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  1. Follow up question: How do you define a particular market when posting in the appropriate region? For instance, the Springfield, Missouri Market does spill into Arkansas (which is considered to be part of the South) but Missouri is considered to be part of the Midwest? How would that be handled? Would that be handled on a case by case basis or no?
  2. Is it just me or is it coincidental that a former DirecTV head is going to lead a company owned by the same people "rumored" to acquire a company that he used to work for (DirecTV).
  3. I'm thinking it's probably going to be WREG getting a new set. But we'll see
  4. On the region thing would there be away to specify which states are listed in each of the regions? I ask that because if say were talking about a TV station in say Oklahoma I want to be sure I'm posting in the right area and not posting it in say the Midwest region only to find out it belongs in the south region and vise versa. Thanks
  5. I think that CBSN will likely make the move over to the mainstream side but I also think it should be optional for the affiliates to carry a CBSN-style Morning and Evening Newscasts rather than be a requirement to carry it. If the affiliates want to air more local newscasts let them do so.
  6. I think it would be more appropriate for the Speculation channel than in here but I think to be honest, given how hit CBS News was in the layoffs I have to imagine CBS' only choice may be going all in on the streaming news side and be a leader in that department. I say give it maybe 2-5 years and the only news programming that would be left on CBS itself would be the Sunday shows (Sunday Morning, Face The Nation and 60 Minutes) I think This Morning, Evening and Weekend News will be gone within the next 3 to 5 years (Weekend News may be a lot sooner than that) Some will ask what would the affiliates replace the national newscasts with? I would say look at any Fox affiliate for clues on what that would look like, except CBS might give affiliates an option for simulcasting CBSN programming during the typical weekdays but still maintaining the requirement to simulcast CBSN for things such as Special Reports, etc. that would be the only difference between CBS and Fox. Laugh at it, call me crazy all you want but I just don't see This Morning, Evening, or Weekend News lasting anymore than 5 years or even shorter than 5 years.
  7. I would say in 10am newscast shifts to Noon (cut to 30 minutes due to DBL) in order to make room for either Oz or Nick Cannon and I say Nick Cannon actually replaces Mel Robbins and that and Wendy serving as lead in to the new Noon newscast. Oz goes to 4pm which enables WTIC to shift their news block back an hour each (so instead of 4-6pm it'd be 5-7pm which would give ET/IE a much stronger lead in in between news and Fox programming) Everything from 1-4pm remain unchanged
  8. Bold prediction from me: Oz, Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight all move to WTIC this fall
  9. Meh RTV ABC 6 News wouldn't sound right heck I'll take RTV6 News over that
  10. From the sounds of things Inside Edition may be looking for a new home in Hartford and that 7pm newscast on WFSB is likely going to be permanent. And it would be wise for WFSB to not air People TV anyway for obvious reasons
  11. It seems like nowadays the big three stations in OKC are very competitive while KOKH seems to be the laggards in terms of ratings outside of 7-9am, 11am, 5:30 and 9pm.
  12. I believe so but then again we have nobody that seems to care to report TV station ratings anymore in OKC and quite frankly, they haven't in at least a decade.
  13. What is up with Hearst's stations not doing well in the ratings? Especially WLWT and KOCO neither station has done any better under Hearst (Argyle) than they did under prior ownership. Sounds to me like none of the viewers in Cincinnati or OKC is willing to give Hearst a chance.
  14. From what I read only WTVG made the disclaimer that Walker was an Amazon employee. I think the stations who are in the biggest trouble is the ones that ran the pkg more than once (WLEX, WTVM, KMIR, WOAY) Ironically enough a Sinclair station is involved in that (WGXA/Macon) Meanwhile Sabrina Bates is leaving KFSM for KOCO as the new meteorologist (h/t @ColtFromGulfcoast) https://twitter.com/5NEWSSabrina/status/1265412477933756420?s=20
  15. While I do agree that merging the publishing entities with another would create further problems however given the situation were in right now there's likely going to be no other choice but to say we're going to become pure-play and dump the Publishing unit. Ironically enough the TV side for Meredith is doing fine in spite of losing half of the revenue on the TV side that particular unit isn't in as deep of trouble as the publishing units are. I'll save the rest of my thoughts for speculatron. I have a lot more to say regarding Meredith (as well as the situation with Apollo and their interest in buying DirecTV and Dish Network than what needs to be said in this thread
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