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  1. And now this from Cord Cutters News: BALLY SPORTS PLANS TO SHUT DOWN IN 2024.
  2. Effective Monday November 20th, KASW is booting The CW and will become an independent station. The CW will move to KNXV’s .2 subchannel.
  3. The Texas Rangers will be the latest team to kiss Bally goodbye after the 2024 season.
  4. Former ABC News investigative correspondent Jim Avila is coming out of retirement and joining KGTV. https://x.com/jimavilaabc/status/1724221728036180232?s=61&t=kz32Hjge3SIHBIdqaaMsCw
  5. The 12:30p half hour of their noon show and their 6:30p newscast are both Scrippscasts.
  6. KPIX has their own custom cuts of Dimensional that I’m surprised haven’t been used by others around the group yet.
  7. It’s NDC-3, which is in use at WRIC and WDVM/WDCW.
  8. Judy Justice is headed for syndication next fall.
  9. The CBS independent stations are now rerunning CBS Saturday Morning from noon-2pm.
  10. MLB will continue to produce Diamondbacks and Padres games in 2024.
  11. Appears TEGNA wants in on the sports distribution game.
  12. The Atlanta stations have scooped up plenty of former CNNers and Weather Channel meteorologists through the years. Linda Stouffer and Sophia Choi both anchored at the former CNN Headline News before going to WSB, Eboni Deon is a former Weather Channel met who’s also now at WSB, and Vinnie Politan once helmed WXIA’s morning show.
  13. GMA is planning to leave Times Square by 2025.
  14. WPSG is adding Delaware Blue Coats (76ers G-League affiliate) games.
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