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  1. That teaser and open felt very tabloid/GMA-ish.
  2. Tanja's first pregnancy fill-in: Karen Jordan.
  3. Crappy for Daut. I remember his tenure at KDFW. He'll get back on his feet soon.
  4. With Tanja about to go on maternity leave, time to place your bets on who'll fill in for her.
  5. (gags, retches) Looks like they're going after the millennial crowd.
  6. Jamie Horowitz started the "embrace debate" philosophy on ESPN, so when he moved to FS1, he started shows like Undisputed and Speak For Yourself. Ever since he's been fired, Mark Silverman took over, and he said that they're moving on from it.
  7. You were implying it. No need to get hostile.
  8. "Weekend Always In View" is Cox's way of saying "7-day forecast". It's not just at WSB.
  9. I meant recent new productions like Steve Harvey.
  10. Seems like shows taped at the NBC Tower (with the exception of Judge Mathis) don’t last long there. I wonder why.
  11. Yeah, the network that gave us Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite is going to dissolve its news division entirely. Get real.
  12. Mai Martinez is on medical leave.
  13. Family Feud wouldn't be a bad fit for the O&Os, now that you think about it. It keeps Steve Harvey around, and it's a formidable competitor against the 300-pound gorillas known as Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy in some markets. Also, WCAU and KXAS had FF for a time not too long ago.
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