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  1. You're right. At a more reasonable time, 4pm.
  2. KIAH is airing Drew Barrymore at 2am. Graveyard slot.
  3. Appears KDVR/KWGN went Nexstar.
  4. All they have local-wise is Morning After at 10am and brief hourly newsbreaks throughout the day. However, they currently have reruns of Wilkos and Maury from 5-7am, Protection Court and Couples Court reruns at 7am, and Paternity Court double-reruns at 8am. Wouldn't be surprised if that morning show format KIAH has and now KNVA is getting extends to KDAF soon.
  5. Carol Marin is hanging it up after the election.
  6. New down/distance arrow for NBC.
  7. I always thought Michaela was more at home on LA television than at a network. Good that she's returning to the local airwaves.
  8. They reverted to the 4:3-friendly teaser graphics tonight.
  9. A revival of You Bet Your Life is coming in fall 2021 to Fox O&Os and national syndication.
  10. The teaser graphics are no longer 4:3 safe, there's a new open, and they brought back the old Peter Jennings theme!
  11. New station: WBRC. It's a red-gray-white version of the WMC graphics.
  12. ESPN isn't using "All My Rowdy Friends Are Here On Monday Night" this season.
  13. WCVB reporter Ted Wayman was stabbed on the job Sunday.
  14. KDFW: No change KXAS: No change WFAA: No change KTVT: Drew Barrymore at 2pm. Replaces Tamron Hall. KTXA: Drew Barrymore repeat at 8pm. Replaces Right This Minute, which moves to midnight. KDFI: No change KDAF: Tamron Hall at 9am. Replaces DailyMailTV, which moves to 11am to replace Mel Robbins.
  15. Here's a promo for the new season of Wheel, with the socially-distanced set (h/t Buy A Vowel Boards) 720.mp4
  16. OWN has acquired cable rights to Tamron Hall.
  17. Apparently, ABC is showing up to four WC games.
  18. ABC is adding an MLB wild card game at the end of the month.
  19. The graphics were a Troika project.
  20. Night one scored almost 200,000 viewers. And Perry did an interview earlier today.
  21. I really loved last night. As long as they stick to that format, I'll continue to watch. It was great. Nexstar has a great thing going here.
  22. I think NewsNation should run hourly newsbreaks in between regular programming on WGNA and break in if necessary to cover breaking news events before showtime.
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