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  1. Looks very nice is this still a Work in Progress or is this the finished product?
  2. Those delusions and blantant ignorance showed up on the day Sinclair announced they were going to buy the RSNs from Disney as seen here: Skip to about 2:11 when CNBC's Sara Einsen asked Ripley a question about how cord cutting is affecting the RSN business and I won't say what Ripley's response was other than just blantant ignorance. Murdoch is just sitting back enjoying this clownshow that is Sinclair. I should add as well that Sinclair's stock price at that time was closer to 60 dollars (was over that when it was announced) now they're down over 50 percent in the last 9 months (30 percent since Ripley's igornant comments to Sara Einsen on CNBC) and quite frankly as much as I hate to say it, Sinclair deserves it, and Chris Ripley and the folks in Hunt Valley need to know that their blantant ignorance is going to lead them straight into bankruptcy and if they think that it's going to end pretty I have bad news for them; it's not.
  3. This cannot be a great sign at all but at the same time I'm not surprised as Chris Ripley (like he did in the Tribune deal) continues to show blantant ignorance to anybody questioning him about anything to do with things related to cord-cutting and it's impact on the RSNs
  4. Do you have inside information about this?
  5. There are I think a couple of counties in Wisconsin that border Illinois that would be worth tapping Fox Sports Wisconsin for as there is overlap between the Brewers and Cubs in that area in terms of the blackouts. Either way do not expect Cubs games to air on Fox Sports Wisconsin to air Cubs games in Miwaukee in the same way you won't see Marquee air Brewers games in Chicago (they might air them in parts of Northeastern Iowa but certainly not in Chicagoland)
  6. If I had to guess there was likely something wrong with the FCC website displaying the information there's probably nothing to that. But I do wonder what's the hold-up here between Nexstar and Fox from closing the deal? Is there something that's preventing the two companies from completing the deal or what?
  7. I think generally speaking that will be the trend across all of the sports rights Sinclair has. I wonder if Marquee can tap the nearby FSNs (e.g. Wisconsin, Indiana) to have the Cubs games simulcasted on those channels in especially in certain area that don't have Marquee but have the FSN nearby
  8. But they're in the process of being traded to Fox Television Stations. So their Tribune platforms will remain as is for awhile until Fox officially takes over
  9. Speaking of WTMJ here's the open:
  10. At this point until we can figure out who's getting exempt from getting the Scripps package and who's not getting that exemption to me this is all hearsay that I'm seeing on this thread.
  11. Via TVNewsCheck: KING 5 is moving Angela Poe Russell from "Take 5" to "Evening" however the changes don't end there. Starting next Monday "Take 5" will be replaced in the 4pm slot with a new newscast anchored by Greg Copeland and Jessica Janner Castro Not entirely sure if "Take 5" will remain on air or if they're just moving to a different timeslot. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/more-news/245003/angela-poe-russell-joins-kings-evening/
  12. Ah. Gotcha maybe someone from the area watching the game will have a screenshot of what the on-screen bug looks like
  13. Graphics looks pretty nice I'm sure it'll be a big adjustment for viewers seeing the scoreboard graphic at the bottom of the screen and without an on-screen network bug instead of at the top with the network bug shown like what it was in previous. I wouldn't be surprised to see the FSNs and maybe the YES Network follow Marquee's lead and adopt a similar package for baseball regardless if Sinclair rebrands the FSNs by Opening Day or not.
  14. Let me guess some of the complainers about CBSN Denver just don't like the idea of streaming (or anything to do with streaming in general) If they were complaining about it being "CBSN Denver" instead of "CBSN Colorado" than that's understandable but if they're sitting on social media saying something to the effect of "KCNC shouldn't go to streaming" or something to that effect then yes I have a problem with those that don't think launching a digital news service is a great idea (personally I think it is a great idea)
  15. Bloomberg is reporting that Sinclair is in talks Bruin Sports (the parent company of Deltatre) This might be behind the paywall for some of y'all that have reached the limit of articles that you can read per month but I should note that the only RSNs not included in this deal are Marquee and YES, all the former Fox Regional Sports Networks are included in this deal. Some of the notable clients are the NFL, MLB and (ironically) Fox Sports.
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