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  1. The Across America segment also didn’t run at all during the FBN simulcast, but it came back in the 8am ET hour.
  2. Well, FBN is using its own bug on the simulcast, naturally. The program bar on the screen flips between the horizontal FWX logo and "America's Weather Weekend" (I assume it'll remain static on the latter when the rest of the show goes exclusive to FWX at 8am ET).
  3. I would've simulcasted the entire 6-hour block on FBN.
  4. WDIV #1 in Detroit except at noon.
  5. Lauren Magiera has to be his successor, right?
  6. It's going to an obscure subchannel called VPOD TV (53.3). Really hoping CFA strikes a deal next year to bring the parade back to WLS or WCIU.
  7. This slipped under the radar for some reason. WGN is not broadcasting this year's Chicago Thanksgiving Parade.
  8. Yes, it’s there (Fire TV user here). The PQ on Tubi is subpar compared to the FOXNOW app.
  9. Looks like Frank Somerville is out at KTVU.

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