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  1. WTSP is evacuating to their backup studios at WMOR.
  2. WJZ chief met Bob Turk is hanging it up after 50 years.
  3. Being in Washington gives the EN even more credibility than if they were in NYC, I’d argue. For one, it’s in the world’s most powerful city.
  4. Fox’s lead NFL producer has started a weekly blog that takes readers behind the scenes of the game that the network’s A-team calls every week.
  5. I take this as Ryan finally rejoining the sports team. That’s good to see. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it move OTA, myself. Also, WBBM doesn’t have a Sunday sports show, either.
  6. KTLA will air 15 Clippers games exclusively this season.
  7. With Prime Time with John Dickerson running Monday-Thursday, the Friday 7pm hour is CBS News Weekender.
  8. KXAS’s cut-ins, branded The Connection, are done live with 4pm anchor Kristi Nelson.
  9. The Point was exclusively streaming on CBSN NY for a while.
  10. The standard O&O look. Although WKYC (Tegna) models their cut-ins after the Daily brand.
  11. Yes. There are opt-out periods around those times during the show where affiliates can do cut-ins.
  12. They had Early Edition and CNN Live This Morning.
  13. Nope. The show doesn’t have an official website. But I did find this anti-Ring Nation website.
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