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  1. It was reported long ago that WGNA/NewsNation would shed all syndicated reruns.
  2. I bet a morning show is right around the corner.
  3. As I said on the Discord, I won't be surprised is CBSSN is next to be shut down. It's not on any ratings systems, and I highly doubt people are watching it anyway. If it does, it would be a shame. I kinda saw NBCSN's shutdown coming when Dan Patrick's show left the network (and eventually return to NBCU on Peacock) and PFT Live moved to Peacock.
  4. Maury used to cover a wide array of topics, but the show in recent seasons was nothing but DNA and lie detectors. They doubled down on DNA this season because of COVID. Maury is also in his early 80s. I figure he must be tired of this.
  5. Maury is hanging it up after the 2021-22 season.
  6. WFLD's morning show, 2006, pre-Good Day Chicago.
  7. A slew of 2006 Thanksgiving weekend Chicago news starting with WBBM's 6pm.
  8. Here's the firdt five minutes of the inaugural edition of The National Desk. Looks pretty nice.
  9. That would've conflicted with their newscast times.
  10. Wheel is meant to be aired in prime access exclusively with reruns of the previous season on Saturday nights.
  11. KTVT did join Wheel in progress at 6:47 after the CBS SR ended. KTXA just reaired KTVT's 6pm, as they usually do at 6:30.
  12. As a result of recent events, some stations are pulling their logos off their vans.

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