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  1. I'd love to see another game show (Press Your Luck) that's currently airing as part of ABC's "Summer Fun & Games" come out to syndication as well
  2. I'd be willing to bet a dollar that KCCI will get what other Hearst stations such as KHBS/KHOG, KOAT, and KOCO have received in recent months
  3. That's not what I'm talking about sir (not even remotely close). What I'm talking about is Democrats (like Free Press and other consumer advocacy groups) hate media consolidation because they're afraid of groups such as Tegna, Sinclair, and Nexstar having too much control
  4. It's what happens when nobody in my area seems to care about how our local stations are doing (if they going up or down, stayed the same). Maybe I should create a blog devoted to TV ratings for the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas FYI: That was from around 2006 or 2007 because it mentions Dr. Phil (which has since moved to KWTV), Christina's Court and Judge Maria Lopez (which was canceled LONG time ago) If you do have the most recent ratings sweeps for my area feel free to message that to me so I can post it in the appropriate thread devoted to the sweeps. Thank you
  5. So I guess there is no clause and WCMH just likes to use that name so much they don't want to change it
  6. That's true the customer is usually right but in a case of a life-threatening situation, sorry but the customer is wrong. Stations HAVE to preempt regular programming for any Tornado Warning for ANY part of their DMA, it's the law. If you don't the FCC could punish you and punish you hard.
  7. And WCMH has never gotten rid of the NBCi name YEARS after NBC sold them to Media General, is there some sort of a clause that has carried over to Nexstar that prevents WCMH from changing the name of the website even if they wanted to?
  8. Which to be honest KOCO would've suffered regardless if it was traded to (then) Hearst-Argyle or not because Oklahoma City is a market where loyalty matters the most and viewers have been loyal to KWTV and KFOR (despite a number of ownership changes with the latter) for decades and for KOCO and KOKH they're basically screwed over (and I'm not even going to go there on KOKH for obvious reasons) If you want a true competitive market you'd have to either go up the Turner Turnpike to Tulsa, go north or south on I-35 to @Georgie56's territory in Dallas and Wichita respectively or West on I-40 to Amarillo (Fort Smith has been dominated by KFSM for many years so I wouldn't suggest going east on I-40)
  9. Maybe with Apollo itself to combine Hearst's stations with those of Cox, Meredith and Northwest? We can carry that conversation over here
  10. Given how the Griffin's have their operations set up in Oklahoma are similar to what the Wolfe's has in Indiana and Ohio it wouldn't surprise me if Griffin is next (it was already mentioned in the speculatron board too that Griffin might not be that far behind Dispatch)
  11. Danke. As much as I love my parents, their generation (Baby Boomers) just don't appreciate the fact that they do wall-to-wall weather coverage to save lives. They want the FCC to revert back to the old rules where you COULDN'T preempt regular programming to broadcast a Tornado Warning (and that's how many people lost their lives)
  12. Also, Meredith (WSMV) is picking up Tamron Hall. A solid mix of different groups AND affiliates, that's pretty good
  13. Hate to say it for that dude that always complains about how stations are doing away with syndicated programming in favor of local news but the way the syndication programming as we know it today is dying of slow death so the local stations have no choice but to go to 3pm newscasts, sure Tamron could go to WEWS. In fact in a PM with you, I'll give you the schedule line for this fall in Cleveland that I see happening
  14. Fixed. And given how quickly Tegna dropped the Raycom graphics package on both WTOL and KWES I expect Tegna to be just as quick with the graphics transition on the stations coming from both Tribune and Nexstar respectively (albeit a bit slower compared to the transition to Tegna graphics we saw with both KWES and WTOL because it involves more stations in the Tribune-Nexstar deal than what they picked up in the Raycom deal)
  15. Nah you may want to prepare for that dude that always comments on Roly's blog to complain about how Station A is becoming too much news and not doing enough non-news programming. Because I'm expecting WEWS and quite a few Scripps stations to replace P&B with additional newscasts
  16. Something tells me that the problem is NOT Tegna, itself. The problem is the management at certain stations is the contributing factor to, in some cases (i.e. WFAA/WWL) a fall from grace for stations that once upon a time dominated their respective markets in the ratings.
  17. There might be other markets in the Tegna deal where the DOJ might have an issue but Fort Smith might very well be the biggest issue, we'll see
  18. My educated guess on why they haven't given this deal the early release from HSO or whatever is called is because they're probably still investigating Nexstar's plans to retain KNWA, KFTA and KXNW in Fort Smith/Fayetteville
  19. And besides Tegna would likely want to also set up a Capital Bureau for KFSM/KTHV to cover issues in Little Rock in addition to having a Fort Smith bureau set up for both AR stations to perhaps cover areas in Arkansas that are on the fringe of both KFSM's and KTHV's Coverage Areas
  20. So what are KFSM's plans for covering Fort Smith, the River Valley of Arkansas and far Eastern Oklahoma moving forward?
  21. So apparently, somebody in the Control Room was just being lazy today
  22. Is the Cubs game in a Rain Delay?
  23. WTVR: Move Ellen to 4 and pick up either Tamron or Kelly (most likely the latter) WRLH: 25 Words Or Less and then move either The Doctors or Steve Wilkos to 3pm WUPV: Infomercials
  24. So far there hasn't been any indications on whether it'll launch or not. Also, we don't know how successful (if it was) the trial-runs was. This isn't a good sign as we are now in the later stages in May when all of the syndicated shows are wrapping up tapings for the season
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