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  1. I wonder if this could be a preview of a possible new NHL scorebug next season for NBC.
  2. WDJT is expanding their weekend 10pm news to one hour and adding a one hour extension of their morning news at 7am on WMLW.
  3. Why do I think that ticker may expand to the rest of Turner Sports?
  4. Caught the noon -- they haven't debuted yet.
  5. Using the morning cut for the evenings.
  6. It took KDFW until 2017 to make the weather graphics match up to the 2012 O&O look.
  7. Have to say, the Denver7 bug looks good when it's flattened.
  8. Siera Santos has been freelancing at 32 for awhile now, so I'll assume she'll take over the #2 role.
  9. 1. grown-ish is on Freeform. 2. You left out mixed-ish.
  10. Yep. I think it's highly likely NXST will end up buying WPIX. But PIX currently has the Scripps website.
  11. The current look has aged pretty well into 2020. I think it may get a small refresh beyond the font change that already happened.
  12. The 2 in the background looks pretty decent.
  13. The WSFL newscasts will be produced in-house. Scripps is already building a team for the new news operation.
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