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  1. oknewsguy

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    I'm surprised that Conrad hasn't came out about this, he would've done that a lot earlier. But he's been quiet so apparently he may have FINALLY gotten the message. We shall see
  2. oknewsguy

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    It might be somewhat a moot point but, the Illitch's still might pull a Boston with what the Bruins and the Red Sox did launched NESN. and what's currently known as Fox Sports Detroit would become the Midwest's version of NBC Sports Boston (which has exclusive rights to the NBA's Boston Celtics and MLS' New England Revolution) It just depends on what the Illitch Family decides to do
  3. oknewsguy

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    Correct, Platinum is run by Tom Gores
  4. oknewsguy

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    This is somewhat related. NY Post is reporting that Media Mogul John Malone is eyeing a purchase of the MSG Regional Sports Networks should he be successful in purchasing the 21 former Fox Regional Sports Networks,
  5. oknewsguy

    Out & About

    Basically, KFMB would've still been sold off it'd just been delayed. So I'm sure she was glad to have sold KFMB off when she did because that could've been a mess at the FCC
  6. oknewsguy

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    And if THIS tweet is correct it'll be well before June 2oth before they find a buyer (the only question mark becomes will Disney be able to complete the sale of the FSNs in 90 days or less?) https://twitter.com/CGasparino/status/1105477695301914624
  7. oknewsguy


    Did Media General make its stations use names like centralohiomatters.com or some crap like that? No they did not. Each group makes mistakes there human just like anyone of us here are, even you and I make our own mistakes too. Nobody's perfect, not even the best TV groups with well-run management are perfect either.
  8. oknewsguy


    Yes it does. Because without the Media General merger Nexstar would still be making the same mistakes they made pre-MG
  9. oknewsguy

    Scripps - General Discussion

    I wonder why Scripps hasn't fired the KGUN management team? I guess the KGUN management team hasn't given Scripps a legitimate reason to fire them
  10. oknewsguy


    Media General decided to bring in the leadership team over from LIN (which has since carried over to Nexstar)
  11. oknewsguy


    Here's the deal with Nexstar: Yes the Media General merger and its influence has made an impact on Nexstar (and I fully expect the Tribune acquisition to be the same for Nexstar) and they will be better post-Tribune than they were post-Media General, now do I think Nexstar is wayyyy better? No I don't and here's why: Nexstar is still making some of the same mistakes that they've been doing before the Media General acquisition (i.e WHTM using the old bug) but this is like that with any other group you look at. Every group you look at no matter how big or small you will find flaws in each and every broadcast group you run into.
  12. oknewsguy

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    Actually there are a few CBS affiliates that start at 4am (KWTV is among that group)
  13. oknewsguy

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    I'm very surprised at how many stations don't do 4am news, why does Hearst not like having 4am newscasts so much? Is it because they're afraid of someone like Peter Van Zeert (or whoever his name is) attacking the TV stations for replacing syndicated programming with newscasts?
  14. oknewsguy

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    Or expanded the morning newscast to 4am (I don't think very many Hearst stations do morning news from 4-7am outside of WVTM and a few others)
  15. oknewsguy

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    I sure hope this outcome happens and quite frankly, that's all Sinclair has to do in order to get back into the good graces of the FCC. It's not that difficult whatsoever.

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