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  1. This music package is starting to somewhat grow on me, I'm not as repulsed by the cuts of that package as I was when it first came out. However, I think the music package could use some work (among other things) Overall if I had to choose between this and C Clarity, I'd choose the new Scripps thing over C Clarity (at least the new Scripps theme resembles an actual news theme, unlike C Clarity)
  2. It's just too bad that people who are creating these tickers are just having absolutely ZERO thought in terms of being original. I guess the networks think it's okay to plagarize what ESPN originally did with the ticker.
  3. Let me guess, it's a carbon copy of the ESPN BottomLine ticker except in this case, it's in reverse. The ads for the shows are on the left side of the ticker instead of the right, and the NBA TV logo is on the righthand side of the ticker instead of the lefthand side.
  4. That was LONG overdue at KGUN. Btw, was there any particular reason why KGUN never adopted the previous Scripps package after the Scripps/Journal merger happened?
  5. That's virtually everybody in the Oklahoma City market (in fact everybody but KFOR does show the forecasts as far as 11 days out. Yes you read that correctly they go out to 11 days and all you have to do is look at my avitar to figure out who's doing that 11 day outlook. Btw, KOKH is the only OKC station to still do 7 days)
  6. And besides both KXXV and WTXL carried over the First Alert Weather branding from the Raycom era. That and WPTV does news for WFLX (owned by Gray which brought Raycom and have been spreading the First Alert Weather branding to the legacy Gray stations)
  7. I'm curious to know why KTVU has not adopted to a 7-day forecast like what their sister stations do?
  8. Meanwhile here's the WFLX news open with the new graphics. All I'm gonna say is what in the name of frankfurt is the WFLX logo?
  9. That's an interesting question, I'm curious to know why Stephen Arnold couldn't incorporate the NBC chimes into the new music myself
  10. Here are the 2 videos that @ScottSchell is referring to
  11. What kind of animations is WPTV using in the Open? Those in particular are completely different compared to what other Scripps stations that have adopted this new look have done.
  12. And The whole discussion about Standard/Tegna needs to be split into it's own thread (if the mods are even paying attention)
  13. Calling it now, Tegna will buy Cox in a 3 way merger between those 2 and Standard Media at some point either this year, next year or later on in the 2020s.
  14. Sorry to say fellas but Tegna is just as big of a bully as what Mr. Kim is. Is Mr. Kim a bully in this, yes I think he is. But at the same time, we have to look at both sides of the issue here.
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