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  1. Eventually Morris will sell, the question isn't if they sell, but when
  2. Why would they censor the bottom line ticker? That's almost like pulling the signal of that channel but not pulling the channel completely. These tactics need to stop
  3. IF Mike Davis is found guilty what would be his punishment? Has anybody in the Columbus media mentioned anything about that or no?
  4. Agreed. Somebody needs to split the discussion about WKYC's new logo into it's own thread because this discussion has covered at least a page to almost a page and a half of this thread. Also, if I can find a source regarding about Wichita that you teased recently on the blog, I'll send that to you.
  5. See my message above but I'll mention it again. It'll be the Tribune and Nexstar stations that are being sold to Tegna that will be in for a graphics change (everybody else won't see a graphics change for awhile)
  6. I know this hasn't been posted anywhere else (I know @TheRolyPoly teased this on his blog as well) but it looks like KWCH is launching both a 10am AND an 11am newscast on their sister station KSCW starting this upcoming Monday (9/16) I've only seen it on my TV Guide app but Titan TV and others haven't updated it as of yet. More details will be made available as they come so stay tuned....
  7. If I were WPMT I would wait until the sale to Tegna closes (in addition to the overall Nexstar-Tribune deal) before thinking about getting a new graphics, I wouldn't do it right now because you won't have the Tribune package for long in general. I think out of all of the Nexstar-Tribune rejects that are going to other groups, I'd say the stations going to Tegna will get the Tegna package faster than the ones going to Scripps, so thus the KSTU package may last awhile.
  8. The fact that Soo Kim has bought stock into Tegna tells me that either a 3 way merger is going to happen eventually or it might give Deb more than enough influence to buy more stations, which ones? No one knows but another group that Standard could target for potential acquisition is Morris Multimedia but there might be some others as well that Deb might throw her hat into for.
  9. So their primary focus should be on acquiring the stations in markets outside of either the top 100 (so that would be markets below Fort Smith/Fayetteville, AR) or below the top 120 (which would be markets below Traverse City/Cadillac, MI)
  10. I imagine KSTU (and the other Fox stations Scripps is acquiring) will probably get a Fox version of whatever graphics package Scripps decides to go with
  11. So what exactly was the hold up in the case of Standard closing the Citadel acquisition if it was approved the day before the 4th of July and didn't close until three days after Labor Day? There's got to be a reason as to why the Standard deal closed as late as it did because this was very similar to that of the Tegna/Dispatch deal. Also @GoldenShine9 which group do you see that is perhaps doable for Standard that won't cost them an arm in the leg?
  12. Standard could probably target Morgan Murphy or NPG both of those groups have plenty of small market stations that Deb McDermott can build around KLKN/WLNE. (Heartland would be an excellent fit as well, although out of those groups I just listed, I think McDermott has a higher chance of buying Morgan Murphy, then NPG and then Heartland) They'd probably get outbid if they tried to buy let's say, Graham or a group that's got stations in slightly larger markets. It doesn't mean that Standard can't target those at a later time but for right now, they need to concentrate on buying groups like Morgan Murphy and other small media groups that are in small markets)
  13. Weird. Something smells and I don't like it. Just saying.
  14. It probably hasn't been updated elsewhere yet but as @ColtFromGulfcoast said it was on the TV Guide grid so KTBS/KPXJ must've entered their 8am newscast into the system without telling us anything about it. Anyway, it was about time that KPXJ's morning newscast expanded to 2 hours.
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