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  1. And as I say this, KTVT is finally using the new O&O weather graphics.
  2. There are still quite a few stations who've debuted already still using the 2019 weather graphics today. I wouldn't hold your breath.
  3. What’s KOVR/KMAX and WCCO? Chopped liver?
  4. WJZ is gearing up.
  5. KDKA finally debuted at noon today.
  6. The current season is the last with new episodes, and is still in production. Like Judge Judy, though, CBSMV will continue to circulate reruns of it in syndication.
  7. WCSC is preparing for the GrayONE package. https://fb.watch/jghpyr_9ra/?fs=e&s=cl
  8. ESPN has pulled XFL games from FX due to low ratings.
  9. Local News Live has adopted the white-blue WANF aesthetic.
  10. Biden’s FCC nominee has withdrawn.
  11. Here are this year's broadcast teams.
  12. The CBS News New York bug.
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