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  1. Looking at the schedule on the TV Guide app, they replaced the 12pm newscast with Inside Edition. I imagine it's just a temporary move.
  2. If I had to guess some of the stations within Scripps are in a disagreement in terms of how they want to get the new pkg rolled out to their stations I can tell some want to get it done as soon as possible (KGTV, KSHB) others think that a new pkg is the least of their worries right now and I don't think WXYZ is the only one in that camp, I'm sure there has to be other Scripps stations that likely feel the same way as WXYZ right now.
  3. Apollo and Allen was the best hope. Problem isn't those groups or COVID-19, the problem is Tegna's Board of Directors' resistence and their attitude towards these groups who are bidding for them have become a problem in fact throughout the lengthy filing I read I saw no mention of either of the bidders for Tegna in the filing whereas Standard General was mentioned a bunch of times in the filing. Overall in my eyes, the attitude on the part of the board of directors tells me they'd much rather be taken over by Soo Kim than to do the right thing and sell.
  4. Meanwhile just reading some of the information from the filings Tegna made earlier today it seams as if Tegna is not preparing to be sold they're preparing to be taken over by Soo Kim https://www.streetinsider.com/SEC+Filings/Form+PRER14A+TEGNA+INC/16660413.html The reason you're not seeing the figure information on here is because right now all the parties involved are sitting in some form of video call, etc. figuring up the costs associated with the Standard General takeover of Tegna.
  5. COVID-19 hasn't prevented TV stations in general from rolling out new graphics. If it hasn't stopped Tegna from rolling out new graphics on their stations it wouldn't stop the Scripps stations from rolling out new graphics either. My thinking here is Scripps is likely getting feedback from their stations that have already rolled out this package and what they want different within the pkg to make it work for their market I don't think COVID-19 has anything to do with why we haven't seen new Scripps stations rolling out this pkg in a while because it started slowing down even before COVID-19 took hold.
  6. That's because the tech people haven't had the chance to remove the Eyewitness News 13 from the link yet, they will eventually. It takes time for things like that to change over it can't just happen overnight and besides I'd be willing to bet that the people who have been working on this project just recently started working from home amid COVID-19.
  7. Wait, are you saying that Henrich can't come into the building on April 1 to start his new job?
  8. Actually Lucas is correct, per NMSA WXIA did use Locals Only from 2014-17 (primarily for their lifestyle show Atlanta Alive) and then for a year (2015-16) when as he mentioned launched their 5pm newscast they used This is The Place.
  9. Is Tegna actually looking into going to a new website or no? Because it could be anything at this point
  10. If that's the case then I'd suggest taking it to the mods and admins in a direct message and see if they can help you get that resolved.
  11. In other words if I go into say anchoring, producing, directing, etc. and a situation like what were dealing with now comes up I am considered to be a first responder.
  12. I mean even WBNS rolled out the Tegna gfx/music even when the national emergency was just getting underway so I'm not really surprised.
  13. Here's the screenshot of what it would look like and there should be a button that looks something like that down below in this post In other news, the heat and the pressure on Tegna to either sell the company or face being taken over is being turned up and turned up by quite a bit. Standard General Founding Partner Soo Kim has come out with this statement regarding the situation within Tegna that's been an evolving situation over the last 2 weeks. Is Soo Kim acting like a bully in this situation? Yes but that's only because Tegna (who's just as much responsible for this as Kim is) put him in this spot by not being negotiable with Kim and by rejecting every nominee that Kim has sent to be on Tegna's board that are more qualified for the job and has years of experience working at various station groups in some capacity than what some of the people on Tegna's board are. After all Kim didn't buy nearly 10% of Tegna for nothing.
  14. I say Gray and Tegna have been the 2 most aggressive companies so far. Speaking of Tegna you might want to read the DMs when you get a chance. Things just got even more interesting with them but I'll save that topic for a much different thread as well as in the DMs related to them.
  15. So people like anchors, directors, etc. have access to the buildings while everything else comes from home
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