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  1. I would love to know what these fools are thinking when they pull this crap. Hopefully he is charged. This is disgusting and infuriating.
  2. Now the EN west coast broadcast ended abruptly and went back to CBSN.
  3. Evening News is airing as we speak on CBSN and the west coast.
  4. WBBM was dark earlier today because of the flooding at the Willis Tower
  5. Screenshot collection of today's midday newscast, as aired on KTVT. Not sure why they aren't producing exclusive newscasts for CBSN DFW yet, considering they already have the set.
  6. Here's a look at most of the CBSN DFW set. The 11am newscast yesterday was also done from here and used the CBSN Local graphics.
  7. To answer one of your questions, CBS wants one of the selected station's weeknight anchors to work the Weekend News.
  8. Or the fact that there'll be a Dallas bureau with the Nexstar station there having no news operation.
  9. Looks like CBSN-like graphics have popped up on KTVT. For real this time.
  10. More on the plans for NewsNation.
  11. h/t @Myron Falwell
  12. Layoffs are coming.
  13. The second video was recorded from a translator.
  14. We have a premiere date: September 1.
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