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  1. Well, the new Fox O&O look will eventually be syndicated, so why not start now?
  2. Case in point: Jim Acosta. CNN needs to reassign him to a different role since apparently he's more interested in being a pundit than a journalist. It showed during today's WH briefing. He makes that network look bad.
  3. KDFW is apparently doing their entire 10pm show from home (minus a few reporters).
  4. Add to it that the affiliates are doing local coronavirus updates during the daily pandemic show and Nightline.
  5. CBS is still showing condensed credits. I suspect this is Coronavirus-related.
  6. It's been removed on primetime, too.
  7. KXAS reverted to the normal logo without the rings today.
  8. Scott Pelley did exactly this in the final months of his tenure.
  9. I caught this during Dr. Phil today. Kinda resembles the CBSN pack a bit.
  10. Unfortunately, this is becoming true for many journalists, even some local news anchors retweeting, replying to, and liking Trump-critical tweets. At the same time, there are some anchors liking and replying to Trump-supporting tweets.
  11. Tom Skilling actually had a part in the 2005 film The Weather Man, which was filmed in Chicago.
  12. The length of Saturday Today varies week-by-week because NBC carries a Premier League match on Saturday mornings (although it's on hiatus along with all the other sports).
  13. Yeah, they started doing that recently. I don't know why, but it's repetitive. It's only seen on Good Day, though.
  14. KDFW moved to the demo area of their set this morning for some reason.
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