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  1. The 2nd image looks absolutely georgeous and that's coming from someone who visits Northwest Arkansas at least once a year. Hopefully they use the one with the Fall colors on it when the Fall comes.
  2. How well is WRTV doing in the ratings? Because they might have something to say about it too. I fully expect that within the next year or two we will be discussing in future ratings sweeps threads about how both Indianapolis and Columbus have become very competitive. Because in my opinion stations like WISH, WXIN/WTTV, WCMH and WSYX/WTTE were just waiting for someone like a Tegna to purchase the 2 90 pound gorillas that is WTHR and WBNS. Well... They finally got their WISH.
  3. Did you accidentally quote my post or what?
  4. It's clear to me that this is where needs to open up an investigation into possible Collusion between Cunningham and Sinclair and actually run it concurrently with the Lack of Candor investigation the FCC is doing on Sinclair itself. It's WAYYYYY overdue for the FCC to start holding Sinclair and their related broadcasting "companies" accountible for their actions
  5. Which in that case it would be Cunningham. Not only that but one would think that holding your own stations off of DirecTV for this long, should ultimately go against your qualifications as far as license renewal is concerned.
  6. I think that and having KWTV-produced newscasts on KSBI were LONG overdue. At least their addressing that for Tulsa but it's time for Griffin to stop neglecting their OKC operation and start giving them what they deserve (especially KSBI)
  7. Did you send a tip to @TheRolyPoly? If not, I will in a bit
  8. This is something I saw coming in Tulsa when word that Millionaire was getting canned. Now KTUL will finally have competition at 4 (I fully expect KOTV's to be an hour and not a half-hour newscast. The only question is will the 9pm team anchor the 4pm as well or will the Evening anchor team at KOTV handle the 4pm newscast?
  9. Tbh even though that yes the original Standard Media may have dissolved but it dissolved through absolutely no fault of their own, it was just the greediness from Sinclair that caused the deal to fall apart they way it did
  10. (I hope quoting certain parts of the post doesn't break the quote but if it is let me know) Thing is though they would be doing the same thing had Liberty Media/MLB won the bid for the RSNs, it doesn't help that Disney only got at most half in return after initially acquiring the RSNs from the Murdoch's for over $20 Billion. On top of that these same Dems wouldn't be crying foul over this had Big 3/Ice Cube won the bid but they didn't so.... Here's the link to it, NOTE: it is behind the paywall unfortunately https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Daily/Issues/2019/06/26/Media/Congress-Sinclair.aspx
  11. Do you see any scenario where the FCC forces Sinclair to honor parts of the Tribune deal (i.e. the Standard Media deal) plus did the RKO General thing went through SCOTUS too? I think we are all in agreement that Sinclair will have to pay at least a hefty fine and will be restricted from acquiring any broadcast licenses for a certain length of time
  12. The problem is that Ajit Pai has distanced himself from President Trump, Pai was the one that brought up the "lack of candor" issues and had Pai not investigated Sinclair's actions (in spite of what President Trump says about Pai) the Dems would be calling for Pai to resign right now. The bottom line is this: Could licenses of the stations owned and/or operated by Sinclair be threatened? Yes, but it probably won't be pulled Will there be some form of divestitures whether it's from Sinclair itself, their shell companies, or both? Absolutely, especially the stations owned by the shell companies. Also the FCC might also order that parts of the original Standard deal be honored (i.e. the Sinclair stations that were part of the original deal) but other than that, the rest of the original deals in that now-cancelled Tribune deal is nullified and it won't be honored by the FCC Beyond that I fully expect a hefty fine and the FCC will probably prohibit Sinclair from making any deals broadcast-related (not related to divesting of the statiuons both the stations part of the Standard deal on the Sinclair side as well as stations owned by companies like Cunningham, and Deerfield which would likely result in some of the stations owned by Sinclair that are tied to the stations owned by the shells being sold as well) for a certain length of time
  13. Nexstar (and Fox) would be crazy and idiotic enough to break up the KDVR/KWGN duopoly but selling off a station in KDAF that's very close to corporate headquarters (despite it's problems with the station) would be one of THE dumbest moves I have EVER seen.
  14. Just out of curiosity, what was the largest fine the FCC has ever given in their history as an agency?
  15. One of the big rule changes I could see take place (and this may or may not take affect until after the Elections next year nut could also occure beforehand) is the elimination of using sidecars to skirt around FCC rules/regulations (which would likely result in a lot of virtual triopolies and quadropolies being broken up) That's not for certain whether it'll happen or not but, I think that's a very real possibility
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