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  1. Here's what the Citadel website looks like visually compareed to what Standard Media's website. Difference is night and day
  2. Most if not, all of the ex-Media General stations removed the Media General name from all references (even on the copyright tag) so it's possible that they could but she might not want to do that. This is her show 100% unlike the original plan where Soo Kim was going to own the company with McDermott just being the CEO of the company
  3. I'd be interested to see how McDermott will do this. I really think the first order of business is setting up transmitters in the western part of the market where KLKN's Grade B signal doesn't even reach the Kearney area if I'm correct As for WLNE, they need to overhaul the current syndication lineup they currently have have
  4. Of course, they are. Those groups clearly hate the idea of mergers & acquisitions and are for rules that in some cases hasn't existed in 10-20 years if not, longer than that
  5. Ehhh... I think McDermott will take a page out of what Emily Barr did to WSLS. What Graham did with a station that's always been lackluster in any given market proved that you can rebuild a station from the ground up without the need of pulling off a Memphis (IF done properly)
  6. I don't think that it's because McDermott didn't want to take on running a regional news channel per se right now, her focus is on (and should be) just getting her foot back into broadcasting. Especially after what happened last year
  7. On KRON: That was probably true because it probably wasn't McDermott's fault that KRON lost NBC in the first place it was really NBC that was just being greedy. Let's just hope the bad luck at WLNE comes to an end because they just need someone who is the closest you can get to being on the level of Emily Barr and Deb McDermott is a very good fit for WLNE (and KLKN too)
  8. Given the track record McDermott has built when she was at Young and then again at Media General. KLKN, WLNE, and any other station Standard might acquire in the future any lackluster station will become profitable once they get in the hands of Deb McDermott. The only station under McDermott that was a flop was KRON and that was it.
  9. Honestly out of the 2 new groups that have been launched this year that has a chance to be successful and have sustaining power, I believe Standard Media has a chance of building something out of those 2 stations they're acquiring more so than Apollo and actually build off of the Citadel Acquisition. Also based off of everything Deb McDermott said this won't be the last acquisitions they'll make
  10. And I should mention that Kim will just be providing the funding needed to purchase more TV stations. I'll share my thoughts on the future of the new Standard Media in the speculatron board
  11. It's just frustrating to me at how everybody on this forum likes to nitpick at certain parts of my posts instead of actually comprehending everything I say on any post I make (now whether it makes sense or not is up to you). In other words, formulate your own opinion and then we decide whether we either agree or disagree with whatever it is you, me or anybody else on this form says I do apologize if I was being "Hostile" which I wasn't being hostile in any way
  12. Of course, you didn't read the entire thing. What a shock Where in my entire post did I say CBS was going to dissolve the news division?
  13. 7 Day Outlook is fine but just don't go overboard and show anything beyond 7 days like what everybody not named KOKH has done in OKC (as a matter of fact, I don't recall anybody else in the country besides OKC where you have a 9, 10 and 11-day outlooks (KTUL's 8-day outlook is the only other one that comes to mind for me)
  14. If it weren't for CBSN, yes.
  15. I see a scenario where by 2021, CBS will do away with the Evening News in its current form and have CBSN anchors, do the weeknight newscasts (as it is they already do that on the weekends) As for CBS This Morning, they had a great run until the whole Charlie Rose thing happened, and I see CTM eventually going away within the next 3 years. I also see CBS eventually allowing it's affiliates the option of replacing the CBSN newscasts with local news (they'll likely test that on weekends first before expanding that to 7 nights a week). Call me crazy if you wish but, at this rate, CBS just needs to cut it's losses and do away with the national newscasts in its current form.
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