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  1. A man pointed a gun at Joanie Lum and her cameraman during a live shot.
  2. Here's some more information. • WDVM's morning newscast gets expanded to 8am • WDVM will add a 9pm newscast • WDCW will have 10pm news once again • WDVM will have a nightly sports show at 11pm
  3. https://www.localdvm.com/news/wdvm-grows-coverage-area-joins-forces-with-dcw50/
  4. CBS O&O meteorologists are now appearing on TWC. Dave Aguilera from KCNC did a hit on TWC today.
  5. Fox has picked Greg Olsen to call Super Bowl LVII with Kevin Burkhardt. Guessing this also means he's also keeping the seat warm for Brady throughout the season until he retires.
  6. New reporter. Christian Piekos.
  7. Schefter reporting Tom Brady will join Fox Sports as their #1 game analyst whenever he decides to hang it up.
  8. They've been doing that for NBA postseason games on TNT, as well.
  9. Huge change here: the 2022-23 season will be the last under the "NFC on Fox, AFC on CBS" guidelines.
  10. So, there's a show on TWC En Español called Twilight, which is basically their version of Fox Weather's Night Light. Wouldn't mind seeing this imported to regular TWC.
  11. NBCNN is being prioritized higher than MSNBC and streaming is the future. This is more like a promotion for Todd.
  12. The last standing of the NBCU Trashy Three (until Karamo joins in the fall), Steve Wilkos, is back for season 16.
  13. Chris Wallace's interview show will live on at HBO Max.
  14. WETM anchor and news director Zach Wheeler was caught in a sex predator sting and has since been fired from the station.
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