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  1. I wonder if Soo Kim's influence on Tegna has something to do with this
  2. Very true although I highly doubt the Seattle/Milwaukee for Charlotte trade was the last time we hear from both Nexstar and Fox on that issue. I think both companies have an additional deal lined up in the cards not related to the deal. I shared more about that on Speculatron
  3. That would be an unfair trade. Although one could argue that Seattle/Milwaukee for Charlotte was an unfair trade too. And if that's doable it probably wouldn't be impossible for such deal although I don't think Nexstar is gonna leave Philly imho
  4. Not to mention a KTXL/KSWB/WJW trade for WOFL-WOGX/WRBW would make it a lot more fairer than what it is with just KTXL/KSWB for WOFL-WOGX/WRBW
  5. If that's the case then it'd be best for both Nexstar and Fox to amend the deal and include Orlando and by extension, Gainesville in the deal.
  6. Would unloading say the 2 California Fox affiliates (KTXL/KSWB) for the Orlando duopoly (WOFL/WRBW) give Nexstar the room they need to buy WPIX? This leads to this question as well. Could Gaineville's WOGX be included in the deal given that they're the semi-satellite of WOFL? If so then KTXL/KSWB for WOFL/WRBW and WOGX might be an unfaIr trade
  7. And more often than not the Alabama Chrisom Tide gets featured on the SEC on CBS Game of the Week so I don't think ratings played a role in Media General keeping WIAT over WVTM at all
  8. Keep in mind WITI just got Beyond so the musical aspect of it is safe at this point, as far as the graphics goes it probably won't last for too much longer.
  9. I doubt if we hear about any potential early retirements except for maybe Galen Culver and Tara Blume but outside of those two, I think everybody else is pretty much safe at this point.
  10. Also according to this, The Twitter account of SportsTime Ohio has been merged with Fox Sports Ohio and they now go by Fox Sports Cleveland and Fox Sports Columbus on Twitter. I've also noticed that Fox Sports Sun itself no longer has it's own Twitter account (they do have one for each individual team but that's it) same with Fox Sports South/Southeast as well as Fox Sports Tennessee and Fox Sports Carolinas (with the exception of the PredsonFSTN and CanesonFSCAR accounts)
  11. I am aware of that I was specifically mentioning larger markets within the Carolinas that are above #100
  12. First off something got messed up in the system not entirely sure what happened with that. Second off, Kevin is only 59 he don't turn 60 until the 23rd of next month so I don't think Nexstar would force Kevin into early retirement because don't forget he's also the moderator of Flash Point on Sunday mornings. Otherwise I think Galen is safe, I think Tara is fine where she's at I don't think she gets laid off and given how Severe Weather savy Oklahoma is it'd be a big mistake for KFOR and Nexstar to let Mike Morgan go imo
  13. Uncle Perry could've dumped KXAN to get KTBC, I think the reason why he didn't do that is because if you look at the Carolinas regionally, WGHP as a Fox affiliate (before today's announcement) was surrounded with nothing but CBS affiliates in places like Raleigh-Durham and Greenville-Spartanburg. So a deal like this to acquire WJZY not only closed the gap Nextar had in North Carolina but it netted Nexstar a balanced cluster in the major markets in the Carolinas with WSPA and WNCN being the 2 CBS affiliates and WGHP with now WJZY being the 2 Fox affiliates Overall, I think it was a win-win for both Fox and Nexstar, Fox got what they wanted and Nexstar was able to give in return, WGHP a North Carolina sister station that matches their affiliation.
  14. Which that does make sense since she did attend Oklahoma City University and got her Law Degree. Although it is quite interesting to see how someone like Abby Broyles can get into television news with her Law Degree. It goes to show you how broad and wide the Mass Communication degree is as I've learned in my semester that I've been attending College
  15. To be honest that's because Hearst knows how to do standardization correctly.
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