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  1. Lisa Byington will be the first woman to be the lead television voice of an NBA team.
  2. Looks like CBSN Detroit will be a thing after all. (h/t @DetroitTVNews on the Discord)
  3. @TheRolyPoly flagged it down on the Discord. There's a stream up called "The World Live" with Fox Weather branding. https://youtu.be/D5IGRadpqkg
  4. Man. This is a big one. I have lots of memories watching her. May she RIP.
  5. KTVT doesn't have anything, not even time and temp. Hopefully they'll fix that.
  6. I think @iron_lion had it right in the CBS Mornings thread. They probably had streaming in mind when they decided to move the logo to the bottom left. Not surprising, since they've been using the "CBS ORIGINAL" brand for their shows. Could it be larger? Yes.
  7. Nope -- everything was done at the desk.
  8. Watching The Price Is Right, and it appears that new small CBS bug will also be used across daytime and primetime, as well.
  9. I also spot three of my O&O’s meteorologists; Dan Henry, Evan Andrews, and Ali Turiano, as well. I wonder how the local aspect of Fox Weather is going to work. Are they gonna go by zip code?
  10. 32 finally found their new chief meteorologist. She comes from Lansing.
  11. Mike Richards is gone from Wheel and J! completely.
  12. New ND at WCBS: Sarah Dunlap. Comes from WLS.

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