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  1. My guess it's probably ABC but I'm not 100% sure who filed the strikes against him
  2. Does anyone know what happened to btm0815ma's YouTube channel? I noticed that his videos of the CBS, ABC, NBC and PBS newscasts had disappeared.
  3. I actually think this Sinclair DTC app is going to flop. For one thing there's an MLB Lockout going on and the second thing, there the AVOD and SVOD field is already saturated with so many streaming services that people can choose from, there's so many of them that I think it would get lost in the crowd of so many streaming apps and my best guess of how much the Sinclair DTC app would be around $30. Yeah not very many people (even the hardcore sports fans) would fall for that.
  4. From Discord (h/t @TheRolyPoly) Not even a full month into Gray ownership and WGCL is in a few months time about to drop The 700 Club in favor of 9am News. https://www.ajc.com/life/radiotvtalk-blog/cbs46-will-drop-the-700-club-adding-9-am-newscast-plus-new-news-director-kim-saxon/B46YZ7RLFVHDLALOPGAREIB6QA/ Hilton Howell said he wanted to bring stability to WGCL and not even a full month into local ownership for WGCL/WPCH, Gray is already making impactful moves to their new flagship.
  5. Spann does have a point, the old TV model is broken yes, but it can be fixed. What that looks like is anyone's guess because no one has come up with anything to fix the TV business model because most if not, all the companies are going to squeeze every ounce of the retrans fees they can until they can no longer do that, and we might be years away from getting to that point.
  6. Wouldn't that put Google at risk of being sued by groups like Hearst, Tegna, Gray and Scripps for breach of contract on the ABC affiliates? Because they do have deals with those groups which did cover the ABC affiliates.
  7. I read an article in The Montley Fool it's more of an opinion piece than anything else but, the key takeaway I got from it is that a lot of the OTT services they're also competing with platforms like Peacock, Disney/ESPN+, Discovery+, etc and as the content gets carried over to those platforms the streamers seem to think that if people can find say, HGTV's "Home Town" on Discovery+ and it's on the live stream, what's the point in having a Live TV service when I can just go to Discovery+ and get it from there. I think we're reaching a point where I see two things happening as we head into 2022 and beyond. My first point is that I really don't think YouTube TV or FuboTV is going to be around for too much longer (as in maybe 2-3 years) My Second point is until Streaming can fix the lag, the crashes and gets more into the rural areas I do think the linear model is here to stay probably with different sources of revenue with retransmission consent stuff but I do tend to think that the disputes is giving the linear model for the most part an additional lifespan of at least 5 years, maybe a bit longer than that. All I will say is it's looking like a bad year or two ahead for both linear and streaming and it will take changes that some don't like/want before any progress can be made
  8. Yep, WAKA still does news for them, WNCF does have a CW subchannel so, I don't know what Byron will want to do with WCOV once they close the deal but I have to imagine he's going to want to build a full scale news department.
  9. Chris Ripley now says that he has enough teams to launch a sucessful DTC service and that he believes news on those renewals that will include DTC rights will come shortly Honest opinion, I'm not convinced that Ripley is going to get everything he wants in any DTC deal with the leagues. What I think will happen is that Sinclair will get a deal done but with compromises, essentially the way I'm picturing a deal would look like would be something to the effect of that Sinclair does get DTC rights with the NBA, NHL, MLB and probably MLS too but as part of it, they give NBA/NHL/MLB/MLS a smaller stake in the DTC service and the rights to those teams to broadcast the games (both linear and DTC) get turned over to the leagues.
  10. And Graham is a much smaller company compared to Hearst
  11. And Dish did reach a long term deal with Sinclair today but the deal did not include Bally Sports John Ourand was asked today on Twitter about the progress of negotiations to get Bally Sports back on Dish and his response provides a bleak future for them
  12. Has Zaslav made any comments about Turner Sports as well as AT&T SportsNet?
  13. Called it. Sinclair said today in their Q3 earnings call they are launching a 90-minute sports news show called "The Rally" launching at the beginning of next year, and it'll be available on the RSNs (so I assume this will include YES and Marquee). In addition, it'll also be available on Stadium and STIRR
  14. I agree to a point, yeah selling off the other assets was a bad idea and maybe perhaps Murdoch was a bit of a genius with that. But the RSNs, the Murdochs were absolutely correct pulling out of the RSN business, at first yeah it didn't make sense but given what's happened since, yeah they were right selling the FSNs.
