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  1. Well, looks like MLBN/NHLN fixed their problem.
  2. As I posted before, that Big Opening Day special yesterday felt like a test for a Sportscenter-type show they may be planning for sometime in the future. This strategy would also harken back to the early days of Fox Sports Net.
  3. Not a joke. Meredith is looking at selling all of their stations.
  4. Very late to this, but Pat Hughes, Chris Myers, and Beth Mowins will be among the backup play-by-play announcers when Jon Sciambi is on ESPN duty.
  5. I wonder what MLBN and NHLN are going to do when they take a simulcast from a BSN. Because this...isn't going to work.
  6. Watching the Bally Sports opening day special (which is being seen on all BSNs), and I think they could be testing the waters for a news and highlights show in the future.
  7. Looks like the baseball scorebug is going to be the standard for all sports (or at least baseball and basketball)
  8. Here's intro to the Miami Heat pregame on Bally Sports Sun.
  9. I'm wondering if the Marquee Cubs theme is gonna become the standard across the BSNs for baseball.
  10. MeTV moved to KAZD 55.1 (Weigel bought the station from HC2 in January).

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