro: And the 4pm, which is a cold open:
  10. Sounds like the same woman who voices KSDK, Virginia Hamilton. Does this new package even have a news ticker? WTXL didn't use one in the mornings.
  11. WFMY has launched a new aftershow to the GMS called #AfterGMS. It's similar to #IAmStillUp at WFAA.
  12. If they do, they'll always have KQCW to continue post-7am news. I think CBS may force them to air it in-pattern in the near future, if trends are any indication. I remember when CBS mandated all affiliates to air both hours of the Early Show, KOTV compromised by starting it at 8am and moving the last hour of their morning show to KQCW. They used to air it 5-9am on KOTV.
  13. Pulling a KCAL. Nice.
  14. A New Year's Eve special is debuting on 9 this year. It's called Chicago's Very Own New Year's Eve Blast. Will Nexstar syndicate this across its Central time stations?
  15. Not while the E/I requirements are in place. One Saturday Morning/ABC Kids had strawman status when it came to E/I.
  16. The final years of the show became very repetitive, dealing with the same three topics over and over.
  17. I think NXST will relinquish that 4pmET hour in the near future.
  18. I agree. Gray should include the new WAVE package as another choice for stations. I could see WVUE adopting something similar to this.
  19. It's likely a fan opining. I've seen similar comments on various news montage videos.
  20. Watching WTXL's AM show, and there is a morning cut of the new music.
  21. Last week's hearings scored 12.5 million viewers.
  22. I'm just thinking about how KJRH will execute these graphics. They may have to get rid of the red box behind the "2" for it to work, ala KXAS.
  23. If your second theory is true, maybe a certain met with the initials JS is moving down the road?
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