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  1. The only graphical changes to the CBS News locals today were a new title card and logo. Otherwise, it’s still the core 2018 CBSN Local package. Any new graphics will debut on the O&Os and the streaming platforms simultaneously.
  2. CBSN is now CBS News.
  3. The regionals are still on the 2015 look, so you have to think they'd go back to using one unified package for everything.
  4. Appears FBN has moved up the America's Weather Weekend simulcast to 7-9am ET.
  5. It's social distancing due to Omicron.
  6. According to @rkolsen on the Discord, the CBS O&Os are debuting new elements on Monday. The wait and speculation may be finally over. Sneak peek: (h/t @rkolsen)
  7. New reporter. Sabrina Franza from News 12 The Bronx.
  8. NYPost reports that Apollo is closing in on a deal to acquire TEGNA.
  9. The morning show is now known as CBS 8 Mornings (to bring it in line with the national show).
  10. With KTVT, WJZ, WBBM, and now KCNC all switching to First Alert Weather, I have cause to believe that this is a groupwide mandate (with the exceptions of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, and Miami).
  11. KTVT jumped on the First Alert bandwagon, as well. Appears this is likely gonna be the standard across the O&Os.
  12. Apparently, The Rally debuts on the BSNs (and likely Marquee and YES) Jan. 24. Also, former Cubs beat writer Russell Dorsey has joined Bally Sports.
  13. ViacomCBS is creating a local news innovation lab that will be based at KTVT/KTXA.
  14. The reason why the intro is WPVI-inspired is because WJZY’s ND came from KYW.
  15. Does the average WLS viewer even know who John Idler is?
  16. Watched KXAS last night -- they have it as well.
  17. Fox Weather is doing a Christmas Yule Log.
  18. Another NewsNation alum joins WBBM. Sandy Pudar.
  19. The Biden White House is granting spots in the briefing room to some station groups.
  20. With COVID causing trouble around the NFL again, we have our first postponements of the season. Edit: Official, Re: LV-CLE: Edit 2: Add SEA-LAR to the list.
  21. I noticed the midday show has been coming from the newsroom in recent days.
  22. I was watching their noon show today and noticed Liz Reyes behind what looked like a temp set. Hawaii News Now (KGMB/KHNL/KFVE), although they do have the Gray ticker for mornings.
  23. The new league has added NBC as a rightsholder.
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