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  1. This could either backfire on NBC Sports for doing away with sideline reporters or this will start a trend with all of the RSNs across the country doing away with sideline reporters for all of the sports the RSNs in general covers. But don't expect ESPN and other national networks to do away with sideline reporters though at least, not yet.
  2. I think it's the right move and Myron said it best Ed had a plan in place for when he died, his children would take over and in all likelihood the company will continue to thrive on its own and maybe grow the company a little bit (I'll save that particular topic for elsewhere)
  3. That would be best as well. Either way I'm shocked that WKRG has refused to address anything in the 9:30am slot but if they think infomericials is what makes the most money for them then I guess that's fine with me.
  4. It would make logical sense for WKRG to pick up Barrymore at 3pm but if they insist on carring BBT at least put it at 9:30am. Running infomercials at 9:30am makes no sense to me.
  5. I suspect that The Big Bang Theory is probably moving to WFNA and the 4pm newscast will probably be proceeded by Drew Barrymore at 3pm
  6. I have to wonder if the Pandemic was the reason why it took so long for the paperwork to be posted?
  7. WGCL should do a 7pm newscast, put People TV on at 7:30 and move BBT to WPCH.
  8. WYFF, WJCL all could use updates
  9. Looks like Devlin is working on the set for WXII per the article. I suspect it'll be something similar to some of the sets other Hearst stations have gotten (i.e. KOCO, WVTM, KOAT)
  10. I doubt it. Look at what happened to AT&T and they have much fewer number of RSNs than Sinclair yet they couldn't sell because Cord Cutting. Yes Sinclair wants to bundle the RSNs with the TV stations but Sinclair at some point is going to have to decide is it really worth keeping both local stations and RSNs together? If not what's going to attract the buyers more and who's going to pay top dollar for it? Right now I say local TV stations is the one that'd be more attractive to sell by itself than it would to sell the RSNs but the question becomes this. Is it worth it for Sinclair to sell the TV stations by itself or is it worth it to sell both Locala TV stations and RSNs together in one package? And if it's the latter would be more attractive or less attractive to the perspective buyer of the assets?
  11. And then there was this one we were discussing about in Discord. A retrospective of his entire career in broadcasting as Director. He did leave KTVY/KFOR for OETA I believe around late 1992/early 1993 where he produced and directed some of the specials (including the Centennial anniversary of Oklahoma becoming a state in 2007) as seen here
  12. From the TVNT Discord classic files we go all the way back to the very last stages of Channel 4 under the callsign KTVY during the Spring of 1990 this is actually in the form of the directors track. (h/t @Weeters)
  13. I'm a big NASCAR fan as well and even though I didn't really didn't start following NASCAR until roughly the last year or two of the Winston Cup era if I remember correctly even when NBC came back from that SR in 2001 I believe it still had the TNT logo on it and the pit reporters I believe had their TNT firesuit on even after NBC rejoined the race and I think the last 20 laps of the race or so was a simulcast between NBC and TNT. That day had to be one of the craziest days in the 5 year partnership between NBC and Turner covering NASCAR with NBC having to break away from the race to do the SR and everything else surrounding that.
  14. As long as Nexstar is being truthful and not pulling any of the stunts Sinclair tried to pull off, they might be ok. But anything is possible.
  15. Do we know what they'll name their newscasts yet or no? My thinking was with this being confirmed, RTV 6 News will probably either be modified as WRTV 6 News or rebranded to WRTV News.
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