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  1. Every newscast with a unique name to them. That is unprecedented.
  2. My mistake. Amy Freeze-Tammie Souza. I just remember something similar.
  3. The Amy Freeze-Michelle Leigh-Jill Carlson era.
  4. I remember when WFLD did that same thing in the early-mid 2000s.
  5. So will Megan Mawicke be promoted to sports director?
  6. It's gotten so bad that DirecTV is now censoring the Bottomline on their feed.
  7. Well that solves this mystery from last night.
  8. This is strange. No known contract disputes.
  9. Checked the schedule -- shows the 9am news hour, but not 8am.
  10. Oh, we're still doing that stupid Genesis prerecorded halftime performance.
  11. The bug resembles the old Raycom bug, which helps too.
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