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  1. That's Evolution, one of a few packages SAM made with the Spirit signature.
  2. I get it. It is morning TV, and it is supposed to be lighthearted and funny at times. The KDKA Tom Brady incident did happen on an evening newscast, after all.
  3. Wonder if any producers will end up fired or resign like what happened last year at KDKA.
  4. Disney would be better off keeping the "20th Television" name for syndication.
  5. I have a good feeling FX, FXX, and FXM will be renamed in the near future.
  6. Here's the new Searchlight Pictures logo, courtesy of the French Dispatch trailer.
  7. Deleted my OG post. But I think NXST would want to eventually expand their in-house news department beyond the morning show they have now.
  8. Pat gave an interview in December and said he'll call it a career in 2022 or 2023.
  9. It was mentioned a few weeks ago on this thread, but WTKR, WTVR and WPIX are keeping their existing graphics and music.
  10. This is all stuff we’ve seen before. Just be patient.
  11. You have to remember, AAF got off to a great start, and look what happened to it. You have to hope the XFL lasts. Menefee was in the booth for Fox NFL broadcasts back in the day before he became a studio host, and he's the voice of Seahawks' preseason broadcasts. Greg Olsen, however, was shining in the booth. He has a future on XFL and NFL broadcasts.
  12. At least the comic caricatures aren't sticking around.
  13. AAF used CBS' graphics on all networks.
  14. XFL has better broadcast partners than the AAF did.
  15. Watching XFL right now, and those gigantic last name fonts from Super Bowl LIV are nowhere to be found. That gigantic touchdown animation is still there, though.
  16. Liking what I'm seeing from the new league so far.
  17. It's been established that the new look is only for football broadcasts.
  18. What are the odds Nexstar launches news at WDCW?
  19. LA Times did a profile on WMUR.
  20. 17 should go to Fox to pair it up with 29.
  21. KDFW is starting to use Plak for the weather graphics.
  22. He also did The Saturday Early Show, which is where I remember him from.
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