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  1. I figured that B&C would cover it, I also notice the Hill is covering it too. So yeah, I have a feeling that given the scope of it we might consider needing to split it into its own thread. The more I look into this, the more I see it as a very bad look on Tegna. We'll probably be talking about this for quite awhile.
  2. Ouch might be an understatment. Once TVNewsCheck, B&C and everyone else starts picking up on the story. Watch out.
  3. Because.. KWTV is Oklahoma's Own. They're just a lot more willing to spend the big bucks on radar technology than anyone else. They've been investing in weather technologies since Gary England became chief in 1972.
  4. Truth to be told, I saw that coming from a mile away.
  5. So was I, I think Scripps will just simply turn Ion O&Os into 24/7 Regional News Channels utilizing a mix of OTA and streaming. As for Ion itself, Scripps merges it into one of the Court TV networks (Court TV Mystery) and the end result is.. well, Ion. I'll save additional thoughts for the Speculatron boards.
  6. Here's a good collumn made by the SBJ about the future of the BSNs https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Journal/Issues/2021/04/05/Portfolio/Media.aspx?error=Login+Failed Sinclair is going to have a ton of negotiating to do beginning with the Clippers, Pelicans and Predators all have rights coming up plus the out of market agreements with the NBA and the NHL expires after this season. A lot of negotiating ahead and I'm sure the leagues and the teams are definitely going to hit home to Sinclair about getting them back on the streammers + Dish.
  7. Say what you want about Allen's scripted programming but they've definitely been busy upgrading its stations and the fact that Allen is investing in WAAY heavily says a lot right there that Allen is willing to go and improve its stations quality and doing it the right way.
  8. There's just so much that I need to analyze on that article it'll be a long one so please bear with me on this one: That is likely where I see the Bally Sports Extra channels ultimately being used for eventually. Keep the traditional broadcast on the main and then those that want to watch the game from a sports betting perspective can watch it on the Extra channel. I'm a huge fan of this idea, this is a very good way of attracting new younger fans. Both the sports betting aspect of it and this Hockey University concept is a good way of doing that. I believe this is the
  9. This doesn't make sense Meredith knows the writing is on the wall. I'm not sure what Meredith is waiting on.
  10. This is probably the Brewers crew as I don't think RSN announcers are still allowed to travel with the teams on the road as of yet.
  11. When Scripps tried that. That didn't go over too well. This is why @ColtFromGulfcoast's idea makes logical sense in my opinion.
  12. Speaking of Raycom, that could very well be a good opportunity to breathe new life into Raycom Sports. Gray plans to have nearly 10 seperate facilities (studios, 9 of them to be exact) it'd be a perfect opportunity to tap into Raycom Sports and bring them new life into it.
  13. One other possibility that hasn't been mentioned yet but one of the things that Gray could utilize the facilities for is to do its own syndicated shows rather than outsourcing them. There's a lot of potential around that land that Gray is tapping into that I seriously doubt that the film industry will want to leave Atlanta or the state of Georgia anytime soon.
  14. I also found out that KTXA is carrying a few Stars and Mavs games in April and May. While KMYS is carrying some Spurs games too. As I said on Discord last night, I see OTA stations (not just Sinclair stations) being involved more so with the coverage of sporting events potentially making subfeed channels (e.g. Bally Sports Kansas City completely pointless). In fact I would not be shocked to see OTA and their upcoming DTC service ultimately replacing the traditional RSN platform which will likely force many of the contracts to have to be renegotiated.
  15. You're on the right track. The way I'm interpreting it from the articles I've read (and I've read those articles more than once) its sort of a mix between the games being broadcasted in markets in which the teams are represented (OTA) and on cable/apps for those outside of the market. In other words those within the Minneapolis-St. Paul DMA will see whatever games go on the Extra channel shown on WUCW, while those outside of WUCW's coverage area will have games exclusively carried on either DirecTV, certain cable providers and/or exclusively on the Bally Sports app.
  16. Hate to bump up a stagnant thread but.. some interesting tidbits from some of the Bally RSNs namely, Bally Sports North and Arizona. Sinclair is apparently going to be launching a 3rd channel known as Bally Sports Extra, which would serve as a multipurpose channel for at least initially, conflicts of at least 2 or more games. Depending upon the situation it'd be a mix of either or both OTA (within the market) as well as on services such as DirecTV (outside of the market) and on the Bally Sports apps for non-DTV customers that still gets the Bally RSNs. In the case of Ba
  17. You're probably right about that, KWTV/Griffin has a vast amount of resources with radar and everything else that I guess Nexstar/Tribune just couldn't keep up with. What a shame that KFOR has fallen that far, I really wish I could see how the ratings look like for OKC stations but that's a different topic for another day
  18. I can probably chime in on this one. I think Tribune "may" very well have shuttered the dual doppler radars at KFOR. It's one thing to have it shuttered for like a couple of weeks or something of alike to upgrade your radar but to have it shuttered for 3, 4 or even 5 years and at that point you have to wonder if it was part of the cost saving moves that Tribune made and I firmly believe that it was the case.
  19. Peyton Yager moving down 35 to join KDFW as the stations Evening Reporter https://tvnewscheck.com/more-news/journalism/article/peyton-yager-joins-kdfw-dallas-as-reporter/
  20. Now union members are looking into legal action against Sinclair over the layoffs https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/3/12/the-union-looks-at-legal-action-in-regards-to-the-sinclair-layoffs
  21. I smell a merger between the 2 leagues because it would make no sense to halt 2022 plans without some sort of a merger talk with the CFL and I feel like this last part of the statement suggests that a merger of the 2 leagues is most likely:
  22. To add further insult to injury for Sinclair, Moody's just downgraded its Diamond Sports unit yet again https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2021/03/09/moodys-downgrades-sinclairs-sports-networks-again.html And the most troubling part of all is this quote The fact that Dish will be dropping the NBC RSNs does not give me full confidence that the Sinclair RSNs will ever be back on Dish even if Sinclair and Dish came to terms on the local stations side of things.
  23. This 1 million times over. It really proves that in 2021, trying to start a cable channel of any genre is just not a wise idea.
  24. I smell something similar to this happening this time around. I don't think its impossible for somebody at a Sinclair station to suffer what WPGH suffered.
  25. I will say yes and no. It will all depend on the level of cuts Sinclair makes at the stations, I will say the ones that suffers the biggest cuts will in all likelihood see newscasts being hubbed elsewhere, those that doesn't see the biggest cuts will probably see their news department remain in tact.

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