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  1. This is a first. WDAZ-WDAY is taking their website behind a paywall. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/7/16/tv-stations-take-websites-behind-paywall?format=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  2. A lot of Judge Jerry's affiliates will be former Jerry Springer affiliates. Judge Jerry will be a lot more dignified and calmer than the show it's replacing, if this reel is any indication. Springer himself actually has a law degree.
  3. Adult Swim recently lost Family Guy. I wonder if Disney will move American Dad from TBS.
  4. DirecTV/U-verse has activated the hurricane info channel.
  5. 18 years in syndication, counting the FX days. That's a nice run.
  6. "Fox 45 News on ABC 22" always sounded strange.
  7. I believe WTVD's Don Schwenneker made an account here at one point while he was at WBBM. It's great to have you here!
  8. According to the show's ticket website, it tapes on Fridays from 1-3pm.
  9. Seems like CBS O&O packages have a 3-year lifespan.
  10. This is how to do a ticker, WJZ.
  11. Ditto for KOTV. At least they have KQCW. I think a 4pm is long overdue for Griffin6.
  12. Man Of The People is donezo. Too bad, it wasn't a bad show. https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/07/03/robservations-wgn-pulls-pat-tomasulos-man-people-lineup/
  13. I think they've had an all-female desk before after Dennis Woltering retired. Thanh Truong is replacing Eric Paulsen at noon.
  14. They are never getting rid of KDAF. That is going to be their defacto flagship station.
  15. KPRC has been assimilated.
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