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  1. That was Randi Naughton anchoring that clip, so it came from KTVI.
  2. I think NewsNation probably should've stayed on past 11pm ET tonight, with all of the protests happening around the country.
  3. To their credit, The Talk was live today and they mentioned the verdict at the top of the show.
  4. You're right. At a more reasonable time, 4pm.
  5. KIAH is airing Drew Barrymore at 2am. Graveyard slot.
  6. Appears KDVR/KWGN went Nexstar.
  7. All they have local-wise is Morning After at 10am and brief hourly newsbreaks throughout the day. However, they currently have reruns of Wilkos and Maury from 5-7am, Protection Court and Couples Court reruns at 7am, and Paternity Court double-reruns at 8am. Wouldn't be surprised if that morning show format KIAH has and now KNVA is getting extends to KDAF soon.
  8. Carol Marin is hanging it up after the election.
  9. New down/distance arrow for NBC.
  10. I always thought Michaela was more at home on LA television than at a network. Good that she's returning to the local airwaves.
  11. They reverted to the 4:3-friendly teaser graphics tonight.
  12. A revival of You Bet Your Life is coming in fall 2021 to Fox O&Os and national syndication.
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