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  1. Ok. So assuming Kim get's his way at the end he would have a little wriggle room to make at least one big acquisition (maybe even 2 big acquisitions)
  2. Where is Tegna at in terms of the FCC ownership cap? I think they have to be at least 30% if not a little bit over that.
  3. I'd say both parties involved in this are being bullies (Tegna for essentially giving the finger to Kim just because of the fact they're afraid that Kim would come into the company and destroy everything Tegna has been doing to their stations in the last few years) You could say Kim was being a bully in his response but Tegna started it here, not Soo Kim.
  4. A follow-up on this: Soo Kim has responded back to Tegna's baseless claims and I'll just let the quote's from Mr. Kim speak for itself on this one: All I'm gonna say is you might need 2 or 3 boxes of popcorn for this one.
  5. I have to imagine KJRH is probably next in the rollout of new graphics unless they have someone else in line to receive the new package before KJRH gets them
  6. I think Tegna's board might have to think twice about this one because if they think that by telling Kim no will push him away, they are sorely mistaken. The fact that Kim is responding back by bringing some of his people (all of which had YEARS of experience of being in the business) tells me that Soo Kim really wants Tegna and wants Tegna bad. I'm starting to wonder if it was coincidental that Tegna bought stations like WTHR/WBNS, WNEP, WPMT and WOI/KCWI (all of which are in markets that both Kim and McDermott either tried to buy in 2018 or were in those markets when they were in charge of Media General)
  7. At this point I think it's on especially given what Kim is bringing along with him. Deb McDermott (currently heads Standard Media) Colleen Brown (formerly head of Fisher Broadcasting from 2006 until the 2013 sale to Sinclair) Ellen McClain Haime (formerly VP of Fiance at Hearst and before that she was Senior VP among other roles at Granite) This is going to get interesting folks, all I will say is enjoy the show. I should also mention that all of those names I just mentioned those are very high profile names, that may be just what the doctor ordered for Tegna but, I'll belive it when I see it P.S. I think the Standard-Tegna thing deserves it's own thread.
  8. As posted on Discord, some sad news to report this morning. KFOR Weather Producer Robert Moose has passed away at the age of 42. Rest in peace, Robert. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  9. Hate to bump a stagnant thread but, SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt will be moving to Washington, D.C. in August. And it'll share the same studio space as Pardon The Interruption as well. Not sure if ESPN will renovate the current space in the current PTI to accomodate the SVP SportsCenter, build a seperate set for SVP or build an entire new set that will house both PTI and SportsCenter with SVP. We'll find out in the coming weeks and months ahead.
  10. It's a very nice set for WHO, well done Nexstar. I do wonder who did that set? Was it a BDI job or whoever it is that does the Dalek desk sets?
  11. Given that their former sister station WISH dropped the "24-Hour" part of their branding, sadly I knew that it was only a matter of WHEN, not IF WOOD was going to follow suit.
  12. WOOD has officially dropped "24-Hour" from it's branding and it's now simply known as "News 8". This is the video that was shared on Discord
  13. The addition of the box during the tease (something that neither KXXV, WFTS, or WTXL implemented when they received this package)
  14. Correct, but what's so strange about it is they can't do it during the actual newscasts. At least it's being improved somewhat as each station receives the new package, that's the biggest positive I can take away from this package that I can see at this point with this package.
  15. Here's the actual opens (Morning and 4pm)
  16. Here's the open (even though it's a news update)
  17. The main takeway from what we're seeing so far in these images and videos that's been posted in this thread so far regarding this set refresh is that there's a lot more happening behind the scenes regarding this than what ABC is willing to tell us. I truly believe that there is some form of a MAJOR renovation that's taking place in the main WNT set, how major is anyone's guess at this point.
  18. You're watching KCCI NewsChannel 8 at 6. Iowa's News Leader!

    With Kevin Cooney

    Jeanette Trompeter

    Heidi Soliday's Sports

    And Meteorologist John McLaughlin with Exclusive Live SuperDoppler Weather, this is KCCI NewsChannel 8.

  19. The biggest change that I took note of from the 2 videos is that on the 2nd video in the link it didn't have the map of the world in the background behind the anchor desk like it does in the first video. I think if nothing else, ABC is doing a refresh to the current set and any significant major changes won't take place until when they do make that move to Hudson Square (IF they even do make that move)
  20. Are they looking for anybody at 9pm too or are they planning to use the main evening anchor team at 9pm on KASW?
  21. And now. Coverage You Can Count On. From KOLR10 News Springfield, Missouri.

  22. So it looks like KMGH and maybe one or two other Scripps stations will go first before WRTV in terms of the new graphics
  23. As posted on Discord, apparently the trademark for "Diamond Sports" expired on New Year's and in it's place, Sinclair a few days before the New Year trademarked "SportsTime" as a name for Diamond Sports Group. Given that one of the RSNs is already branded under the SportsTime name (that'd be SportsTime Ohio) it would make logical sense to rebrand the rest of the chain under the "SportsTime" branding I do wonder 2 things: 1. Does Sinclair intend to merge Fox Sports Ohio into that of SportsTime Ohio (or perhaps rebrand Fox Sports Ohio to SportsTime Ohio and then rebrand the current SportsTime Ohio to SportsTime Ohio 2)? 2. Did Sinclair perhaps hit a snag in it's negotiations with the buyout of Stadium? Something to watch, folks.
  24. This is probably worthy of it's own thread but I'll post my thoughts here. I think the possibilities does exist as far as a potential affiliation switch is concerned the biggest question mark may come down to this: How dissatisfied is Fox right now with WFXT? Is the negotiations between Cox and Fox not going well in Boston?
  25. Could it go something like KMGH being the next to receive the new package then WRTV to follow or could it go WRTV first then KMGH? Regardless of the order, those are the 2 Scripps stations that will most likely receive the new package to start 2020
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