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  1. I do wonder what the holdup was for FCC approval of the Apollo-Cox-Northwest acquisition? I don't think the long blackout of the Northwest stations on AT&T was the reason for the lengthy approval process so it's got to be something else that maybe perhaps we don't know about
  2. And most likely KFOR will finally retire one of the last holdovers from the original 444 East Britton Road Building (the Weather graphics) so if anyone is wondering when KFOR will get new weather graphics it'd be more likely than not new weather graphics will come with the new graphics. I assume WREG is going to get the Nexstar CBS package, not entirely sure what KFOR is going to end up with but it's going to be some form of a Nexstar-based graphics package I could see a scenario where KFOR gets the WISH package (I've already seen some hints of that with their MAPS4 Election segments) but given that KFOR is only 3 hours up the road from Nexstar's Headquarters I could also see a scenario where KFOR might actually become one of the graphics hubs for some of the Nexstar stations, just have to wait and see which direction Nexstar takes KFOR with it's graphics package
  3. The way KXXV implemented this Graphics package is a step in the right direction. However, it is baby steps but it is going in the right direction. The music package on the other hand still needs work but at least from what I could tell KXXV is using the better cuts in the package. Overall I think that if more Scripps stations take this package and improve upon the overall graphics package (i.e. making the fonts more bolder, adding more cuts to the package that should sound newscast appropriate) this won't be as bad as what we initially thought. It's up to the stations at Scripps to decide do they want to implement what KXXV has implemented and even improve on what KXXV did and make it even better or go the WTXL/WFTS route.
  4. Also the announcers as well, WFTS could a learn a thing or two what KXXV did by keeping Max McGill as their announcer. Certainly WTXL as well, I wonder why they did away with having the VO?
  5. Here's the KXXV Open with the new graphics. At least KXXV didn't change the VOs the way WTXL (going with no VO) and WFTS did
  6. I'd be very interested to see how Hemmer does in that hour, I do wonder if he'll lead the Special Reports and Breaking News coverage for Fox or will that go to somebody else?
  7. WATN has always been the KOKH of Memphis, young news department that can't really gain any form of traction whatsover
  8. Not to mention there are still some of the Tribune/Nexstar rejects Scripps acquired that are still on the Tribune-related layouts. It takes longer than what people realized to get the stations assimilated into a new platform and then you have to get new graphics and everything else in order
  9. Have they said anything new as far as the future of CBS Television Studios, CBS Television Distribution and Paramount Television? Been trying to find it on Google haven't had any luck with it
  10. I think the biggest problem Scripps has ran into is that they've brought so many stations in almost a year that they've essentially placed the graphics and everything else on the backburner. Clearly this will cost Scripps in the long haul especially with their development of the news department for WSFL as I don't think the new graphics package will go over too well in South Beach
  11. Exactly what I figured to be the case. At least WFMY has gotten creative to make up for losing the 7am hour of the Good Morning Show
  12. Other than the opens that we've seen (and maybe the weather cuts) that's pretty much it. Right now if I had an opinion on it I'd say it's not neccesary boring but it's dull. Once we hear the other cuts I might have a better opinion than what I have right now
  13. There have been many other packages and I'll even throw in Inergy for good measure as one of those solid news music packages. This one, I'm not sure if I like it or not, there needs to be other cuts to it before I can actually give an honest opinion on it. So far Scripps is trying to (and failing) to make their music a carbon copy of the Weather Channel
  14. Looks like Scripps didn't learn their lessons for how to improve upon the graphics package. And if they did this wouldn't be rolled out right now so that tells me that they're sticking to their graphics package in it's current forum
  15. Is it just me or is KRDO trying to rebrand themselves from KRDO News Channel 13 to just KRDO News? Here's a screenshot I'm referring to
  16. I consider the Bay Area to be a seperate region from the rest of Northern California, yes KTXL won't be the only ones with 7pm news but as far as the entire Northern California region not named the Bay Area yes they will be the only ones with 7pm news
  17. Nexstar is at it again with these newscast expansions. This time it's in California with KTXL launching a 7pm newscast and according to TV News Check, they will be the only ones with 7pm news in Northern California not named the Bay Area https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/241812/ktxl-sacramento-expands-its-local-news/
  18. They'll just simply simulcast the newscast with WKCF, it's not like they're launching a newscast specifically for Estella TV. Probably a few at first.
  19. WXII has put in a lot of effort into the newscasts on WCWG so they might have something to say. Either way this is a big blow to WFMY losing the 7am hour but I'd be curious about how well the Good Morning Show was doing in the 7am hour especially against the likes of WGHP and WCWG (via WXII)
  20. I wouldn't be surprised to see more viewers flip over to WXII and WGHP going forward especially with the loss of both the 7am newscast and Andy Griffith
  21. Part of the problem here is that Scripps doesn't want to do any of the things mentioned but yet they want to force stations to use a package that is just... ok. It's not great but it's just ok. I think Scripps can still do better since remember this is DMA #112 that we're discussing about here, it can still improve if that's truly what Scripps wants to do.
  22. I feel like moving the 7am newscast to 9am would've been the better option, move Daytime Jeopardy to an overnight slot air DBL at 12 (I think they do provide a feed for that slot) and just bump Ellen to 3. Because the way I view their new schedule now, the Four 2 Five is not going to get very good ratings because their lead-in is not that good.
  23. That too would be an option. Eitther way I don't see an end of The Good Morning Show in the 7am hour, I think Tegna should recognize that this is a piece of history in the Piedmont Triad
  24. They could certainly do that or once CBS starts rolling out the localized versions of CBSN beyond the O&Os, WFMY restores the 7am hour at that point when they launch their own version of CBSN. I know CBS hasn't said they'll roll out the localized CBSN's to groups like Tegna but it would make sense for CBS to do that.
  25. And see that's where the bad part comes in for WFMY, they don't have a duopoly partner to be able to continue the 7am newscast and I think this is where WFMY will likely lose some of the viewers in the morning to stations like WGHP and WXII/WCWG
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