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  1. The regionals are dumping sideline reporters entirely after the current NBA and NHL seasons end.
  2. With preseason canceled and a likely rocky season on the way, we might as well start this now. ESPN has set its 2020 MNF booth: Steve Levy, Brian Griese, and Louis Riddick, college football season pending.
  3. Vince Gerasole is leaving for the Chicago Archdiocese.
  4. GSN's Common Knowledge is getting a four-week test run on some Fox O&Os next month. https://www.nexttv.com/news/fox-tv-stations-acquire-common-knowledge-for-four-week-test
  5. Mr. Ansin changed the way local news was presented, and was a defiant owner of television stations. He and Joel Cheatwood have Fox affiliates a model to build off of and helped launch the career of one Shepard Smith. Despite his flaws, he's a legend in the industry and will be sorely missed. RIP.
  6. https://www.nexttv.com/news/sunbeam-tv-chief-ansin-dead-at-84
  7. I knew him as "the guy who hosted Millionaire" as a kid, but I never knew he hosted a talk show at that same time until later in my childhood. This hits hard. RIP. Coincidentally, Jeopardy is running the celebrity episode with him on Monday.
  8. Oh man. This is a gut-punch and a half. May he RIP.
  9. Well, Megan Mawicke left sports reporting for the real estate industry.
  10. Alternate take: 4:30-7 is actually a very good time, considering (in normal times) everyone has to get up and ready for work/school. It's one of the most important timeslots for a news operation. At least Muller's back on the morning shift again.
  11. And Nexstar now has a presence in all but two of the top 10 markets. Not the mention the death grip they have in New York State.
  12. It's looking good so far. Very spacious, it looks like. Also, the light blue looks very inviting.
  13. Joy Reid is taking over the 7pm timeslot.
  14. The local CBSNs should also stay on during the weekend, instead of just simulcasting the national version.
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