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  1. ABC adding midweek NBA games in January. https://x.com/paulsen_smw/status/1708875698834682362?s=20
  2. Jeff Hullinger is leaving WXIA after 13 years.
  3. Gray is launching a new statewide sports network in Georgia, the Peachtree Sports Network, on Sunday.
  4. Add WTOC to the GrayONE list.
  5. Here's the Scripps Sports scorebug. And here it is in motion:
  6. The writers strike will end this weekend.
  7. It’s Virginia Hamilton. ABC uses her for The View, as well.
  8. KLAS actually aired Oprah at 9am for a period of time.
  9. Live is specifically meant to be aired in the morning. Bizarre scheduling.
  10. KJRH also airs Live at 9am, delaying Third Hour and H&J to 10am and 11am, respectively.
  11. Lachlan will take over Fox and Fox News. https://x.com/jimrutenberg/status/1704843455082434896?s=61&t=kz32Hjge3SIHBIdqaaMsCw
  12. Sherri is on hold not because of the strike, but because Sherri herself tested positive for COVID.
  13. KMOV is taking KSDK to court over the First Alert Weather branding.
  14. Now Jennifer Hudson is putting the brakes on her talk show... Bill Maher has a lot of egg on his face right now.
  15. Drew Barrymore bowed to pressure, and is pausing production of her talk show until the strike ends.
  16. A trademark has been filed for the Rockets and Astros’ new RSN: Space City Home Network.
  17. Pictionary aired a special episode today that only those in the New York and Philadelphia DMAs saw.
  18. Newcomer Blair Miller will be the new 4, 6, and 11pm co-anchor.
  19. Dani appeared toward the end of the newscast.
  20. It turns out Michaela has been delayed to midseason.
  21. Was wrong about the new 10am stream being on the main set. It’s back in the newsroom, anchored by Brad solo.
  22. The 7-9am streaming newscast (and presumably the new 10am stream) has moved from the newsroom to the main set and Brad Edwards now has a co-anchor — Audrina Sinclair. It’s also taken on a much lighter tone compared to the hard news format it previously had.
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