  15. Even worse (despite the tweeter forgetting to put in the extra 0's) Sinclair (yes, the whole company) is over $12.5 BILLION in debt When they first bought the FSNs I was thinking to myself this could sink Sinclair because it was loaded with debt, very little non-sports programming to show for, even when the providers and streamers dropped them I was still at a maybe. Now that all of this and more from a couple of weeks ago came out about the RSNs this is now enough to even sink the whole company down. Something tells me that either Sinclair didn't even shift a single amount of money in debt from the company itself to Diamond or they shifted it to Diamond but the remaining debt from the RSNs has blosomed since they last did it.
  16. Checking KOKH they were able to air the game. They probably couldn't air the station promos they usually do during the halftime show but otherwise they were able to show the game. Speaking of KOKH they're slowly coming back online, the weather graphics and weather computers are working again, Jeff George (their Chief Meteorologist) was able to use the weather wall and it appears the cameras was somewhat back to operational. They even had some graphics up but it looked like it was done off of PowerPoint or something to that effect. I don't know if they were able to do Good Day OK, Living Oklahoma or the 11am newscast today or really ever since the attacks happened on Sunday because I'm either heading to class at that time or I don't get up until just after noon.
  17. If proven to be the case, is there any legal way for Sinclair to be able to recover anything from this?
  18. Cox was down by my count several days. So even if say stations like KOMO and WJLA get back online fast it's going to take a long time for everyone else to get back online.
  19. No 9pm news on KOKH they're airing The National Desk right now EDIT: They're doing the 9pm news but it's only a half-hour
  20. Some more coverage of the Sinclair Ransomware Attack from FTVLive and it does not look like Sinclair is being too truthful right now. Ripley is essentially saying that "only" the emails are down which we all know that's not true, even the tweet several posts above proves that. Sinclair is also painting as if it's just a "minor inconvenience" which again that's not true. One manager is calling this a "COMPLETE F***ING MESS" saying that corporate thinks that it works in one area, it works in another when it's not the case and that Sinclair is leaving them high and dry. The bottom line is when Sinclair does its quarterly report next month there will be a lot of questions about this directed to Chris Ripley he MUST answer for.
  21. Checking in with KOKH again at 9 and at 10pm. No on-screen bug whatsoever they were still doing a bare bones newscast. They were doing a story on the Christmas Tree shortage when as soon as the report was over the issues knocked the rest of the 9pm show and it looks like it just took the 10pm newscast off the air. They're currently running TND KOCB at last checked was fine earlier but now I don't see the on-screen CW34 logo at all and as I'm posting this to the thread the ransomware attack may have just taken KOKH/KOCB's programming off the air, but they are still on the air though. EDIT: KOCB is currently running TBD programming
  22. KOKH at 5pm: They ran a bare-bones newscast their robotic cameras as well as Computers aren't working. The Chromakey Wall is still not working but they do have weather graphics (albeit outsourced) The 5:30 half-hour appears to be a rerun of the 5pm newscast. All I gotta say is that it looks rough and it's nicht gut.
  23. Question, is there any Sinclair station on the East Coast running 4pm news right now? So far I've checked 2 stations (WSBT and WKRC) and there is absolutely nothing. The only thing I saw on WKRC's end was a 30 second ad. Keep in mind I'm checking out the Sinclair stations via NewsOn.
  24. WPMI has been experiencing major technical difficulties here's an example of one of the tweets I came across regarding WPMI
  25. Word is via the Discord server it has impacted a few of the Sunday morning news here's what some of the Sinclair stations are addressing this Radars such as WWMT and WNWO have been down too and when I checked the website I couldn't access the full blown radar only the interactive radar was accessible.
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